The Perfect Girl

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    I was asked to repost this story by @Miss Texas 1967 that I wrote many years ago for the original writer’s room forum. I have made changes from the previous one to freshen, and improve it.

    This fan fiction is my take on what would have happened if Sue Ellen met Bobby before JR. Inspired by Sue Ellen's own words to Bobby from Season 1, Episode 29 - John Ewing part two.


    Chapter 1

    Austin, Texas - 1967

    Twenty-year old Sue Ellen Shepard sat in her University of Texas dorm room. She had dreams of becoming an actress but intended to get her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology to fall back on. She shared a dorm with her best friend, Paula Sue Hensley.

    “Hey Sue Ellen, what are you doing?” Paula asked.

    “Studying, what else? I’ve got an exam on Monday," Sue Ellen explained.

    “You’ve done nothing but study all week. Come on, it’s Saturday, give it a rest.”

    “With that attitude I'd just get by, like you, instead of making the Dean's List.”

    “I told you my parents forced me to come here. I have every intention of marrying a rich man.”

    “Oh Paula, you’d make my mother so very proud" Sue Ellen said, with a giggle.

    “What do you mean?” Paula asked, confused.

    “My Mom told me the only reason she wanted me to go to college was to find a nice young man from a rich family, or at least someone who’s on his way to become a doctor.”

    “Mom knows best. Anyway, you're coming with me and Roger to a party tonight. He already lined up a friend for you,” Paula told her.

    “Party? You want me to go on a double date?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “Yes, I need your help to keep his buddy busy and not tag along with us,” Paula explained.

    Sue Ellen closed her textbook. “Alright, I guess I’m overdoing it.”

    “I know you are. Now do something with that hair and wear something with a little pizzazz. The last outfit you went out in was awful,” Paula said, truthfully.

    “Thanks a lot. Anything else?”

    “I’m sorry Sue Ellen. It’s just that I want both of us to have fun before finding the perfect man to marry.”

    “Don't worry about me, what about Roger?” Sue Ellen inquired.

    “Roger is only here on a scholarship. His family ain’t rich at all.”

    “So what Paula? He treats you like a queen. Isn’t that enough?”

    “No. Now hurry up.”

    Sue Ellen shook her head and started to get dressed. She is too much.

    * * * *

    “It’s so loud in here I can’t think. Where’s Roger anyway?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “I’m looking, Sue Ellen. I’m looking.”

    Suddenly they heard Roger’s voice shouting, “Paula! Paula!”

    Paula waved at Roger. “There he is. Let’s go Sue Ellen.”

    Paula grabbed Sue Ellen’s arm and pulled her along quickly. “Hey, slow down,” Sue Ellen screamed.

    “Hi beautiful!” Roger said, and kissed Paula’s lips.

    “Hey babe. Do you remember my best friend, Sue Ellen?”

    “Oh sure. Hi, it’s good to see you again,” Roger said.

    Sue Ellen smiled, “You, too Roger.”

    “Where’s your friend? He didn't chicken out, did he?” Paula asked.

    “No he’s just getting a soda. He’ll be here any minute,” Roger told her.

    “Soda? I want beer, Roger.” Paula told him.

    Roger put his arm around Paula and said, “When he comes back, we'll get you one.”

    “Yeah, I came here to get drunk and have a blast!"

    Sue Ellen nudged Paula and whispered, “Paula, please don’t go overboard. Remember the last time when…”

    “Stop being such a bore, Sue Ellen. God forbid you’d have a drink to loosen up,” Paula said. Sue Ellen elbowed her gently. Why does she always embarrass me?

    Roger smiled. “I’ll take care of her Sue Ellen. Oh, here he comes. What took you so long?”

    “Sorry Roger, I had to…” He stopped in mid-sentence; Sue Ellen's beauty overwhelmed him.

    Paula pushed Sue Ellen forward. “Hi. This is my friend, Sue Ellen. You two get acquainted. My beer is waiting.”

    Roger and Paula left their friends feeling momentarily awkward. Sue Ellen spoke first. “Hi, my name is Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen Shepard.”

    "A perfect name for a perfect girl,” he said.

    Sue Ellen blushed. His friendly smile made her feel comfortable. He introduced himself. “My name is Billy...Billy Frompton."

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    Can't wait to see what happens next :)
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    “Come on Sue Ellen, it’ll be great. Please, I don’t want to go alone.”

    “Oh Paula, I have studying to do and…”

    “Damn Sue Ellen, when are you going to start living and have fun?” Paul asked.

    Sue Ellen closed her textbook and said, “You forget that I’ve been seeing Billy for two months now and I really, really like him.”

    “Did you do it yet?” Paula asked, bluntly.

    “That’s none of your business," Sue Ellen said her face red.

    “From that answer it's obvious that you didn’t. Am I right?” Paula demanded, inquisitively.

    “Okay fine, I didn’t. I’m still a virgin. Are you happy now?” Sue Ellen said, slightly embarrassed.

    Paula chuckled. "No I’m not. I want juicy details."

    "Sorry to disappoint you. I guess I want to save myself for someone I’m in love with. I wish I were more like you…carefree and wild.”

    Paula put her head down then looked Sue Ellen straight in the eyes. “I’ve got a confession to make Sue Ellen.”

    “You do? What?” Sue Ellen asked, excitedly.

    “Well, don't misunderstand me because I’m not as pitiful as you. No offense but I've had sex with a few boys just not with Roger. He really loves me Sue Ellen but I don’t want to…um…”

    “Fall in love with a poor man.”

    “Yes, but it’s too late Sue Ellen. I am in love with him, but if we have sex, I won’t want anyone else but him,’’ Paula confessed.

    “What’s so wrong with that? You have to follow your heart, not your checkbook. Roger may not have much money but he has a good future ahead of him.”

    “Future? As an accountant? Oh Sue Ellen, I’ll never have a mansion with servants on what an accountant makes," Paula said.

    “I rather have a modest house, do my own laundry, and be married to the man I love," Sue Ellen confessed.

    “Well maybe all I can get is Roger, and then I have no choice,” Paula said, laughing.

    “Roger seems like a great catch to me. He’s sweet and really good looking," Sue Ellen told her.

    “Yes but I want to marry a rich man, Sue Ellen," Paula confided. "Anyway, how far have you gone with Billy?"

    “We’ve only made out, Paula. My top and bra are off but that’s it. Well, I mean, the most I do is jerk him until he…well…you know.”

    “Does he keep a tissue handy or does it disappear?”

    Sue Ellen busted out roaring with laughter. “Yes he keeps a whole Kleenex box in the back seat of his car.”

    “You don’t go down on…”

    “Oh no Paula, I haven’t. He asks me but I just can’t,” Sue Ellen confessed.

    “You will eventually Sue Ellen, and you’ll love it as much as Billy does. Roger goes crazy when I do it,” Paula explained.

    “’m nervous because I don't know what the hell to do,” Sue Ellen said, her face red from embarrassment.

    Paula laughed. “Get a bunch of bananas and I’ll teach you, if you want?”

    “Yes, please. I want to do it’m a wreck, because I'm afraid I'll do it wrong,” Sue Ellen said.

    Paula tried to keep a straight face. "No worries, Sue Ellen. You’ll be a pro after I teach you, but you owe me big time.”

    “Okay, anything you want,” Sue Ellen told her.

    “You’re going with me to the Miss Texas pageant tryouts? Today is the deadline. That’s all I ask.”

    Sue Ellen thought about it then said, “It's a deal, Paula!”

    “Great! Who knows, they may even want an inexperienced, timid girl like you.”


    “Oh my God, Paula there are hundreds of girls here. It looks like a cattle auction," Sue Ellen sighed.

    “Of course, Sue Ellen, what did you expect?”

    “I don’t know. Not this many.”

    “You didn’t think that it would only be the two of us, did you?” Paula asked.

    “No, but so many beautiful girls. We don't stand a chance; not that I care but what’ll we have to say or…?”

    “Sue Ellen,” Paula interrupted, “Don’t worry, just follow my lead.”

    “Okay, they’ll probably take you and turn me down anyway.”

    “Don’t sell yourself short Sue Ellen. Do you realize how many guys Roger knows who want to get into your pants?” Paula told her.

    Sue Ellen was shocked. “Me? They want to do it with me?”

    “Hm, to say it bluntly, the word Roger used was bang. They want to bang you.”

    “Wow, you just made my day,” Sue Ellen confessed. They busted out laughing.

    “You know he also told me that Billy never talks about scoring with you—tells my Roger to mind his damned business. That’s kinda odd, if you ask me.

    Sue Ellen said, "Why would that be odd?"

    Paula enlightened her. “Come on Sue Ellen, all guys discuss their sexual escapades about girls with their buddies.”

    “They do?” Sue Ellen asked, surprised.

    Paula rolled her eyes, took Sue Ellen by the hand and said, “Oh brother, you’re so naive Sue Ellen. What planet are you from anyway?”

    All Sue Ellen could muster was, “Huh?”

    Paula shook her head, “Forget it. Let’s just get in line and size up the competition."

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    I now remember I have read this story lol. I'm enjoying the re-read though, keep going :)
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    Chapter Three

    A few nights later, Sue Ellen and Billy went to the local movie theatre to see Bonnie & Clyde. Billy’s arm wrapped around Sue Ellen’s shoulder, and her hand was on his leg. Sue Ellen couldn’t concentrate on the movie. Her mind was on her big night with Billy; to finally do what Paula taught her. She giggled slightly.

    Billy whispered, “What’s so funny?”

    “Oh nothing,” Sue Ellen answered, softly.

    Sue Ellen thought back to the day with the bananas...

    “Okay what do I do with it?”

    “Nothing yet, just look carefully and since you like to take notes, write it down. Ok here we go.”

    Sue Ellen took out paper and pencil. Afterward, she read it repeatedly.

    • One, get on your knees in between his legs.
    • Two, stroke it gently. Just before you put it in, try to catch Billy’s eyes peeping down at you; give him your best sexy look. Lick your lips too. He will love that.
    • Three, twirl the tip of your tongue around the head, dabbing the tiny hole.
    • Four, slowly put the banana in your mouth. Go down as far as you can go without choking.
    • Five, go up and down. Keep the pace then gradually get a bit faster.
    • Six, add your hand to stroke and suck at the same time. The other hand can lightly squeeze underneath him.
    • Seven, you’ll feel Billy throb and he’ll probably tell you when that pinnacle moment is about to happen but every man is different.
    • Eight, when it happens, don’t chicken out. Let it fill your mouth, and then swallow.
    “Oh Paula, that’s…”

    “Pure protein,” Paula said. Sue Ellen cringed but laughed hysterically.

    “Now show me what you’ve learned, Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen took a deep breath and said, “Okay here goes.”

    The clapping hands at the movie theatre snapped Sue Ellen out of it. “That was great. I’m so glad we finally went to see it,” Billy said.

    “Um, yeah it was. Let’s get out of here because tonight it’s my turn to make you really happy.”

    In the back of his new Chevrolet G10 Van, Sue Ellen crawled next to Billy. She licked her lips and kissed his neck and chest. His breathing slowly returned to normal.

    Billy caressed Sue Ellen’s face. “Whoa, baby you’re incredible tonight.”

    “Really? I did it okay?”

    “Oh God, I’ll say. What came over you? I never thought you’d...whew!”

    “Was that enough? I can do more. I really like it," Sue Ellen said, enthusiastically.

    “We don’t have to get it in all in one day you sexy thing. I want to satisfy you, Sue Ellen.”

    “I…I’m not ready to go all the way yet, Billy.”

    “Just lay back and relax. Trust me, it’ll feel really good," Billy assured her.

