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Discussion in 'Knots Landing' started by Knots4ever, Aug 7, 2019.

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    I felt nostalgic a few days ago and was looking at Knots clips. A few nights later I had a very random dream of Netflix doing a Knots reboot, developed by Mike Kelley who did Revenge and What/If... if only!!

    Anyway, I hadn't edited any video in about a decade so I dusted up my skills and made an opening sequence for a 2020 Knots reboot.

    I started out with editing the theme (a long lost version by Bobby Patrick which was posted on YT a few days ago)... I managed to cut it down to 20 seconds (let's be honest... if we are ever lucky enough to get a reboot there will never be a full blown 90 seconds opening) and "modernize" it a bit.

    I then searched for drone footage of Palos Verdes and Torrance Beach, the season 9/10 Knots logo and edited together a little opening :)

    Here it is - I hope you guys like it!

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    Welcome to our board. :)

    I was a bit confused by your screen name at first as I am almost certain we had another female poster going by that screen name before the board crash. So at first I thought it was the same person who had returned.

    Anyway nice job on your opening credits. Love the music too!

    Oh and I wish Knots Landing would come back on TV again. Either as a continuation/reboot with original cast or as a TV movie of the week. It would be nice to catch up with the characters again. :)

    What I wouldn't be interested in watching however is a reboot with all new cast, like the new Dynasty. I want the original cast involved or else I am not watching.
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