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    Set up anyway:

    Main Setting:

    Dallas, fictional Braddock County, beginning in 2010 and skipping to 2012, Southfork Ranch as originally laid out with updated decorating.

    Main Cast:

    John Ross Ewing III (33) - rancher, running his “empire” from Southfork, 42% JRE Industries (owns: field services company, Ewing Oil, Wentworth Tool and Die, Branch Water Security, large investor in Trident, etc.), owns Southfork per Miss Ellie’s will, controlled in a trust by Bobby (Bobby gave it back to her upon her request), most like Jock

    Eleanor “Ellie” Elizabeth Ewing (23) - JR and Sue Ellen’s daughter (Sue Ellen kept secret from him), jet setter, not directly involved in the company, 42% of JRE Industries, most like JR

    Lucas Wade Ewing (24) - fresh out of Harvard grad school, accountant, lawyer, starts to work for JRE Industries in acquisitions; president, JRE Industries, estranged from his father who wants him to work the ranch, calls him Bobby and considers Ray his father and Margret his sister, most like Bobby and Gary

    Amy Lee Anderson Ewing (27)- socialite, Punk and Mavis Anderson and Jordan and Judith Lee’s granddaughter, John Ross’s wife, works for the Ewing Farlow Family Foundation, mother to baby Jack Ewing, most like Miss Ellie and Sue Ellen

    Rachel Sue Ellen Ewing (17) - John Ross’s 17 year old daughter when he was 17 from an affair with an older woman, most like Lucy

    Judith Ann Wendell Lee (75) - Amy’s grandmother, Jordan Lee’s widow, Jeremy Wendell’s sister, she hates the Ewing’s, controls several family trusts, board of Trident, most like Rebecca and Katherine

    J. (Jeremy) Dorian Wendell III (50) - Jeremy’s son, Judith’s nephew, Amy’s cousin (once removed), chairman and ceo of Trident (successor to West Star), Lucas’s much older lover, most like Pam and Cliff

    Mateo “Matty” Samuel Culver (33) - Sam’s grandson, John Ross’s best friend, former Navy Seal, works the ranch, John Ross’s go to man, his family owns 16% of JRE Industries, most like Ray

    Luis Félix María Calleja del Rey (21) - Matty’s nephew (sister’s son), college intern with JRE Industries, most like Mikey and Mitch


    Sue Ellen Ewing - President of the Ewing Farlow Family Foundation (assume sold Ewing Oil to JR)

    Robert “Bobby” James Ewing - runs the Southfork and Wade ranches (assume sold Ewing Oil to JR)


    John Ross “JR” Ewing - faked his death in 2010 to avoid estate taxes and decide when he dies, as he’s terminally ill, manipulating his family behind the scenes


    Christopher lives in Switzerland near Pam

    Ray lives in Virginia near Margret and near Donna

    Lucy lives in California near her parents


    November 2010 . . .

    A beautiful fall day on the Southfork Ranch. People gather throughout the house, somber. Gary approaches Sue Ellen by the fireplace in the living room. She longingly touches an urn on the mantle. “How ya holding up, Sue Ellen?”

    Not evening looking at him, she answers, “I want a drink pretty damn bad.”

    “Yeah I do too.”

    “If I’d only seen his body, maybe I could accept it.”

    “I don’t understand. Why didn’t you?”

    “He left. JR just got up and left. His lawyer found him, identified him and had him cremated all before anyone knew what had happened. I mean we knew he’d been ill, not that he shared anything with anyone.”

    “Not even Bobby?”

    “No. Just that he was having trouble getting around.”

    “I’m sorry Sue Ellen. JR never made anything easy on anyone.”

    “No he didn’t. But time came I realized, it takes two to fight and I wasn’t gonna do it anymore. That’s when Bobby and I sold him Ewing Oil.”

    “He ended up with everything he ever wanted. And died alone.”

    “But he didn’t have to. If he’d told me . . .”

    “Sue Ellen you can’t live with what-ifs.”

    “You know when he found out about Ellie, he wasn’t even mad. Just grinned and said he understood why I kept her from him. And boy does she love her daddy. No matter where she was, she was flying back to be with him.”

    “He loved his kids, that’s for sure.”

    John Ross approaches Bobby in the study. “His you doin’ Uncle Bobby?”

    “I should be asking you that question.”

    “Guilty. I should have come home more.”

