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Levi Bellfield allegedly confesses to murders of Lin and Megan Russell

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Sarah, Nov 30, 2017.

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    This low life scumbag has apparently confessed to the murders of Lin and Megan Russell:


    By late autumn 1995, Drs Lin and Shaun Russell had made the difficult decision to uproot their idyllic life in the Nantlle Valley on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, and move with their two young daughters to Kent.

    There was mixed emotions about leaving the mountains for Granary Cottage in the picturesque village of Nonington, a short drive from Shaun's new lecturing job at the University of Kent in nearby Canterbury.

    But the girls, Megan, six, and nine-year-old Josie, had settled in well at the village school. For Lin, 45, a geologist and lecturer who had enjoyed a successful career working in Africa for many years, family life was now her priority.

    It was, Shaun recalled, "a lovely existence".

    It was short lived.

    Just months after relocating, the family was victim to what Kent Police described as "one of the most horrific crimes ever committed".

    What happened just before 16.30 BST Tuesday, 9 July 1996, as the girls, Lin and Lucy the dog, walked the two-or-so miles home from school along Cherry Garden Lane, an unmade track, flanked on one side by a corn field and a small wood on the other, is hard to imagine.

    They were accosted by a man, tied up with torn strips of damp towels they had used just minutes before at a swimming gala, made to sit in a copse, blindfolded and bludgeoned with a claw hammer, one by one - Lin, Josie, Megan and the dog.

    When they were found eight hours later, it was thought all were dead. Josie was found to have a faint pulse. Remarkably, she survived.

    She lives and works as an artist in north Wales, having returned to Gwynedd with her father soon after the attack.

    A year later the crime remained unsolved.

    On the anniversary of the murders a Crimewatch appeal prompted a tip off from a psychologist who worked at a local psychiatric assessment centre. Police arrested and charged 36-year-old Michael Stone from Gillingham.

    He was convicted in October 1998.

    In the absence of any forensic evidence, the jury believed the main thrust of the prosecution's case - three prison inmates who claimed Stone had confessed.

    One of the inmates admitted soon after the trial ended that they had lied and another was discredited. A re-trial was ordered.

    But one of the inmates, Damien Daley, then aged 26, held firm to his claim that Stone had confessed to him in grisly detail.

    Daley, a self-confessed liar, told the court: "I like to get by in life. I am a crook, that's what crooks do: they beg, borrow and steal to get by in life. But if you were to say to me now are you lying, I would say no, I'm not lying."

    Bellfield deserves to rot in hell the way he toys with families emotions, not least because he murdered an innocent child (Milly Dowler). I physically hate him and hope he never knows a day's peace!

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