Jock’s Will

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    The family gathers around the living room for the reading of Jock’s will. Harv Smithfield says, “Keep in mind most of this Jock wrote when he retired in ‘77. He set up three trust funds for his three sons with Miss Ellie. Each with ten million dollars in it at the time and each administered by the Cattleman’s Bank. In the case of Gary, your’s is to remain in trust for four years after his death.”

    JR makes a wise crack and Miss Ellie admonished him.

    Harv continues, “The rest of Jock’s estate, except his shares in Ewing Oil, he leaves to Miss Ellie with the request to give to his sons his personal items as she sees fit. He added two codicils setting up ten million dollars in trust to be turned over to Ray and another twenty-five million for John Ross Ewing III in trust with the Cattleman’s Bank until his twenty-first birthday.”

    JR smirks.

    Lucy looks sad.

    “Now Ewing Oil. As Jock knew what he was up against in South America he sent an earlier letter regarding the voting rights to his shares in company. That was basically what Jock set up in his first, except Miss Ellie had forty shares and Gary twenty. Those were codicils he added later to arrange for Ray and John Ross. Another codicil was written in South America.”

    “Is that legal?” JR says.

    “Witnessed by Punk Anderson. And in Jock’s own hand writing.”

    “But was he of sound mind at the time?” JR adds.

    “JR,” his mother snaps.

    “Anyway. He leaves two hundred million dollars accounts in the company to be managed, one by JR and one by Bobby. They have exactly one year from today to prove they are the better man.”

    “Oh no Jock,” Miss Ellie whispers.

    “While the rest of the company is off limits and to be run by Punk in both your absences, the one who manages to make the most profit off his share will get fifty-one percent of Ewing Oil. The looser nineteen percent. Either way John Ross gets thirty percent of Ewing Oil. And if anything is to happen to the other before the year is up, or if either of you are to fight Jock’s wishes or fight the other in business after the year is over, your share will be turned over to John Ross is a trust controlled by Miss Ellie.”

    Smiling JR holds up his glass to Bobby. “Here’s to your good health, brother.”
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    The family enters the dinning room for dinner minus Lucy. Miss Ellie in an appeasing tone offers JR Jock’s chair and Sue Ellen her own. She’ll sit next to her son, across from John Ross. “One day John Ross, that’ll be your seat and you’ll have to try and keep this family together.”

    While having dinner with her agent at an open any airy Dallas restaurant, Jeremy Wendell approaches the table on his way across the room. “Lucy Ewing?”


    “I’m sorry you wouldn’t actually know me. I’m Jeremy Wendell. I’ve done business with your family and Ewing Oil. I’m sorry very sorry about your grandfather.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Going back to modeling, I see. It must be a fun way to earn some money.”

    Her agent says, “It’s actually a great deal of work.”

    “Still. A great deal of money. But isn’t your husband a doctor?”

    “We’re separated.”

    “Oh I see. Hence the need to go back to work. Well don’t let me keep you. Enjoy your dinner.”

    J.R. and Bobby begin their year-long battle for control of the company. Miss Ellie and Pam worry that the battle may hurt the family. Miss Ellie defends JR as having to be the head of the family now.

    Rebecca warns J.R. that she will never forget what he did to Cliff.

    Christopher's adoption becomes final.

    Bobby considers a Canadian oil deal.

    Rebecca buys an oil company for Cliff.

    J.R. hires corrupt police detective Harry McSween to blackmail the head of the Office of Land Management.


    Lucy walks out of a lawyer’s office and runs into Jeremy Wendell. “Well we meet again.”

    “Mr. Wendell, right?”

    “Jeremy please. Your getting a divorce?”

    “Long over due.”

    “He handled my divorce as well. From my second wife. Did an excellent job. He’ll protect your inheritance. Don’t you worry none.”

    “I just want it over as quickly as possible.”

    “Understandable. Listen. If you want to get lunch, maybe talk with someone who’s been through it, divorce I mean, I’d be happy to treat you.”

    “Thank you but umm.”

    “It would do my reputation some good to be seen with the most beautiful woman in Dallas. Not to mention infuriate your family.”

    “Well as you put it that way, why not.”

    J.R. arranges a fake hit and run accident in order to blackmail Walt Driscoll, the head of the Office of Land Management, into gathering him the variance he wants.

    Cliff is made president of the newly underway Barnes Wentworth Oil. Afton warns Cliff and Rebecca not to use the company as a weapon against the Ewings.

    Miss Ellie accepts Frank Crutcher's invitation to lunch. Donna tells Miss Ellie that she should get used to the idea of seeing other men.

    Cliff is approached about the same Canadian oil deal that Bobby is interested in. Pam helps Bobby clinch the Canadian deal which upsets Cliff.


    J.R. is granted his oil variance and begins full production on his wells, while Walt Driscoll has to flee Dallas when news of the variance leaks out. The oil cartel cannot understand why J.R. is pumping to capacity when there is a glut of oil in the market.

    Sue Ellen asks Clayton if he will give her away at her wedding to J.R..

    Miss Ellie tries to make peace with Rebecca, but Rebecca wants vengeance against the Ewings.

    Bobby and J.R. are not pleased when Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner.

    Ray tells Mickey to straighten out.

    Cliff lashes out at Pam for helping Bobby win the Canadian deal.

    Holly confronts J.R. about his pumping at full capacity.

    Donna discusses dismantling the OLM now that Walt Driscoll has proved how corrupt it is.


    Sue Ellen and Afton both contend with the lecherous advances of a refinery owner who's pitching an attractive oil deal to both Cliff and J.R..

    J.R. puts Miss Ellie on the defensive when he asks what Frank Crutcher means to her. Ellie tells Frank that she thinks that they are moving too fast.

    Bobby learns that there will be delays in drilling in Canada.

    Punk meets with Bobby to see if he knows what J.R. is doing with all the oil that his wells are pumping.

    Sue Ellen and Pam vow to remain friends despite the war between their husbands.

    Afton compromises herself to help Cliff get the oil refinery.

    The cartel sides with Cliff in the battle against J.R..

    Pam asks Bobby to forget the Ewing Oil war and leave Southfork but Bobby refuses to give up the fight.


    The wedding of J.R. and Sue Ellen, Lucy shows up with Jeremy Wendell as her husband, shocking the entire family.

    Mickey and Lucy meet but do not get off on the right foot.

    Ellie invites Clayton to stay at Southfork as her guest.

    Jordon Lee tells Bobby that he had better stop J.R. or Ewing Oil will be destroyed.

    Ray tells Mickey to stay away from Lucy.

    Afton is upset that Cliff still loves Sue Ellen.

    Rebecca notices Clayton's attraction to Miss Ellie.

    Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission.

    JR, Bobby and Ray confront Jeremy alone. JR says, “What the hell are you up to Wendell?”

    Bobby says, “Lucy doesn’t have a share of Ewing Oil and no matter what she won’t be getting one, so what is it you’re after?”

    “After? I’ll get Ewing Oil when the two of you tear it apart. I don’t need Lucy for that.”

    Ray grabs him up by his jacket. “Listen you termite. You hurt her.”

    Bobby pulls them apart to prevent a scene.

    JR says, “This ain’t over.”

    “Lucy and I are going to be honeymooning for some time. We’ll be in New York City as she’s got her heart set on decorating our house. Don’t you worry. I’ll take good care of her.”


    J.R. and Sue Ellen's wedding reception turns into a fist-throwing brawl, as Cliff comes to blows with J.R..

    Bobby and the oil cartel suspect that J.R. is selling oil to an embargoed nation. Cliff and Rebecca unite the cartel in a plan to convince all the refinery owners in Texas not to deal with J.R..

    On their honeymoon, Sue Ellen makes J.R. give her a promise of "total commitment". JR promises to live up to be Jock’s oldest son.

    Holly confesses to Bobby that J.R. owns 25% of Harwood Oil.

    Pam advises Lucy to seek professional help.

    Bobby confronts J.R. with his involvement in Harwood Oil.


    The annual Ewing barbecue is the scene of an angry confrontation between J.R. and a group of Texas oilmen led by Cliff.

    Bobby continues his investigation into where J.R. is shipping oil.

    Mickey asks Lucy on a date, but she turns him down, telling him she’s a married woman. He says, “You can’t seriously be married to that old man.”

    J.R. announces he is opening up a chain of cut-rate gas stations that will yield him enormous profits.

    Bobby vows to "fight dirty" just like J.R. in order to win control of Ewing Oil.

    Miss Ellie wonders if Jock made the right decision in dividing the company between J.R. and Bobby.

    After the confrontation at the barbecue between the oil cartel and the Ewings, Miss Ellie decides that drastic action must be taken.


    Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. when Miss Ellie threatens court action to contest Jock's will.

    Cliff and the cartel discuss how to beat J.R.'s cut-rate gasoline prices.

    Pam decides to support Miss Ellie in the fight to overturn Jock's will. Bobby and J.R. tell Miss Ellie they oppose her plans.

    J.R. gains media spotlight with his gasoline prices.

    Donna meets with resistance from the energy commission members when she tries to withdraw J.R.'s oil variance.

    Cliff ignores Afton's desire for marriage.

    Bobby confronts Pam about her siding against him with regards to Jock's will.

    Miss Ellie meets with Lucy out in the stables. “Morning grandma.”

    “I heard you were here.”

    “I told Jeremy we need average so I can keep my horse with me. We’re in Preston Hollow, a great big house, but not a place for horses. I want to have the family over some time for dinner.”

    “We need to talk Lucy. About Jeremy Wendell.”

    “I know grandma. He’s too old for me, but . . . He’s good to me. Really good. And I don’t have to worry about all this fighting. Nothing around here was ever going to be mine anyways. Maybe you’d have left the ranch to my daddy if he’d stayed, but he’s not coming back. And I don’t have to worry about JR. Jeremy can handle him. Do you know that West Star is bigger than all the independents?”

