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Loved EE Christmas Day ep

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by Cookiescholes, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Cookiescholes

    Cookiescholes Soap Chat Active Member

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    Wasn't it great?

    Jake Woods and Lacey Turner were on top form, and wow Tanya came back.
  2. Walford Boy

    Walford Boy Soap Chat Well-Known Member

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    Sitting on Arthur's Bench.
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    Adam was a lad.
    I did watch the Christmas Day ep. Well i watched all 3 soaps tonight. There was that many plot holes in the Christmas special it was laughable . Nice surprise to see Jo Joyner. I still think the storyline with Max and Stacey sucks and is so wrong! Poor Martin he deserves better than this poor deluded slapper.

    If Billy can survive a fall off a cliff in Carry on Corrie then Perhaps one of the Brannings is not dead? I think it is a shame to kill both characters off as it was with Roxy and Ronnie. You gain a bit of the "oh my god" factor and a little boost in the short term but what do you gain long term and does this help the health of the show?

    We all know EE makes the most effort at Christmas (some uncharitale people might say what about the other 51 weeks of the year.) I think Ratings wise and shock wise EE will come out on top tonight, but both CS and ED had a tough gig tonight with strong programming from BBC One.
  3. Mo Mouse

    Mo Mouse Soap Chat Well-Known Member

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    Total unbelievable rubbish in my opinion. So Max now has 3 kids who have fallen off a roof. Ian doesn't want to tell the police when max tried to murder him, the torrential rain stopping, starting, stopping then starting again. Martin being the world's biggest doormat while Vile Stacey humiliates him some more. As for the gun ........

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