Re-watching Brookside and loving it all over again!

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by Barbara Williams, Jul 23, 2018.

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    I was lucky enough to find every single episode of Brookside and had it sent to me on an external hard drive and started watching it about 18 months ago. I had only ever seen up to around 1988.... but I am now totally hooked! Absolutely loving it... I have reached 1998 now and slowing down as not sure what I'll do when it comes to an end! lol

    But what a great soap.... was so ahead of it's time... there were the famous storylines of course - the body under the patio.... the lesbian kiss.... - but so many others too.... Max and Susannah's children's deaths was pretty shocking and brilliantly written... the incestuous storyline involving the Simpson family.... Jimmy Corkhills heroin addiction resulting in more than a few deaths indirectly... Frank Rogers and Tony Dixon being just two of them...

    Prematurely ended that's for sure!!
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