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    A fan fiction combining Dallas, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest in Washington, D.C. While I hope to incorporate some romance this is the darker side of things. I read some thing about the original Dynasty where Blake raped Krystal and killed Steven's gay lover, where Alexis caused Krystal to loose her babies - where things were dark. And we all know how dark JR could be and no one has a higher death count than Falcon Crest . . . . .


    Beeckman Place: converted industrial, red brick building (use the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown) apartments and penthouse suite overlooking the sound and the city.

    Travers Farm: stone mansion and horse farm in Virginia outside of D.C. (use the Arden House in New York State).

    Bawer House: Washington D.C., 11 story, all glass office building (use 2050 M Street in Washington)

    Starting (iconic music):

    Max Irons as
    Kevin Channing (mid-late 20's)

    Blake Lively as
    Betsy Ewing (mid-late 20's)

    Lily Cole as
    Margret Krebs (mid-late 20's)

    Ryan Guzman as
    Mateo Calderón

    Jade Hassouné as
    Jamal Haddad

    Kofi Siriboe as
    Trevon Alston


    David Shelby as
    Richard Channing

    Donna Mills as
    Abbey neeFairgate Channing

    Susan Howard as
    Donna neeMcCullum Dowling


    Martin Landau as
    Ned Bawer

    Christopher Plummer as
    Daniel Davidson

    guest starring

    Steve Kanaly as
    Ray Krebs

    William Devane as
    Senator Greg Sumner

    Judith Light as
    Senator Judith Brown

    Josh Henderson as
    John Ross Ewing III

    Jesse Metcalfe as
    Prof. Christopher Ewing

    Kevin: lust, pride, temperance, charity; becomes CFO of Bawer; Octavius (rightful usurper); Claire Underwood

    Betsy: gluttony, greed, diligence and humility; becomes CIO of Bawer, Mark Antony (try's to control public opinion); Raymond Tusk

    Margret: sloth, wrath, chastity, patience; becomes COO of Bawer; Brutus (to bad for good shake); Frank Underwood

    A panel of five gather around a large, low, round, glass table with a large section of the circle missing for the camera. One panelist says, "America is the greatest nation in the world, we don't need to be made great we are great. We've always been exceptional." On the television screen it gives her name as 'Margaret Krebs, Senior Legal Correspondent Globe Media.' She goes onto say, "The problem has never been greatness. The problem's been greatness for all. We've got the best health care in the world, if you've got access. We lead the world in the number of billionaires and Fortune 500 companies and defense spending. So you can stop the crap about China. China's a House of Cards. Hubris sitting on a sink hole. They're more divided then we are. Prosperity isn't making it to over a billion people by any stretch. They rely on exporting to countries they treat as adversaries and mass they enslave. No I'm not worried. We've mastered mass manipulation. They can't even figure out how to handle free speech. Our people will not only enslave themseleves, they'll fight you to the death for the chains.

    The panel erupts into disjointed discussions around what she just said, trying to shout over each other and defend or refute her comments.

    A group of white supremacists gather in the park of a small town while counter protestors gather across the street. Suddenly loud yelling at each other leads to things being hurled and then a car driving into the crowd sending bodies flying up into the air. Police stand by watching as shouts of agony and horror add to the smoke filled air.

    Congressmen yell over each other in a debate on health care. The speaker slams his gavel. A congressman yells, "No Mr. Speaker I will not be silent! I want it out right now! Does every American have the right to live or not! Is this country going to be responsible enough to make sure everyone can live as long as humanly possible, as comfortably as possible or are we just gonna say let 'em die!!!"

    A long black limousine rolls through the woods of rural Maryland, pulling up to the front of a hundred year old stone mansion. Having rushed out from the house, a butler quickly opens the back car door. "Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Channing." Richard Channing steps out first, followed by Abby. Abby starts asking about the details for the reception tonight.

