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How would you end/revamp EastEnders?

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by soapfan, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. soapfan

    soapfan Soap Chat Member

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    As much as I like EastEnders, if the worst came to the worst and it ended like Family Affairs and Brookside did, it would be working out how to end EastEnders with a possible revamp/retconning along the way. I always preferred Family Affairs to EastEnders and thought Family Affairs was a better portrayal of London in the West End.

    First and foremost, rename it to "South East Enders" with a revamped theme tune played on a guitar or violin.

    Opening Titles would be of 2 forms:-

    1)A montage of stills from episodes and the marina
    2)Lady Di pet dog and The Carter family

    For several months, after the revamp, the existing locations of The Queen Vic, Cafe, Albert Square, Bridge Street and Turpin Road would continue to be featured. Despite the new opening sequence, the frequently seen exterior shots of the show's locales and the occasionally visited Walford Allotments suggested that Walford is now an old fashioned, yellow and cramped large town with a marina.

    The geographic focus of the series would be redefined as the specific location of Walford no longer being a London borough and explicitly stated, instead now being a part of South East England in one of the South East counties just outside of Greater London (I.e. Surrey) with characters sometimes travelling to the South East England counties.

    New characters would continue to be added to the series, where Dot Cotton and Phil Mitchell would both be killed off, leaving Kathy, Sharon and Ian as the show's remaining original characters. With the infusion of new characters, it would be established that Honey, Billy and Janet now live over the Minute Mart in their upstairs flat. The Queen Vic pub would be sold to buy an old-style pub called The Shedhouse.

    In quick succession, any regular characters not already living there soon moved into new homes. After this, the various locations seen earlier in the series – such as The Queen Vic/Albert Square, Cafe/Bridge Street, Turpin Road and George Street would not be seen again. Alongside the marina, The Shedhouse would become one of the show's primary meeting places: despite the fact that its landlord(s), may not be liked by most of the show's characters, they still all followed them to become regulars at their new pub.

    Ultimately, EastEnders/South EastEnders would become a clone of Family Affairs.

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