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Emmerdale ITV3 reruns from 21st January 2019!

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by emm1978, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. emm1978

    emm1978 Soap Chat Active Member

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    ITV3 has announced reruns of Emmerdale from 21st January 2019, Monday to Friday at 1.45 & 2.15pm.

    They begin with episode 1403 (14th November 1989) when FARM was dropped from the title.
  2. SantaCarrintonEwingsBells

    SantaCarrintonEwingsBells Soap Chat Addict

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    22nd June 2010
    Been watching the early 1990s episodes of Emmerdale, and I love it!

    I’m almost dreading 1994 because that’s when Emmerdale changed, not because of the Plane Crash, (though it is a contributing factor as to why so many cast members left the show in such quick succession) but we lost some great characters that year, ones who could have been in the show for years, and they were replaced by the overrated Dingles (Charity, Cain and Lisa are the only ones I like and now we have lost Lisa) and the depressing Glover’s, thankfully they’d all be gone by the early 00s.

    The 1972-1994 era will always be a golden age for the show
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  3. Canon

    Canon Soap Chat Fan

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    Apr 8, 2004
    Yes, I've been really enjoying these episodes. I've now a whole new appreciation for this early 90s period, the show was slowly becoming more soapy while still maintaining its rural feel. It was the perfect balance.

    I'm looking forward to the early Dingle stuff. Sandra Gough's Nellie and Jacqueline Chadwick's Tina are I think two of the show's greatest female characters. Tina's whole stint on the show is near perfect.

    I really liked Dave 'overtime' Glover. I'd imagine Linda could be a bit annoying this time around but I was quite sad by what happened to her back then.

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