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EastEnders Michelle and Vickie

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Ive been watching clips of the new Michelle and I'm in two minds, Jenna Russell is doing a good job I think, after all we can't expect to see the struggling single mother we saw 22 years ago, Michelle would've polished up after moving into the middle class echelons after working in a professional career in America, that's not unrealistic, individual situations change, I can almost believe that this is the same Michelle who had two out of wedlock children, the first one was when she was 16/17, after sleeping with her best mates dad.

    However i don't think they've written Michelle right, I was expecting a Michelle who has seen the world and slightly looks down on Walford and her old life, Michelle in circa 1994/95, towards the end of her time, was becoming disillusioned and dissatisfied with life in Walford, more so than when she was a teenager at this point, hence why she never came back, unlike Sharon, who socially was nouve riche Working class, and went to private school mixing with people who were living in the wealthier parts of the borough, yet Sharon is still the same bubbly down to earth girl she was back in 1985, albeit with a few life experiences under her belt, but she was still drawn back to Walford because of her adoptive parents.

    It feels that Michelle had only moved to another part of London and not to a different continent
    Which could be a good thing in a way.

    Also there's the matter of Vickie, has she been mentioned at all? Does Michelle still speak to her, I know she's mentioned as being in Australia or New Zealand or South Africa but it would be strange if she hadn't been mentioned at all considering she's Den's natural daughter.

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