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The Walking Dead Season 9 Discussion - A new beginning

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead' started by Matthew Blaisdel, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Just watched S09E01 and i think it is quite epic!
    Easily the best episode of TWD that i have seen in ages. Maybe because of the new showrunner Ms. Kang, could be the old ones were just exhausted after all those years.

    Time jump was a great idea, so we start 18 Months later and the opening scene is already a blast, when little Maggie had drawn that picture of her beloved people and she drawed Daddy Rick with a grumpy face.... and a big tummy! Michonne cracked up on that and it was such a delight! :crazy:

    We move on with the core group entering Washington D.C., it was really nice they were allowed to shoot part of the episode in that actual museum! Those scenes were awesome and bit by bit you get to know what had happened over the time. Anne (formerly Jadis) became a respected part of the group, Daryl is kind of leading the sanctuary now, Maggie still in Hilltop and - huge surprise - Carol is now together with Ezekiel!
    Well... that kind of foreshadowed in those scenes they had together in season 8, but i wasn't expecting it really to happen. But there we are. They are together... and Daryl - of course - is not amused! :D

    I really liked the action scenes in the museum, the spider zombie was great and the cracked glass floor got Ezekiel almost killed. Great suspense there!
    On the way back we sadly lose a young guy from the Hilltop group and that loss sets the things in motion...

    So much happens in those 60 minutes of runtime right up to Gregorys execution at the end.
    So many emotions, so many great storys to unfold in future episodes.

    I don't think i've seen a more promising season opener of a Walking Dead season EVER before!
    The only letdown is, that we already know we'll have to loose not only Rick, but Maggie as well in just a few weeks, because Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan both are leaving after 6 episodes. :sad:

    But i can't wait to see, what they will do with such a promising new beginning, and what the show will going to be like after those huge departures.
    It's been a great episode and a very promising start to season 9 with even fresh and re-vamped opening credits. :spinning:
    Very nice stuff so far! :10:
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    I really enjoyed it too and it was refreshing to get new titles. I also noticed lots of greenery in the scenes which helped the theme of a new beginning.

    After spending nearly two years spread across a couple of months I was relieved to get the time jump.

    I completely missed her, I blame the new hairstyle. Also, I missed the name Anne, how was that explained?

    Shocked, but in a nice way. It's about time they gave Carol some kind of happiness.

    Yes! I felt my toes curling wondering if he was going to become another meal for the walkers.

    I don't mind this, I'm actually quite excited by how it will all unfold.

    And about time too!!

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