    “Lucy, Jeremy Wendell has been married twice before. He’s older than your father. Are you in line with him?”

    Lucy laughs, “Grandma, I’ve seen what love does to people in a marriage. I don’t want anything to do with it. Come on, let’s go for a ride. Jeremy’s working on a deal with the Henderson’s, to buy their place next door for me. Let’s go take a look.”


    Miss Ellie faces a hard decision when she must decide whether to damage Jock's memory or see her family destroyed because of his will. Pam supports Miss Ellie's determined stand, which creates a breach between her and Bobby. She finds a strong ally in Mark Garrison.

    J.R. and Sue Ellen further alienate themselves when they go on television to defend J.R.'s position in the oil industry and in Ewing Oil.

    Holly realises that her deal with J.R. has put her company in an untenable position and she goes to Bobby for advice. Bobby has to reluctantly antagonise the cartel in his need to beat J.R..

    Lucy is secretly amused by her feud with Mickey.

    Donna is discouraged when the energy commission gives in to J.R.. Ray gives her much needed support which leads to conflict with J.R..


    The hearing to overturn Jock's will causes great emotional pain for Miss Ellie as well as further setting other undercurrent's in the Ewing family into motion. If Jock's latest will is ruled invalid, an earlier one will leave Ewing Oil to Ellie and Gary to come between JR and Bobby while cutting out John Ross. Ellie goes to Bobby and asks him to end the feud, to let’s JR run company as head of the family and go back into politics or help Ray with the ranch.

    J.R. attacks Pam for interfering and asks Sue Ellen to try to persuade Pam to support Bobby's position against his mother.

    Sue Ellen discovers Mark's obvious attraction to Pam, and J.R. sees that as a weapon to use in his fight with Bobby.

    Rebecca asks Cliff and the cartel to hold any action against J.R. until the court's ruling on Jock's will.

    Donna continues her fight with the oil commission, aware that the outcome will affect J.R.'s gasoline futures.


    Lucy walks fifth avenue in New York alone running into Ben Fischer, a boy from college. “What do you mean you married Jeremy Wendell?”

    “You know him?”

    “Of course I do. When my father came back to Connecticut to go into politics, he sold out to West Star. You don’t have a prenup do you?” Ben winks.

    “Actually I don’t but Jeremy’s thinking that’s more to his advantage then mine. He has this idea that my grandmother will leave me Southfork and he can get at all that oil.”

    “Oh I see. So a marriage of love and devotion.”

    “Something like that. He’s really very good to me. What are you up to?”

    “Well I’ve got an oil company of my own in Texas I just bought. I’m up here working on financing. Say, you wouldn’t be interested in going in with me as a silent partner?”

    “What do I know about the oil business.”

    “You don’t need to know a thing other than you can trust me.”

    “Well yeah. I know I can trust you.”

    “Then all you’ve got to do is help me secure some loans, Mrs. Wendell.”

    In the aftermath of the court's ruling on Jock's will, Miss Ellie escapes from the tension at Southfork with a trip to Galveston, where she runs into an irate Clayton. He is still smoldering from J.R.'s use of Sue Ellen to get his excess crude refined at Clayton's refinery.

    Cliff contrives to get a political carrot dangled in front of J.R. to get him out of Dallas.

    The cartel agrees to Bobby's demands for his share of the Wellington field. Bobby discovers that energy commission member George Hicks has ties with J.R..

    Holly gets to know the real J.R. Ewing and they both use threats to establish a new working relationship with each other.

    Mark pays a surprise visit to Pam at her studio.


    Bobby is forced to copy his brother in dirty dealing, which turns his stomach and disgusts Pam. Bobby's underhandedness is to get George Hicks to reverse his stand on J.R.'s variance with the energy commission.

    J.R. modestly denies he has political aspirations as he desperately searches for a refinery to continue the cheap gasoline production which is making him a popular hero.

    Ben Fisher approaches JR about selling JR oil from his new Benluce Oil Company and obtaining a refinery from an old friend of his families. He leaves out his partnership with Lucy.

    Rebecca vows to use all of the Wentworth influence to prevent him from acquiring a refinery.

    Cliff discovers that Afton had an affair with Bill Thurman.

    J.R. is upset about his mother's friendship with Clayton.

    Afton receives some shocking news.


    Cliff blames himself after the crash of the Wentworth company plane, which his mother took as a passenger in his place. Rebecca's accident is the latest episode caused indirectly by the ongoing war between Cliff and J.R.. Before Rebecca dies, she makes Pam promise to protect Cliff. Katherine flies in to join Pam and Cliff for the funeral and lashes out at Cliff for letting their mother fight his battles with the Ewings.

    J.R. is stunned when the energy commission rescinds his variance to pump oil and he quickly makes contact with Driscoll to establish a Caribbean oil deal.

    Holly tries to use the variance ruling to force J.R.'s hand in her company, but he points out that he now controls Harwood Oil.

    At Southfork, Pam makes a shocking announcement to Bobby.

    Ben meets with Lucy at the Wendell mansion. “I’ve got exciting news. JR’s really done it now. He’s gone into business with Walt Driscoll to ship oil to Cuba.”

    “Is that bad?”

    “It’s illegal.”

    “And how do you know this?”

    “Driscoll sort of is indebted to my father. He owns twenty percent of his company. Banks are holding another forty. The man’s desperate to pay his debts. But what he doesn’t know is West Star just bought that debt. And what West Star doesn’t know is the deal Driscoll made with JR.”

    “And none of them know we know.”

    “That’s right.”


    Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to the delight of J.R. and Katherine. J.R. sees Bobby's split with Pam as an advantage to himself in their business rivalry. Katherine has her own reasons for interfering in her half-sister's life.

    Rebecca's will holds surprises when it is read, with Katherine again plotting against Cliff as well as Pam.

    Lucy rescues Mickey from a bar-room brawl and they start to form a friendship.

    Donna and Ray are surprised at the cartel's attitude towards Bobby.

    Clayton advises Ellie to forget the family troubles and get on with her life. He tells Sue EIlen he sees qualities in Ellie he once thought he saw in her.

    A nervous J.R. offers Bobby a compromise.


    Bobby and Pam are the target of one another's plotting which puts a greater strain on their relationship. With Katherine pursuing Bobby and Mark pursuing Pam, the separated pair find it difficult to reach each other.

    Miss Ellie finds that helping Clayton find a new home in Dallas after the sale of the Southern Cross is satisfying, much to the dismay of J.R..

    J.R.'s budding popularity makes Donna and Ray realise that the outcome of his and Bobby's race for Ewing Oil could affect Dave Culver's future in the Senate.

    Holly again goes to Bobby for advice.

    Lucy and Mickey reach an understanding.

    Miss Ellie meets Lucy as she comes in for a ride with the ranch hands. Happy to see Lucy so happy Miss Ellie says, “Are these boys trying to make a rancher out of you.”

    “I wouldn’t go that far grandma, but I gotta tell you I’ve had more fun today, then I have in a long time. Mickey and I are going into the cattle business. The Henderson place Jeremy bought is nearly the size of Southfork. We borrow the money for the cattle and we’ll be in business.”

    “I heard Jeremy renamed it West Star.”

    “Something like that. Maybe one day it’ll merge with Southfork and we’ll be the biggest ranch in Texas.”

    “Now you’re sounding like your daddy.”


    Bobby discovers evidence proving that J.R. is illegally shipping oil to an embargoed nation. As Bobby plots to put a knot in J.R.'s Caribbean connection, J.R. again considers running for public office. Sue Ellen is concerned that her past may damage his chances for election.

    Pam is pushed further into the path of Mark by Cliff and Katherine.

    Holly again goes to Bobby for advice, but J.R. forces her into doing his bidding in spite of Bobby's counsel.

    Mickey gets Lucy involved with his misunderstandings with Donna and Ray.

    Ray rushes to help Bobby pin down J.R.'s involvement in the illegal oil shipments.


    Bobby springs his trap on J.R., equalizing the two brothers in the race for Ewing Oil unless J.R. can neutralize the harm done to his Caribbean deal.

    Katherine offers to supply information to J.R. to help in their common rivalry with Cliff, as well as Bobby.

    Miss Ellie realises that Bobby and Pam's split might not be temporary.

    Lucy puts her trust in Mickey, making him understand the reason for her past coldness.

    The cartel is happy to see Cliff back on his feet, which is due largely to Pam and Mark.

    Bobby meets Mark in Pam's apartment and the confrontation leads to a further rift in his and Pam's marriage.

    Driscoll vows revenge on J.R., as does Holly, and J.R. faces the fact that they are but two on a long list.

    Wendell thanks Lucy for getting him Driscoll’s oil tankers on the cheap with Ben. “With the price of oil slipping over JR’s games West Star stock couldn’t be any lower. I’m buying as much as I can and encouraging my friends to do the same. You might want to encourage your friend to do the same.”

    “I’ll do that.”

    “And Southfork. Your venture into the cattle business please your grandmother?”

    “To no end.”


    J.R. gets ready for his trip to Cuba. After suffering a $17 million loss, Holly tells Bobby that she's determined to get the Ewing brothers out of her life.

    Lucy enjoys ranching and continues to see Mickey.

    Bobby runs into more weather problems on his Canadian deal.

    J.R. encourages Katherine to move in on Bobby.

    Holly declares a truce with J.R. and tries to seduce him. J.R. says, “That’s not gonna happen darlin’, not ever again. I’m gonna take my place where my daddy left off. And my daddy wouldn’t have none of this while married to my momma.”

    Bobby and Pam spend the night together, but when he wants her to go back to Southfork, she tells him that the night was "just a moment" and so they break up again.

    J.R. tries to force Driscoll to tell him the name of his contract man in the Caribbean.

    J.R. and Sue Ellen appear on television again where he sets the stage for his Cuban trip.

