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    When I am being lazy at home, I often watch reality TV shows such as wedding dress choosing shows, baking competitions, real crime, ice road driving, vet shows - and medical shows. What has struck me while watching both British & Swedish medical shows is that there seem to be a whole lot of stabbing victims coming in to the British emergency rooms. Like in every single episode.

    It baffles me that the staff don't even seem surprised when they hear another stabbing victim arrives. The first 50 or so times I heard "stabbing" on one of these shows, I raised my eyebrows and was like "STABBED?!" :eek:
    Are knife crimes really that common in UK/London area? In other cities as well? Other countries? I thought stabbing was a very rare crime, but watching these UK shows you'd think lots of people get stabbed every day (or at least on weekends).

    Is stabbing in UK like the daily mass shootings in the US?
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    London has had a particularly bad spate of stabbings from the start of this year, well over 50 fatal stabbings.

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