The Blue Veil

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    The 1951 film The Blue Veil is best know to many Falcon Crest fans as the film from which footage was taken to form part of the season 6 finale in which Richard Channing was revealed to be Angela Channing son.

    Has anyone seen the complete film? I first saw it about 7 years ago and it's a great film, probably my favourite Jane Wyman film.

    In the film she is the total opposite of Angela Channing: a completely selfless, benevolent and loving character. The film is a real tear jerker and Jane's performance is genuinely moving and richly deserving of the Golden Globe that she won for Best Actress in a Leading Role, although she couldn't repeat that success at the Oscars a few months later.

    Has anyone else seen the film and if so what was your opinion of it?

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