    A woman nocks on a frosted glass door etched with name 'Ned Bawer, President and CEO, Bawer and Associates,' and walks in without waiting for a response. A man, well into his eighties, stands at the glass wall, clear glass, floor to ceiling, along two walls, eleven stories up, with a commanding view of Washington, D.C. She drops some papers off on his desk and leaves without saying a word.

    Down the hall from the office, in a boardroom with a long wall of floor to ceiling windows, three young adults gather, one of which is Margret. The young man says, "Now I know why you couldn't cut it as a candidate. Your mouth can't help but set off a shit storm, can it?"

    "Listen Kevin. You know as well as I do. Everything I said is true. They're debating life or death right now." She points to the Capitol Building. "No sorry. They're debating who deserves life and who deserves death."

    "The President just ordered another bombing in Syria," the second young woman says."

    "What?" Margret turns to her looking dumbfounded.

    "You asked if the violence in Charlotte will distract from the health care debate. I'm sure it'll serve to district from the bombing in Syria."

    "Jesus. Now what?" Margret asks.

    "Another gas attack on his own people."

    "Well at least we now know where all that gas in Iraq went."

    Kevin says, "Ladies, let's get back to the issue at hand. Getting this pipe line bill passed."

    The second young woman says, "Maybe we'll get another white supremacist rally so we can sneak it through the Senate."

    "You laugh Betsy," Kevin says, "but I was wondering if we could prolong this one."

    "Shit Kevin," Margret laughs.

    He says, "Anyway. My father just got in. They're setting up for a little friendly party at the farm, after the Lincoln Center thing. There'll be thirty or more votes in the room. Which of you are gonna be my date?"

    The girls laugh. Betsy says, "We're not your type."

    Margret asks, "What's up with Jamal?"

    Getting up and walking to the door Kevin says, "Since when has Jamal been comfortable with being out in public?"

    A television news anchor says, "Prominent engineer, University of Texas Jordan Lee Professor of Mechanical Engineering and inventor of the Ewing Extraction Process, Christoper Ewing, testified before The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on the safety of the Capstone Pipeline project. The Capstone pipe line would transport oil from the Bakken Formation in the Dakotas and up into Canada to refineries in Texas and Louisiana, including those owned by Ewing Industries, a company owned by Christoper Ewing's cousins John Ross Ewing the third and his brother Bo. Ewing Industries also owns Ewing Oil, which holds oil leases in the Bakken Formation, as well as Wentworth Tool and Die who hold the patents on the technology to get at much of the tar-sands oil, and Ryland Transport, which in turn owns one half of the Capstone Pipeline. Senators grilled him over a conflict of interest where he made it clear he has no financial interest in any of his cousins' investments. The other half of Capstone is owned by Lancashire Prynne, the multinational conglomerate of billionaire Richard Channing, the so called "Seer of 'Siscio." Richard Channing's oldest son, Michael, is President and CEO of Lancashire Prynne while his younger son Kevin is a lobbyist for Bawer and Associates, one of the firms brought in to help lobby for Capstone."

    The news goes on to show the Senate committed questioning of Christopher Ewing. Senator Greg Sumner from California is particularly skeptical.

    Betsy walks across the campus of Carnegie Mellon to shake a tall, handsome young man's hand. "Trevon Alston? Betsy Ewing. Thank you for meeting with me. Did you like the offer?"

    "Yes. It was pretty generous."

    "More than anyone else has offered you I hope."

    "Yes it was."

    "People have been keeping an eye on you for a long time."

    "Yeah I guess. Kinda creepy. Listen. I wasn't raised with money. Single mother trying to put herself through school, you know. A professor of her's recommended a gift school."


    "Yes. 4th grade. Full ride scholarship. Then here. I can do what you want but I'm not a fool Ms. Ewing. Bawer Capital isn't owned by Bawer and Associates or Ned Bawer. It's a Bohemian business owned by you, Kevin Channing and Margret Krebs."

    "I'm impressed."

    "You should be upset with Dewitt Miller who set up the company for you."

    "I suppose I should be. Obviously you can get any information we need."

    "More importantly I can plant any information you need planted."

    Betsy laughs, "Very true."