    Ray offers Bobby his financial support in the battle with J.R.. Bobby tells Donna and Ray that it's too late to save his marriage.

    Katherine urges Mark to take Pam to France.

    Holly tells Sue Ellen of her relationship with J.R.

    The State Department clears J.R.'s trip to Cuba.


    J.R. finds the Ewing name doesn't mean much in Cuba when he arrives there to negotiate his and Holly's oil shipments.

    Before he leaves for the Caribbean, J.R. is promised an ample reward by Holly if he is able to recover their money.

    While J.R. is away, Sue Ellen confronts Holly to disprove his infidelity.

    Mickey's mother visits Southfork at Donna and Ray's invitation. Mickey is embarrassed to introduce his mother to Lucy.

    Katherine shows Bobby a possible way to solve his Canadian dilemma. Bobby and Cliff meet accidentally and have a confrontation about the Canadian deal as well as Bobby's troubled marriage. In the meantime, Pam and Mark enjoy the Riviera together.

    Miss Ellie and Clayton are the subject of much speculation. Ellie has feelings that she does not want to face.


    J.R.'s Cuban deal sets up a string of events involving Bobby, Pam, Sue Ellen and Holly.

    Bobby's illusions about the even race he is having with J.R. for Ewing Oil is shattered by a box of Cuban cigars.

    Bobby finds out that Pam is in France with Mark, where they are discovered by friends from Dallas.

    Ray confesses to Lil that Jock was his father.

    Afton defends Cliff and orders Katherine out of their house.

    Miss Ellie is concerned about Clayton and Sue Ellen's relationship and is not sure she believes Clayton's explanation.

    Sue Ellen makes a devastating discovery.


    Sue Ellen returns to her drinking ways after she discovers J.R. in Holly's bedroom.

    Sue Ellen staggers to Clayton for help and Miss Ellie can't understand when she finds them together.

    Pam returns to confront Bobby and faces the decision to either help her husband in his fight for Ewing Oil, and possibly lose him forever, or not help him and perhaps lose him to Katherine.

    Lucy and Mickey try to help Sue Ellen, with tragic results.


    Lucy bitterly blames Sue Ellen for the accident which has injured Mickey. The Ewing clan gathers at the emergency hospital where Sue Ellen and Mickey have been taken after the car crash on the Southfork road. Lucy is especially upset because the doctors will not let her into the room where they are treating Mickey and she lashes out at Sue Ellen for her drunken driving. Ray blames himself for bringing Mickey to Texas from his Kansas home.

    Clayton confronts J.R. for the actions which drove Sue Ellen back to seeking refuge in alcohol.

    Bobby blames Holly for the intrigue she set up which has shattered Sue Ellen's faith in J.R..

    Outside the hospital Lucy enters a limousine. Ben tells Lucy, “It was a set up. JR never slept with Holly.” He hands her a tape. “She set him up to destroy Sue Ellen to destroy their marriage.”

    Lucy takes the tape.


    Ray pressures Sheriff Washburn to find the hit-and-run driver that crashed into the car that Sue Ellen and Mickey were in.

    Holly wants to pay J.R. his $20 million in instalments but J.R. objects, rightly detecting Bobby's hand.

    Wendell offers to buy Holly out of Harwood Oil to make him and JR partners.

    Ben meets with Lucy and another friend. She hugs the young man, “David. It’s been a long time.”

    “You’re still as beautiful as ever.”

    “Thank you. You’re not looking so bad yourself. Listen I have a favor. I need your help.”

    “Ben told me about Holly Harwood. Seems her carelessness hurt someone very dear to you.”

    “Yes. That’s right.”

    “Well, that I can help with.”

    J.R. gets a slap in the face from Pam during an argument over her trip to France. Mark convinces Pam to vote with Katherine and give the drill to Bobby.

    Mickey's condition continues to be very serious and Lil even goes as far as to say that perhaps it would have been better if he had died on the spot.

    J.R. tells Bobby that they should consider stopping the fight for control of Ewing Oil.

    Pam wants a divorce.

    Clayton convinces Ellie to take a break from family problems and go away with him.

    Katherine tries to console Bobby after he gets the news about the divorce.

    Jeremy looks over some papers in his study and reads, “In the event John Ross Ewing III dies without legitimate blood heirs, my Granddaughter Lucy Ann Ewing, and her legitimate blood heirs in succession after her, inherit his share of Ewing Oil.”

    Lucy stops in to see Donna late in the evening. “I’m sorry to just stop by but I don’t know that to do with this.” She hands Donna the tape. “It’s clear that JR didn’t sleep with Holly. Holly had this man arrange the whole thing to make it look like they’ve been having an affair.”

    “And with JR’s past of course Sue Ellen bought it.”

    “She says she believed it would destroy JR’s marriage and get him to sell her his share of her company. It’s all part of this fight to win control of Ewing Oil.”

    “It’s got out of hand. Where did you get this?”

    “Jeremy’s put a tail on Holly to find out what JR’s up to,” Lucy lies. “He’s offered to buy them both out. Let them go their separate ways, but this fight. It’s taken everything. Maybe even Mickey.” Lucy tears up.

    “You do remember your married to Jeremy Wendell.”

    “I don’t care about that right now. Just . . .“

    “What? Why are you here?”

    “I don’t know what to do.”

    “Well first of all Mickey and Sue Ellen need our help. Sue Ellen also deserves to know the truth.”

    “You’ve got to get me into see Mickey. Please Donna. Please.”

    “Of course.”

    The nurse gets JR to leave Sue Ellen’s bedside in intensive care. Tears in his eyes. “Go abd get your son.”

    “I don’t want him to see her like this.”

    “How would you feel nit getting to say good bye to your mother.”

    Ray learns that Walt Driscoll was driving the car that hit Mickey and Sue Ellen, prompting him to blame J.R. for Mickey's injuries. Ray and J.R. engage in a terrible fight causing a major fire at Southfork. J.R., Ray and John Ross are trapped as the flames engulf the ranch.
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    Yes I know much of it is taken from a summary of the original but intention was to show the fit for a change in JR and Lucy’s story. 1) JR as head of the family, and 2) Lucy to find her own strength.
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    I've read this now and yes you are right a lot of it does read like a summary of what actually happened on the show.

    Like I've said before I really can't see Lucy getting married to Jeremy Wendell. Maybe if the marriage was just for show and not a real marriage. Like a business arrangement with separate bedrooms. But yeah it seems like a weird match.
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    That would be the intention like Jackie Onassis - a weird match. I’d certainly have limited to a shot time frame, and not got rid of her interaction with Mikey.

    I’d also have had Sue Ellen way more hurt following the accident with Mikey, to the point JR almost lost her. That would have helped focus his character on being more a patriarch.
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    Bobby rescues JR and Ray from Southfork. Pulling them out of the burning house. Standing outside they watch it burn in the night sky.

    Miss Ellie has breakfast with Clayton out on the patio behind his house. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you want.”

    “No. No I don’t want to stay in Dallas. Not now. I just want to leave. See more of this world with you Clayton.”

    Lucy rides her horse on the Southfork and West Star property meeting JR and Bobby by an old oak tree. Looking down on them from astride her horse, “Looks like you’ve both done enough damage to this family. Punk told grandma he’s not sure he can save the company the loss of your investments.”

    “Listen her Lucy, you got us out here to talk business, but this is none of your business.”

    “It actually is. Fischer Oil And Gas owns much of the debt of Ewing Oil. And as neither one of you can pay the bills, well.”

    Bobby asks, “What’s Fischer have to do with you.”

    “I bought it from Ben Fischer. It also owns Holly Harwood’s share of Harwood Oil. And now that my divorce is final, I want to make a deal. We merge the companies and split it three ways.”

    JR laughs, “No way sweetheart am I sharing Ewing Oil with anyone but John Ross.”

    “I’ll send the paperwork over. John Ross gets cash to invest, keeps his inheritance safe. You save the company from destruction. Take it or leave it and I pick up the pieces. But you should be thanking me. Shouldn’t Uncle JR?”

    Bobby says, “Thank you Lucy. But we’ve got this. I’ll get the oil out of Canada and we’ll cover our debts.”

    “Southfork’s burned to the ground. Mickey’shaving to learn to walk again. Pam’s gone. What about Sue Ellen? You two have even driven grandma away. You two couldn’t pay your debts with all the money in the world.” She pulls the horse and ride off.

    Donna and Ray help Mickey from the truck into a wheel chair by their house, trying to sound positive about fitting the house for him to get around. Mickey is silent.

    In his office Jeremy shakes David’s hand. “Welcome to the board of Trident, Mr. Gurion.”

    “Thank you. An impressive merger you pulled off in the wake what could have been a nasty divorce.”

    “Well in the art of the deal, you have to know when to walk away. My marriage was best just to buy off.”

    “You figures you weren’t going to get a piece of Ewing Oil?”

    “No I figured the two Ewing boys are going to burry it. Then I’ll buy the pieces.”

    “Makes sense. And Ellie Ewing set up the Ewing Family Foundation, giving it the land and oil rights to Southfork.”

    “Yeah an unfortunate turn of events.”

    “Well Lucy Ewing did introduce you to Ben Fischer Which lead to the merger of West Star and Trident. So all and not a bad turn of events.”

    “This is true.”

    “Did you keep the West Star Ranch in the divorce?”

    “No. Lucy walked away with it. And a thousand head of cattle. All in all not a bad deal.”

    “No I suppose not. So the next target is Ewing Oil. I hear JR got the house and is rebuilding.”

    “So I hear. Well, I’ve got a lunch meeting with Ben Fischer. You’re more than welcome to tag along. Dreyfus-Fisher and Fischer Oil and Gas are two of our largest shareholders. He’ll be on the board as well.”

    “Oh yes. Ben’s and old friend. I’d like that.”

