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Language Used In Dallas

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Kenny Coyote, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Grant Jennings

    Grant Jennings Soap Chat Well-Known Member

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    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I think the use of foul language and nudity should be very selective and serve the characters and story rather than just for shock value. I imagine Jock and Ray using colorful language only to be reproached by their wives: "Jock, not at the dinner table". J.R. would obviously be on the receiving end of the worst language. I can imagine Pam storming into J.R.'s office after learning he sent her on a wild goose chase after Mark. As Pam lays into J.R. he starts to rise from his chair "sit the f*** down and listen to me" Pam yells as J.R.'s eyes widen. Later J.R.says "little lady, someone needs to wash your mouth out with soap". I can also imagine Sue Ellen going to Holly Harwood's house, entering the bedroom and seeing a bare-breasted Holly, reverse cowgirl, atop J.R. Sue Ellen and Holly's eyes lock for just a second as Holly smirks. The shock of that scene would make Sue Ellen's return to the bottle even more believable.

    CW "Dynasty" was much more raunchy with its sexual innuendo in early episodes and it felt a bit too much to me. Apparently someone else (producers, other viewers, the network?) felt the same way as they dialed it back while the show's overall quality improved.

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