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Fire in Seaview Circle - Which Season cliffhanger could it have worked?

Discussion in 'Knots Landing' started by Julia's Gun, Mar 5, 2018.


During which season cliffhanger could a fire in Seaview Circle have worked best?

Poll closed Apr 2, 2018.
  1. Season 3 - Val knocks over an electric heater as she leaves the house and Gary - flames ensue...

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  2. Season 4 - Richard's dodgy wiring causes the Avery house to explode - Laura: First Ciji, now this!

  3. Season 5 - St Clare left a bomb in the McKenzie's house as well - Karen shot and house explodes too!

  4. Season 7 - Val trashing Ben's beach house: orchids catch fire, Gary arrives and flames trap both...

  5. Season 9 - Frank & Julie confront Jill at Val's - she shoots both and torches the WIlliams house...

  1. Mel O'Drama

    Mel O'Drama Super Moderator EXP: 11 Years Staff Member

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    Me too. It's like the production meeting in The Making Of Acorn Antiques. Trust me, it's only a matter of time before someone mentions earwax.
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  2. MarkSinacori

    MarkSinacori Soap Chat Fan

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    Los Angeles
    A fire would have to be done in a way in one of the homes where they can't actually set the home on fire. Those are homes. Maybe re-create the exterior on another stage? If any or one of the homes was damaged in a fire the show would have to get permission to make updates to the exterior of the current residents homes for free. Even if it mean't demolition and re-modeling the entry ways or working something out with the new owners that both the show and they would agree on. Of course, they would probably film post scenes of the fire immediately, and then scenes of construction workers or whatnot with just the actors they need around the house or houses for the first few episodes, after they'd shoot the finale, so they'd have a good continuation into the next season and the exteriors would be up in a month to two and then production could begin again in July or so, saying they filmed a finale in early to late April.

    The season 9 finale at Val's would be good.

    Instead of the exterior getting on fire, just the interior does.

    Jill sets a fire inside the house. From the exterior, we see smoke only. Frank spots the smoke when he comes home. He goes to rescue whoever is inside. That way, none of the exterior would be damaged or would have to be replaced or remodeled to show there were updates. But if they really wanted to go there and do that, I would assume they would do what I guessed they would above, pay the owners and work something out with remodeling the front exterior in a way both the show and they would like it to look.
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  3. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Super Moderator EXP: 19 Years Staff Member

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    Sunny South Florida
    You know how soaps will turn one day on-screen into multiple episodes? The "day" of the Sunset Beach earthquake/tidal wave lasted for six weeks of episodes! They turned one day (24 hours) into 30 hours of episodes. Take that, Kiefer Sutherland!

    But I have to confess, FC did the earthquake cliffhanger so well that I don't think KL would have touched it, for fear of comparison. KL always sought to be unique, rather than copy-cat.

    Though I think FC or Dallas could have written a large-scale fire scenario (threatening their respective lands and mansions), KL had the advantage because Lotus Point always had that mythical, not-quite-real quality since so much of it was off-screen or only seen in establishing shots. We knew so much more of the Southfork ranch and ranch house, and we saw enough of the FC vineyards, winery and mansion to feel cheated if we saw stock footage of random vineyards or Texas farmland burning. None of these shows could "really" burn down their locations (the owners might be a bit miffed), but other than the "stream-through-the-lobby" offices of LP (which was a studio set) most of Lotus Point was random locations in and around Southern California and Oregon.

    Another point in favor of this plotline? Donna Mills could've offered some expertise in this, since she appeared in a wildfire movie back in her 1970s "woman in jeopardy" movie days. https://neptsdepths.blogspot.com/search/label/Fire
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