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    Falcon Crest I: Jasper Gioberti
    (set up for a prequel)

    Falcon Crest II: Angela neeGeoberti Channing (granddaughter)

    Falcon Crest III: Michael Channing (grandson)


    from the original:

    David Shelby as Richard Channing
    Three times widowed and semiretired Chairman of Channing Enterprises, private held conglomerate of which he owns 50% (it in turn owns Globe Media, Thoroughbred Entertainment, Del Oro Spas, etc. including large investments in the beverage giant Gioli, the banking giant SPBC, and the Chemical giant Stavros, and many, many more companies). Worth $75 billion, called the Seer of 'Cisco, sails on his private mega yacht the Maggie Mae, lives alone on a sprawling estate in the Tuscany Valley but more often found at Falcon Crest, sporadically serves on several boards. Think: a blue blooded Angela Channing version of Jock Ewing

    Margaret Ladd as Emma Channing
    The window of Michael Sharpe, she owns 20% of Channing Enterprises (after its merger with Sharpe's business holdings; her stepson Danny Bowen, having taken his mother's name, owns 20% as well, but lives somewhere else). Emma lives at Falcon Crest with her nephew, Michael, and runs the Channing Family Foundation (controlled by her, Richard and Julia, who lives in a convent). The foundation owns 10% of Channing Enterprises. Her daughter, Angela, is a renowned artist in NYC. Think: Chao-Li without serving, her brother's dearest and most loyal friend

    with appearances by:

    Ken Olin as Christoper Rossini-Channing
    priest at St. Helena's Catholic Church in the Tuscany Valley, everyone's moral center and good friend (as well as family, cousin, nephew and uncle). Think: Father Bob but related to the family

    original character grown up:

    Nolan Gerard Funk as Michael Channing
    Owns 50% percent of Falcon Crest Wines (including: Gioberti, Gianinni, Agretti and Rossini Wines) and 100% of the mansion (His brother, Senator Kevin Channing owned 25% of Falcon Crest Wines but when he went into politics he sold his share to his brother and his money went into a blind trust controlled by Michael; he lives in McLean, VA and the original Gioberti house once owned by Chase). Michael runs Falcon Crest Wines out of the house as well as serves on the boards of Channing Enterprises in place of his father (most of the time), the Gioli Corporation, SPBC, Stavros, etc. He is the single father of a teenage boy, Ricky (Mrs. Dale is an English housekeep that oversees the house and Ricky's maternal figure as his nanny). Think: Greg Sumner and Richard Channing in their younger days

    new characters based on old families:

    Victoria Justice as Camila Cumson
    Lance and Pilar's daughter born in 1990 (her sister Isabel "Lisa" Gabriela Cumson y Ortega died some time ago of mysterious circumstance). Her parents divorced. Camilia has her Ph.D. in Economics from the LSE. She has worked as an executive for SPBC in London, NYC and Hong King. She has finally declared her long missing father, Lance, dead and has inherited 50% of Falcon Crest, along with the rest of Lance's mysterious estate. She is a Vice President of the private conglomerate, Baring and Company. She has friends and love interests all over the world from Arab princes to Qi-Li Chi. She moves into the Ridgemont Hotel in the city, the chain of luxury hotels owned by Channing Enterprises and is noted for lavish parties. Think: Aunt Mame meets Cookie from Empire meets Gordon Gekko from Wall Street (Hispanic)

    Ludi Lin as Qi-Li Chi (Chi Qi-Li)
    Chief antagonist to Michael, based on the Niarchos / Onassis rivalry. He runs the private conglomerate Russell Keswick, which is owned by his sibling and cousins (Chao-Li's grandchildren and nieces and nephews). Chao-Li's brother took control of the company and passed it onto his family as he had no children. Qi-Li and Michael were once best friends. Russell Keswick owns a large share in Gioli, the beverage giant at the center of the fighting. Angela and Chao-Li created Gioli with various assets of hers and his (she often used him to hide her assets) in the wine industry including distribution. Qi-Li grew Gioli into a Fortune 500 company. Richard and Emma consider him family. He falls for Camilia. Think: JR Ewing (Asian)

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Jayla Rosemont
    President of Channing Enterprises, great niece of the 13's Rosemont, she works directly with Michael to Control Channing Enterprises. They want control of Gioli. Her love is money and power. She hates Qi-Li for using her years ago and costing her, her inheritance. She spent three years on the run for tax invasion because of him until Michael got her a presidentially pardon. She lives in the old Agretti mansion and because of her friendship with Micheal, she is considered more family than employee. Think: Alexis (Black)


    William Levy Vicente Rubirosa "Ruby"
    Former Navy Seal, CIA, he is Michael's goto man. He lives in the spring house at Falcon Crest, a mysterious character. Think: all the hence men, think Lance as a playboy, think James Bond


    Elizabeth Olsen as Adonia "Addy" Boswell
    Qi-Li's wife, Michael's love interest. A soiled, selfish, jet setting, socialite. Because of Qi-Li Richard and Emma consider her family too. She lives with Qi-Li in a modern, ocean side mansion. Think: Jackie Onassis and Sue Ellen Ewing.

