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The mysterious case of the CW hour in the (Friday) nighttime

Discussion in 'CW Dynasty' started by Michael Torrance, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Michael Torrance

    Michael Torrance Soap Chat Star EXP: 3 Years

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    Alexis' studio
    As I look at peach Dynasty and think of another offspring of an 80s soap gone bad, Cidre's TNT Dallas, I am puzzled by the differences:

    Knowledge of the canon

    Peach Dynasty: Extensive and impressive when it comes to events. Many homages and Easter eggs, not the least of each being the titles of the episodes being lines from the original

    Cidre's TNT Dallas: Perfunctory and wildly revisionist, grossly twisting both key characters and using Svengali-like mind games to convince the audience we just missed a whole Hispanic family all these Lorimar years, and that it was right in front of us

    Quality consistency

    Peach Dynasty: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And Charo. From some spectacular and well-plotted hours to the “too vulgar to even be 'so bad is good'” quality, often back to back. Is the same team in charge every week?

    Cidre's TNT Dallas: Overall sliding, but without major fluctuations within a season. The changes happened from one season to the next, and Hagman’s death w as a big catalyst (or opportunity) for Cidre. There was clearly a singular creator vision.

    Use of core characters

    Peach Dynasty: All the core characters are appearing, with minor additions. However the show’s portrayal of such characters often belies all we know of actual original characters and their make-up

    Cidre's TNT Dallas: The core characters are slowly being phased out, to the degree that in the end one half of the next generation of Ewings is killed


    Peach Dynasty: Psychedelic roulette. Some episodes are soap par excellence, some mediocre CW teen fare, some similar to public access programming in terms of plot and dialogue but with better production values. The same events that form a dramatic arc in one episode are mere fodder for a one-liner and discarded in the next.

    Cidre's TNT Dallas: Crime-infested soap imitation, with clear arcs that last multiple episodes or whole seasons


    Peach Dynasty: Overall mediocre, with a few shining exceptions

    Cidre's TNT Dallas: Mostly good players, embarrassingly a lot, having to deal with sub-par material
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  2. Rove

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    This thread could be a for or against argument;

    Reboot or continuation?

    In both cases...abysmal failures. How on Earth can the producers/writers get it so wrong?

    Lorimar Dallas can proudly hold its head high against TNT Dallas and the same can be said for original Dynasty.
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