    “Oh don’t worry about that. JR was proud of you. Told everyone you’re just like your grandpa, off wildcatting in the Dakota’s with your friends, building up a company from scratch.”

    “We just never got along. He wanted me at the company. I wanted to do things my way.”

    “You married Amy Anderson, you know how thrilled that made him, Punk and Mavis’s granddaughter?”

    “No but he mentioned her mother was a Lee and a Wendell often enough.”

    “John Ross Ewing the forth. No one ever made JR happier than you did.”

    “Thank you for saying so, Uncle Bobby.”

    “Don’t get me wrong he lived having Ellie here and would have loved it if you moved into Southfork.”

    “Yeah he mentioned that often enough.”

    “Speaking of Southfork. If you don’t want it, I’m willing to buy it off if you, but I’d really rather you come here and stay and let me teach you ranching.”

    “Thank you Uncle Bobby. Not sure my father left me Southfork. But if he did, I can’t sell it to you, but I’d certainly give it to you.”

    “I gave it back to momma because she asked. It belong to her. And it was her decision to leave it to JR. I’m just glad he listened to me when it came to drilling. He bought up every ranch around us, including the old McKay place and drilled over from there. Even spent extra to get at Southfork old in the best way. He did that for me. And I appreciated it. This land means a lot to me. And I’m not gonna be around for ever.”

    “Than leave it to Lucas or Christopher.”

    “Christopher’s never coming back from Europe. He’s with his mother and her family. And Lucas barely speaks to me. Though JR tried with him. That boy, he’s got his first doctorate in law from Harvard when most are finishing undergrad. JR gives him a Vice Presidents job at JRE Industries in Acquisitions. Then days before he dies, he makes him President. He’s a twenty-two year old kid.”

    “He’s a good man, Uncle Bobby. And he knows feat he’s doing. And give him time with the two of you. He’ll come around.”

    “Glad you two get on so well.”

    “Well if you’re going into business, helps to have a brain like his to pick.”

    “Heard you did some favor for Margret. Testifying before Congress about fracking.”

    “She’s working hard in a lobbying firm in D.C. Helps her mom’s a former Secretary of Energy and sitting Senator.”

    “This is true. I’m impressed with your company. You’re making a lot of money off oil but you’re investing heavily into alternatives. JR was impressed by Ewing Energies as well. He told anyone who’d listen you didn’t need a degree, you just had an instinct fir business.”

    “Not how he sounded when I dropped out of college.”

    “No. JR was difficult. But he was proud of you. His you and Amy stepped up to take care of Rachel.”

    “She’s my daughter. Of course I’m gonna take care of her.”

    “Well your daddy had children besides you and Ellie and he hasn’t given them must besides money. You’ve made her part of the family. You’re a good man John Ross. And your daddy was proud of you.”

    A man approaches and asks if he can see John Ross for a minute. Bobby leaves them alone. He hands him a key. “Before I read the will, this is for that door. It’s where your father keeps his personal papers. Things you’ll need. It’s gonna take you maybe years to go through it all. But everything you’ll ever need from your father and your grandfather are in there.”

    People make their way to the front door, leaving slowly until only the immediate family remains. The man with the key ushers them into the dinning room. Sitting in Miss Ellie’s place he says, “JR wanted me to gather you together to tell you how he’s disturbing his estate.” He takes out a stack of papers. “JR’s personal accounts, investments and life insurance aren’t part of this. His financial advisor will be in touch. As far as I know, he left John Ross and Ellie as equal beneficiaries to all of that. Also his personal things in the house, he leaves them to John Ross and his mother’s personal things which he kept here in the house, he leaves to Ellie.

    Now the trusts. John Ross is the sole trustee of each of the following trusts JR has set up.

    JR set up trusts of diversified investments for all of his other children and grandchildren, those who he asked not be here. I will be seeing them over the course of the week.

    JR also set up trusts of diversified investments for his granddaughter Rachel and grandson Jay which will remain until they are thirty years of age.

    Gary. JR leaves you as beneficiary of a trust which includes the West Fork Ranch. It will go to your children with Val upon your death.

    Bobby. He leaves you beneficiary of a trust which includes the Wade Ranch. It will go to your son Lucas upon your death.

    Sue Ellen. JR leaves you beneficiary of a trust which includes the Southfork Ranch. John Ross will be beneficiary upon your death and it will go to Jay upon John Ross’s death. There is a stipulation that Ellie can live on the ranch as long as she wants. You should know, this includes the oil rights and their income.

