If FC aired today.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Gioberti84, Aug 12, 2018.

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    If Falcon Crest aired today a fan has made opening credits, of what he thinks they could like. I hope you enjoy -

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    A certain Mr. Brosnan there, just for the added dose of Old Hollywood. The name is Stavros, Eric Stavros.

    Angela catches up with Lance in the vineyards and she gives him a telling off, (a scene from season 3, 1983 - '84):

    The novice vintner who could one day inherit America's finest wine business just listens.

    Angela: "I've told you again and again my grandfather paid for this land, with his sweat and his blood. Now every generation since have sacrificed themselves to keep this legacy alive. You can turn your back on me anytime you like but never let me hear you say anything against Falcon Crest again."

    Lance with his sunglasses on, gets into his red Porsche 944 and speeds off. He leaves his grandmother standing, looking over all her vines.
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