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How about gay Tracy Kandall?

Discussion in 'CW Dynasty' started by Artur, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Artur

    Artur Soap Chat Member

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    This show was supposed to present the progress with professional life of female characters comparing to their 80's eqiuvalents and it did. But what about gay characters? Steven and Sam seem to be more focused on their private life rather than careers. At the beginning Steven completely gave up CEO to Fallon. When he is shown doing something more ambitious the motive of his action is to satisfy the family or save the world. His face seems to say: Whatever. I don't need a career for myself.
    Why can't they create a gay character who is a career-oriented, tough, determined opportunist, who enjoys swimming among the shark and wants to become one? Somebody may say that creating another villain would hurt LGBT people image but pretending they don't belong to the business world doesn't? In most of the TV shows gay men work as freelancers (mainly fashion industry) or social activists, far away from this "cruel Alpha Male world".
    I don't mind if they introduced a gay version of Tracy, whose main goal is to climb a company ladder. I had high hopes for Sam after seeing a trailer for the first time. I thought he would be sleeping with Steven to get a power in Carrington Atlantic. All in all I am glad they didn't turn him into "company gay slut" but this show definitely needs one.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
  2. RottenSkipper17

    RottenSkipper17 Soap Chat Active Member

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    Having an ambitious, ruthless lesbian businesswoman along the lines of OG Alexis Carrington would be interesting. But who would the writers pair her up with then? Maybe Kirby? Maybe it would be even cooler and more interesting if she were bisexual and she was of European descent... maybe British?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018

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