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World Cup Tournament World Cup Game Rules

Discussion in 'World Cup of Soaps' started by Angela Channing, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Background To The Game

    The World Cup that we play on this forum is a popularity contest between different aspects of soap operas in a knock out competition with the same format as the knock out stage of the FIFA World Cup, hence the name of the game. The game could be between characters of the soaps, their cliffhangers, seasons, the soaps themselves or anything about the soaps that might make for an interesting game.

    The format of the game will usually involve 16 participants in the knock out rounds of the contest although it could be less (as was the came for The World Cup of Falcon Crest Cliffhangers for which there were only 9 participating seasons) or it could be more (as was the case for the World Cup of 80s Prime Time Soap Characters for which there were 32 participating characters).

    I will usually select the majority of the participants based on the number of episodes they appeared in or their significance to their respective soap operas. However, some of the places will be left open to be filled by a qualification round (or rounds) for forum members to vote for who/what they would like to be part of the game so every relevant character/season/show etc. has a chance to participate.


    How The Game Is Played
    I will take the qualifying game participants (usually 16) and randomly pair them to compete against each other in matches using The Daft Logic Cup Fixture Generator so it is entirely random who is up against each other. Forum members can then vote on who they want to win each match and the one with the most votes will go through to the next round and loser will be eliminated.

    After round 1, the 8 winning characters will go through to the quarter finals where they will again compete against each other to qualify for the semi-finals and then the final where the remaining 2 characters will compete to be the winner.


    How You Can Take Part
    Each week there will usually be 2 fixtures and forum members who want to take part can post the names of the participants they to win each match. Forum members are encouraged to include the reasons for their votes because this adds to the interest of the game and it may influence or help others decide how to vote. However, there will be absolutely no obligation to give reasons and it will be perfectly acceptable just to post the names of who you would like to win each match.

    In the event of a tie, the choice of the person who posts first (excluding my vote) will be the winner of the match.

    If you have any questions about how the World Cup is played, please post them on this thread.
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