The Carrington Estate, Delta Rho and The Lake

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by Grant Jennings, Oct 10, 2019.

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    The bottom of an icy man-made lake
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    When Krystle goes missing at the start of season nine, Jeff and Sammy Jo drive off to "the lake", a favorite spot for Krystle (though we've never seen her there before); there they find the corpse of Roger Grimes. Later Sammy Jo is at Delta Rho when she is confronted by the scuba diver who accidentally dislodged Grimes' body from the bottom of the lake. Later still Fallon and Zorelli drive out to the lake which we're led to believe is part of the Carrington estate.

    So, where is the freaking lake? Is it at a remote corner of Blake's vast estate? Is Delta Rho next to the Carrington estate? Was the lake originally part of Blake's estate but he had to sell a portion of the land in the 60's to finance one of his business ventures - the land eventually being developed as a horse farm which Daniel Reece purchased in the 80's and named "Delta Rho".

    Someone please help me make sense of this. The real issue for me is the scuba diver at Delta Rho - why is he there? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to confront Fallon at the Carrington's stables?
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    The stables that are used for Delta Rho, where Sammy Jo is shot in season 9 are the exact same stables that are used as Carrington Farms in season 3/4.
    I think the season 9 writers just went with the idea that they were all part of the same place. Somehow on Blake's estate.

    It was a whole new writing team in season 9 wasn't it? Paulsen brought in new people.
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    My guess is the lake is a part of the Carrington estate and next to Delta Rho. Even though Daniel Reece was not introduced as a Carrington's neighbour in season 5...
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