    Sue Ellen never experienced oral sex. She felt her body tremble when Billy lifted up her mini-skirt. He slowly took off her panties. She put her head on the throw pillow and closed her eyes in anticipation of the glorious pleasure Billy was about to give her.

    After Sue Ellen's earth-shattering orgasm, she let out a sigh. “Oh my God, why did you wait so long? I’ve never felt anything so good."

    Billy caressed her thighs and said, “You’re so beautiful. I want to pleasure you for the rest of your life, if you’ll let me.”

    Sue Ellen was oblivious to the hint of marriage. Unable to think straight, all she wanted was that pinnacle moment over and over. She whispered, "More…Billy…please?"

    * * * *

    Sue Ellen walked through the door of her dorm slowly. She was physically exhausted, even though she never had intercourse. She slowly opened the door and began to get changed.

    Paula shouted from her bed, “How did the trombone play go? Did Billy jump out of his skin?”

    Sue Ellen laughed. “Is nothing sacred with you?”

    “No. As your teacher, I have a right to know, don’t I?”

    “Yes he loved it and so did I. I never had so much fun in my life as I did tonight.”

    “Just from that? Come on, there’s got to be more to it than you’re telling me?” Paula realized.

    Sue Ellen blushed. “We didn’t go all the way but his tongue, well, I mean, it was so good. I didn’t want him to stop.”

    “Woohoo! Way to go Sue Ellen! Or should I say Billy?” Paula asked, with high-fives and giggles.

    * * * *

    Sue Ellen and Paula woke up to a ringing phone. Sue Ellen answered. “Hello.”

    “Hi, is this Ms. Sue Ellen Shepard?”

    “Yes, this is Sue Ellen Shepard. Who's calling?"

    “Hi, my name is Dina Thomas from the Miss Texas pageant.”

    “Oh yes, hello. How are you?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “I’m good Ms. Shepard but not as excited as you're going to be when you hear the news.”

    “What news, Ms. Thomas?”

    “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to compete for the Miss Texas crown."

    TO BE CONTINUED:spinning:
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    “Paula, please don’t be mad at me. I…I didn’t even want to compete. You dragged me with you.”

    “I don’t understand how they could want you over me!” Paula shrieked.

    Sue Ellen didn’t like what Paula implied and asked, “What the hell do you mean, Paula?’

    “Well you’re not very outgoing and extremely shy. I’m bubbly and super friendly but you…”

    For the first time since she knew Paula, she was beyond mad. She interrupted and said, “That may be true but I guess they wanted someone talented and beautiful…and that’s me!”

    “Is that so?”

    “Yeah it’s so, and something else I didn’t want to tell you but I’ll gladly tell you now.”

    “What’s that?” Paula asked, in her face.

    “You're a big baby! You may know more about worldly things than I do, but you come across like a real dumb blonde Paula. You couldn’t even fill out the form without my help. No wonder you’re failing your subjects, and you sing way off-key.” Sue Ellen shouted.

    “Well, the hell with you, Sue Ellen. You’ll never become Miss Texas,” Paula said and ran out the door.

    Sue Ellen was never was so furious in all of her life. She couldn't believe how her best friend could turn on her so quickly, especially over a beauty pageant.

    * * * *

    “You what?” Billy asked.

    “I’m going to compete in the Miss Texas pageant. They called me this morning. Isn’t that great news, Billy?”

    “Well, I don’t know Sue Ellen. I…I don’t want my girl prancing around half naked in front of a panel of men,” Billy told her.

    “But Billy, they’re judging me for more than just beauty.”

    “Why else would they want you, Sue Ellen?”

    “What? So is that all you think I am…a pretty face with no brains or talent?”

    “I didn’t say that honey,” Billy said.

    “Don’t call me honey. You implied it,” Sue Ellen responded.

    “Sue Ellen, you’re my girl and I forbid you to…”

    Sue Ellen was furious. “Forbid me? Who the hell do you think you are anyway? I’m not your wife and even if I was, I wouldn’t listen to you.”

    “I want to marry you, Sue Ellen. I hinted around about that the other night. You don’t have to worry about anything. I love you and I’ll take care of you. I don’t want you to be anything else except my wife."

    “I don’t care what you want. I’m going to go to the pageant and whether I win or not, I’ll finish getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.”

    “If you go to this stupid pageant Sue Ellen, that’s the end of us. I’ll dump you and find someone else to marry.”

    “Good, go ahead. I could care less. I don’t love you Billy so you can go to hell!” Sue Ellen shouted and slammed the phone.

    Sue Ellen's heart beat rapidly. She was hurt by Billy’s actions but proud of herself. She looked in the mirror and vowed, “I’ll show them. I’m going to be the next Miss Texas if it’s the last thing I do.”

    “I don’t want to go on a blind date. I have a lot of studying to do before the spring break. The Miss Texas pageant is in a few weeks and…”

    “Please Sue Ellen, it’s only one date and he’s a nice young man.”

    “But Mama I…”

    “You just can’t make me happy can you Sue Ellen?”

    “What? I thought you were thrilled when I told you about being accepted for the pageant.”

    “Sure I am but that’s for you. This is for me. I want you to date the right men.”

    “You mean rich men, don’t you?”

    “Is there anything wrong with that? You need money to survive in this world Sue Ellen.”

    “Mama, you have to stop this. I’m not marrying a man for his money. I have to be in love with him. My heart has to go pitter pat."

    “Oh my naïve girl, that’s only in the movies. Don’t be stupid like me. I loved your Daddy and look what happened.”

    “Yeah, he drank because of how hard you were on him. I’d have left too.”

    “Sue Ellen! How horrible to say that to your own mother?” Patricia said, crying.

    “I’m…I’m sorry Mom really I am.”

    “Sorry enough to go on a date with that young man?” Patricia implied.

    Sue Ellen knew she was helpless to argue with her mother so she said, “Yes Mama.”

    “Oh Sue Ellen, you are a good daughter but don’t be a bad girl on the first date.”

    “Mother, how can you even…”?

    “Your date will come by the house Saturday night. So be home the night before. Bye sweetie.”

    Sue Ellen rolled her eyes and frowned. I can’t win.

    * * * *

    “What’s wrong with it, Mama?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “You have to look perfect Sue Ellen. This may be our only chance,” Patricia said, fixing Sue Ellen’s hair.

    “Mama, please stop playing millionaire matchmaker. I’m marrying for love not money, and I want a career.”

    “If you marry a millionaire, you won’t need to work. You’ll just have to look pretty.”

    “But Mama, I'm more than that. Why do you think I’m getting my Bachelors Degree?”

    “You’re beautiful Sue Ellen; you won’t have to use it. My daughter is not going to work for…”

    Patricia stops when the doorbell rings. It was 6 o’clock and Sue Ellen’s date was on time.

    Oh my God, Sue Ellen thought, nervously. She expected to see the Hunchback of Notre Dame when Patricia opened the door.

    “Hello, ma'am. I’m here for Sue Ellen Shepard,” he said, respectively.

    Sue Ellen’s lips quivered, and her pulse raced when she laid eyes on his handsome face and boyish smile.

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    “Did my son get there on time?” Miss Ellie asked.

    “Yes he did. He seems like a very fine young man. I’m sure my daughter is having a nice time.”

    “I hope so, Patricia. Did your daughter give you a hard time?”

    “Well, sort of but I saw her eyes when she got one look at your son. To be blunt, she definitely liked what she saw.” Patricia said, with a chuckle.

    “Ha-ha! I told you how handsome my son was. He takes after his Daddy.”

    “I’m so glad we ran into each other again, Ellie.”

    “I am too. Why don’t we get together for dinner one night?”

    “I’d love it. Hopefully, our children can join us, Ellie.” Patricia said.

    “That’d be great Patricia. I think they’ll hit it off very nicely. I told my son how beautiful Sue Ellen was.”

    “Oh thank you. She really is, but Sue Ellen’s also very smart. Did I tell you she’s on the Dean’s List?”

    “No, you didn’t. That’s wonderful. You must be very proud of her.”

    “Yes I am. She’ll be the first member of our family to get her Bachelor's Degree,” Patricia told her.

    “Wow that’s wonderful. Jock is going to retire soon, and my boys will run Ewing Oil. Well, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

    “Okay, great talking to you, Ellie," Patricia told her.

    “You too, Patricia. Goodnight.” As Patricia hung up the phone she thought, “Oh God Sue Ellen, please don’t ruin this for us.”

    * * * *

    “I had a nice time, Sue Ellen.”

    “I did too.” Sue Ellen replied.

    “Did you enjoy the movie?”

    Sue Ellen nodded her head. “Yeah but it was so sad.”

    “I know. I tried to hold back the tears but it was hard.”

    “Why would you want to hold back?”Sue Ellen inquired.

    “My Daddy said a man shouldn't cry like a baby or a woman.”

    "Oh I don’t know. I like a man who’s sensitive,” Sue Ellen said, she touched his hand.

    He smiled and said, “May I see you again, Sue Ellen?”

    “Sure, I’d like that,” Sue Ellen said, enthusiastically.

    “Great, how about we get together next week?”

    Sue Ellen thought about it momentarily and said, “Next Friday is the best day. I have finals to study for early in the week.”

    “Oh I understand. I’m pretty exhausted by the end of the day but Friday our office closes early so that’ll be perfect.”

    “Okay and you have my number, right?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “Yes. I'll walk you to the door, Sue Ellen.”

    He went around the passenger side of his car, opened the door and offered his hand when Sue Ellen stepped out—a perfect gentleman. They walked quietly until they reached the front door.

    “Thanks again for a lovely evening. Call me whenever you’d like. I gave you my dorm room phone number. I can talk in private without my Mother listening to my every word,” Sue Ellen said, her keys in hand.

    He smiled and put both hands around her waist. Sue Ellen trembled when he caressed her face and kissed her lips. His kiss was tender and sweet. He released her and said, “Goodnight.”

    Sue Ellen waved goodbye. She opened the door and locked it behind her. She touched her lips, took a deep breath and whispered, "Goodnight, Bobby James Ewing."

    “Sue Ellen is that you honey?”

    “Yes Mama.”

    “Well did you have a good time with the Ewing boy?”

    Sue Ellen didn’t want to appear excited even though she was. “Yeah it wasn’t bad. He’s very nice.”

    “That’s it? I thought he was extremely handsome Sue Ellen and he’s rich. What the hell else do you want?”

    “This is why I don’t like it when you fix me up. I’m going to be seeing Bobby again next Friday and I don’t want you to interfere in any way Mom, okay?”

    “Oh honey,” Patricia began, “I wouldn’t do that.”

    “I know you better than that Mother. I’m surprised that you haven’t maneuvered having lunch at Mr. & Mrs. Ewing’s home.”

    Patricia didn’t say a word. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Sue Ellen. I’m glad you and Bobby are going out again. I’m relieved you didn’t scare him away.”

    “Mama, what do you mean?”

    “You obviously didn’t talk much about your studies, did you? I mean, men don’t like educated woman who think too much.”

    “Oh sweet Jesus! Who the hell told you that Mama?” Sue Ellen said, flippantly.

    “Sue Ellen Shepard! Don’t use that tone with me young lady.”

    “I’m sorry but I asked you a question.”

    “Nobody told me Sue Ellen. That’s just how I was raised and…”

    “Mama that’s ridiculous. Nobody thinks like that anymore. It’s 1967 and the second-wave Women’s Movement is in full swing.”

    “Sue Ellen. Oh honey, please don’t tell me you're one of them?”

    “Them? You mean Feminist?”


    “Mom, I don’t know. I just think it’s time for women to have the same opportunities as men. I, for one, intend on being independent even when I’m married.”

