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The American Meme

Discussion in 'Documentaries' started by Willie Oleson, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Willie Oleson

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    Well, apparently stuff happened while I wasn't paying attention.
    TAM mentions celebrities and websites and all sorts of hypes that completely passed me by, it kind of made me feel like an internet dinosaur.
    I knew that internet people were making good money, after all publicity is business.
    But I was surprised to see these people mingling with movie stars and ex-presidents. A fabricated hoax or hype resulted in a real Rosé empire.

    It's not going to work for every enthusiastic youtuber or instagrammer, the people portrayed in this documentary are, for better or worse, natural entertainers.
    Everyone can have his or her 5 minutes of fame, but if you're not really good then people will lose interest.
    Being an internet celebrity is a serious occupation, it's not just posting a stupid video for the heck of it.
    But it's not the same as being a very talented person, because that's a far more straightfoward action-reaction scenario.
    I write a good song, you like it, you buy it. Simply because it's a good song (or book or whatever).
    The fame and fortune (the result of concerts, sales, performances etc) is based on something real and substantial.

    Internet fame is a similar process, but - regardless the level of aristry - most of the input is being fed by the reactions, like a fever infecting itself, and the way the internet operates allows that publicity to multiply, just think of all the YouTube videos that are being re-posted by all and sundry all over the place.
    Furthermore, pop culture loves to rub shoulders with wannabe-pop culture (Madonna featuring The Fat Jewish - or vice versa), and of course every media person has to keep his/her finger on the pulse - a hype is news, and then it all becomes so weirdly intertwined.

    I didn't think I would enjoy watching the interviews with Paris Hilton, but I did. Maybe because she's no longer the in-your-face celebrity sensation, or maybe because she actually is a charming personality.
    My god, she's so insanely rich, the little they showed of her house and stuff just screamed "she's got everything". She literally has everything she wants or could want, and then some.
    Paris is not a classic beauty but she can afford to make herself as beautiful and sexy as she wants to be.
    Her fans compare her to Jesus (!) but I can understand the admiration for creating one's own self and in a strange way there's something spiritual about it.
    She's a mom to all her fans now. Yeah. And that's what's so fascinating about her, she does all these things.
    Model, singer, DJ, celebrity, Queen Of Scandal...and now she's The Mother Of The Internet.
    And nobody knows why, why we allowed this to happen.

    People who make a difference sometimes view themselves as unique, as pioneers, but I think these memes are just different versions of things that have happened before.
    Who knew that catwalk models would become superstars, or how about the DJs, or a TV talkshow host who would become the most famous and most popular person in America?
    Who knew that a funny Dutch project called BIG BROTHER would change everything?

    Just a model on the cover of an LP. But she became an Interesting Person because of that pose.
    And then that Interesting Person was reinvented by spreading rumours about her questionable gender.
    She can't sing, not really, and yet she made (at least) 3 amazing albums.
    Just like Paris Hilton made herself an interesting and beautiful person - however, this LP cover was made in 1973.
    5 years later she'd become a European smash hit with the signature song - a most foreshadowing title - "Follow Me".
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