Peyton Place What things/events of the 1960s would you like to see in the new show?

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    MAD MEN immersed itself in the 1960s by always having the characters reacting to real life events of that decade, and I don't see why a new PEYTON PLACE can't do the same. What sorts of things would you like to see? And not just historical dates, but what kind of music, or fashion, or heck, what kind of drug, would you like to see the characters experience?

    For the sake of keeping track of everything, here's a timeline for the new show:

    Season 1 (1962-1963)

    June 12, 1963 - Medgar Evers assassinated; I'd like to see the Miles family react to this.

    Season 2 (1963-1964)

    Nov 22, 1963 - JFK assassinated; naturally this would rock the residents of Peyton Place, plus this would take place not long after Allison has learned that she is a bastard. She could lament, "It's like the father of our nation has been taken away," or something melodramatic along those lines.

    1964 - The song "The Times They Are A-Changin'" was released this year, and because I couldn't find an exact release date, I figure we can just randomly have the characters listening to the song as soon as the show takes place in that year. It would be symbolic of how things are indeed changing in Peyton Place.

    Season 3 (1964-1965)

    April 17, 1964 - The Ford Mustang released; I'd have Leslie Harrington purchase this car for Rodney's birthday, as he loves to spoil his son.

    Feb 21, 1965 - Malcolm X assassinated; another thing for the Miles family (as well as all the other black characters) to react to.

    Season 4 (1965-1966)

    December 9, 1965 - "A Charlie Brown Christmas Special" airs on TV... and right now, I'm thinking of having it play while Norman Page murders his own mother. ...Does that seem a bit much? Like, would it taint a beloved children's Christmas classic? Maybe it doesn't have to play while Norman commits the murder, but merely sometime before or after...

    Season 5 (1966-1967)

    December 15, 1966 - Walt Disney dies; his death could be mentioned in this season's Christmas Episode, which could also serve as foreshadowing of Leslie Harrington's own death.

    Season 6 (1967-1968)

    April 4, 1968 - Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated; do I really need to say?

    June 6, 1968 - Robert F. Kennedy assassinated; I think I would have this relevant to the episode where Allison discovers that it was Paul Cross who killed Matthew Swain.

    Season 7 (1968-1969)

    June 28-July 1, 1969 - Stonewall Riots; a relevant moment for the show's gay characters like Norman Page and Ricky Jacks.

    July 20, 1969 - Apollo 11; all of Peyton Place tunes in to watch Buzz Aldrin step on the moon.

    August 8-9 - Sharon Tate's murder by the Manson Family; a bit of news that sends even more waves through an already tense town.

    August 15-18, 1969 - Woodstock; Allison and all her friends attend the event. Cuz why not? :D It could happen in Ep28, as Ep29 is when the movie version of Allison's book is shown in theaters. Ep30 would be the murder trial of Dr. Michael Rossi. One Big Event after another. ^^

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