    “Oh Sue Ellen…I…”

    “Mom, I don’t want to stay home and do nothing, even if I marry a rich man. I want a career as well as a family. I want it all.”

    “A career to do what Sue Ellen? All you have to do is hook this Bobby Ewing, and marry him. Then you’ll have it made. You’ll be able to join organizations to do charitable work and things like that. You weren’t raised to be a 9 to 5 ordinary worker.”

    “Oh good grief Mom. I’m tired and want to go to bed.”

    “Alright honey. I love you. Goodnight.”

    “Goodnight Mama,” Sue Ellen said.

    As she thought about Bobby, she repeated it over and over in her head and loved the way it sounded. Sue Ellen Ewing. Mrs. Sue Ellen Ewing!

    TO BE CONTINUED:dance:
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    I like when it is Jr instead off Bobby with sue Ellen, they rock
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    Lol at Sue Ellen being coy with Patricia. She likes this blind date, she's not going to have her mother sticking her nose in.
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    JR will be stirring things up soon!
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    “How was your date with Miss Shepard?” Jock asked.

    “Well to be honest Daddy, I didn't want to go on a blind date with someone that probably had glasses and braces on her teeth.” JR said.

    “What? What happened then?” Jock said, his voice elevated.

    Before JR got a chance to say another word, Bobby strolled through the vestibule and said, “JR didn’t go on that date Daddy, I did!”

    “You took the Shepard girl out?” Jock asked.

    “Yes Daddy. When JR complained all day, I knew he wouldn’t show up at Sue Ellen’s door, so I found out the address and went,” Bobby said.

    “You’re a good boy, Bobby unlike my other son.” Jock said, and gave JR a nasty look.

    “JR, you should really be ashamed of yourself. That was very inconsiderate. How would I have explained that to her mother?”

    Who cares? JR thought.

    Bobby interrupted and said, “Don’t be hard on JR. It worked out for the best. Well, for me anyway.”

    “What?” JR asked.

    “I hate to say this; no I take pleasure in it,” Bobby said.

    JR was getting angry. “Just spit it out Bobby.”

    “Sue Ellen is the most beautiful, sweet and smart girl I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. You goofed, JR.” Bobby said a huge grin on his face.

    “You’re lying Bobby,” JR said, fuming.

    Bobby chuckled. “Think that if you want but I’m not.”

    “It was a blind date. How in the world could she…”

    “Be so beautiful? Well big brother let me tell you about Sue Ellen. She is so exquisite. Her face, lips, body and those eyes…oh man. She is perfect,” Bobby said, excitedly.

    Jock cleared his throat and said,“Control yourself in front of your Mama.”

    “Oh Jock, it’s okay. I’m happy for you, Bobby.” Miss Ellie said.

    “Thanks Mama. I’m going to see Sue Ellen again next week. I want to thank you JR.”

    JR got in his face. “What the hell for?”

    “For acting like a complete jerk because your loss is my gain. Goodnight.”

    JR was speechless. He was intrigued and wanted to see just how "perfect" this Sue Ellen Shepard was. “Hm, look out Bobby, once I meet Sue Ellen, she won’t want you anymore.”

    * * * *

    JR went into Bobby’s office and said, “Morning Bobby. I wanted to ask you a question.”

    “Sure what is it?”

    “Did you get into Sue Ellen’s pants?”

    “Hey, you’re really out of line JR. I only had one date with her.”

    “It’d only take me one date Bobby,” JR exclaimed.

    “Yeah I guess so for the type of girl you’re use to taking out. Sue Ellen is different.”

    “All women are the same Bobby. They all want a piece of candy if you offer it to them.” JR told him.

    “Sue Ellen isn’t like that! She’s incredibly intelligent, career minded and…”

    JR rolled his eyes. “Oh God, one of those who try to act like a man.”

    “Yes but...oh brother...Sue Ellen is all woman.”

    “How were the committee people, Sue Ellen?” Patricia asked.

    “They were very nice Mother. I’m so nervous but they explained everything to me.”

    “So when is the big day for the future Miss Texas?”

    “Oh Mom, not for a few more weeks. There is so much preparation and it’s going to be on television, and in color. Can you believe it?”

    “That really is exciting. I’m sure you’ll do just fine Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing will be proud of you.”

    “Oh Mom, I don’t want to tell him.”

    “Why not?” Patricia asked.

    “I’m afraid. I mean, Billy was so angry when I told him and…”


    “Yes. Billy Frompton.”

    “Frompton? Is he related to Xaviar Frompton?”

    “Yes Mama," Sue Ellen said, wishing she never mentioned Billy's name.

    “You’re dating the heir to the Frompton fortune?”

    “I did Mama but not anymore. He wasn’t…”

    “Oh Sue Ellen, how could you let him get away? His family is even richer than the Ewings.”

    “I don’t care about money Mama. I told you a million times before that I’m going to marry for love and I mean it,” Sue Ellen reminded her.

    Patricia shook her head. “How foolish you are my dear but you still have a chance to make me proud and snag the Ewing boy.”

    “Mother, please. If I “snag” Bobby it’ll be out of love not money. I have to go. I'll call you tomorrow.” Sue Ellen hung up the phone. She sat on the bed but was immediately interrupted by the phone ringing. Sue Ellen assumed it was Patricia and answered, “Mama, I told you I’m marrying a man for love.”

    “Sue Ellen…um…it’s Bobby.”

    “Oh Bobby, I…I thought you were my Mother and…”

    “It’s alright. I’m glad to hear you want to marry for love. What other kind is there?” Bobby said, and then laughed.

    “None. It’s great to hear from you." Sue Ellen said, slightly embarrassed.

    “I had to call. I’m looking forward to our date but I wanted to hear your beautiful voice. I…I hope you don’t mind.”

    Sue Ellen felt her heartbeat race. “On the contrary, I’m glad you did.”

    “Oh good. I wanted to know if you like Italian food.”

    “Yes, I love it!”

    “Good. I’m going to take you to my favorite new place called Scalini’s, and then we’ll go to the movies. A new movie called, The Graduate is coming to the theater. Want to see it?”

    “Oh yes, I’ve heard about it. That’d be wonderful Bobby,” Sue Ellen said, excitedly.

    “Terrific. I’ll pick you up Friday at 5 o’clock. Bye.” Sue Ellen said goodnight and hung up the phone. She tried to study but Sue Ellen’s thoughts shifted. Is Bobby Ewing the one?

    TO BE CONTINUED:confuse:
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    Chapter Seven

    Paula apologized for her behavior toward Sue Ellen and moved back into the dorm with her. Sue Ellen told Paula about Bobby and how wonderful she thought he was.

    In the midst of it, the phone rang and Sue Ellen picked up the phone. It was Patricia.

    “Hello Mother.” Sue Ellen said, rolling her eyes.

    “I have exciting news Sue Ellen.”

    “You do?”

    “Yes Mr. and Mrs. Ewing have invited both of us to Southfork on Friday afternoon for lunch.”

    “Oh nice but…”

    Patricia panicked. “But what Sue Ellen?”

    “I can’t. I’m busy that day,” Sue Ellen admitted.

    “Why not?” Patricia asked.

    “I have an appointment with the people from the pageant. I’ll be seeing Bobby on Saturday night so you’ll have to show up without me.”

    “Cancel it Sue Ellen. Don’t you want to make a good impression on the Ewing’s? Forget the pageant now. You can hook Bobby Ewing.”

    “Mother, this conversation is over. Make my apologies. Goodbye,” Sue Ellen said and hung up the phone.

    Paula laughed. “Boy Patricia really gets under your skin doesn’t she?”

    “Oh she’s too much. She wants me to snag Bobby because he’s rich. She’s ruthless and now she’ll be feeding the Ewing’s some of her venom but delicately of course.”

    “Well she’s only looking out for you Sue Ellen.”

    “Yeah I know but my Mother doesn’t quit. Now let’s go to the store. I want to buy something extra special for my date.”

    “On one condition Sue Ellen," Paula told her.

    Sue Ellen asked, “Okay what?”

    “Nothing that’s conservative. Spice it up.”

    Sue Ellen smiled and said, “Okay but you pick it out for me.”

    Paula was excited and shouted, “Let’s go girl. After I’m through, you’ll have Bobby Ewing reeled in.”

    “You have a magnificent home Mr. and Mrs. Ewing. The grounds are so beautiful,” Patricia said, trying to schmooze them.

    Proudly Jock replied, “Thank you Patricia. We love it and so do the boys.”

    “How many children do you have?” Patricia inquired.

    “Three sons,” Miss Ellie said.

    “Wonderful and I must say that your son Bobby is very handsome. He takes after his father,” Patricia said, smiling.

    “Nah, he resembles Miss Ellie. My boy JR looks like me though.”

    “What about your other son? Who does he look like?”

    “Gary is a combination of both of us. Wouldn’t you agree Jock?”

    Jock turned his head then said, “Yeah I guess…um…excuse me ladies I need a drink,” and walked toward the bar.

    Miss Ellie knew that Gary was a sore subject. She turned to Patricia and asked, “Would you like a drink?”

    “Oh no, thank you. I never touch the stuff. My husband was an alcoholic and…”

    “I’m sorry Patricia, I…I forgot,” Miss Ellie said, sincerely.

    “It’s all right Ellie. It’s so hard to see a bottle or even come close to drinking after that no good…” Patricia let the tears flow on queue.

    Miss Ellie reached for a tissue and said, “Here you go Patricia. I’m sure it was tough on you raising two young children.”

    “Yes, it was Ellie but I managed. I went back to work full-time, and my parents helped a great deal. Can I be honest with you Ellie?”

    “Of course.”

    Patricia sniffled a bit and said, “I was heartbroken when my husband left me. I still loved him.”

    “That was a long time ago, Patricia. Don’t give it another thought. Come on let’s go get a cup of coffee."

    “Thank you, Ellie.”

    Two hours later

    Jock and Miss Ellie walked Patricia to her car. “You’re warm and caring people just like my daughter, Sue Ellen. You’d get along so well with her. I just know it.”

    “I’m sure we will Patricia. It’s a shame she couldn’t make it today.”

    “My apologies. I know when Sue Ellen meets you; she’ll feel the same as I did today.”

    “I hope so,” Jock said, as he and Miss Ellie waved goodbye.

    Patricia smirked. I’ll damn well make sure of it.

    “Oh Mama, how could you tell Mrs. Ewing that you loved Daddy…you didn’t.”

    “Early on I did Sue Ellen.”

    “Daddy loved you and you drove him away but I don’t want to argue with you Mother. I’m looking forward to my date tonight and I don’t want you spoiling it.”

    “How did your meeting with the Pageant people go?” Patricia asked.

    “Fine. They are doing things a bit different this year. When they announce us, they aren’t saying our names. They’ll just say what University we are from.”

    “I want the best for you Sue Ellen, and right now marrying into the Ewing’s would be our greatest achievement.”

    “Mama, please. I’ve been on one date with Bobby, and you have me marrying him.”

    Patricia’s response was straightforward. “You blew it with the Frompton boy. Please don’t blow it with Bobby Ewing. Goodbye dear.”

    Sue Ellen shook her head. There is just no pleasing her.

    * * *
    “So where are you taking your gal tonight Bobby?”

    “If you think I’m telling you that JR, you’re sadly mistaken.”

    “Why? What’s the big deal?”

    “The big deal is that I don’t want you showing up and gawking at Sue Ellen.”

    “Me? I’d never do that,” JR said, unconvincingly.

    “Yeah, right. I’ll introduce you to her soon enough.”

    “You…you will?”