    The hunting lodges at Caddo Lake, Louisiana and Huron Mountain, Michigan to John Ross.

    The Regent Tower in New York City, including JR’s penthouse and Eleanor Island in the Bahamas to Ellie.

    The bulk of his estate are his shares in the conglomerate JRE Industries, JR leaves these in trust to John Ross and Ellie.

    Are their any questions?”

    The room seems shocked, sitting in silence.

    Five news commentators facing each other: “The world of oil and business said good bye today to the last of the great oil tycoons, JR Ewing. When you think of oil exploration you think of J. Paul Getty and H. L. Hunt and J. R. Ewing. J. R. Ewing lived a life of scandal, two wives, illegitimate children and shady business deals. In the end he mastered the game, creating the conglomerate JRE Industries which today owns hundreds of companies including the original founded by his father, Jock Ewing, field services company Ewing Oil, Wentworth Tool and Die and Branch Water Security. Ewing Industries is also the largest share holder in DSP Bank from JR’s shares in the former Cattleman’s Bank as well as in the Trident Corporation from his shares in the former West Star Corporation and there are thousands of other investments from Global Media to Scott Meat Processing.”

    “JRE Industries announced that John Ross Ewing the third and Eleanor Elizabeth Ewing will each inherit forty-two percent of the company. The Culver Family trust owns the remaining sixteen percent.“

    “No estate tax this year, J. R. Ewing couldn’t have planned his death better.”

    “Some say he did plan it through aggressive lobbying over the last couple of years.”

    “Mateo Culver and JR Ewing’s nephew, twenty-two year old Lucas Ewing, recently appointed President of JRE Industries, sit on the boards of many of the companies in which JR Ewing invested, including Trident and Trident EO.”

    “Lucas Ewing graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Harvard University by twenty-one. During his undergrad at Yale he founded and sold several of his own start ups. He has since earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Chicago.”

    “JRE Industries couldn’t be in better hands despite all the best advise of not hiring family.”

    “There chief rival for control of Trident comes from the Wendell family. J. Dorian Wendell was recently made Chairman and CEO of Trident despite J.R. Ewing’s best efforts to oppose him. J. Dorian Wendell’s

    Aunt is also on the board of Trident, Judith Wendell Lee, the widow of the late Jordan Lee and sister of the former Chairman and CEO of West Star, Jeremy Wendell.”

    “She is also the mother-in-law of John John Ross Ewing.”

    “One tight, if not dysfunctional family.”

    The panel laughs.

    JR’s lawyer walks out in the deck of a mega yacht and says, “We’re all set.”

    JR turns around, “Good. One thing you can be sure of, Ole JR leaves on his terms and no one else’s.”

    Dallas theme song with split screen:

    Jensen Ackles as John Ross Ewing
    note: staring in Supernatural at the same time and with only 10 episodes of Dallas this might be doable and broaden the exposure of the show

    Jamie Dornan as Dorian Wendell
    note: staring in Once Upon a Time and with only 10 episodes of Dallas this might be doable and broaden the exposure of the show

    With those two in place the rest I’d look for certain types like:

    as Ellie Ewing
    note: young, fairy like, brunette

    as Lucas Ewing
    note: young, fit, nerdy

    as Amy Anderson Ewing
    note: blue blooded blonde

    as Rachel Ewing
    note: sexy bombshell, 1/2 black

    as Judith Lee
    note: older, wealthy, powerful

    as Matty Culver
    note: military, fit, Hispanic,

    as Louis del Rey
    note: sexy bombshell, Hispanic


    Linda Gray

    Patrick Duffy


    Larry Hagman
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    Interesting start. Looking forward to when JR comes back. :)
    Also JR and Cally's child should be 4 years younger than Lucas. If you make Ellie JR and Sue Ellen's child I'd buy the age though. But then it's alternative universe...
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    Thank you. I’m not sure if I’d bring back JR, except to be with Sue Ellen. I’m thinking lots of letters sent to John Ross and Ellie from JR guiding them in life and business from the “grave.” I see Sue Ellen nursing an ill JR on a secluded island, a lone and in love.

    Ellie is JR and Sue Ellen’s child in this version - I fixed my error above.
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    note: I would prefer to use the name JRE Industries as it was a company JR created so I use it here, but if I the TNT version, this were an issue of who gets paid I’d use Ewing Industries. You’ll also see, I’d use minor roles for the original characters, except for John Ross and Lucas. While tied to the original families (something CC should have done and could have easily done), the rest are my characters.

