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EastEnders is the show being irresponsible in saying if you look like Michelle, you can get a man like Preston?

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by Cookiescholes, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Cookiescholes

    Cookiescholes Soap Chat Active Member

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    Let's be honest aside from the legality issues of their relationship, Michelle aint no stunner. Do you think this is going to give the plain people unrealistic expectations?
  2. SantaCarrintonEwingsBells

    SantaCarrintonEwingsBells Soap Chat Addict

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    22nd June 2010
    Why not? Not every relationship is formed on solely on looks and if a relationship is based solely on that then there is something wrong with said relationship, If the human race thought like that we as a species would've died out eons ago.

    Also not so many years ago Darren Miller procreated a child with Heather, and Michelle Fowler is attractive in a certain way.
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