    With sarcasm Bobby answered, “Sure. I can’t wait for your eyes to pop out when you see how beautiful Sue Ellen is. You made the biggest mistake of your life big brother. Well it’s time to go…and oh JR?”

    “What Bob?” JR said, irately.

    Bobby smiled and said, “Don’t wait up. Goodnight." JR cursed under his breath.

    To Be Continued.:D
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    Chapter 8

    “Bobby will be here soon. I don’t want you making any type of naughty comment to him.”

    Paula frowned. “Oh, come on Sue Ellen what fun is that?”

    Sue Ellen looked at the grin on her friend’s face and chuckled. “Who said you could have fun and at my expense?”

    “I won’t say anything dirty, I promise Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

    “Okay, now when do you plan to drive him crazy?”

    “Paula! This is what I’m talking about. I’m not doing anything like that yet.”

    Paula’s eyes widened. “Yet?”

    Sue Ellen laughed. “Well…he is really cute. We’re going for something to eat then to the movies.”

    “Sounds…um…nice. I hope it’s the drive-in Sue Ellen.”

    Nervous excitement went through Sue Ellen’s body. She could still feel the taste of Bobby’s kiss upon her lips. “Me too.”

    “There’s hope for you yet girl,” Paula quipped.

    * * * *
    The sound of her dorm bell had Sue Ellen jump out of her seat. Paula remarked, “Well, he’s right on time.”

    “How do I look?” Sue Ellen asked, nervously.

    “You look fabulous. Bobby Ewing won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.”

    “Oh my God, I hope you’re right,” Sue Ellen said, a huge smile on her face.

    Paula waved her hands in Sue Ellen’s face. “Get the damned door Sue Ellen, the suspense is killing me.”

    Sue Ellen put her hand on the knob, turned it quickly and opened the door. He smiled and said, “Hi Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen stared at him. Her heart skipped a beat. Bobby looked so handsome she was dazed, momentarily. “Hi Bobby, it’s so good to see you. Come in. I want you to meet someone.”

    “Of course.”

    The look on Paula’s face said it all to Sue Ellen. She approved. “Bobby, this is my best friend Paula. Paula, this is my date Bobby Ewing.”

    Bobby extended his hand. “Nice to meet you Paula.”

    Paula nodded her head. “Wow, you’re even cuter than Sue Ellen said you were.”

    Sue Ellen’s face turned red. She wanted to hide but all she could do was smile at Bobby. He winked back. “Well thank you but Sue Ellen is the cute one.”

    “I know. I told her that too man and…”

    Sue Ellen interrupted Paula before she said anymore. “Um, we have to go. Ready Bobby?”

    “Yes. It was a pleasure to meet you, Paula.”

    “Same here Bobby. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Sue Ellen,” Paula said, unable to control herself.

    Embarrassed, Sue Ellen took Bobby’s hand and raced out the door. I’m going to kill her.

    Bobby looked in amazement. Most girls just picked at their food but Sue Ellen ate with zeal. “You really are enjoying your burger, aren’t you?”

    “Yes, I’ll have to exercise twice as hard tomorrow though,” Sue Ellen remarked.

    “Haha. Actually it’ll be three times.”

    “Three? Why three?”

    “I’m ordering the biggest milkshake for us to share, or would you rather have a sundae.”

    “Oh Bobby, that’s not fair but since you asked I rather split a hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream, wet walnuts and gobs and gobs of whipped cream.” Sue Ellen said. She licked her lips.

    “Yum, you got it. Oh waiter…”

    * * * *
    Sue Ellen and Bobby walked out of the restaurant. “We have a ½ hour before the movie starts Sue Ellen. Let’s sit on this bench before we cross the street and go in. It’s such a beautiful night.”

    Sue Ellen agreed. “That sundae was sinfully good,” Sue Ellen said, laughing.

    “You have such a great laugh, Sue Ellen. I’ve never met a girl who laughed so heartily as you.”

    “Is that a good thing? I mean…I should be ladylike,” Sue Ellen said, a grin on her face.

    “Who told you that? Wait let me guess, it was your overbearing mother, right?”

    Sue Ellen giggled. “As a matter of fact she did and she is. Does it show that much?”

    “Well, yeah it does. I’m sorry I shouldn’t…”

    “No, don’t apologize. I love my Mama but she doesn’t let up especially since, well I guess I should tell you.”

    “Tell me what?”

    “I was selected to compete in the Miss Texas pageant. I’m representing my college. I hope that doesn’t make you mad, Bobby.”

    “Mad? No way, that’s wonderful. I’m glad you told me because I’m suppose to be one of the Judges.”


    “Yeah, I’ll have to tell them I can’t make it. Imagine how awkward it would’ve been seeing my girl up there and knowing I couldn’t vote.”

    “Am I your girl, Bobby?” Sue Ellen asked, excitedly.

    “I hope so, Sue Ellen. I’d like to be your guy…um…if you want me to be.”

    Sue Ellen answered, “Of course I do, Bobby. I really like you a lot.”

    Bobby lit up, and caressed Sue Ellen’s cheek. She let out a soft sigh when his lips met her own. His arms wrapped around her back. Bobby’s sensual kisses made Sue Ellen tremble and her heartbeat rapid until their mouths parted.

    “Oh Sue Ellen, I…we better get in line before I…” Bobby said. He took a long, deep breath.

    Sue Ellen knew what Bobby meant. She was aroused, as much as he was but it wasn’t the right time yet. Sue Ellen nodded her head and said, “Your girl understands completely."

    Sue Ellen felt the strong but gentle hand of Bobby’s slip into her own. She trembled slightly. To show her own affection, Sue Ellen quickly gave Bobby’s knee a playful squeeze. Bobby lifted Sue Ellen’s hand and kissed it. The pleasantries of the little moment made them giggle.

    The credits flashed on the screen and the audience clapped in appreciation. Bobby and Sue Ellen walked out of the movie theater holding hands.

    “Aw, that was such a good movie. I really loved it,” Sue Ellen said.

    “So did I but do you know what I loved best?”

    Sue Ellen thought about it and said, “Hm, I don’t know. Was it at the end when Benjamin and Elaine sit in the back of the bus not knowing where the heck it's going or what their future would hold?”

    “Oh yes, I liked that but no.”

    “Then what? Tell me Bobby.”

    Bobby grinned. “It definitely was when you touched my knee.”

    Sue Ellen’s cheeks were like a beet but she laughed. “Oh Bobby, you…you don’t think I was being to bold, do you?”

    “On the contrary, you should have aimed a bit higher and toward the center.”

    Sue Ellen’s red face turned white. “Oh my God…I…um…”

    “I’m sorry Sue Ellen, I didn’t mean to…well...I thought you’d laugh. I didn’t offend you I hope.”

    Flabbergasted to say the least, Sue Ellen cleared her throat. She looked into his eyes. Bobby was so handsome, and she longed to be with him the way she was with Billy and more.

    “Sue Ellen? You’re not mad at me are you?”

    Sue Ellen chuckled. “No, just the opposite. I want to be with you, Bobby. Let’s go somewhere where we could be alone. Would you like that?”

    Bobby’s eyes opened like saucers. He could feel his manhood twinge at the thought. Bobby kissed Sue Ellen’s lips softly and said, “Of course, sweetie but are you sure you’re ready?”

    “Bobby, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life." They scurried to his car, anxiously.

    25 minutes later

    Sue Ellen nervously bit her lip waiting for Bobby. She’d never been to a motel with a man before. Sue Ellen made up her mind. She was finally ready to experience the joy of sex. She wanted Bobby Ewing to be the first, and maybe the last.

    Bobby fumbled with the key but managed to get the door open. He put his arms around Sue Ellen; she trembled from his touch. Bobby pulled back slightly and said, “I promise I’ll be gentle, Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen let out a sigh. “Go slow, Bobby. I want to savor this moment forever.”

    Bobby leaned in and kissed Sue Ellen’s lips tenderly. She tingled, when he sucked her tongue; their passion heated up.

    Bobby lifted Sue Ellen in his arms and carried her to the bed. Nervous excitement shot through her when Bobby carefully removed her clothes.

    “Beautiful,” Bobby whispered his hot breath on her skin.

    Sue Ellen’s stomach quivered when his hands caressed every part of her curvaceous body. Bobby stood up to remove his clothes. Sue Ellen’s eyes sparkled at his muscular arms and chiseled chest with a wisp of brown hair. Bobby pulled down his underwear. The mind-boggling sight of seeing Bobby Ewing in all his magnificently hung glory made Sue Ellen blush and twitch with desire.

    Bobby crawled on the bed next to Sue Ellen. He sweetly kissed her lips, pushing his tongue deep. He quickly ripped open a condom and rolled it on. He gently began to make love, Sue Ellen gasping from the burning sensation but incredible feel of him. Their movements grew steadier; the pain Sue Ellen felt eased then disappeared. She remembered Paula said it would hurt briefly then feel so amazing, and she was right. Their pleasure mounted until they came to an earth-shattering release.

    To Be Continued;)
    Chapter Nine - JR finally meets the Perfect Girl
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    “You’re much too quiet for my liking, Bobby,” JR said.

    “Am I?” Bobby replied.

    “Yes and you’ve had this huge grin on your face every day this week.”

    “What’s your point, JR?”

    “The point is that you’ve been out 4 nights with this Shepard babe and haven’t told me how far you’ve gotten. I’m your brother; don’t I deserve to know if you tapped her yet?”

    “First of all, JR her name is Sue Ellen. She is my girl, not someone you call a babe. Granted, she is a hot babe but don’t refer to her as that again. She’s not the type of girl you’re use to going out with. She’s a wonderful woman, smart, sexy and with a bright future ahead of her.”

    “Okay so tell me already…yes or no.”

    Bobby straightened his necktie and said, “Yes and she’s incredible, JR. She’s not like any other woman I’ve known.”

    JR couldn’t believe he was jealous of Bobby over a woman he never met. “Well now Bob, it’s not like you’ve had much experience with the opposite sex unlike your big brother.”

    “I don’t have to have bedded as many women as you to know how wonderful Sue Ellen is. As a matter of fact, I think Sue Ellen is the one.”

    “What? Does that mean what I think it does? The dreaded M word?”

    Bobby chuckled. “Marriage? Yes it does. I’m in love with Sue Ellen, and I hope when the time is right, she’ll marry me.”

    “I think I better tell Mama and Daddy that you’ve lost your mind. You haven’t known her long and she must be some sort of gold digger to…”

    Bobby grabbed JR’s vest then shoved him backward. “Don’t you dare imply that Sue Ellen is after money, do you hear me?”

    “Jesus, calm down. I...I just think you’re rushing things.”

    “I haven’t said anything to Sue Ellen so just shut up about this to Mama and Daddy or I’ll…”

    “Okay, I’m not going to say anything to them. Now tell me why you’re not going to be a judge at the beauty contest.”

    “How did you know that? Were you listening to my phone conversation the other day?”

    “Don’t get angry, Bobby. I was about to knock on your door when I heard you talking about it. Why would you pass up a golden opportunity to see one gorgeous woman after another?”

    “I figured that’s a night I could be with Sue Ellen, so I told the committee to get someone else. I…I hate to be rude JR but I have to meet Sue Ellen. Goodnight,” Bobby said, he raced out the door.

    “Damn I would’ve filled in for him. Hm, maybe I will,” JR said. He picked up the phone and dialed the number that was still scribbled on Bobby’s desk.

    “Wow this suite is so elegant, just beautiful.”

    “Yeah, I wanted you to spend the next two days in style before the big day. It’s nice the people at the pageant give you the time off beforehand.”

    “Well I don’t expect to get much rest, Bobby,” Sue Ellen said, her lips close to his.

