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My Dynasty continuation

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Here's how I would continue Dynasty and I would ignore the 1991 Reunion film

    The continuation will follow two sets of cousins in Denver and LA,
    In LA, Amanda and Miles married and have three children Stephanie was born in 1988, Jason Jnr born in 1991 and Alexis "Lexi" in 1994.

    Fallon is living in Denver in the Carrington Mansion with her youngest daughter Lauren and Lauren's husband Duane Lamont a self made billionaire who runs a film studio, he is also having an affair with Stephanie Colby when he's in LA.

    Jeff is a republican party member, he lives in Washington with a bimbo trophy wife, he is estranged from both of his children for different reasons, Blake Jnr because he's openly bisexual, and Lauren because she cant forgive him for abandoning her mother nor can she stand Jeff's bigotry.

    Blake Jnr is a musician in a rock band, though his popularity is waning, Lauren is just a housewife who dotes on her daughter;
    Sophie, whom she had when she was a teenager to Clay Fallmont's son; Fox Fallmont, Fox and Lauren are still in love but circumstances prevents them from being together.

    As for the rest of the family; Alexis has been in a wheelchair since her fall in 1989 and is a recluse in Cecil's old mansion, only Fallon visits regularly.

    Adam and Steven were tragically killed in the planes that crashed into the World Trade Centres in September 11th 2001.

    Blake who had spent the last decade of his life, broken spirited dur to his time in Prison in the late 80s/early 90s and the fact Krystle never fully recovered from her coma, died in 2003, Krystle did wake from her coma but had permanent memory loss and was put into a care home, Krystina was eventually brought up by Sammy Jo, who runs a modelling agency and Krystina is her star model, they are very close, Sammy Jo also acts as the cool aunt to Blake Jnr and Lauren, Danny is like his father and supports liberal causes, Danny and Blake are best bros.

    Sable lives in England, with her twins by Dex; Roxanne and Fraser Scott-Dexter, however they will only appear occasionally.

    What do you think folks?
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