    "Kevin Channing. He spends a lot of time at the Wrightman Foundation."

    "He does. He's a very generous man. Unlike my cousin Margret and myself, he's got a very large trust fund."

    "That's an understatement but OK. Your parents weren't very good with money, back and forth from broke to rich. Though your sister has managed her inheritance quite well, you and your brother weren't alive when your grandfather died, so you didn't get to share in his Texas largesse."

    "No we didn't."

    "And Margret's father is very well off, your Uncle Ray. Not well off like the set up your Uncle JR arranged for his sons, kinda of a masterpiece, but comfortable. Your father owns a large ranch in Texas. Almost as big as Southfork. He runs it with your brother Lucas."

    "Yes. You've been busy."

    "The reason I mention Kevin. I assume he's trying to hide his relationship with Jamal Haddad."

    "Jamal isn't out, if that's what you mean."

    "No he wouldn't be. He's from Lebanon where his family is pretty heavily invested in farming, and in Spain. He attended Le Rosey and the University of Basel in Switzerland. And he's a social worker for the the Wrightman Center."

    "Kevin wouldn't want any information about Jamal to get out."

    "There's a lot of information he wouldn't want to get out."

    "And you can take care of that too?"

    "Yes. Yes I can."

    A crowd gathers at Richard and Abby's Virginia horse farm. In the elegant living room with its very light, dusky green walls, impressionist paintings and French furniture, Kevin introduces his father and Abbey to Senator Dowling, "Margret's mother."

    "Nice to meet you Senator."

    "Donna, please."

    "I've heard a lot about you when you were Secretary of Energy. Your governor couldn't have made a better choice to fill your late husband's seat. I'm sure he'd be very proud of you."

    "Thank. I'd like to think so."

    "Well no need to talk shop tonight. We're just very glad you could make it."

    "Well frankly I was surprised when Kevin asked, but I must admit curiosity to meet the Seer of 'Siscio."

    "You're welcome to visit Travers Farm anytime. And you know my wife Abby."

    "Not really, but I've heard tell of you, being married to my x-brother-in-law."

    "Small world isn't it?" Abby says offering her hand. The two shake.

    "It certainly is."

    "Would you like me to show you around? This house once belonged to Richard's great aunt. She was very influential in Washington circles, I hear."

    "I would imagine."

    Once the two women are gone Richard says, "I think we can count on her vote. She took Christopher Ewing's testimony very serious."

    "We're meeting with John Ross tomorrow. We're looking for some security support."

    "Good idea."

    "He'll introduce me to Senator Judith Brown."

    "Excellent. They're good friends, I hear. She helped him, along with Carlos DelSol, to put together Ewing Industries. I'm certain we have her vote. And Bawer?"

    "No worries. Everything's in place to remove him."

    "Good. Friends are getting antsy. He needs to be reigned in and the three of you are in the right place to take over." Then noticing an older man approach he holds out his hand, "Ah, Daniel. Speak of the devil. Daniel have you ever meet my son? Kevin this is Daniel Davidson. He's on the board of the Federal Reserve. Daniel, my son Kevin. You've heard me talk about him enough I'm sure."

    "Never enough Richard. You have a fine young man here. I hear so many good things about Kevin."

    "Nice to meet you Mr. Davidson."

    "Daniel. You must call me Daniel. Your father and I go way back."

    "He was one of my professors at Yale. Kevin here's a Yale man too."

    "Of course he is. Both of your boys, just like your father. Oh Douglas. Long time since I thought of him. Then after Yale?"

    "I got my doctorate in Economics from LSE."

    "Very good. Impressive."

    "Thank you."

    Betsy sees Donna as she walks out onto the patio. "Aunt Donna. Kevin mentioned he was bringing you." The two hug. "This is Trevon Alston. He works for Bawer now. IT. We just recruited him from Carnegie Mellon. And this is Abby Channing. This is her and her husband Richard's house."

    "Nice to meet you Senator Dowling. Lovely house Mrs. Channing."

    "Thank you. Please call me Abby."