    “You won’t but first I have something for you.”

    Bobby handed Sue Ellen a gift-wrapped box. “What’s this?”

    “Open it and you’ll find out.”

    Sue Ellen was excited and began to open it. Her facial expression showed her feelings. “How do you like it, Sue Ellen?” Bobby asked his arm around Sue Ellen’s waist.

    “It’s magnificent. Oh my God, I’ve never seen anything sparkle so much in my life,” Sue Ellen said, in her exuberance.

    Bobby smiled. He was so happy his token of affection made her excited. “I’m glad you like it honey. I told the jeweler it was for my girl, and it better be good. Now let me put it on your wrist.

    Sue Ellen shook slightly when Bobby put the diamond heart bracelet on. “Oh Bobby, I love it. Thank you but…”

    “But what?”

    “You didn’t have to buy something so expensive for me. I mean what your family would say?”

    “They'll say they love it, and I'd like for you to wear it when you meet them.”

    “I’m so excited to meet your parents, Bobby. You’re not mad at me for waiting until the pageant was over? After Friday I might be the new Miss Texas. Your parents might be more impressed with…”

    “Nonsense, they’ll love you for who you are not if you’re a beauty contest winner. Though I’d love to rub JR’s face in that,” Bobby said, chuckling.

    “Bobby Ewing, I don’t know what it is about your brother JR that you detest so much. Tell me.”

    “It’s a long, long story. I’ll tell you about it after.”

    “After?” Sue Ellen asked. They giggled then made love. Bobby held Sue Ellen in his arms and said, “I love you.”

    Three simple words brought Sue Ellen to tears. She hugged his chest tight and responded, “I love you, too.”


    “Are you sure you don’t want to go, Bobby?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “I don’t want to distract you honey. I’ll be right here at the hotel watching you on television. The local station is broadcasting it. I told the members I couldn’t make it so it’s best I don’t go.”

    “Well I guess you’re right. Will you still love me if I don’t win?”

    Bobby chuckled, “Oh baby, you know I will. You’re my Miss Texas.”

    Sue Ellen was beaming but she hated herself for doubting him. “Kiss me Bobby Ewing.”

    * * * *
    JR’s eyes darted back and forth. He’d never understand how Bobby chose a date with one girl over prospects of having several. “Dumb ass,” JR whispered.

    One beautiful girl after another paraded down the runway. He didn’t realize they changed the pageant rules and didn’t announce their name but it didn’t matter. How am I ever going to choose?

    JR didn’t have to wonder too long. His mouth dropped open, and his heart beat fast when he laid eyes on her. JR fell in love instantly.

    Our last contestant comes to us from the University of Texas. With long, auburn hair and green eyes, she’s the epitome of beauty. Not just another pretty face though judges. She majors in Psychology and is on the Dean’s list.

    JR stared at every twist and turn. From head to toe, she was perfect. JR was in awe. He listened to her breathy, sexy voice answer questions that he didn’t even hear. He wanted to know her name and who she was. They saved the best for last.

    At the close of the pageant, it was obvious to JR what the outcome would be. The other girls were beautiful but the perfect girl had that little something extra.

    * * * *
    Sue Ellen trembled nervously. It was down to her and one other girl. She thought of Bobby, and still hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed if she lost. She closed her eyes as they announced the winner.

    Sue Ellen didn’t react at first. She couldn’t believe it. Before she knew it, they crowned her Miss Texas of 1967. She laughed, cried and blew kisses as she paraded around the stage.

    “Oh my God, she’s amazing. I knew she’d win. I have to meet her. Bobby can rant and rave about that Shepard girl all he wants but just wait until he sees my Miss Texas.”

    “Oh Sue Ellen, I knew you’d win. I just knew it,” Paula screamed.

    Sue Ellen shouted, “Oh my God, can you believe it?” She hugged her friend tight.

    “Isn’t it wonderful Mrs. Shepard?”

    “Yes it is, but its Ms. Shepard young lady. Sue Ellen’s father walked out on his family many…”

    “Mama, please don’t ruin my day.”

    “What did I say?” Patricia asked.

    "Oh forget it, Mother."

    A knock on the door made Patricia jump. She said, “I’ll get it for you, Sue Ellen.”

    “Okay. I’m so excited. I still can’t believe it. The pageant judges must be stoned.”

    “Stoned?” Paula said. She snickered. “I’m surprised you know what that’s all about, Sue Ellen.”

    “Paula, I told you I wasn’t naïve.”

    “I’ll never doubt you again, Miss Texas.”

    “Bobby must be jumping up and down in our room. I have to get to him. He’s waiting for me and…”

    “Sue Ellen!” Patricia yelled. “One of the pageant members would like to speak to you.”

    “Now? I thought I was done until tomorrow morning.”

    “Well you’re not, so don’t be rude.”

    “Yes mother. I’ll be there in a second. Paula, do me a favor and call Bobby at this number. Tell him I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

    “Sure. I’ll do it right now,” Paula said.

    Sue Ellen smiled and thanked her. She made certain she looked proper and respectable and walked out of her room.

    “Mama, where do I have to go? I don’t see anyone?”

    “Right down the hallway to the first room on the left. I’ll wait for you here, Sue Ellen and take you home.”

    Sue Ellen didn’t want to tell Patricia she would be staying in a hotel room with her boyfriend. She had no choice but to fib to her Mother. “Well, I…I’m fine by myself, Mama. Actually, Paula and I are going back to the dorm,” Sue Ellen said. She really hated herself for lying to her mother. She wasn’t the good girl her mother thought she was anymore, and she liked it that way. She snickered then regained her composure.

    JR waited with the rest of the judges for Sue Ellen to arrive. He was so anxious to personally meet her. A knock on the door signaled her arrival.

    “Hello, Miss Texas. Come in,” one of the judges said.

    “Thank you very much,” Sue Ellen answered.

    JR’s eyes were glued to her. Her beautiful smile was so hypnotic; he was dazed. She was warm, cheerful and utterly sophisticated for such a young woman. Sue Ellen smiled through her teeth. She couldn’t wait to get out of there and be with Bobby. She felt so exuberant that she wanted to make love all night, and Bobby was the one she wanted.

    Sue Ellen saw the last judge beaming as he looked at her. His wry grin caught her attention. “Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet the most beautiful woman in all of Texas. You take my breath away little lady.”

    Sue Ellen turned red. She was aware of how handsome he was and said, “Thank you. That’s so sweet of you to say.”

    “Don’t mention it. One thing I’d like to know?”

    “Sure. Ask me anything you’d like.”

    Sue Ellen shivered when he took her hand in his and asked, “What's your name, sugar?”


    “My name?”

    “Yes, you must have a name to go with those beautiful green eyes of yours.”

    Sue Ellen smiled. “I…I sure do.”

    “Then enlighten me, darlin.”

    Sue Ellen didn't know why she trembled. “My…my name is….”

    Sue Ellen did not get a chance to say her name. She was interrupted by a man’s voice that yelled, “We need you over here, Miss Texas.”

    “Oh, I…um…I’ll be right there. Excuse me, sir.”

    JR was disappointed that he missed getting her name, but watched her closely. He had to talk to her again.

    JR felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around. “JR Ewing!”

    “Kyle is that you?” JR asked.

    “In the flesh. How long’s it been?”

    “Has to be at least a year. How’s Rose?”

    “She’s fine. Are you angry with me for stealing her? Rose was your girl and…”

    “Of course not, Kyle she was just one of many girls.”

    “Yeah, I know. That’s why Rose chose me.”

    “Ha-ha, so were you one of the Judges? I didn’t notice you.”

    “Yes. I’m not surprised. Like me, your eyes must have been glued to our new Miss Texas. What a set of legs and…”

    JR turned around and said, “Oh crap, I wanted to get her name and number. I don’t see her. Damn, excuse me Kyle, I have to try and catch her.”

    “Sure JR, good luck,” Kyle shouted. He shook his head. Stay clear of him Miss Texas.

    * * * *
    JR just missed Sue Ellen getting into a cab. Lucky for him, one was right behind. He told the cab driver, “Follow that cab. A big fat tip awaits you if you don’t lose him.”

    “You got it. I’m the best cabbie in town.”

    “You better be,” JR said. He couldn’t believe he was going through this much trouble for one woman. He was totally captivated and thought, she's not just any woman.

    * * * *
    “Good job. Here you go,” JR said, and handed the cab driver money.

    JR wondered why she was going into an expensive hotel. Hmm, maybe the pageant paid for it.

    JR changed his game plane when he heard her ask, “I need to get to Suite 2404, which elevator I take? Your hotel is so big; I already forgot where to go.”

    “No problem. Go down the corridor and make a right.”

    “Thank you so much,” Sue Ellen said, and walked quickly.

    “She was here before? I’m really intrigued now,” JR mumbled under his breath.

    JR waited for the elevator to close then took the next one up. Here I come, Miss Texas.

    Bobby was excited. He couldn’t wait to celebrate. When he heard a knock on the door, he ran to open it. Sue Ellen leaped into his arms.

    “I won! I won!”

    Bobby and Sue Ellen kissed passionately then shut the door. Sue Ellen couldn’t hold back. She took Bobby’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

    “Wow, not even a hello.”

    Sue Ellen smiled, devilishly. “I want you, Bobby Ewing!”

    Bobby lifted Sue Ellen up. He swirled her happily around in his arms until they fell into the bed.

    “Here it is,” JR whispered, “2404.”

    JR was just about to knock when he heard two people laughing. He tried to listen as to whether one was a man. He heard approaching footsteps and quickly went around the corridor. The door opened halfway. He couldn’t see a face but he knew from the exposed muscled arm that it wasn’t Sue Ellen. A Do Not Disturb sign was quickly placed on the door handle. JR was disheartened and walked away.

    Damn. She’s got a boyfriend. Why am I surprised? Of course she does. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She probably has a ton of guys after her. Well I’m not giving up.

    “You look beautiful honey,” Bobby said.

    “Thank you. I hope your parents think so.”

    “They’d be crazy if they didn’t and I know they’ll love you as much as me…maybe more,” Bobby said.

    “How do you think your brother will feel?”

    “JR will be pea-green with envy.”

    Sue Ellen laughed. “You’re so corny, Bobby.”

    “Ha-ha I know but you love me, right?”

    “Of course I do,” Sue Ellen confirmed.

    “Whew, I was nervous for a second because JR always tells me I'm a cornball but I didn't think so.”

    “He’s right though.”

    “Hey,” Bobby said, and gave her butt a playful pat. “Don’t tell JR that.”

    “I won't. I promise,” Sue Ellen said.

    "I can't wait for my brother and folks to meet my perfect girl.”

    “Folks? Oh Bobby, nobody calls their parents that nowadays and…”

    Bobby cut off Sue Ellen’s words with a kiss.

    “Good morning JR,” Miss Ellie said.

    JR managed a smile combined with a yawn. He didn’t sleep. His thoughts occupied with another guy’s girl.

    “Morning, Mama, Daddy.”

    “What are you doing up so early on your day off?”

    JR didn’t want to admit to Jock that he wanted to spy on a girl he just met. The newly crowned Miss Texas whose name he didn’t even know, wanting to catch a glimpse of her with or without her boyfriend—or whoever the hell his competition was. The competitor in him eclipsed all other things. Whatever battles JR had, he always won.

    “JR, I asked you a question,” Jock said.

    “Sorry Daddy. I figured I’d…um…go into town and go to the racquetball club for a bit then have a few drinks.”

    “That sounds like a great idea. Wait for me and I’ll tag along.”