    As they walk out of the office Wendell says, “I want to also talk to you about your merchinary business, White Water, and protecting Trident’s foreign assests.”

    JR comes in as Sue Ellen supervises the setting up of furniture in Southfork’s living room. He kisses her cheek. “Beautiful darlin’.”

    “Thank you JR.”

    “Where’s John Ross?”

    “Up stairs taking a nap.”

    “Lucy offered Bobby and I a fantastic deal this afternoon.”


    “Somehow she managed to get a hold of Fischer Oil and Gas. I suppose part of her divorce settlement.”

    “Along with the West Star Ranch.”

    “Shack of a house. Good piece of property but my men tell me Trident has the oil rights.”

    A three way split of Ewing Oil and a hell of a cash infusion to buy John Ross out.”

    “So John Ross won’t own any of Ewing Oil?”

    “No. I’m gonna have him and I set up Ewing Industries. Different investments. Like a conglomerate. That way his money is safe.”

    “And you’re ok with sharing Ewing Oil?”

    “For now.”

    “Miss Ellie comes home at the end of the week. Please JR, lets not have any fighting.”

    “No of course not. I’m going to run Ewing Oil. And, Bobby’s going back into politics.”

    “And Lucy?”

    “I don’t know what she’s gonna to do. She moving back in.”

    “That’ll mane Miss Ellie happy, and Bobby living here too.”

    “I’ve got a surprise for him too. I invited Jenna Wade to dinner end of the week when momma gets home. That’ll be nice.”

    “I don’t think he’s ready for you to play match maker.”

    “And I was thinking about Lucy. Brad Leland. I’m gonna make some calls and invite Brad Leland.”

    Miss Ellie stretches up and kisses Clayton on a sandy beach early in the morning. Water washing up around their ankles. “I’m so glad you and Gary got along.”

    “You sure you’re ready to go home. Spring it on your family.”

    “That were married or that we’re moving into the cottage out back or that I sold you the Southfork Cattle Company?”

    “Any of it.”

    “I wish you could have talked Gary into coming home. I know that would have made Lucy happy.”

    “It would have made you happy. I told him Lucy owns the old Henderson house now. I’m sure she’d love to have him living where so he wouldn’t actually be in the same house as JR. but he’s got no intention of returing to Dallas.”

    “I just hope I did the right thing.”

    “You did. That house means a lot to JR. You’d have eventually left it to him anyway. This way everything’s protected.”

    “Yes. You’re right.”

    “I spoke to Ray this afternoon as well. He’s bought a lot of land going north of Southfork. And a lot of his own cattle. We’re gonna work together and with Lucy’s West Star Ranch. We’ll have quite the operation. Said Bobby’s been appointed to fill a position on the OLM and is talking about running for Governor. And Donna’s been offered a position on the new Trident Corporation’s board by the Fischer family. The fights over Ellie. Really think it is.”

    Miss Ellie stretches up again and hugs him. “I hope so.” She twists her very large diamond ring, looking forlorn.

    JR walks off the elevator looking pleased with himself. He’s cheerful to the secretaries and they comment he’s in a good mood.

    “Why course I am. Everything’s as it should be. Bobby’s gonna be in the Governor’s mansion soon and married to a Wade. I’ve got the prettiest wife in Texas and Ewing Oil is bigger than its ever been.”

    He opens his office door and Lucy looks up from behind his desk. She asks, “You always stroll in this late?”

    (note: while my story would focus on JR, John Ross, Sue Ellen, Lucy and Mickey, I would think concurrently and intertwined there would be a 2nd story line for Bobby, Pam, Christoper, Jenna and Cliff and a 3rd for Miss Ellie, Clayton, Ray, Donna and Jessica)
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    In his office JR pours a drink. “I’ve got to say I was impressed by your maneuver. I didn’t see it coming. Ben Fischer and David Gurion. Good guys to have on your team. And Jeremy Wendell must have left you pretty well off.”

    “Why, because you think grandpa left me nothing?”

    “Well sweetheart, he didn’t.”

    “He left me a lot of fear. My whole life I could what ever I wanted and grandpa would protect me. I say in that room listening to you all dive up his life’s work and I was scared. And not because he didn’t leave me any money.”

    “So Jeremy Wendell would make you safe?”

    “I thought so. But all he wanted was the oil under Southfork. So I called some friends.”

    “Very capable friends.”

    “Very. Seems they don’t have such a bad opinion of you as I would have thought.”

    “So there you were married to an old man intent on using you, a couple of capable, young suitors and not a penny to your name.”

    “Grandma kept saying not to worry. I could stay in at Southfork as long as I wanted. In fact that little cottage out back, that’s mine. In case I can’t bare living with you any longer. She even talked about giving me the cattle business, but what would I know about cattle.”

    “What do you know about oil?”

    “Nothing. I don’t know anything about business at all. Except as Ben said I know how to set people at ease. Make them look the other way. Underestimate me. And I guess that’s a powerful tool in business.”

    “He’s right.”

    “Six months after the reading of the will, Punk Anderson paid me a visit with papers for a trust fund. Grandpa didn’t forget about me, he just didn’t want you or my father to know I was left anything. Ben and David I could trust. And I knew I wanted a share of Ewing Oil. They figured you and Uncle Bobby would burry the company. And you did. Mind you if that Canadian oil comes in.”


    “I did get from Jeremy the West Fork Ranch and a good chuck of his shares in What’s now Trident and a lot of art work. He married me without a prenup thinking he could get his hands on Southfork’s oil. But Grandma took care of that.”

    “You’re on the board of her little foundation.”

    “Not so little if we could get at that oil under Southfork,” Lucy says with a smile.

    “Just what I was thinking.”

    “What’s Ewing Industries?”

    “My own little side business. How’d you arrange to get Bobby back into politics?”

    Lucy laughs out loud. “Another friend is a State Senator. Brandon Wakefield. See I figured as long as he stayed involved in Ewing Oil there’d be a fight. So I got him out.”

    “And you think I’m not going to fight to get rid of you?”

    “I’m not interested in being involved in Ewing Oil. I just wanted what was mine. You run Ewing Oil.” Lucy stands up. “I’ve got other things to occupy my time. You can share with your brother and innocent little niece or instead of Uncle Bobby you’ll fight the Fischer’s and the Gurion’s. I suggest you just worry about Cliff Barnes.”

    “Barnes is gunning for us.”

    “I know he is. Grandpa thought so. That enough for me.”

    “So’s Wendell and now that he’s got Trident . . .”

    “Who says he’s got the Trident Corporation?”

    “It’s a complicated situation. The Fischer’s are large investors. So is Leo Wakefield and Clayton Farlow. And it appears you.”

    “It appears. Now if you don’t mind. I’m going to go shopping. I’m meeting some friends for lunch. And then picking up John Ross from swim camp. Sue Ellen’s busy with foundation work all day.” Lucy makes her way to the door.

    “Thank you for helping with Sue Ellen. Donna told me. I don’t thank many people.”

    “I’ve noticed. Of course. When I found out who set up this mess that ended up hurting Mickey and it wasn’t you, imagine my surprise.”

    “How did Fischer Oil and Gas get her to sell her share of Harwood.”

    “Jeremy blackmailed her. Ben Blackmailed Jeremy for me.”

    “Where is she now?”

    “I heard California. But when she got out there, after selling her house here, she found her money manager skipped town. Left her broke. Completely penniless. Funny isn’t it.” Lucy wrinkles her nose, opens the door and walks out.

    Lucy arrives to pick up John Ross and a speedo clad Peter Richards introduces himself. She’s all smiles, checking him out. “How did he do?”

    “Excellent. He’s a natural,” Peter says.

    John Ross begins to tell her all about diving into the deep end.

    Lucy and John Ross arrives at Southfork, getting out of their car as movers are emptying a truck into the cottage out back. “What’s going on?” She asks Sue Ellen who’s come out to see John Ross.

    “Miss Ellie’s moving into the cottage.”

    “What? Why?”

    “It was news to me too. I don’t know. She’s due back here any minute.”

    “Is Bobby barbecuing?”

    “Yes. Christopher’s here and Ray and Donna are coming over.”

    “And Mickey?”

    “I don’t know.”

    A long black limousine pulls up in the driveway behind them. They turn their attention to it and are excited when Miss Ellie and Clayton step out. Bobby brings Christopher over.

    The family, with Ray and Donna having arrived, begin to gather around the table by the pool when JR shows up. He hugs Miss Ellie, kisses Sue Ellen’s cheek and claps his hands together. “I made it in plenty of time for diner, six sharp.”

    Miss Ellie says, “This is yours and Sue Ellen’s house now JR. You two set the rules you both want. They don’t have to be mine.”

    “No sense of fixing something that ain’t broke momma.”

    “Well I do have an announcement to make. Well a few announcements.” Miss Ellie hesitates. Clayton holds her shoulders. “Clayton and I got married.”

    Everyone but Bobby and JR are ecstatic. They gather around her to hug her and Clayton. Clayton squeezes in and puts her wedding ring back on. Sue Ellen, Donna and Lucy gush over it. Missy Ellie says they’re moving into the cottage out back and Sue Elle and JR should move into her old room.

    Two other cars arrive out back and two people approach. JR speaks up. “I invited guests. Everyone remember Jenna Wade? And Brad Leland, Vaughn’s youngest.”

    Both Bobby and Lucy look at each other, annoyed. JR says, “I know you were a few grades ahead of Lucy but you do remember the prettiest little girl in Dallas don’t you Brad?”

    “Of course I do. Hello Lucy. It’s been sometime. I ran into JR and said I been hearing people talking all about you. You’re appointment to the art museum board.”

    “Oh that’s because I donated a painting.”

    “Not just any painting. A Willem de Kooning, among others. You’re the talk of Dallas.”

    “They’re safer in the museum’s hands then in mine. I had copies made, Sue Ellen’s put up in the living room.”

