FALCON CREST - 'The Early Years'.

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    In the 1985 - '86 season DALLAS went down the route of 'The Early Years' movie. With Earl Hamner (Italian descent) the creator of FALCON CREST bowing out from creative input this year it is of my opinion he should have provided us with a similar one off, to DALLAS. There was an abundance of untapped history with the wine based saga.

    The movie could have looked at Jason's minimal involvement in the business, due to Angela. Of course Jacqueline would have been there. What would the younger Emma and Julia been up to? The Agretti brothers (Carlo, Philip and Frank), the Rossinis (Anna and Dominic) plus the Gianninis (Mary and Sam) would've completed the cast.

    Chao-Li asks Angela about the arrival of Chase and his family, (a scene from season 1, 1981 - '82):

    Chao-Li: "Will your nephew stay with us long, Mrs. Channing?"

    Angela: "Only for the night Chao-Li. Only for the night."
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    Just how did a broken Jason cope without the glamourous diva Jacqueline and Angela picking up the pieces or should she?
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