    Miss Ellie said, “Jock, you just promised Bobby that you’d be here when he brings Sue Ellen to meet us today.”

    “Oh I forgot. We’ll go another time, JR.”

    “That’s fine, Daddy. So Bobby’s going to try and amaze us with that Shepard girl, huh?”

    “What do you mean by that, JR?” Miss Ellie asked.

    “He thinks I’m going to be jealous that I missed out. Well I have news for him. I met a girl last night that is perfect.”

    “Like the others? It’s time you found the right girl to marry," Miss Ellie said.

    “I have—well I think—Mama.”

    Jock chuckled. “Make sure though son…well you know how I mean.”

    “Jock, don’t encourage him to...”

    “Calm down, Miss Ellie. Let’s go freshen up before our guest arrives. Have a good time, JR.”

    “Thanks Daddy. I will.”

    Hmm, I’d like to see what the big fuss is about Sue Ellen but not today.

    JR finished his breakfast then headed out the door. He started his brand new Chevy Corvette and put it in gear. He turned on the radio and sang along to “I’m a Believer,” by The Monkees.

    Then I saw her face…
    Now I’m a believer…
    Not a trace…
    Of doubt in my mind…
    I’m in love…
    I’m a believer I couldn’t leave her if I tried.

    The lyrics rang true in his JR’s heart. He was in love and said, “I can’t wait until Bobby meets my perfect girl.”


    JR made his way up to Sue Ellen’s suite. His hands shook, he had sweat on his brow and had butterflies in his stomach—something he never thought he get with any woman. But this wasn’t just any woman. She was the woman of his dreams. A woman he didn’t think existed, at least not in his world.

    JR knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited.

    I guess I’ll have to wait in the lobby and all day if I must.

    “Damn,” Bobby muttered, after he and Sue Ellen pulled up Southfork’s driveway.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t see JR’s car. I can’t believe he isn’t home at this hour. Usually he sleeps late after partying all night.”

    “So JR’s a carouser?” Sue Ellen asked, curiously.

    “Yep, that’s my brother in a nutshell. He’s quite the ladies man, too. I don’t think he’ll ever allow himself to get tied down.”

    “I’m sure there’s a woman out there that’ll tame him so to speak,” Sue Ellen said.

    “I can’t imagine JR falling in love with anyone but if he did, she’d have to be as perfect as you.”

    “Oh Bobby, I’m not.”

    Bobby outlined Sue Ellen’s face with his finger, ending with a gentle brush against her lips.

    “I think you are,” he said and kissed her tenderly.

    “Are you sure you’re not fickle?” Sue Ellen asked then laughed.

    “Me? Absolutely not! One thing I’m sure of and that’s how wonderful you are. Come on let’s go inside. I’m so excited for you to meet my Mama and Daddy.”

    Bobby and Sue Ellen walked out of the car and before they went into the house, Sue Ellen grabbed Bobby’s arm and said, “I’m still a nervous wreck, Bobby.”

    “My kisses didn’t help you?” Bobby said, with a hearty laugh.

    “Ha-ha, sure they did but…it’s your parents and I want to make a good impression.”

    “You will, don’t worry. Come on,” Bobby said, and he and Sue Ellen walked through the door.

    “Mama! Daddy! We’re here.” Bobby yelled, enthusiastically.

    Jock and Miss Ellie walked out of the kitchen into the parlor to greet their son and visitor.

    “Hi.” Miss Ellie said.

    With her knees knocking and stomach churning, Sue Ellen still managed to speak calmly. “Hello, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs. Ewing. Your ranch is truly magnificent.”

    Miss Ellie outstretched her hand then spoke directly to Sue Ellen. “Thank you. It’s wonderful to meet you, too, my dear.”

    Sue Ellen’s beauty and charm instantly made an impression on Jock. He said, “Well son, you sure got yourself a lovely lady. It’s a real pleasure, Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen’s face turned a ruby red. “Oh thank you, Mr. Ewing.”

    “Call me Jock. Now let’s eat,” he said, his arm awaiting hers, and shanghaied Sue Ellen away from Bobby.

    Bobby and Miss Ellie followed. Bobby whispered, “I think Daddy approves, Mama.”

    Miss Ellie smiled lovingly and said, “We both do.”

    Miss Ellie easily noticed a loving glow in Bobby’s smile. She knew he was in love and that the feeling was mutual with Sue Ellen. She was happy for her son, and knew Jock approved even if he was flirting with his son’s girl.

    “How’d you like to see our ranch, Sue Ellen? I’ll give you a personal tour of the grounds,” Jock said.

    “Jock,” Miss Ellie began, “don’t you think Bobby should show Sue Ellen instead.

    Jock looked at Sue Ellen then Bobby. It was now obvious to him, albeit late, that they should be alone even if to walk around the ranch. “Oh, of course what was I thinking?”

    “Why don’t you come with us, Jock? I’m sure you’d be a perfect tour guide,” Sue Ellen said, respectfully.

    Jock smiled. His arm wrapped around Sue Ellen’s shoulder. “I’m the best at everything little lady,” he said with a wink.

    “I’m sure you are,” Sue Ellen said, her face a rosy pink.

    Miss Ellie was uneasy with Jock’s flirtatiousness. She stood up and said, “Jock appreciates the offer, Sue Ellen but he’ll stay here, right Jock?”

    “Well…um…yes Miss Ellie,” Jock replied, reluctantly.

    Sue Ellen and Bobby excused themselves before Miss Ellie said, “Have a good time.”

    Jock took a sip on his drink and mumbled, “Damn, that woman won’t let me have any fun.”

    “I’m sorry about my Daddy, Sue Ellen. He has a fondness for the ladies.”

    “It’s all right, Bobby. You’re Daddy is sweet man. I like him and your Mother, too.”

    “Thanks. I just don’t understand what happened to JR though. I don’t want to leave the ranch without you meeting him.”

    “What if he doesn’t come home?” Sue Ellen kidded.

    “Then I’ll have to make love to you all night in my bed,” Bobby said, his lips pressed against hers.


    “I can’t understand what’s happened to JR. I thought he'd be home by now,” Bobby said, disappointed. Bobby really wanted to rub JR’s nose in it—very uncharacteristic for him.

    “Well, it’s all right Bobby, there’s plenty of time for me to meet your brother. I intend to stick around for quite awhile you know,” Sue Ellen said, her smile sweet and beautiful to his eyes.

    Bobby wrapped one arm around Sue Ellen’s waist. “I’m glad, Sue Ellen. If you didn’t, I’d get some Elmer’s Glue and then you’d really be bonded to me.”

    Sue Ellen laughed. “That sounds kinky, Mr. Ewing. I’m not that kind of girl, well I could be persuaded.”

    “Ha-ha! Damn you’re cute but I better take you back to the hotel. Your friend Paula seems like a girl who gets impatient.”

    “Are you sure you don’t mind that I’m spending time with Paula tonight? I’ll make it up to you, Bobby. I promise,” Sue Ellen said, very contrite.

    “Of course not sweetie, we had a great time today, and I don’t want to interfere with your friendship with Paula. A good relationship stems from love, understanding and being unselfish. She’s your best friend. You should have your girly talks or whatever it is women do.”

    “What did I do to deserve you, Bobby Ewing? Most men would complain. You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever known. Combine that with how handsome you are, a girl can’t help falling in love with you.”

    “That’s how I try to tell JR to be. My brother is the total opposite of me, Sue Ellen. He goes from girl to girl. He’s insensitive to their feelings and, unfortunately, he’s incapable of letting himself love anyone but himself."

    “Oh Bobby, I don’t know if that’s altogether true. I told you before that he just hasn’t met the right girl. Everyone wants somebody to love and grow old with, don’t they?”

    “Sure but I don’t know about JR. I hate to say this but his heart is made of stone,” Bobby said, harshly.

    “Give your brother the benefit, Bobby. I can’t imagine anyone being as terrible as the way you’re making JR sound.”

    “I’ve lived with him all of my life, and have seen how he treats not just other women, but everyone he comes in contact with. In business, he’s ruthless and in romance he’s a scoundrel," Bobby said. Sue Ellen couldn't believe anyone would be that bad.

    “I’m glad you’re going to wait with me until Paula comes.”

    “Why wait alone, right?” Bobby said.

    “Before we go into the hotel, kiss me.”

    “I’d like to do more than that but I’ll settle,” Bobby said, and took her in his arms before heading to the lobby of the hotel.

    JR, tired of waiting for his dream girl, headed to the bar to get a drink. He mulled over how crazy it was to wait so long for anyone even a woman he was captivated by. JR then remembered Miss Texas’ smile, her beauty and charm. She is worth it!

    “Why don’t we wait for Paula at the bar, Sue Ellen?” Bobby asked.

    “Okay but let me check with the desk and see if I have any messages. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

    Bobby agreed and when he came upon the bar, he noticed JR immediately and called out to him. “JR! JR!”

    “Bobby? What are you doing here?”

    “I was about to ask you the same question.”

    “I’m waiting for someone, baby brother. I take it Sue Ellen Shepard was a bust with Mama and Daddy,” JR said, a big grin on his face.

    “Sorry to disappoint you JR, but they loved her.”

    “Good for you but wait until you meet my…” JR stopped in mid-sentence when he saw her coming towards them. Bobby turned around and smiled—he glowed like the moon.

    “Hi honey!” Bobby said, excitedly. Sue Ellen kissed Bobby’s cheek and put her hand in his.

    JR was stunned and felt like a fool. For once, no words escaped his mouth. He could only listen when Bobby said, “JR, this is my girl, Sue Ellen Shepard.”

    JR could only look at her with half a smile, his heart breaking as she spoke. “Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet…wait a minute, haven’t we met before?”

    Bobby turned to Sue Ellen and asked, “When?”

    JR hoped Sue Ellen wouldn’t remember their brief conversation. Smooth as ever he spoke with confidence and said, “I don’t think so honey. I would have remembered a beautiful little lady like you.”

    Sue Ellen blushed. “I could swear, I…I guess I was mistaken. Well, anyway, I’m glad to meet you, JR.”

    JR looked around the room and said, “Same here. Well I have a date so I better get going.”

    “Wait JR, why don’t you tell whoever it is to join us? Is it the one that looks like Liz Taylor?” Bobby said; a smile escaped his lips.

    “No, Marilyn Monroe,” JR said and winked at Sue Ellen. She looked at Bobby with a tad of surprise.

    “What’s her name? Tell her to…”

    “Come on Bobby, what’s the difference? Once they’re on their back and spread their wings, they’re all the same to me. See you later.”

    Sue Ellen looked at Bobby and said, “Your brother is, um, well I can’t put my finger on it.”

    “I can. He’s no good, Sue Ellen. I told you before and now he just proved it, didn’t he?

    “Yeah, I’ll never doubt what you say about JR again. I’m so glad you’re not like that.”

    “I never will be either. I’m totally monogamous,” Bobby told her.

    Sue Ellen smiled. She loved Bobby and believed him completely. She kissed his lips quickly then said, “I love you, Bobby Ewing.”

    “That sounds so nice. I don’t ever get tired of hearing it.”

    “Then I’ll have to keep saying it and…what’s the matter?” Sue Ellen asked a perplexed Bobby.

    “Hm, it’s strange. Now that I think of it, JR told me he was waiting for someone to show up.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure he’ll try to tell me all about his latest conquest. He really seems to think I give a crap but I don’t.”

    “Forget him, Bobby. We have the night to ourselves sooner than we thought. Paula left a message for me. She has a terrible headache, so she cancelled.”

    “Oh that’s a shame but great for me. You look so beautiful tonight I can hardly control myself. I want to get you upstairs and drive you wild all night.”