    November 2012 . . .

    In the early morning when it's still dark outside John Ross sits in his study, what had been his grandfather's study, at the Southfork Ranch, going over reports, skimming papers for information when Matty and Lucas walk in from the living room. "Tell me you have some news," he says to them.

    Lucas says, "Wendell meet with Vicktor Sechin in Zurick."

    "Cliff Barnes was at the meeting," Matty adds.

    "Are you sure?" Lucas asks. "I have a list of people that were there and he wasn't on it."

    "Branch Water was watching the serivce elevator."

    John Ross says, "Do we know what was discussed?"

    Matty says, "I should have a transcription and the original recording sometime later today, but the idea is a merger, to further water down JRE Industries' shares in Trident, thus giving Wendell more control."

    "And the Russian government and Cliff Barnes a stake."

    Ellie walks into the room next. "What the hell is Dorian Wendell meeting with the Russian's for?"

    "You get in late last night."

    "I don't know what time it was here, but you were all asleep."

    "How were the Nationals?"

    "I don't know. I left as soon as I heard about this meeting. And believe me, I do not like intrupting my schedule."

    "Well if you'd called me, I would have told you I was on top of things. Exactly why did you go to Switerland without letting me know?"

    "I don't tell you everything I do. Besides, I had a friend at the meeting."

    "Who?" Lucas asks.

    "Well a friend’s father. We went to Le Rosey together."

    "And he was in the meeting?" Louis asks.

    "Yes. He's in banking in Switerland."

    John Ross says, "You're not going to give us his name are you?"

    "No of course not."

    "And what did you find out?"

    "You first."

    In the warm morning sun, a very pregnant Amy and Jay join Sue Ellen for breakfast by the pool. Sue Ellen asks how she's feeling and Amy discribes being tired of waddling. "Did you decide on a name yet?"

    "John Ross wants to name him after his grandpa Clayton, Steven Clayton Ewing."

    "Oh that would be nice. Dusty never had any sons of his own. I know Clayton would really like that.” Sue Ellen then talks with Jay about going to the Zoo.

    “Oh by the way, I want to get the foundation involved in the educational part of the zoo. I’ve got some ideas to involve the kids around mid Texas.”

    “Up to you. Like I said I’m just overseeing the investing now. How the Ewing Farlow Family Foundation spends its money is up to you and your advisors. Speaking of such, the DOA. Are we meeting here this week?”


    “I want to bring up adding to Miss Ellie’s scholarship.”

    “Great idea.”

    John Ross, Lucas, Matty and Ellie come out of the back of Southfork and join them.

    John Ross asks about Rachel.

    Amy says, “She’s sleeping in.”

    “I thought this gap year was suppose to be about community service. All she does is party late and sleep in.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Do you want me to talk to her?”

    “I suppose that would be a good idea.”

    Bobby walks up from the barns. “Well hello sleepy heads. Anyone coming out to get to work?”

    “I know you’re not talking to me,” John Ross says. “I was already working in the study when I heard you walk out the back.”

    “Is that so?” Bobby laughs and explains some work they’ve got to get done at Southfork for the day, before heading over to the Wade Ranch. Matty says he can join them.

    Lucas says he’s got to get into the office and mentions Matty’s nephew, Louis, starting as an intern today.

    Lucas arrives at his office greeting everyone along the way, including Louis. “In early. I have some reports I want to go over with you, later today you can take them to the ranch for John Ross to look over. Kayly, get Justin Horner over at DSP Bank on the phone.”

    Ellie walks into one of the barns and startles a ranch hand caring for a calf. “Sorry. You’re new around here. I’m Ellie Ewing.” She looks up and down him, cowboy boots, tight jeans, his bare, sweaty, ripped torso, stubble and a Stetson.

    “Hello Miss Ewing. I’m Antonio. Can I help you.”

    “Yes I know who you are. Something my daddy taught me. Make sure you know everything there is to know about the people around you. That way there’s no surprises.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “You’ve drifted from ranch to ranch because you’ve got a temper.”

    “That’s behind me.”

    “You been clean for about two years now. Good for you.”

    “Thank you. I assure you Miss Ewing, you have nothing to worry about with me.”

    “That’s good to know. We don’t want any incidents at Southfork. You’re an excellent rancher, so I hear. Imagine my surprise at the other profession you had before ranching.” She holds up her phone to him and his jaw drops as the sounds of a porno fills the barn.

