Susan & David's 1987 interview...

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    Check out this interview of Susan Sullivan and David Selby, in 1987 -

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    Very open, honest and interesting interview, thanks! :)
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    Interviews with Susan Sullivan are always so fascinating because of the depth she puts in, with every character acted. Susan also put the idea forward for teaming Maggie with Richard.

    Maggie and Richard hit the sack before Mr. Channing allegedly meets his maker, in a gripping finale, (a scene from season 7, 1987 – ’88):

    Maggie: "Sometimes this bed just seems like an island. A safe island, pirates can't get us."

    Richard: "Where's the buried treasure?"

    Maggie: "I found the buried treasure."

    Richard: "Oh"

    Maggie: "Didn't I tell you I found the buried treasure?

    Richard: "No."

    Maggie: "Buried very deep. I had to dig for it inside one Richard Channing. And it was pure and solid gold. Gold."

    Richard: "You're too, too romantic."

    Maggie: "No such thing".

    Richard: "Yes and too beautiful."

    Maggie: "Oh you're too charming. Tell me more. Talk to me".

    Richard: "There's not enough time."

    Maggie: "Oh yes there is we've got all the time in the world."

    Richard: "You gave me the greatest gift a person could ever receive."

    Maggie: "Yes?"

    Richard: "You taught me how to love. I just wish I could have given you something as wonderful."

    Maggie: "Oh Richard you did. You gave me yourself. You gave me your secrets. I was locked in a world of pre-conceptions and flannel pyjamas. You woke me up Richard. You woke me up and gave me wings. I think maybe we..... flew a little close to the sun once or twice. I have no regrets. And I'll never stop loving you. Never!"
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    :hug:What I notice about Susan's interviews is her down to earth attitude, which of course Maggie was a good example of. It was a case of not if but when Maggie would become Mrs. Richard Channing, even if Chase had still been around.

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