    “Whoa, I thought you’d never ask,” Sue Ellen exclaimed. She took Bobby’s hand and held on tight when they made their exit.

    JR thought more and more about Bobby and Sue Ellen. He couldn’t believe it. The girl that he was madly in love with was in the arms of Bobby. For the first time in his life he was jealous of his baby brother.

    JR was full of anger and remorse. Damn! Why didn’t I go on that date? Why?

    JR felt like a defeated man until he exclaimed out loud, “Sue Ellen will be mine!”

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    What a treat, multiple chapters :D

    JR is kicking himself now, Bobby got the girl and it's all his fault for being a jerk without any reason to.
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    Two months later

    “I’m sorry about tonight honey. JR offered to take my place entertaining some of our out-of-town associates but Daddy asked me to go. JR usually butts heads with them.”

    “That’s all right, Bobby. I understand, really I do.”

    “Thanks. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. I promise.”

    “I know you will, well goodnight.”


    Sue Ellen understood the importance of the Ewing family business. She was disappointed but kept her spirits up. She had final exams in the next few days. Her mind was on Bobby not studying. All she cared about was him not her Bachelor's Degree and it scared her. All she dreamed about was becoming Mrs. Bobby Ewing.

    What’s wrong, Bobby? Miss Ellie asked.

    “I had a date with Sue Ellen tonight but Daddy wants me to entertain Mr. Palmer and the rest of the guys, so I can’t go.”

    “I’m sure your father had his reasons. They’ll be other nights, Bobby.”

    “I know Mama but tonight was different. I was going to ask Sue Ellen to marry me.”

    Miss Ellie leaped into Bobby’s arms. “Oh honey, I’m so happy for you! Sue Ellen is such a sweet girl. We love her very much.”

    “I’m so glad Mama. I’ve never felt this way about another woman and…”

    “Not even Jenna?”

    “I cared about Jenna but that’s all. I’m in love with Sue Ellen. I can’t see anyone but her even when my eyes are closed.”

    “That sounds like true love to me.”

    “Let it be our secret though, Mama. I don’t want Daddy or JR to know until Sue Ellen says yes.”

    “She’d be a fool if she didn’t, Bobby.”

    Bobby smiled and gave Miss Ellie a big kiss. “Well, I better get going. See you in the morning.”

    JR descended from the staircase once Miss Ellie went into the kitchen. He’d heard every word out of Bobby’s mouth. He grabbed his keys and ran out the door to his destination—Sue Ellen’s dorm room.

    Pale yellow walls were the only colorful part of Sue Ellen’s evening. She tried her best to concentrate on the current best seller she was reading, Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin but it made her nervous. I shouldn’t be reading this chilling book while I’m alone.

    Sue Ellen tried not to think about her disappointment over Bobby so Sue Ellen put her book down and turned on the television. She began to watch a classic movie, a sentimental war time romance called, The Clock with Judy Garland. She nestled into her pillow with a cold drink for pure escapism.

    JR took a deep breath and headed toward Sue Ellen’s door. His heart pounded in unison with his knocks. He didn’t have to wait long.

    Sue Ellen flung open the door without really seeing who was behind the yellow roses and shouted, “Bobby Ewing get in here!”

    Not letting it get to him, JR answered, “You got the Ewing right, darlin except I'm the most handsome one.”

    Total embarrassment showed on Sue Ellen’s face. “Oh JR, I’m so sorry. When I saw the roses, I thought you were Bobby. Thanks they're beautiful."

    "You're welcome. No worries though Sue Ellen. May I come in?"

    "Oh gosh, of course," Sue Ellen said.

    JR looked around Sue Ellen's dorm and said, "Sorry to bother you. I should have called first but I was passing by and…”

    Sue Ellen interrupted and asked, “Passing by in Austin?”

    “Well sort of. I took a detour and got lost,” JR said, a grin on his face.

    Sue Ellen chuckled. “I may be naïve but something tells me you got lost on purpose. I don’t know why though.”

    “You’re a smart lady, Sue Ellen. I wasn’t lost at all. I wanted to ask you to go out with me tonight.”

    Flattered but confused Sue Ellen said, “I don’t know what to say.”

    “Just say yes, Darlin.”

    “But I can’t possibly and…”

    “Wait honey. I overheard Bobby talking to Mama about how bad he felt that he couldn’t be with you tonight. He said you were upset. I envisioned you sitting here alone and felt bad.”

    “Why would you feel bad for me?” Sue Ellen asked perplexed.

    “It’s my fault. It should be me with our business associates not Bobby. If I got along with that particular group of men, Bobby would be here now. I’m so sorry,” JR said, fraudulently.

    JR controlled his desire when Sue Ellen kissed him on the cheek and embraced him warmly. “You are so sweet, JR but don’t apologize. How could you have known this would happen?”

    “I wouldn’t but thanks for understanding. I came here to make it up to you. Did you eat dinner?”

    “Well, no not yet.”

    “Get dressed and we’ll go wherever you want to eat,” JR said, praying she’d say yes.

    Sue Ellen was hesitant. “Well, I um…”

    JR was assertive. “Come on, Sue Ellen. I don’t bite though Bobby may have told you otherwise.”

    Sue Ellen laughed. “Yes, he did but I’ll go with you anyway. I'll tell Bobby tomorrow.”

    “Okay though I must warn you, I'm hard to resist so you'll have to control yourself."

    Sue Ellen smiled. "I'll try my best, JR. It’ll only take me a minute to change so you won’t have to wait long.”

    JR closed the door behind him and mumbled, “I’ll wait forever, Miss Texas.”


    JR opened the passenger’s side of the car door for Sue Ellen. He offered his arm and Sue Ellen followed suit. They smiled at each other briefly. Sue Ellen got the shivers when JR spoke. “You look absolutely beautiful, Sue Ellen,” JR said, his eyes meeting hers.

    Shy but bold Sue Ellen answered, “Thanks JR but I’m sure I look better because I’m on your arm tonight. You’re very handsome, like Bobby.”

    Damn, can’t she give me a compliment without mentioning him?

    “Thank you, Darlin but I’m not the boy next door type like my squeaky clean little brother,” JR said.

    “You’d be surprised. He’s not as saintly as you think. I’d imagine he’s a lot like you in a ton of ways.”

    “Hm, I doubt it. Well, let’s go in. I’m going to be the envy of every man in the restaurant tonight.” Sue Ellen blushed.

    1 hour later

    “I went to surprise her at her dorm but she isn't there. I thought I’d check to see if she was with you.”

    “No Bobby. I’m sure she’s fine.”

    “Then you don’t know where she is?” Bobby said, worried.

    “No. Since Paula eloped with Roger, she said she doesn’t have any other close friends to go out with. She told me she was staying home but I guess she felt compelled to take in a movie or something like that. She told me that you two were going to see Bonnie and Clyde tonight. She loves Warren Beatty. Maybe she went without you.”

    “And I love Faye Dunaway,” Bobby said, with a chuckle. “But I don’t think she’d go without me, Patricia. We wanted to see it together but I guess it’s possible. My meeting got cancelled so…well…it doesn't matter. Goodnight.”

    “Goodnight, Bobby,” Patricia said. He parked his car and decided to get a bite to eat and have a drink.
    Where the hell is she?

    “How am I doing, Sue Ellen?” JR asked.

    “Doing? Sorry if I'm a little naive but I’m not sure what you mean,” Sue Ellen answered.

    “It’s our first date, so I’m wondering if I have chance. It’ll give me time to work out the kinks for our second date.”

    Sue Ellen snickered. “This isn't a real date, though.”

    “For me it is,” JR said, honestly.

    “JR, I thought you wanted to make it up to me for what happened with Bobby.”

    “I…oh damn…” JR stopped. He couldn't keep lying.

    “What? I don’t understand,” Sue Ellen told him.

    “I’m going to tell you the truth, something that I don’t usually do but a saintly demon has possessed me,” JR said, unable to explain his quick decision.

    “You've been lying to me?” Sue Ellen asked, somewhat hurt.

    “Well, to be blunt…um…yes.” When Sue Ellen was about to stand up, JR placed his hand on hers. “Please, don’t leave. Let me explain, Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen took a deep breath and sat down. “Okay. Explain.”

    “When I first saw you as a contestant, I fell madly in love with you. That never happened to me before. I didn't realize you were already with Bobby but I didn’t want that to stop me from pursuing you. I overheard Bobby tell Mama that he couldn't take you out tonight so I came up with this plan saying how bad I felt and so on. I’m sorry I lied to you but it was the only way that I felt you’d go out with me.”

    Sue Ellen was stunned. She wanted to curse him out but when she remembered that Bobby criticized JR for not having a heart, she held back. He did have one, or so it seemed.

    “I don’t appreciate being taken advantage of, JR. I find you extremely attractive but I’m in love with Bobby, and I want to marry him one day. I can’t have an intimate relationship with you. Things may have turned out different if you hadn't chickened out on our blind date.”

    For the first time in his life, a woman broke his heart. He didn't know how to respond except to say, “So I guess that means no second date,” in typical JR fashion. Sue Ellen shook her head no. “I’m sorry, really I am,” Sue Ellen said.

    When JR put his head down, Sue Ellen felt bad. She didn't know what to say. She decided to express how badly she felt with affection. "JR," she whispered. He looked up and smiled as best he could. She kissed his lips quickly.

    His anger carried him forward when he saw them. “JR, you lousy mother f***er! Sue Ellen is mine!” Bobby screamed, barging in on them. He pulled JR off the chair and punched him in the jaw.


    JR fell backward from the force of Bobby’s punch. Bobby picked him up and struck him in the stomach.

    “Bobby! Stop it!” Sue Ellen screamed, and put her arms around him. Bobby said, “Why should I? He stole you from me and…”

    “No he hasn’t, Bobby. It’s not…” Bobby shoved Sue Ellen out of the way and she fell on her butt.

    JR unsteadily got up and said, “Hey don’t do that.” Bobby was about to hit JR again until a few men in the restaurant held him back.

    Sue Ellen ran over to Bobby and said, “It’s not what it looks like, please believe me.”

    “How can I? You were kissing my brother and I know how he is. Did he tell you that I didn’t have a meeting, that I had a date with another woman? Is that how he got on your good side? Or has this been going on under my nose?”

    “No. He was nothing but gracious and a perfect gentleman to me, Bobby. He didn’t say anything negative about you. You’re the only man I’ve been with Bobby, you know that,” Sue Ellen said, unaware that she just told strangers that Bobby was the only man she ever slept with.

    “Let go of me," Bobby said. He was now under control. "I…I don’t believe you, Sue Ellen.” Bobby said.

    JR tried to reason with him and said, “I’m sorry, Bobby. Yes, I want your girl but she doesn’t want me. She kissed me, too quick I might add, out of pity. Are you that pig headed? She’s in love with you, not me you freaking idiot! Isn’t that right, Sue Ellen?”

    “Yes, of course. I love you, Bobby. Please believe me and JR. Sure I kissed him but he had just told me he was in love with me. I…I felt bad and…”

    “You didn't have to kiss him! can I ever trust you? What happens when he sells you more of his horse shit? Next time you’ll tell me that you felt so bad that you f***ed him.”

    Sue Ellen was on the verge of tears and said, “No, no Bobby. I'd never betray you like that. Please…I love…”

    “Shut up, Sue Ellen. I can’t look at you," Bobby said, the restrained anger in his voice.

    “Jesus, it was only a little peck,” JR shouted.

    "To think I was going to ask you to marry me tonight. What an ass I am! I never want to see you again, Sue Ellen,” Bobby said. He glared at her and stomped away.

