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Horse-and-cart owner turned away from Carlisle KFC drive-in.

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Swami, Jun 12, 2020.

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    Carlisle KFC horse-and-cart rider 'humiliated' by drive-thru rejection
    Image caption Ian Bell says horse and carts pose no risk to drive-thru users
    A horse-and-cart driver turned away from a KFC drive-thru said he felt "humiliated" when he was refused service.

    Ian Bell and his pony, Jon Jon, had queued at the fried chicken chain's Carlisle branch but was turned away at the ordering station.

    Mr Bell said he believed the company was discriminating against members of the travelling community.

    KFC said it does not allow horse-drawn vehicles in its drive-thrus.

    Mr Bell travels to the city on his cart most days from his home in Silloth about 20 miles (30km) away.

    'Downright disgusting'
    "A manager came out and said 'We can't serve you. We're not allowed'," he said.

    "I felt humiliated. To me, it's downright disgusting the way we are treated at these kind of places. They should allow us through.

    "We're not going to cause any trouble. I'd like a big apology from them and I would like them to change their policies so travellers and Gypsies can all come through."

    Mr Bell said other outlets do serve horse-and-carts and he later went to a nearby McDonald's to eat.

    KFC said it was "sorry for Ian and Jon Jon's experience" at the London Road restaurant on Tuesday but added "the safety of our customers is really important".

    "We can't allow horse-drawn vehicles in our drive-thrus."

    The firm's restaurants are currently only open for takeaways and deliveries due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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