    “I hope I get to see them at some point.”

    “Of course.”

    “Well we all had better sit down,” Sue Ellen says.

    Miss Ellie says, “I have a bit more news. I offered Gary the Southfork Cattle Company. He turned me down. He’s not returning to Dallas. I’ve given JR the house, the land to the foundation, all but fifty acres I want you to have Bobby, so when you’re ready you can build a place of your own. And I’ve given Lucy the cottage but if you don’t mind, Clayton and I would like to use it.” Miss Ellie pauses and then continues, “As neither Bobby nor JR have shown any interest in the cattle themselves, I’ve sold the cattle business to Clayton. I hope Ray, you and Clayton will be able to work together.”

    “I’m sure we will.” Ray offers his hand to Clayton. “Welcome. I’m running my own place, plus Lucy’s. It’ll be nice to have you here. Mickey, my cousin, he’s suppose to be running the West Star Ranch, but he’s still recuperating from the accident. I’ll introduce you. I could use some help with that as well, if you’re up to it. Ranching’s a bit different here. A lot more heads per acre than West Texas can sustain.”

    “I suppose that’s a good thing,” Clayton says.

    Lucy walks up to the back of Rays place and let’s herself in. “How are you doing, Mickey?”

    Sitting in his wheel chair watching TV, he turns to smile at her. “I’m doin’ fine. Ray’s set up parallel bars in the garage so I can do my work outs here. I’ll be walking in no time.”

    “He said so. Had dinner with him and he said you’ve been out to West Star.”

    “He set up a hoist to get me up in the saddle so I can get back to ranching. At least over seeing as I’m not able to do much of the chores, yet.”

    “I’m glad to see you haven’t given up.”

    “Do I look like a quitter?”

    “No. No you don’t.” Lucy gives him a smile.

    In there room getting ready for bed Sue Ellen says, “I know JR but it’s not like Clayton can get in your way. He’s got a lease with the Foundation at a dollar a year. But that’s just for him, personally, so it’s not like he can sell the cattle business to someone else and we’ve all got to put up with it in our back yard.”

    “What about the oil under Southfork?”

    “Actually, Lucy came to me about that.”

    “Lucy? And?”

    “Apparently she’s been told the board can vote to leave the oil rights. She thinks we should lease them to Ewing Oil.”

    “Does she? And can you do that?”

    “It’s s five person board. Lucy. Miss Ellie. Me. Punk Anderson. And Ben Fischer.”

    “And with you as President.”


    “Well got damn. Ole JR just keeps on winning.” He grabs up Sue Ellen and twirls her around the room.

    JR has lunch at the Cattleman’s Club with Ben. Ben hands him some contacts. “Lucy told me about Ewing Industries. You’ve got an oil field services company.”

    “How’d Lucy know about that?” JR says looking over the contracts.

    “She didn’t. Her friend David did. You’ve signed contracts with Ewing Oil to provide field services. These are the amended contracts. You’re not going to loot Ewing Oil. She also got you this.” He hands JR another contract. “The Emir of Al Buraymi is an old friend of Lucy’s. Went to school here. And as his father died he’s eager to get rid of his father’s retainers. Baker Edwards, your oil field services company, gets the exclusive contract. White Water will provide security and Nasser Shipping will provide the pipe lines and oil tankers. Those are both company’s in which Lucy’s invested, in case you’re wondering.”

    “Well I’ve got to hand it to her. Alright. Question. Who gets to refine the oil?”

    “Trident will refine and market it.” He hands him another contract. “This sells everything Ewing Oil has except the pure play operations to Trident.”

    “Now why would I do that?”

    “Shares of Trident. If you’re going to make a play to get on the board you’ll need a position from which to operate. What you’re offering the board won’t dare turn down. Wendell will have to accept you.”

    “And what do you get out of this?”

    “We’re gonna loot Trident until it’s nothing but refineries and gas stations. So, to answer your question, a lot of cash.”

    “And Wendell?”

    “He’ll be side lined. I also want to get your assurance you’ll stay away from Wentworth Industries.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “The Corporation is headed for some difficult times. I have sone friends, including Lucy, who will be picking it apart piece by piece. We’ll gladly count you in when the time comes. If you’d like.”

    “My concern is for Barnes Wentworth Oil. They have a tendency to get in my way.”

    “Well, let me know if I can help with that. They’ve got some under utilized assets I’d love to see in the right hands.”

    Lucy is in bed with Peter in a hotel room, laughing and enjoying her conquest.

    JR meets with McSween in the back of his limousine. “What da ya have for me?”

    “Benjamin Isidore Fischer the third. You know about Dreyfus-Fischer.”

    “The financial conglomerate. It’s a giant. What else?”

    He hands JR a folder. “This guy is after Wentworth Tool and Die in particular. Drilling technology they’re sitting on. In fact I’m not so sure Rebecca Wentworth’s death was an accident after all.”

    “You think he did it?”

    “I don’t know. But what he’s after, it’s worth killing for.”

    “And my idea to go public?”

    “He’s aware you’re looking into taking Ewing Oil public and keeping ten perfect each for you, Bobby and Lucy.”

    “And that’s it?”

    “What else would there be?”

    “My shares will be class B shares. So, while we’ll have equal ownership their one share, one vote won’t match my multiple votes per share and I’ll control Ewing Oil.”

    “I’ll see what I can find out about what he knows.”

    “And Brad Leland?”

    He hands JR another folder. “His trust fund contains shares of the Cattleman’s Bank, of which, as of Monday, Dreyfus-Fischer is the single largest shareholder. And it contains shares of Trident.”

    “Good. I’ll make sure that young man is around a lot. And Clayton Farlow?”

    “The shares he has in Trident are actually owned by a trust fund he set up for his sister and dusty. Clayton has maybe five million of his own money in Trident. The rest is in that trust.”

    “What do we know about his sister?”

    He hands JR the last file. “Lady Montford. An interesting woman. Lives in England. The widow of the Earl Montford.”

    “I should invite her to South Fork to wish her brother and new sister-in-law every happiness.”

    JR hands Brad a drink in the Southfork living room before dinner and Sue Ellen a club soda, asking after the preparations for the Oil Barons Ball.

    Lucy arrives with bags in hands from a shopping spree. “I’ll run these up stairs and be right back.”

    JR asks how’s Bobby’s campaign going while handing Jenna a drink.

    Miss Ellie comes in from the back. “What have you done JR!” Clayton standing behind her. “You’ve got everything you ever wanted and still you want more!”

    Bobby asks, “What’s wrong momma.”

    “JR’s drilling on Southfork! He got Sue Ellen to agree to the foundation leasing the oil rights.”

    “I knew I couldn’t trust you! Back at it again JR!”

    “Now just wait a minute Bob.”

    “No you wait a minute.”

    Donna and Ray walk in. Donna asks, “What’s going on?”

    Miss Ellie says, “JR’s drilling on Southfork. Clayton and I saw the Wells when we were out riding.”

    “Those are on Lucy’s property,” Ray says. “Right up near the property line. But that’s West Star not Southfork.”

    “Are you sure?”


    “Does Lucy know?”

    “Yes I do Grandma.” Lucy says walking into the living room. “I sold the leases. Jeremy and I finally settled on who owns the mineral rights. It was either they’re mine or I get a share of the Wendell Group which he set up while we were married. It’s all simple.”

    “I’m sorry JR. I just though . . .”

    “Well grandma as you brought it up, Ewing Oil is able to get at much of Southfork’s Oil from my property so the Foundation board agreed to a lease as well. We had a quorum with me and Sue Ellen and Ben. We also need to look at expanding drilling.”

    “Not on Southfork,” Miss Ellie says.

    “I’m sorry Grandma but the responsibility of the foundation is to care for the needs of the people of Texas. That’s how you set it up. How do we do that and ignore billions of dollars just sitting underground?”

    “I promised my father there would never be any drilling on Southfork.”

    “And there won’t be momma,” Bobby assures her.

    “Well Uncle Bobby a majority of the Foundation favors leading oil rights to Ewing Oil. And a majority of Ewing Oils owners favor buying those leases. So how do you prose to prevent it.”

    “Do you know what you’re doing Lucy?”

    “Releasing a fortune in cash sitting underground to help people send their kids to better schools, find a cure for cancer, shelter the homeless. Do you know what you’re doing by leaving that oil down there?”

    “I don’t know,” Miss Ellie says.

    Jenna speaks up, “I know it’s none of my business but Lucy’s right. How can this family just ignore all the good this can do for people who are truly in need?”

    Miss Ellie looks at Donna. Donna says, “Just think on it Miss Ellie. Nothings happening right now. Think on it.”

    Miss Ellie shakes her head and walks out. Clayton points at JR, “Don’t you dare touch a think until she’s had time.” He follows Miss Ellie.

    Bobby announces, “I’ve lost my appetite,” and leaves. Jenna follows.

    Donna asks Lucy, “You sure you want in the middle of this?”

    “Grandma set up the Foundation and walked away. You come down to the office and look at the need, then you answer that question.”

    Brad says, “I think it’s remarkable. The Ewing Family Foundation becomes one of the nation’s largest endowments for the arts and humanities. What better legacy to leave behind than that.”

    Late, after dinner Lucy brushes her horse when Bobby approaches her in the stables. “I know I’ve been busy, but I’m worried about you.”

    With out looking at him she says, “Why’s that?”

    “You married a man you don’t love. You’ve made a deal with JR. Now you’ve agreed to drill for oil on Southfork.”