    “Please Miss Ewing, that was another life time.”

    She rubs his chest. “I want to contract for your services.”

    He backs up. “No I’ve got a family now.” He shows her his ring. “I’m sure there are a lot of guys who would love to be your boyfriend, Miss.”

    “I don’t want a boy friend. You see, I’m too busy to settle down.” She steps up to him. Her hands all over his body. “No I need someone who’s highly skilled.”

    Louis walks up from the drive way at Southfork on his way to study door off the back when he sees Rachel getting out of the pool and can’t help but stare at her gorgeous, wet body in a two piece.

    Lucas walks out from a hotel bathroom in a towel. An older man sits up in bed, naked, covered in the bedding. “Your brother hasn’t dropped any hints about being up to anything? What about your aunt Judith.”

    “No. You know they both hate the Ewing’s so Dorian never has anything good to say, but nothing about a merger in the works for Trident. But he doesn’t share his business with me. I certainly don’t see him discussing a Russian deal with me.”

    “Well you’ll tell me if he does, won’t you Gordon?”

    “Of course. As long as you keep your source a secret.”

    “I’m good at keeping secrets.”

    Sue Ellen walks through a beautiful beach house on a secluded tropical island out to the back and a patio butting up against a sandy beach. There she watches JR stand out of his wheel chair, unbeknownst to him. “I told you, no one can keep JR Ewing down.”

    “So you did. Well I guess it’s happened. Ole JR was finally wrong. I thought I couldn’t do it, but seems like I did.” He stands holding tight to his walker. “Still down to the water.”

    She takes his arm. “So when you’re strong again, how you gonna explain this to your family.”

    Walking out to the water, slow and stiff, JR holds tight to her arm. “I’m not. I’m not going back Sue Ellen. Last thing they need is me in their way.”

    “And your grandchildren, don’t you want to see them?”

    “Of course I do. But look at them. Look how happy Bobby and Gary are.”

    “JR. This isn’t right. I’ve stood by you because you did t think you were going to make it, but.”

    “No buts Sue Ellen. Let me have this.”

    John Ross sits in his study, dirty from working the ranch all day. He opens a letter. It reads (in JR’s voice), “By now you’ve gone through my closet, the black box with details going back to my daddy. You should have pieced together what happened to my daddy in Venezuela, the fight for freedom, the loss, the Russian interference. There’s a man not detailed in all that information, Mikhail Sechin. Below is the website where you’ll find that information. Mikhail died a few months before I did, but his son Vicktor is of concern, carrying on his father’s legacy and then some, no longer hiding under a veil of communism, just out to get the oil under Venezuela. Vicktor Sechin will be in touch with the Barnes, Wendell and the DeLaVega families. He’s coming for you. But I know you’re ready to handle him. If I didn’t believe that I’d have made a deal with the devil to stay and fight by your side. Just remember ‘Don't forgive and never forget; Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves.’ Love always, Dad.”

    Overlooking the Houston skyline, Judith Lee walks off the elevator and through the corridors of the c-suite offices of Trident. Dorian greets her with a cordial hug. “Aunt Judith. How are you?”

    “Depends on what you have for me. How'd the meeting go?"

    "If you can get the board to agree to the merger, we're good to go."

    "And Barnes?"

    "He's agreed. It's JR Ewing's company after all."

    "I'm well aware. JR took control of West Star and then arranged some convoulted merger with Trident. He created the Trident Corporation, which was really nothing but paper work and it bought out all of West Star and the Texas Oil Company. Then he took it public and the whole world forgot how corrupt JR Ewing was. Suddenly he's a master of Wall Street. Well today we put an end to legacy."

    "You're sure about getting the shareholder votes for the merger?"

    "JRE Industries only owns two percent of Trident. Plus some shares Bobby owns. I’m not seeing an overwhelming obstacle, are you?”

    “With the Russian government, Vicktor Sechin controls Rosprom and Rosprom and the De La Vega’s with the Venezuelan government now own all of CalCo. Cliff Barnes helped with securing Swiss financing. It’s up to us to bring the board and shareholders of Trident.”

    “Well if you see a way for the Ewing’s to stop us, let me know. Without JR here to hold people on the board or other major shareholders in line, I see no reason this shouldn’t happen. And once it does the Ewing’s will be even smaller shareholders, less than one percent. Through our friends the Wendell’s will control the West Star Corporation, bigger and more powerful than ever.”

