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    Anyone seen these shows, where celebrities search for information on their family history?
    There are many versions of the show too.
    I mostly just watch when there's a celebrity I like, such as Charles Dance & Julia Sawalha etc.

    The format of the series has proved popular around the world and the BBC has licensed it to many foreign television companies, who have produced their own individual versions:

    A Polish version, called Sekrety rodzinne, which was broadcast from November 2006 to March 2007.

    A Canadian version, consisting of 13 episodes.

    An Australian version aired in January 2008.

    Germany had a version called Das Geheimnis meiner Familie in 2008.

    Ireland has aired two seasons of their version of Who Do You Think You Are? in autumn 2008 and autumn 2009.

    A Swedish version, Vem tror du att du är?, has aired 7 seasons. Sweden has also aired some episodes of the UK version.

    In 2009, South Africa premiered its version, split into two parts.

    In 2010, the Dutch version called Verborgen Verleden started. So far, eight seasons have been produced.

    In 2010, the Danish version aired the first episode of Ved du hvem du er?.

    Also in 2010, a French version aired called Retour aux Sources.

    In 2011, the Norwegian TV station NRK started to air the Norwegian version, called Hvem tror du at du er?

    In 2012, a Finnish version called Kuka oikein olet? was broadcasted.

    2013 saw the premiaires of the Czech version called Tajemstvi rodu, as well as the Portugese version called Qem E que Tu Pensas Que Es?

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