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Paper Dolls: My Look Inside

Discussion in 'Sundry Prime Time Soaps' started by ClassyCo, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Paper Dolls has long been one of those short-lived soaps that I could not wait to watch. When I saw that all the episodes were on YouTube, I quickly found a way to download them to my laptop. They had been assigned their own folder in my storage.

    I'm totally giddy.

    I'll probably watch these episodes on my laptop, that way it will be easier for me to include screenshots within my reviews on the episodes. There's only thirteen episodes (according to what YouTube has and what IMDB has listed), so this won't take too long for me to fly through. I'm going to dictate some notes while watching them, and once I get all my thoughts together, I'll come back here and give you all my two cents worth.

    Wish my luck.

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