    “And TridentEO?”

    “That’s the real target. When JR spun off the upstream assets he created the nation’s largest pure play production company and put the Ewing name on it. I want it back. And as the Ewing’s only own two percent of it as well, this shouldn’t be a problem.”

    “They’re agreeable. They want at the marketing assets in America in particular, but they agreed to go after TridentEO next.”

    “I know he’s young, but Lucas is the one you need to look out for. John Ross is just some oil rigger turned rancher and his sister, Ellie’s a pampered brat. But JR put Lucas in place to run he companies for a reason. He sold most of Trident and TridentEO to flood his businesses with cash. A lot of cash. We have to be prepared for a fight.”

    “The kid may be a genius but we can take him.”

    “Yeah will your father thought the same thing about the Ewing brothers.”

    Louis walks into the lobby of his apartment building laughing with friends after work. They go their way he steps up to the elevator. The doors open and John Ross is there. “Going up?”

    The young man gets on the elevator with John Ross, a bit nervous. The doors close.

    John Ross says, “So I hear you’re interested in seeing my daughter.” Louis attempts to explain. John Ross stops the elevator and interrupts him. “Cut the crap. You just need to know one thing. This is my town. And nothing happens without me knowing about it.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “So before you go trying any shady shit maybe ask your Uncle Matty for some advice about seeing a Ewing.” John Ross open the door, pats Louis’s shoulder and steps off the elevator.

    Sue Ellen sits a tray of lemonade in front of JR. “I’m worried about this fight.”

    “If they choose to fight they’ll win. If not the Wendell’s will make them a lot of money. I’m not sure what you’re worried about.”

    “I don’t want our children to fight. I just want them to be happy.”

    “Well which is it? Sometimes you can’t have both, if it makes them happy to fight. Right?”

    “This isn’t like you and Bobby fighting or you and Cliff or Wendell or you and anybody else. You’re talking about some Russian syndicate linked to underworld thugs and the Russian government. How can you know they’ll win.”

    “I maybe ill, but I’m not dead and I’ve never been stupid. Mark my word Sue Ellen. There are things your children know that Lucas never will. They know how to fight.”

    The Ewing’s gather for dinner in the living room, John Ross handles the bar. Sue Ellen, sitting on the sofa plays with Jay. Bobby walks in laughing with Lucas, Lucas telling him about one of the Stone girls pouring hot soup on her date this afternoon at the Cattleman’s Club.

    “That’s awful,” Sue Ellen interjects.

    Lucas says, “Rumor has it he spent the weekend with porn stars.”

    “Oh my God. What is this world coming to?”

    Amy says, “Speaking of seedy characters. Children’s Hospital got a call from the Sechin Foundation offering a great deal of money toward doubling the size of the JR Ewing Play Center. So I Googled him. I assume you know about him.”

    Lucas says, “Yes I’ve heard of him.”

    “The hospital wants me to meet with them and see what we can come up with.”

    Ellie comes storming in. “We really have to find out who’s sending these letters for dad. Apparently as I’m not married two years after his death, he’s setting me up with Roger Leland.”

    “Oh he’s charming,” Amy says.

    “He’s a doofus.”

    “Oh Ellie,” Amy exclaims.

    Amy takes her drink from John Ross. “Speaking of such, did you know your daughter’s seeing Louis del Rey?”

    “Whose that?” Sue Ellen asks.

    “Matt Culver’s nephew,” Lucas answers. “He’s interning in my office. His mother, Samantha, took her Uncle Dave’s seat in the Senate for short awhile.”

    Ellie adds, “She was married to Martin del Rey, the Argentinean polo player.”

    A maid whispers in Amy ear and Amy announces, “Dinner is ready.”

    The family gathers around the dinner table. John Ross in his grandfather’s seat, Amy in Miss Ellie’s with Jay in a high chair next to her. The rest gather in their usual seats and begin to pass dishes, chatting about the up coming social season, starting with the Oil Barons’ Ball. Sue Ellen mentions an award in Jeremy Wendell’s name. The family is shocked considering his disgrace and going to prison.
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    Guest Stars:

    Gustav - Ellie’s date for the Oil Baron’s Ball

    Vicktor Sechin

    Antonio De Le Vega

    Gordon Wendell

    Caroline Wendell - Dorian’s wife

    Olivia Wendell - Gordon’s wife
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