Emmerdale The change from Esholt to Harewood what changed in the village itself?

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    Esholt & the Harewood set look similar in many ways, but completely different in other ways.

    For instance the village hall in the Esholt days seemed to be located at the other end of a longer Main Street, nowadays the village hall is now behind the cafe, located off Church Lane.

    Is Tall Trees the last of Demdyke Row? (Demdyke nowadays seems to be an entirely separate village away from Emmerdale), I’m guessing the onscreen explanation as to why the village is much smaller was down to the plane crash destroying large parts of Beckindale, but some buildings have literally moved, Mill Cottage is now located just outside the village, but in the Esholt days it seemed to be much further away.

    84A158DB-F32F-4561-A7D7-799BEC437628.jpeg “Hotten Road” at Esholt

    61914347-D5F4-4CF1-915B-878BA6720CD7.jpeg Hotten Road as it now looks,
    Only one house, not a whole street.

    1956674B-0D9E-454C-9357-BEF91661BB6A.jpeg A mid 1980s map of Beckindale

    F322E0F0-94A9-408D-A421-54C0C91C342A.jpeg A map of the village from the early 2000s
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    Emmerdale does have the nicest set out of the big 3. I wonder if ITV will invest further to extend the set the same way they have with Corrie?

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