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Discussion in 'Notable TV' started by Piggy It's Kermit Outside, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Hello everybody:

    I wasn´t sure where to post this, and didn´t want to become Spam´s Twin Sister by posting the same thing in every soap thread, so here it is. I have just finished the 4th and last chapter of my site´s "Soap Wars", entitled "Days of Wine and Melroses":

    As the title oh-so-subtly hints, it´s devoted to the 90´s cliffhangers, mainly of "Melrose Place", but including also "Models Inc." (as a deference to Ms. Gray, of course). I want to thank @Alexis because his former "Models" thread really helped me to understand (a little of) its storylines, too bad it´s gone, and I hope it may be recovered somehow.

    As I did with the 3 previous chapters (see Index here for the content of each of them), every season has a link at the bottom to watch every cliffhanger scene(s) on YouTube, and further info on what was against "Melrose" in every channel and year.

    I couldn´t end this without also mentioning in the Epilogue the cliffhangers we have had on our tellies in this New Millennium. For an obvious reason of space, I had to make a selection mostly based on the primetime soaps I myself have been able to watch, or which have made history, for good or bad (yes, "Titans" is also in it!).

    So the second half of the page covers "Titans"´ shameful non-ending(s), "Melrose"´s brief sequel, the resurrection of the genre with "Revenge", the TNT "Dallas" experience (so to say), and last but not least, the "Empire" phenomenon.
    :tv1: "Fake Ass Halle Berry! Boo Boo Kitty!"

    I know there were more soaps in the 90´s and 00´s (and even in the 80´s) I am not dealing with here, but hopefully you will enjoy this new chapter and its videos and ads. I intend to update it every year if there are new worthy soaps on, and also expand it with my own video montages of the classic Soap Wars in a near future.

    Spoiler Alert: I´m not too sure if there is someone out there (or here) who hasn´t watched "Melrose Place" (including 2.0) or even "Revenge" yet, but there are spoilers throughout, and I guess this might be especially "spoilerish" regarding all the "Empire" cliffhangers. So you are warned.

    :dance:"Ciao...for now!"
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    Sounds interesting can't wait.❤️
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