    “I married a man to replace grandpa. I was wrong. Jeremy Wendell’s not like grandpa. He married me so he could get a hold of the oil under Southfork. But I managed to fix things all on my own. As for JR, my friends put that together for me. I realized that grandpa had friends he could count on. Like Punk Anderson. And he would cut loose any friend or family that was dragging him down. Like his brother and Digger Barnes. So I went out and found my friends. Ben Fischer put that real together for me.” Then turning and looking him in the eye, looking up like a small determined child, “As for Southfork’s oil, I meant what I said. How could we leave that underground when it could do so much good. We can protect the land and pump up the oil. I told JR, Mickey would have to sign off on any site on my property and Southfork.”

    “Are you sure you can trust Ben Fischer?”

    “With my life. And David Gurion. Care to know what he told me about your business dealings? He also told me about this book cooking scheme at Wentworth Industries. The Feds are going to tear the company apart. My friends and I are biding on the pieces when the time comes. And I bad person for taking advantage of that too? Is JR a bad person because Cliff Barnes keeps over bidding on oil leases just to win over Ewing Oil?”

    “You do t know what JR’s capable of.”

    “No. I of all people know what he’s capable of when he wants something. You’re the one underestimating me. I had to grow up Uncle Bobby. See, what I found out was no one was gonna replace Grandpa for me. No one.”
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    The Ewing’s all meet up in the front of the Four Seasons before going into the lobby together. Camera crews snapping pictures and reporters shouting. “Mr. Ewing. Do you have any comment on the Wentworth Industries scandal.? Your x-wife and her family are being investigated. Do you know anything? You’re running on a campaign to combat corruption and yet another scandal plagues your family. Mr. Ewing, care to comment? Mr. Ewing!”

    In the lobby Miss Ellie says, “That’s ridiculous. His is Bobby suppose to know about his x-wife’s late mother’s business?”

    “They’re just looking for any sound bite momma,” Bobby tells her.

    Jenna asks, “Are you alright?”

    “Yes I’m fine. Let’s go in.”

    Around the Ewing table Miss Ellie and Clayton, JR and Sue Ellen, Bobby and Jenna and Lucy and Brad Leland gather.

    Donna comes over to say hi and Miss Ellie asks where she’s sitting. “At the Governor’s table,” she answers.

    They look over toward the Governor’s table and notice the Barnes table. JR asks, “Why is Jeremy Wendell with Katherine Wentworth?”

    Lucy answers, “He’s probably looking for her help to pick up some of the pieces of Wentworth Industries.”

    “Those are two people to keep an eye on.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Isn’t that John Ross’s swim coach with that woman?”

    JR says, “That woman is Marjorie Wakefield. She’s a large shareholder in Trident. I’ve been hearing rumors that Cliff Barnes is looking to sell to Trident. You ask me they’re getting a bit chummy over there.”

    “No busy talk JR,” Miss Ellie admonishes.

    Sue Ellen takes the podium. “Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. We have a wonderful meal and dancing and some announcements. To start with the Independent Oilman’s Association and the Ewing Family Foundation would like to announce a joint effort to protect the land around Dallas. As most of you already know the foundation owns and protects the Southfork Ranch. Any drilling on this land will be limited and controlled to first and foremost protect the land. We invite you to consider joining us in protecting these vast swaths of land. There is legislation being considered to buy development rights and we encourage you to support it. Now as for tonight. Reverend Howard, will you do the honors?”

    Lucy dances with Brad. He asks, “Why do you keep looking over there? Isn’t because she so much older than him?”

    “What? No. I don’t care about that. I’m just curious why Peter Richards is at the Barnes table. I can’t believe it’s a coincidence.”

    “What are you now interested in business?”

    “Just people who could hurt my family. He’s John Ross’s swim coach.”

    “Well he’s hardly likely to have information to aid the enemy.” Brad chuckles. “You know as well as I do why they’re together.”

    Looking over at Bobby and Jenna dance. “Can you believe he just forgave her? What kinda bitch raises a man’s child and doesn’t bother to tell him the child even exists?”

    “How old is Charlie?”

    “Too old to just now being told who here really dad is. How much you wantta bet now that she’s got her claws in Uncle Bobby she ends up pregnant quick?”

    “You really don’t like her.”

    “I don’t like gold diggers. I also wantta know more about this guy who she was married to.”

    “You are so cute, you know it?”

    “Of course I know it. What I don’t know is what she’s up to. And Uncle Bobby’s got an election to worry about. And Christopher.”

    “What about Christoper?”

    “Well Aunt Pam means we’ll I suppose but Christopher’s going to grow up to regret being raised off Southfork.”

    “You think so?”

    “I know so. First things first. Is Charlie really his daughter?”

    “You’re going to stir up trouble. Just leave it alone.”

    “Speaking of trouble. Does your family really hate mine?”

    “We lost control of Cattleman’s Bank, moved to Houston, nearly bankrupted us over that Asian offshore oil deal.”

    “But your granddad went to work for Gulf Bank and Trust which bought Cattleman’s Bank with my grandpa’s help so I’d think we’re good.”

    “Not so much with JR. Though I see JR likes the Wade family. How’s he feel about the Leland’s?”

    “Hasn’t said anything to me. He does have a think for those old ranching families, no matter how much a failure they’ve been. Your family was in ranching.”

    “We were. Cousins still are, here near Dallas. The Cavanaugh's. And down near Houston. The Chapmans. Jock did help us out. No denying that. Then Dreyfus Fischer came in and bought up Gulf Bank along with Cattleman’s. My grandpa . . .”


    “Yes. Retired as a Vice President with Dreyfus Fischer. My dads on the board. Ben Fischer helped a lot too.”

    “Oh Ben’s dad. Yeah not bad people.”

    “With lots of New York City finance connections.”


    “Surprised they sold Fischer Oil and Gas to you.”

    “Well I can be charming when I want to.”

    “Oh I’m sure you can. I bet you’d charm my family into forgetting about JR.”

    “I’m sure I could. Now how do I get Bobby to forget about Jenna Wade?”

    “You really want Pam back at Southfork?”

    “Aunt Pam and Sue Ellen I deal with. Jenna Wade. Well JR likes her, so I don’t. I mean who does she think she is?”

    The family starts gathering around the pool one warm autumn afternoon. John Ross, Christoper and Charlie play in the pool. Miss Ellie and Clayton have lunch, watching everyone.

    JR and Sue Ellen come out of the house together.

    Ray, Donna and Mickey walk up from the driveway. Mickey uses a cane. Lucy sunbathing looks up at him over her sunglasses and smiles. Ray sits with Clayton talking cattle. Donna talks politics with Bobby.

    Jenna asks for everyone’s attention. “Thank you. I know this isn’t ideal timing and maybe I should have told Bobby first, but. Well. It’s just I’m. I’m pregnant.”

    Bobby seems taken back. JR is thrilled. The kids get out of the pool. Charlie hugs her mom and pulls is Christopher. Bobby comes out if it and joins the family hug. JR says we need to have a toast.

    With all the excitement Lucy approaches Jenna. “I’m not sure. You’re not being married. Am I suppose to congratulate you.”

    “It’s ok Lucy. Bobby and I need to discuss things.”

    “Should have done that already. But then this and Charlie sort of cement you in the family I suppose.”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Good for you. I mean the Wade’s are broke. And your x, Marchetta, he’s broke. Oh he is your x isn’t he?”


    “You’re sure this isn’t his child?”


    “Don’t you get tired of gold digging?”

    “Something coming from you.”

    “Oh no. You and are are very different.”

    “How’s that, Lucy?”

    “I’m a Ewing. You’re trash from down the road.”

    Jenna lunges at her and they fall into the pool.

    Mickey jumps in and pulls Lucy away from Jenna. Bobby jumps in and helps Jenna out. Then as Lucy is getting out he confronts her. “I don’t know what’s got into you Lucy, but . . .”

    Mickey stands between them. “I don’t care what Lucy’s said or done. You better back up old man!”

    Bobby goes to square off and Sue Ellen yells, “That’s enough! This is my house now and I’m not having any of this. Bobby take Jenna to her place and dry off. And watch your temper. And Lucy. Get in the house. And watch your mouth.”

    Bobby walks Jenna to the car. Miss Ellie says she’ll keep an eye on Charlie and Christoper.

    Lucy walks into the house with Mickey saying, “She can’t tell me what to do. I’m a grown woman. No one but grandpa ever told me what to do. And Sue Ellen isn’t about to start now.”

    Miss Ellie asks Clayton what just happened. Clayton says, “I think Sue Ellen just came into her own.”

    JR says to John Ross with a laugh, “What a woman.”

    JR hugs Sue Elle from behind as she talks to Teresa about the week’s meals. “Wentworth Industries is gone and I snapped up Wentworth Tool and Die for Ewing Industries.”

    Turning around in JR’s arms. “I take it this is a good thing?”

    “Without Wentworth to back Barnes its only a matter of time until he’s out of the oil business.”

    “JR . . .”

    “He’s over paying for every oil lease he gets. Every time I turn around he’s beating out Ewing Oil. I’m I just suppose to feel bad for the guy and let him win?”


    “He’s over his head. He’s been here before and he never learns. This isn’t my fault. His daddy had a nose for oil and he’s still holding onto a grudge because Digger couldn’t do anything else. Even Rebecca knew when to cut her losses and run from the man. But Cliff just won’t give up. He ends up back to trying to kill himself, it’s not my fault darlin’. What am I suppose to do?”

    “I don’t know JR. Just promise me you’re not behind this mess with Wentworth Industries and Cliff’s over buds.”

    “I swear on family’s life Sue Ellen, I’m just picking up the pieces. I got nothing to do with this causing this mess for Barnes.” JR kisses her.

    Lucy watches a polo game with Ben. He says, “Your uncle won the bid for Wentworth Tool and Die.”

    “Really? I thought your family and friends were after it.”

    “We got the technology we needed. JR won’t have a monopoly on the Wentworth Drilling Process.”

    “I would have thought you new what to bid to outbid everyone.”

    “We did. So did JR. So we stepped back and watch him. That process got Rebecca Wentworth killed. It also lead to someone setting up a book cooking scheme to dismantle the company. That attention’s about to be on JR.”

