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"What Shall We Do With The Boy?"

Discussion in 'Dynasty Writers Room' started by Grant Jennings, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Grant Jennings

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    Chapter One​

    It was an early evening in September, Sable Colby was in her bedroom in her home "Belvedere"; she had a suitcase opened on the bench at the foot of her bed and had laid several outfits across the bed. Sable was trying to decide what to pack when she heard her husband, Jason, who had just entered the room. "Leaving me so soon?" Jason joked - the two had only been married a few months. Sable smiled as she turned and flung her arms around her husband. "You're home earlier than I expected!" she said before they kissed. Jason, looking at the suitcase and clothes, asked "what's all of this?" "I thought I'd take Frankie and the baby to Malibu for a few days, the change in scenery should do her some good" she explained.

    Sable had grown increasingly concerned about her sister the past weeks. Frankie appeared listless after giving birth to her son, Jeffrey, early that year but everyone attributed it to "baby blues". Frankie's doctor and Jason's family assured Sable that Frankie would recover quickly, that is was just a brief phase that some new mothers go through. But Frankie didn't seem to rebound; she didn't show much interest in anything - least of all her newborn baby. Then came the news about Frankie's husband, Phillip, they received news of his death only weeks after Jeffrey's birth. Phillip was also Jason's brother. The Colby family was clearly shaken by Phillip's death but they made sure to put on a stoic facade. Not Frankie, she became hysterical when she was given the news. A heavily sedated Frankie had to be escorted by both of her parents (who had flown in from London) to Phillip's funeral. Since then Frankie rarely left her room, not even to visit her son's nursery.

    Sable didn't mind helping Frankie care for Jeffrey, she had always loved children and was looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) when she and Jason would start a family of their own. Sable felt out of place in "Belvedere", she didn't feel like it was her own home. Jason's father, Andrew, was clearly the head of the household and Jason's sister, Constance, was constantly dropping in unexpectedly. Constance was a widow who had no children of her own so it made sense to Sable that she would visit her father and brother frequently. Constance was also on the board of the family company, Colby Enterprises, so she had a legitimate reason to spend many hours sequestered in the library with Jason and Andrew. Sable understood all of this but she still resented it. Maybe she wouldn't have resented Constance so much is she had, just once, put forth some small effort to make Sable fell welcome in her own home; to feel like part of the family.

    Jason looked concerned "you're taking the nurse with you, of course?" he asked. "Doris?" Sable rolled her eyes, "she's no use. We'll be just fine." Jason didn't agree "you with Frankie and the baby? I think you'll have your hands full." Sable looked down and sighed before pulling closer to Jason "If you insist." "I insist" he replied. Sable rested her head on Jason's chest and softly said "I just want her to be herself again". Jason squeezed Sable tightly to reassure her then he asked "have you eaten yet? I'm starving." Sable looked up and said "your father ate already. I'll go down and fix us something."

    Sable left to go down to the kitchen leaving Jason alone in their room. He stood silently for a few minutes remembering the Frankie he used to know, the spirited young woman with the large, expressive brown eyes. He missed that Frankie - more than he liked to admit to himself.
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