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Discussion in 'Knots Landing' started by Karin Schill, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I made my first Knots Landing fan music video back in 2006 and has since then made several more. As some of you might remember I had a thread where I shared my videos before the crash. So well now when I've finally made some new KL videos I figured it was time to re-create this thread. :)

    So I will share my Knots fan music videos here. :)

    Starting today with a brand new video about Laura & Greg:

    It's a bit sad since it deals with Laura's death which was one of the saddest plots on the show. :(
    But I hope you will like it anyway.

    Take care,

    P.S. You can find my earlier videos on my Youtube Channel:

    This is a list of all my Knots Landing music videos that I've made so far:

    Val & Gary
    1. "To love again" - Lara Fabian.
    2. “Open Arms” – Journey.
    3. "You're still the one" - Shania Twain.
    4. "How do I live?" By LeAnn Rimes.
    5. “Kick the habit” by Anna Vissi.
    6. “Look at us now” from Sunset Beach.
    7. “The way you are” by Agnetha Fältskog.
    8. "Break First" by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

    Karen & Sid

    1. “Plenty” by Sarah McLachlan.
    2. “Fear” by Sarah McLachlan.

    Laura & Richard
    1. “Slowly” by Frida.

    Gary & Abby
    1. “Right here, right now” by Kylie Minogue.

    Karen & Mack
    1. “Carry on” by Nick Lachey.

    Cathy & Joshua
    1. “Sometimes when we touch” by Lisa Hartman.
    2. “Something Right” by Westlife.

    Paige & Tom
    1. “Fire” by Strive.

    Laura & Greg
    1. “Without you" by Harry Nilsson.

    Character studies:

    1. “Queen of the night” by Whitney Houston. (Abby).
    2. “Push the button” by Sugababes (Abby)
    Total: 19


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