Emmerdale What if If Kim and Zoe had been killed off instead of Frank and Chris?

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    The Tates were excellent as a quartet from 1989-1997, but then the family split up going into the 2000s. A Dingle marrying a Tate would almost be as shocking as a Mitchell marrying a Beale.

    I can't think of many superbitches in soaps apart from Kim Tate and Janine Butcher in EastEnders, thankfully there hasn't been too many of them in the soaps, where they've more often than not, specialised in male characters being the dominant ones (i.e. In EastEnders, the Mitchell Brothers, Dan Sullivan and Den Watts).

    Maybe it's just the way Emmerdale and Coronation street have always done things unfortunately, I mean people go on about Ena, Hilda, Bet, Elsie, Annie, but there was also Stan Ogden, Alec Gilroy, Jack Walker, Dennis Tanner and Jim McDonald.

    I suppose the same could be said of EastEnders if King Phil eventually got ousted from his position by Queen Sharon, who knows.

    More to the point, what if Frank Tate and Chris Tate were still in Emmerdale and The Mitchell Brothers had been killed off in EastEnders and Jim McDonald killed off in Coronation street?

    Taking into consideration Norman Bowler especially (he's 86 now), he played the role of Frank Tate up until 65, but then left of his own accord. Then there's Steve McFadden/Charles Lawson, Craig Fairbrass/Ross Kemp, who would be 65 by 2024-2029, would their respective on-screen characters end up like Frank Tate?

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