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Dallas Actors Meet Linda and Patrick Nov 16th

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Barbara Fan, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Dallas Wonderland
    I love sweet stuff too, but my urge isn't quite as extreme as yours! :giggle: Like you, I also prefer desserts over starters, but I wouldn't pass on the main meal though! :wink@

    I'll make a double batch of cookies where half will be without peanuts! Do you dislike peanuts overall? Or do you just prefer chocolate cookies without them? Anyway, lots of people who generally don't like peanuts in food happen to love my cookies, so please give them a shot, okay? The saltiness mixed with good quality dark chocolate is the best! :kiss:

    Hope you have lots of space in your fridge and kitchen cabinets for all the stuff (although I doubt that the sweets will last long at your house)! :lolo:

    PS. Perhaps you could invite PD and LG over coffee and cake/cookies (and throw in a haircut for PD as well)? :D
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