Was Richard the man to tame Terri?

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Gioberti84, Jul 14, 2018.

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    I'm not sure if Richard really loved Terri. Their relationship seemed to be one sided, as it was tied into the racetrack and clubhouse. Then there was his feelings for Maggie. Was there a possibility that Richard could have tamed Maggie's wild younger sister? Lance, Greg and Joel certainly couldn't.
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    Was there a woman who could have lured Richard away from the dark side? Yes he was that type of character but Maggie give it a sort anyway, without success.
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    I don’t think any man could have tamed Terri. She put on a grand façade with Richard in season 5 but this was mainly for business. Eventually another man would have come along and the side of Mr. Channing’s bed occupied by Terri would have been vacated. As for reforming Richard yes Maggie did try. Cassandra Wilder (the mother of his son) could also have attempted to make him turn over a new leaf, had she not gone to the great vineyard in the sky prematurely.

    Night has fallen on the Gioberti castle. Chase and Maggie are having a champagne and cheese snack, while discussing the imminent publication of a ‘Sudden Friendship’. The identity of the mysterious stranger is unveiled as Chase. There is a knock at the front door and two party crashers arrive, (a scene from season 5, 1985-’86):

    Terri: “Hi!”

    Maggie: “Oh hi!”

    Terri: “We’re so glad you’re home.”

    Richard: “Ah, better get out a bottle of your best bubbly Chase.”

    Chase: “Ah, what are we celebrating?”

    Richard: “Quiet.”

    Terri: “Richard and I are planning to get married next week.”

    Terri gives Richard a smile, as they look eye to eye. He looks at Chase and Maggie. Chase looks away, while Maggie says nothing (knowing that Chase seemingly made a pass at Terri).

    Fade to black, the closing credits and the theme tune.
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    Nah she had him right where she wanted him.

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