    “And the Ewing’s.”

    “That’s why you need to speak to your uncle about working with David to take security to the next level.”

    Bobby comes storming in the back of Southfork as the family gathers for cocktails. “You’re behind thus JR! Aren’t you?”

    “What are you talking about Bob?”

    “Wentworth Industries And you just manage to end up with most valuable piece! Now the banks have seized Barnes Wentworth. How much you wants bet you’ll end up with several of those pieces?”

    “I’m just putting in bids Bob. I got nothing to do with their sheer stupidity of them running Herbert Wentworth’s life’s work into the ground.”

    “I don’t believe you for one second.”

    “I do,” Lucy says. “Both Ben and David told me JR had nothing to do with the book cooking scandal. They hired people who were looting them. And of course they did. What do they know about business. Nothing more than I do.”

    “And you don’t think JR took advantage of that?”

    “No I don’t. Because they told me someone else did. I don’t know who this someone else is but I know they also killed Rebecca Wentworth. And probably Herbert Wentworth.”


    JR says, “I spoke with David Gurion. He’s upping security at Southfork.”

    Bobby says, “What are you up to JR?”

    “Listen to me carefully Bobby. Not everything in this world is my doing.”

    “And you listen carefully to me, JR. I’m not agreeing to you taking Ewing Oil public until I’m certain you’re not behind any of this.”

    “I’ve already got the ball rolling on the IPO. You want me to pull the plug now and look foolish?”

    “I don’t care what you look like. Until I’m sure you’re not up to your chin in this.”

    Lucy says, “But I’m sure. So you don’t have the votes to stop anything. We’re going ahead.”

    “I’ve asked around about you and the Fischers. Seems you’re drowning in debt. Kinda like Cliff Barnes.”

    “Except I can pay my debts.”

    “As long as you go along with whatever scheme JR puts together.”

    “I told you I’m confident JR isn’t behind any scheme.”

    “And the Fischer family just made you loans backed up with nothing but what ever you managed to pry from Jeremy Wendell.”

    “Oh right because grandpa left everyone but me something. The truth is he did leave money, money I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone about because he was afraid JR or my mouth would hold their hand out. If you don’t believe me ask Punk Anderson. And Ben Fischer’s been consulting on the IPO. We each keep ten percent in class B shares. When all’s done he’s confident our ten percent will be worth considerably more that our third is now and we’ll be sitting on a pile of cash.”

    “You put a lot of trust in these friends of yours.”

    “He also suggested the name change to The EO Corporation and focusing on exploration and mining. JR’s in the process of selling everything else. What’s he call it, horizontal integration?”

    Bobby looks at here, “I’ve been where you’re at, learning just enough to talk the talk. Only to find out JR was working behind the scenes to manipulate me.”

    “We’ll see that’s how we’re different. JR doesn’t need to manipulate me. I don’t want to run Ewing Oil. I’m just interested in the money. The IPO stands. And JR, you better hope you make me the money you’ve promised. Because I’m not as forgiving as Uncle Bobby.” Lucy walks out of the room.

    JR walks into the board room of Trident, welcomed by Jeremy. “Glad you could make it. I was just explaining how I managed to grab up forty percent of Ewing Oil.”

    Cliff leans back in his chair to watch, sitting next to Ben.

    Wendell Continues, “You know Cliff Barnes. We recently bought him out of Barnes Wentworth.”

    “Welcome JR.”

    “I heard,” JR says. “We’ve all heard. It’s doing a number on your share price I’m told.”

    “Temporary position. Cliff’s got some great undeveloped assets.”

    “Assets you can’t get at without the Wentworth Drilling Process.”

    “Which Ewing Oil owns.”

    “No. Which Ewing Industries owns. That announcement right now has your shares in a free fall. But don’t worry. Ewing Oil has come into a large chunk of cash, thanks to you, so we’re buying. I’m told so is Dreyfus Fischer and the Sovereign Fund of Al Buraymi. I’d like to talk to the board about a merger of Trident’s Chemical Division with EAB Chemical if you don’t mind Jeremy. A fifty, fifty joint venture. And some plays I’d like Ewing Oil to buy from Trident. Of and the cost of the Wentworth Drilling Process.” Standing behind the head of the table JR finishes with, “Oh and removing you and Cliff Barnes from this board.”
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    one of them high rises down in Venezuela
    now, this would have been spectacular!
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    Jan 2012
    Thank you.
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    As a reminder my story is only the changes with JR and Lucy. The rest remains some what the same:

    At the Oil Baron's Ball, neither Bobby nor Pam are pleased to see each other with their respective dates. Later in the ladies room, there is a confrontation between Pam and Jenna with Katherine fueling the attack. Cliff is made Oil Man of the Year and on his way up to collect the award he tells J.R. that he plans to tell the true story about Jock Ewing and Digger Barnes. J.R. starts to rise from his seat. Cliff announces on the podium at the Oil Baron's Ball that Digger deserved the acclaim that Jock has received as it was he that found the oil that the Ewings have been taking from the ground since. When Cliff steps down, an all-out fight starts with fists and food flying and Bobby, Mark, Ray, J.R., Cliff and Peter all participating. Jenna treats Bobby's wounds and they stay the entire night together, but do not have sex.

    The Barnes story changes as JR wipes them out in his bid for ultramate victory sending Cliff and Pamema on a different course. But much remains the same such as:

    Pam is annoyed when she discovers that Bobby, Jenna, Christopher and Charlie spent the day together.

    And the Rodeo.

    And the annual Ewing barbecue, Pam tells Miss Ellie she still loves Bobby. Mark and Bobby call a tenuous truce.
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    Lucy rides her horse across the ranch, racing Brad. They come to a creek and let the horses drink. Petty her horse Lucy says, “I’m going to New York for a few days. Shopping. To celebrate Trident’s all time high. JR put together some very lucrative deals and Wall Street responded.”

    “You spend too much time with business deals. How many hours a day you spend reading reports?”

    “How else and I going to learn?”

    “That’s the point. You don’t need to learn business.”

    “So that I end up like Aunt Pam? No thank you.”

    “No. So you enjoy life. Lets take a trip somewhere.”

    “Now? No. There’s too much going on. JR put the Wentworth Drilling Process in place this week. We’re talking about a massive drop in the price of oil if this works.”

    “And why would JR want that?”

    “Even though the price would be low, his cost would be lower than anyone else. Profits. That’s what matters. Profits.”

    “Lucy. You’re a beautiful young girl. Why worry yourself about profits. Let’s go away and enjoy life.”

    “Because my grandpa’s no longer around to take care of me.”

    “Then let me take care of you.”

    Lucy laughs, “Your family was bankrupt if not for Jock Ewing.”

    “Because of JR Ewing.”

    “I don’t care why. You expect me to rely on you and your family, don’t give me why’s.”

    “Ben Fischer. You trust him.”

    “I trust you. I’m just not going to rely on you. Or Ben for that matter. No. I’m going to rely on me. Like my grandpa did. He had great friends he could trust, but he relied on himself.”

    “I hear he betrayed Digger Barns. Stool his oil and his girl.”

    “You’ve heard wrong.”

    Muriel Gillis and some friends walk into a hole in the wall bar. Ray, Bobby, Clayton, Mickey and some ranch hands are there. Mickey says, “Muriel?”

    “Mickey.” She hugs him. Boy it’s been awhile. You’re looking good.”

    “Lucy not with you?”

    “Lucy hasn’t been out with us in forever. She’s busy with business. I don’t know exactly what she does but she’s busy doing it.”

    “I think she’s seeing Brad Leland.”

    “Really? I thought she was seeing that guy at the county club. The swimming coach.” Muriel laughs. “Well what ever she’s up to, she’s been busy. And you?”

    “Working with Clayton and Uncle Ray, ranching.”

    Rubbing his shoulder, “It’s doing you good.”

    Mickey joins the younger patrons in line dancing, paying particular attention to Muriel.

    Ray says to Clayton and Bobby, “Its good to see him getting back to living. That Muriel is a nice young lady.”

    Sue Ellen and JR cone out to the pool for breakfast. Eventually Lucy and John Ross join them before Miss Ellie and Clayton come up from the cottage. JR reads the Wall Street Journal, obviously very pleased. Clayton says, “You look pleased with yourself.”

    “Shouldn’t I be? Ewing Oil is bigger than its ever been, and with a large share of a super major. And Ewing Industries is all mine, mine and John Ross’s. And I’m married to the prettiest woman in Texas. And Southfork is mine. Just mine. So yes Clayton, even your presence can’t dampen my spirits.”

    “JR,” Miss Ellie admonishes.

    “It’s ok Ellie. That might be the nicest thing JR’s ever said to me.”

    Miss Ellie looks at Sue Ellen. “I heard a lot of good things about what you’re doing, Sue Ellen. Mavis Anderson couldn’t stop raving about the foundation’s work with Children’s hospital.”

    “I promise you Miss Ellie, the money from Southfork’s oil will be put to good use.”

    “I think even my father might agree. Anyway, Clayton and I are going to Europe before the holidays, now that the election is over.”

    “That sounds like a good idea momma. Enjoy yourself. We’ve got everything at hand here. Bobby’s off to Washington with Jenna. There’ll be a wedding and a new baby.”

    Miss Ellie asks Sue Ellen, “Have you spoken to Pam?”

    “Briefly. She’s not totally broke but pretty close. She’s worried about Katherine and Cliff. And Mark’s health. Bobby’s got Christoper in Washington with him. I can’t imagine what she’s going through.”

    JR says, “The Barnes’s never had any money in the first place. This shouldn’t be too difficult of an adjustment.”

    “Oh JR,” Miss Ellie

    In his office of Ewing Industries, JR meets with David and says, “Thank you for your research on what my father was doing in Venezuela.”