    "And please call me Donna." The two shake hands. "Please excuse me, Betsy, is Margret with you?"

    "Yeah. We came together. She's around some where."

    "Well if you see here."

    "Of course. I tell her to look for you."

    Betsy gives Abby a dirty look as she walks away with Donna into the gardens.

    Trevon says, "Your father's x-wife."

    "Yes well a sore subject."

    "That your father cheated with her on your mother."

    "You are thorough."

    Margaret sits on a sofa slowly drinking a glass of red wine watching people come, go and chat. Kevin approaches and says, "Good way to work the room."

    "I don't work."

    Kevin looks at a very good looking young man across the room. Then says to Margaret, "Have you taken care of your end of things?"

    "I stirred up the protests if that's what you mean. They'll be here in Washington on Wednesday, tribal nations from British Columbia to Oklahoma."

    "You're not just another pretty face are you?"

    "No. No I'm not."

    In the middle of the night a team of FBI agents enter the executive offices of Bawer and begin a search of the place.

    A television news panel argues. "Bawer and Associates is burning to the ground. Kevin Channing, Betsy Ewing, Margret Krebs. They're up to their eye balls in this Capstone project. Betsy and Margret are first cousins to the Ewing Brothers and Kevin's the youngest son of Richard Channing. That's Capstone. And this mess with Native America's gathering to stop the pipe line is a powder keg waiting to explode. Someone's gonna get hurt."

    "Bringing in so called experts, Christopher Ewing is another cousin. They're not even trying to cover up a conflict of interest."

    "This presidency has opened the flood gate for this kind of money grab."

    "The ties between the Channing's, Ewings and the Vice President are clearly spelled out in the campaign money trail."

    "All legal contributions."

    "So far but the investigation is opening up into the Vice President's personal finances and some believe the only way he came back from bankruptcy was with the help of some big backers like Richard Channing or the Ewing Brothers."

    "Well I smell smoke. And so does the FBI. Allegations of bribes, kick backs, loans, all coming out of Bawer. If Bawer has been engaged in such, we're talking the tip of the iceberg. What about the politicians this heads back to?"

    "I've been pouring through pages and pages of off shore accounts and dummy corporations. This is more than smoke."

    "Wikileaks strikes again."

    Thousands of Native Americans protest the Capstone pipeline in Washington, D. C.

    A red brick, industrial building with a hundred and forty foot tall smoke stack and converted into luxury lofts, stands by the Potomac. By the entrance door a plaque reads, 'Beeckman Place.' Up stairs in the penthouse Kevin takes the young man he spotted from the party across the living room and into his bedroom where they frantically take each other's clothes off and feel each other's bodies.

    Kevin, Betsy, Margaret and Trevon ride down an elevator of Bawer House, the eleven story office building housing Bawer and Associates. They come to a floor with a single set of glass doors labeled Ewing Industries. Inside they meet John Ross. The three cousins sharing hugs. Margaret introduces Kevin. Kevin states how highly his father speaks of him. John Ross introduces "Mateo Calderón, former Navy Seal and CIA, a top security operative for Branchwater USA, a company I formed from some CIA contacts of mine. You'll find Mateo capable of everything you need."

    "Nice to meet you Mateo. This is Trevon Alston, a young computer genius we hired out of Carnegie Mellon. You two will probably benefit from working together."

    "I'm sure. Nice to meet you Trevon."

    "Thank you. You too Mateo. The Ewing's have had some interesting encounters with Venezuela. Interesting he'd have you on his team. You were naturalized less than five years ago."

    "Well I see you've already been on the job long enough to have a head start."

    "But how?" John Ross asks. "I didn't share his name before hand."

    "No but Kevin told me we were meeting you an an operative."

    "OK. Well if these three don't pay you enough, I bet I can find some work for you."

    "I'll keep that in mind."

    "Please do. Listen I can't stay long, I've got to head back to the wife and kids, but I thought it best that I personally introduce you to Mateo and you wanted me to introduce you to Senator Brown. Why don't we grab some lunch and chat about old times?" With his hands on his cousins shoulders he leads them out. "You can catch me up on what you're up to and I'll fill you in on Southfork."