    Sue Ellen broke down and cried. She'd never had seen Bobby with such a fiery temper. It scared her. JR felt bad but deep down he was glad that Bobby’s anger didn't make him think rationally. He put his arm around Sue Ellen and said, “I’m so sorry, Sue Ellen but he had no right speaking to you like that.”

    “Oh JR, get off of me. Because of you, I've lost Bobby!” Sue Ellen exclaimed.

    “Forget Bobby. I love you, Sue Ellen. Marry me instead. I’d never hurt you,” JR pleaded.

    “Oh God, you're the last person in the world I'd ever sleep with let alone marry!” Sue Ellen sighed and ran out of the restaurant.

    JR was taken aback. The onlookers had quite a show, he thought.

    Sue Ellen started running as far away as she could. She didn't even see the car that almost hit her. “Watch it lady,” the man shouted. She was in a complete daze not stopping until she went into a bar and drowned her sorrows with vodka for the first time in her life.

    JR searched everywhere he thought Sue Ellen would be. When he finally gave up, he came to the conclusion that she took a cab back to her dormitory. He stood on the busy corner and decided to enter the establishment. It wasn’t his usual hangout—a step above a dive, but he wanted a quick drink. In the distance he saw her.

    Did his eyes deceive him? Was Sue Ellen sitting at the other end of the bar? He went closer and it was unmistakable, even with her head leaning against a strange hippie dude who had his paws all over her. Oh my God, she’s drunk.

    JR rushed over to Sue Ellen, took out a fistful of money and threw it on the bar. He grabbed Sue Ellen’s arm and said, “Excuse me, but the lady is with me,” and pulled her out of the man’s grip. Sue Ellen babbled without making sense.

    “Hey she was diggin’ me man,” he said. He stood up and took Sue Ellen’s hand.

    “I’ll be diggin’ you a grave if you don’t let go of my wife,” JR said, unaware he uttered the word. The man backed down and said, “Easy, man. I didn’t know she was your Mrs.”

    “Oh, yeah whatever,” JR said. He held Sue Ellen up and walked out with her. Immediately he hailed a taxi knowing he’d be unable to walk back that far to his car. How much did she drink?

    “Wait for me, I’ll be right back,” JR said. He took Sue Ellen out of the cab. She’d fallen asleep on his shoulder during the ride to her dormitory. JR took her keys and when he reached her door, let them in.

    JR led her to the bed. He took delight in watching her try to remove her clothes. When she had trouble, JR gently coaxed her to just get under the covers. He stayed until she fell asleep which was ten minutes at most. Before he left, he kissed her lips softly and left his business card on her night table to get her thinking what may have happened. He knew she wouldn’t remember and hoped she’d call to find out. He snickered a bit after he wrote a message on the back of the card.

    JR drove up the Southfork driveway and parked his car. He hoped Bobby was waiting up to continue their fight. He was livid after reliving what went down at the restaurant. He still felt the pain in his jaw and wanted to return the feeling.

    When JR walked through the door, he noticed the house was quiet. Bobby was not anxious to see him that soon. He looked at his watch and realized how late it was. He went up to his room and shut the door. JR had hoped the evening would turn out better but he wouldn’t give up. After all he was the mighty JR Ewing, and he loved the chase but this time the woman would be for keeps.

    Sue Ellen’s eyelids slowly opened, the room was fuzzy, and she throbbed with pain. “Oh my God,” Sue Ellen uttered, and a sigh escaped her lips. Sue Ellen sat on the edge of the bed. She still had her clothes on except for her shirt that was hanging off of one shoulder. She tried to remember how she got home but couldn’t. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed JR’s business card and his handwritten message. “Thanks darlin, you’re a lot of fun!”

    Even though she was dressed, Sue Ellen gasped. Oh no, what have I done?

    JR didn’t know what he was in store for from Bobby. Before he crept down the staircase, he’d already decided that facing Bobby at the office was a better option than at home. He quietly walked out the door and sped away in his car. During the ride, he couldn’t get Sue Ellen out of his mind. He thought about the note on his business card and chuckled.

    Sue Ellen soaked in her tub. Not only did she have the worse headache she’d ever experienced in her life, she felt like an ass for not remembering how she got home or more importantly, what she and JR did. Oh my God, what about Bobby? Will he ever forgive me? If it wasn’t for JR, Bobby and I would still be together.

    The thought of losing Bobby forever made Sue Ellen start to cry but she then got angry through her tears about JR's role. How was I a lot of fun? The more she thought about it, she couldn't understand Bobby’s reaction over an innocent kiss. Sue Ellen had to talk to both of them. She decided to pay the brothers a visit at Ewing Oil but JR first then Bobby. I want answers!

    12:45 p.m. – Ewing Oil

    JR looked at his watch. Disappointed, he thought, Hm, I could have sworn Sue Ellen would have called by now and… knock knock

    “Come in,” JR called out.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Ewing but there is a Sue Ellen Shepard here to see you,” Sly said.

    JR practically leaped off his chair and said, “Show her in, oh and Sly, you’ve worked here almost three months, that’s long enough to call me JR. No formality, okay?”

    Sly smiled and said, “Got it, thank you JR.” She walked toward Sue Ellen and said, “JR will see you now, Ms. Shepard.”

    “Thank you,” Sue Ellen said, and sashayed into JR’s office. “Come in honey,” JR told her. Sue Ellen smiled and shut the door. She walked over to him and slapped his face.

    “Jeez, what the…”

    “You lousy bastard, how could you take advantage of me like that?”

    “Hey, wait a minute there Sue Ellen, I didn’t do anything to you. On the contrary, I helped you out of a bad situation. You were plastered at some bar and you were about to give yourself up to some lowlife and I took care of it. We got into a cab and I put you to bed.”

    “I don’t remember. Are you really telling me...?” JR interrupted. He was persistent and said, “I’m telling you the truth, Sue Ellen. I could say otherwise but I promised myself I would never lie or hurt you.”

    “Then what was with your card that said I was a lot of fun,” Sue Ellen asked, curiosity getting the best of her. She could hear the sincerity in his voice.

    “You were in an innocent way, darlin and…oh forget it,” JR said, his mouth watering to kiss her.

    Sue Ellen moved closer to him and said, “No, please tell me what you wanted to say. I…I believe you.”

    “Okay. I enjoyed our kiss, albeit brief it was wonderful. I just wish it wasn’t our last one, Sue Ellen. I’m sorry about Bobby, really I am but can’t you give me a chance?”

    Sue Ellen felt bad. She liked JR. He was handsome and charming, and had a bit of the devil in him. She could easily fall for him except for one thing…Bobby. She loved Bobby and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. “JR, I really like you but I love your brother. I want Bobby back. I have to try and reason with him. I’m sorry.”

    JR felt like a knife went through his heart. Clearly disappointed, he turned and sat back down. “Well, I hope Bobby is open to reconciliation after last night. If he isn't, I’m here Sue Ellen.”

    Sue Ellen nodded her head and walked out the door. She noticed both secretaries were not at their desk so she decided to see Bobby. She prayed he’d welcome her with open arms. She knocked then flung the door open. Sue Ellen stood there aghast. A flabbergasted and embarrassed Bobby didn’t say a word.

    “Bobby!” Sue Ellen yelled, heartbroken at the sight she saw.


    Sue Ellen was hurting and in fury yelled, “You no good bastard, how could you?” She ran out of Bobby’s office in tears and headed toward the elevator. “Get up,” Bobby shouted, “for God’s sake Jenna, get up.”

    “Who the hell was that Bobby,” Jenna asked, arising from her knees.

    Bobby pulled his pants up quickly and said, “Jenna, just get out. I don’t know why I let you…oh just forget it.”

    “But Bobby, tell me who that woman was. I want to know. You’re the one who called me,” Jenna said.

    Before Bobby got a chance to explain, JR came out of his office and said, “What’s going on? I heard Sue Ellen shouting and…well Jenna nice to see you darlin.”

    “What? Who the hell is Sue Ellen?” Jenna asked, inquisitively; her face full of confusion and anger.

    “That was Bobby’s ex-girlfriend. Isn’t that right Bob?”

    “Yes, thanks to you, JR. How could I forgive Sue Ellen after she went to bed with you, of all people? She has no right to be mad at me for being with Jenna after everything that’s happened.”

    “Did she see you two in action?” JR asked.

    “Well...yes, she did.”

    “Jesus, Bobby why didn’t you lock your door? Sue Ellen must be a wreck.”

    “I thought I did but so what if she's a wreck and…” JR’s anger got the best of him. He was by no means a fighter but his inner rage took over. He socked Bobby in the jaw and was thankful he went down, not wanting to get in a punching match. He knew Bobby would get the best of him.

    Jenna tried to comfort Bobby but he pushed her away and said, “I told you to get out of here Jenna! I don’t really want you anyway.” Jenna slapped his face and stormed out. JR couldn't help but chuckle.

    “You sure do have a way with women, don’t you? Now back to Sue Ellen. You’re a complete idiot, Bobby. Nothing happened between Sue Ellen and me and you know why?”

    Bobby sat up and said, “I…I don’t care.”

    “Well, that’s too bad, little brother because I’m going to tell you anyway whether you like it or not. Sue Ellen is in love with you, not me. She’s not the type of girl that’ll sleep with just any man. I tried, but she’s different and you’re to blind to see that. She kissed me once, out of pity, and that was it.”

    “You expect me to believe that?”

    “Yes, because she told me that she loved you, and there was no way she’d even consider another man.”

    “She…she said that?” Bobby asked.

    “Yes, and I wouldn’t admit defeat to anyone especially when a woman is involved. You’re one…well were one…lucky bastard to have a woman like Sue Ellen in love with you. I’m in love with her. Hell, I’m in love for the first time in my life.”

    “You love yourself, JR and...” JR pushed him down when he tried to get up. “You don’t know me at all Bobby! You think you’re so high and mighty but look at you, you’re the one who broke Sue Ellen’s heart—not me!” JR shouted and left the office leaving Bobby speechless.

    JR hoped Sue Ellen didn't get far. He wanted to comfort her but he was unable to find her. He then decided to search the local bars to make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble. After his search he was somewhat relieved when she didn't go down that path. He'd leave her alone for the rest of the day but would pay her a visit in the morning.

    A clearly shaken Sue Ellen hailed a cab to take her back to her dorm. Her final exams were approaching and she had to get serious especially since her future with Bobby was over.

    “Wait here,” she told the cab driver. She went into her dorm and grabbed the books she’d need to study. She decided to stay at a hotel where nobody would find her especially Bobby.

    When Sue Ellen arrived at the Hilton Hotel, she collapsed on the bed. She closed her eyes and could not get the sight of another woman giving the man she loved oral sex. She cried uncontrollably unable to stop. She tried to study but couldn’t until her sorrow turned to anger once more.

    “You can go to hell Bobby Ewing. I don’t need you. I’m Sue Ellen Shepard—smart, strong, beautiful and the perfect Miss Texas!


    Two Years Later

    Sue Ellen and JR became close. It took her a long time to get over Bobby but JR helped mend her heart. When he pledged his love and proposed, she accepted. She was truly in love with him. She’d never met a man as passionate and exciting, even more so than Bobby. She knew JR had a heart and couldn’t wait to be Mrs. JR Ewing.


    I hope everyone enjoyed my story!
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    Oh yep, I remember this one now.

    I really enjoyed this, the only thing I wish we got was more of JR and Sue Ellen. It goes from Sue Ellen telling JR she'd never be with him to them married. I guess our imaginations can do the rest though.
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    Yay. LOVED the ending. I hate that my girl got her heart broken, but Sue Ellen with Bobby (hell anybody but JR) is just wrong.
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