    “Like I said the CIA took care of everything. Still they weren’t able to over through the government. Your father had some important friends in Venezuela from before nationalization. Now things are worse with their owning American refineries and gas stations. And they’re still a part of OPEC.”

    “So what you’re saying is my father lost his life and we’re in no better place than we were.”

    “I’m afraid so.”

    “The Wakefield’s?”

    “Brandon’s the state party chair, behind getting your brother back into politics. His father, Leo, and his aunt, Majorie, are large Trident shareholders. Ben Fischer’s Working with them. Leo’s of course on the board.”

    “Yes I meet with him.”

    “He’s the front man for the fraction within OPEC who intends to keep the Wentworth Drilling Process shelved and Venezuela in OPEC. They call themselves Al Hama. Or the protectors. In the past they’ve hired the Nizari.”

    “What’s are the Nizari?”

    “They’re contract killers.”

    “They also intend on Al Buraymi to return to OPEC and to remove all foreign companies from the emirate, which would include Baker Ewing Field Services and Ewing Oil.”

    Lucy walks out of the back of Southfork to find Peter and John Ross walking out of the pool. Lucy checks out Peter in his speedo. “What are you doing here?”

    “JR thought it was better if we continued the lessons here. He’s concerned about John Ross’s safety.”

    “Oh yes. I suppose he’s right. Well, you plan on staying for lunch I assume.”

    “I hadn’t planned on it.”

    “We do. Right John Ross?”

    “Oh yes Peter. Please stay for lunch. Please.”

    A man takes pictures at a distance of Cliff and Jeremy meeting with Leo Wakefield on a yacht.

    Sly says to JR, “I don’t like feeding Cliff phony information.”

    “He set himself up, trying to use you to spy on me. It’s only right he get bit in the butt.”

    “But JR.”

    “No buts. Just make sure he believes I’m working on these off shore bids.”

    JR is seen to his table at the Cattleman’s Club. On the way he says to Jordan Lee and others of the Cartel. “Well look it. The gangs all here.”

    “Well JR,” Jordan says. “We were just discussing you. Now that Ewing Oil’s gone public and Barnes Wentworth is part of Trident, we’re looking for new blood.”

    “Well you all keep ole JR in mind if any of you want to be selling. I’ll make you a good offer. Either through Ewing Oil or Trident you hear gentleman. And Marilee.”

    JR walks away and Jordan says, “Barnes Wendell. If there’s anybody that can take on JR Ewing it’s Jeremy Wendell.”

    Marilee says, “I heard with their shares up in Trident they’re both selling to infuse Barnes Wendell with enough cash to get going.“

    “He’s going after some big off shore deals.”

    “I still say JR set up those deals for Cliff Barnes.”

    “Well Jeremy won’t fall for any such thing. You can bet on it.”

    “But Jeremy Wendell in the Cartel. Are we sure?”

    “Did you hear he remarried?”


    “Some woman he was seeing before he married Lucy Ewing.“

    JR changes in his room, Miss Ellie’s old room, before dinner. Sue Ellen says, “You’re home early.”

    “Everything is running like clock work.”

    “JR, I need to tell you something.”

    “What is it?”

    “We haven’t had the smoothest of marriages but you do know I love you?”

    “As much as you know I love you Sue Ellen.”

    “Then we are in trouble.”

    “Sue Ellen, what is it?”

    “JR I want to be honest with you. You know why I married you. The first time.”

    “We’re not talking love now are we?”

    “Did you love me?”

    “No Sue Ellen. No I didn’t.”

    Sue Ellen cries into her hands. JR sits on the bed bed next to her and comforts her. “But the second time, Sue Ellen I married you the second time because I love you. Somewhere in all this mess I got to know you and I fell in love with you. I swear to you I’ve been faithful. It ain’t my head hasn’t been turned. But I don’t want to hurt you.” She balls deeper. “You’re still the prettiest woman I ever laid eyes on, but you’re more Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen.”

    “I’m pregnant JR.”

    “Oh darlin’ that’s wonderful news. Isn’t it. We can fill this house with kids. Just like my daddy did. Oh Sue Ellen, that ain’t nothing to cry over . . . Unless . . . Unless you don’t want to have my children.”

    “Of course I do. But I’m scared. I’m so scared JR that we can’t make this work.”

    He holds her as she cries.

    Downstairs the family gathers in the living room in hushed silence listening to Ray, Clayton and Mickey coming in from the back. When they step into site the room full of family and guests yell, “ Surprise!” Miss Ellie approaches her husband and says, “Happy birthday, Clayton.”

    Then from the shadows a woman appears and says, “Happy birthday , brother.”

    Clayton looks shocked. “Jessica.”

    As the party mingles Brad taps a spoon against his glass asking for attention. “Thank you. Lucy and I wanted to make an announcement.” He takes out a jewelry box from his pocket and reveals a nearly thirty carat, pear cut solitaire ring. “Lucy has agreed to marry me.” As he places the ring on her finger the room erupts in awe.

    Mickey leaves the room. Muriel notices and follows him. Lucy watches them both.

    JR meets with Peter, walking out of the court house. “Now I can make all this go away but I’m gonna need you to go away.”

    “But I didn’t do anything. Those drugs were planted in me.”

    “You really want to take that risk?”

    “What do you mean? With a trial?”

    “That’s exactly what I mean. I just want you out of Lucy’s life. She’s got a fine fiancé. She don’t need you around spoiling things. So you go get in that car. Directions in the seat. It’ll take you out of here and I’ll take care of this mess.”

    Peter gets in the car.

    Peter gets off a plane and is arrested by the police in Mexico. They find a large amount of cocaine on him.

    Cliff and Jeremy argue that they must have been set up by JR. Cliff says this is it, he’ll never come back from this. JR’s ruined him.

    Lucy comes stomping into the living room. “What have you done JR!”

    “What’s gotten into you, Lucy.”

    “You know what I’m talking about! Peter Richards! You set him up! He’s in a Mexican prison you son of a bitch! And I sent David down to bring him back!”

    Sue Elle listens at the top of the stairs.”

    “He’s not coming back here you hear me little girl! I know all about you’re screwing around with him behind Brad’s back! I did this for your own good!”

    “Bull! You did it to get the Leland’s in the family! After you destroyed them and grandpa had to help them out!”

    “You better check your facts little missy. Your grandpa wasn’t the only one helping them out. I was also gettin them back in their feet.”

    “Don’t think I’m gonna buy your do gooder act. What about Cliff Barnes? You set up Cliff and now he’s totally broke. Pam ran over there. She’s worried about him.”

    Sue Ellen starts to run down the stairs, “You promised me JR.” She trips and rolls all the way down.

    JR and Lucy run in to find her unconscious.

    Jeremy Wendell sits in his office with the Cartel turning down his loan request. The door opens as his secretary attempts to stop a very beautiful woman from entering.

    “Who are you?” Marilee asks.

    “I’m Jeremy’s wife,” she says with an aristocratic, British accent, holding out her hand more as if to kissed than to shake.
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    Introduce Lady Gloria Stratham, the widow of the Earl of Derbyshire and Jeremy Wendell’s 1st and soon to be 4th wife. She is also the baby sister of Punk Anderson.


    Lord Hugh Statham (Lucy’s age), Gloria’s son and his father’s heir to a British estate which includes North Sea oil shares.

    Jessica is changed to be just Clayton’s sister, her role in the British aristocracy is used with Gloria.


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    Barnes Wendell finally strikes oil on its offshore tract while Cliff drinks himself to death at home, passing out.

    Pamela and Katherine get into a cat fight in Rebecca’s house, a fight to the death.

    Donna tells Ray she’s pregnant.
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    The Ewing’s head up stairs after dinner, first Bobby and a very pregnant Jenna with the kids, Charlie, Christopher and John Ross.

    Lucy says good night to Brandon at the front door and walks up stairs next.

    Then Sue Ellen takes JR’s arm and they head up last.

    From the night sky Southfork is quite. Light from the windows in the house go off one by one. The barn is lit up. Mickey is cleaning out a stall.

    Suddenly an explosion out of the back of house erupts lighting up the night sky and engulfing the house in flames.

    Season finale . . .
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    I’d love any feedback on this idea. Obviously it can’t happen but while Dallas was rated # 1 that season and 2 the next, I feel changes such as these would have kept it from a fall by the 9th season and could have avoided the dream season. The idea was the fight between Bobby and JR had played itself out by the reading of Jicks will. If they continued it of course ratings would slump. And abruptly ending it spending multiple expisides in the depression following Bobby’s death wasn’t going to work either. Spending a year putting JR on time, turning him into smoother and darker version of Jock and Lucy into a female version of JR would get the show back to its roots. At the same time introducing a character like Alexis would attract global attention, especially with a name like Elizabeth Taylor. Any way it’s just my ramblings, we will never know. Thank you for reading.
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    Yes! This could open up a whole new set of storylines. And I like your casting Elizabeth Taylor.
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    New characters introduced.

    A game changing fire.

    JR on top, but against very dangerous people.

    Lucy coming into her own.

    The Barnes’s broke.

    Bobby with a new family.

    Wendell inched his way back up.


    JR has to man up, live up to Jock’s legacy. What happens if he fears truly loosing Sue Ellen? Or John Ross? Or Both? Could having everything he ever wanted be the biggest nightmare of them all?

    Lucy torn between Mickey (who will again be her protector) and Pam (a true friend in need) verses Brad (the boy from the right side of the tracks) and JR (who offers her the security of power she so desperately craves).

    Bobby torn between Pam who he loves and this new family with Jenna, between D.C. and Dallas, between fighting the bad guys with JR and being tired of fighting.
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    one of them high rises down in Venezuela
    just when I thought this couldn't get any better... Muriel appears, and she's after Mickey!
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    Lol. Thank you. Yes I figured a little competition could do Lucy some good.
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