    Richard, Abby, and Daniel have lunch in a bright and airy D.C. restaurant.

    In his office Ned says to Kevin, "They're finding things that shouldn't be there. Here. On my home computer. On my phone. They've got me meeting with people on surveillance recordings I never meet with."

    "What people?" Kevin asks.

    "The Chinese."

    Betsy says, "Are you serious? Are we suppose to believe that someone made up video surveillance?"

    "I'm telling you that's me in those recordings but they weren't there."

    Margret says, "So what do you want from us?"

    "The pitch forks have left you and they're aimed straight at me now. I don't know how you've managed to escape untouched."

    "We didn't do anything illegal," Kevin states. "But did you?"

    "Of course not."

    Margaret says, "Get to the point of this meeting."

    "Kevin I'm making you Chief Financial officer. Lay resigned this morning. Betsy, I'm creating a new position for you, Chief Information Office. I should have done it a long time ago. Margaret, I'm gutting my position as CEO and turning over operational control to you as COO. I don't know what's going to happen to me."

    A television news anchor says, "Billionaire, Democratic Senator Mark Crassus was found dead today in his home in West Virginia. In all likelihood Republican governor George Byrd will replace him with a Republican and possibly sway the balance of power leaving many to speculate several items on Republican agenda will quickly pass onto the President's desk."

    The three ride up the elevator at Beeckman Place. Kevin says,"Bawer should be out of the way soon."

    The doors open. Betsy and Margaret step off wishing Kevin a good night.

    On the next floor Kevin gets off and goes into his penthouse apartment. An excited young man hugs him tight. Kevin says, "Jamal," and holds him in his arms.

    In the living room of her apartment Betsy sits drinking a scotch and looking out onto Georgetown. She looks over papers and then pulls up a video of a man raping a girl. The girl begs him to stop and then he rings her neck. Then off out of the camera shot a horrified voice calls out, "Senator Crassus." The man turns and looks toward the camera. It is Senator Crassus.

    Betsy's puts the screen down, leans over and sorts a line of cocaine. She sits up and precedes to eat several chocolates.

    In her room Margaret lays in bed on her phone. "Thank you Senator. I'm no more worried about the pipeline deal than you are, but your vote will get my friends what they need and they are the one's that are assuring you the health care bill will die. Something we both want to see happen . . . Yes I agree, if it passes the Senate, the President will sign it, and tens of millions will be without healthcare. And stopping that is the priority."

    Kevin gets out of his bed where Jamal sleeps and walks into his kitchen in just his boxers in the dark middle of the night. He's startled to find Mateo waiting. "What hell are you doing here?"

    He hands Kevin a phone. Kevin listens. He says, "Trevon isn't the only one with those skills. You'd better tell your associates to be more careful."

    Handing the phone back, Kevin says, "Does anyone else have these recordings of Margaret making deals over the phone?"

    "Not as far as we know. The kid destroyed them. We've got to talk about more cautious behavior."

    "You find out anything about Senator Crassus?"

    "He was murdered."

    "I guessed that. What I need to know is by who and why. For the most part he was good to have in our pocket. Pull him out when we needed him."

    "I doubt I'll be able to figure out what you need, let alone prove anything."

    "I don't need proof." Kevin begins to unbutton Mateo's shirt.

    "I'm not gay."

    "I'm not asking you to do anything other than enjoy yourself." Kevin rubs his bare chest before undoing his belt.

    Still laying in bed Margaret yells into the phone, "Listen you little pass ant! I don't care about the pressures on you! You betray me and I'll f*** you over bad! Just fuckin' do as you're god damn told!"

    Ned Bawer is lead away from the Bawer House building in handcuffs. Kevin, Betsy and Margaret watch from up in his office. Margaret says, "Five years ago we started as interns and that son-of-a-bitch took credit when we got the Lenox bill passed, shredding insurance regulations. I wonder if he'd say it was worth it now?"

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