    A fight between three boarding school friends, Michael, Qi-Li and Jayla, comes to a head. Qi-Li must answer for stealing money from Jayla and his girl, Addy, from Michael.

    Micheal and Jayla partner up, and Micheal befriends Ruby as a most resourceful ally.

    Meanwhile, Camilia, a distant cousin of Michael's, shows up claiming a piece of the Channing-Gioberti Empire. An empire Micheal intends to hold for himself as the fifth generation of his family to rule the Tuscany Valley.
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    Miniseries with the potential for a series:

    Workers cut grapes under the watchful eye of a young man on horseback, a handsome male, strong with a slender figure and a pierced glare from the bright sun. He pulls the reins of the horse and rides off, kicking up dust.

    Emma walks along among the roses at Falcon Crest cutting flowers to fill a basket. Stopping to smell each one, she takes her time.

    In either the twilight or the dawn, a mega yacht named the Maggie Mae hits the turbulent water of a vast and empty ocean as it speeds through to a far away horizon. Richard sits out on the bow enjoying the mist spaying over and onto him.

    Emma takes Richards arm out by his limousine in front of Falcon Crest and walks him up onto the porch. "Welcome home Richard. How were the seven seas?"

    "This isn't my home Emma dear. And they were just fine. Very fine."

    "Of course this is your home. Angie called me and said you were in New York a month ago for her show."

    "Your daughter's work moved me and her gallery, filled with people from every corner of the globe. She showed me around her studio and she has a beautiful apartment. She's doing very well."

    "You know she's the only one of us that ever got away. I'm so proud of her."

    As they walk through the entry of the old Victorian mansion they come to the doors of a study where the young man on horse back looks down at some papers sitting behind the desk.

    Emma says, "Look who stopped in to see us Michael."

    Looking up, with a grave expression, Michael says, "Lance has been declared dead."

    Horror strikes Emma as she turns into Richard. He holds her as grief washes over him.

    In the living room Richard hands Emma a glass of wine and sits with her on the sofa.

    Michael enters the room and says, "I got a letter from Camila. She's been working for the bank in Hong Kong. She wants to hold a memorial service with Christopher presiding."

    "How he be declared dead. He's just missing. No ones seen him. Oh my God Richard, all he's been through. He lost Lisa and his divorce from Pilar." She grabs her brother's hands and says, "Oh Richard please stay. Please. You don't need to go back to that big empty house of yours. Tell him to stay with us Michael."

    "You're more than welcome, dad."

    "When Lance moved out with Pilar he was so happy. Oh Richard." The brother and sister console each other.

    Michael slides closed the heavy paneled doors to the study and says to his father, "Where the hell is he?"

    "Why are you asking me? I don't know."

    "You two are something else. Lauren dies you take off. Lisa dies he vanishes."

    "Trying to coupe with the loss of my wife and I can only imagine what it's like to loose a child."

    "All of us lost someone we loved. The difference was we stuck around for each other."

    "If you called me in for a lecture, I can go."

    "No. Camila's letter said she's Lance's sole heir. I don't know all of what he owned, except for fifty percent of Falcon Crest. Which he and I had worked out a deal for me to buy."

    "So make Camila an offer. The reason Lance was willing to sell to you was because neither of his daughters showed the slightest interest in Falcon Crest. Camila works for SPBC. She's a banker, not a vintner."

    "She just took a job as Vice President of Baring and Company. She'll be staying at the Ridgemont in the city. But she's moving to California. She's assuming half of Falcon Crest includes this house."

    "Well inform her it doesn't. Your grandmother left you this house and the only one you have to take in is your Aunt Emma. But why go starting a war where there isn't one? Meet with Camila and figure out what she wants. Remember with Cole and Vicki you just bought them out. And now your brother lived in that house and the Gioberti winery belongs to to Falcon Crest again."

    Michael hands his father the letter. Richard skims it and than looks up. "I see."

    "When Kevin went into politics I bought him out and manage his money for him in a blind trust. Simple enough. I bought the Agretti land from Jospeh. And the Rossini and Gianinni land. But that doesn't sound like I can just buy her out."

    "No. No it doesn't." Richard hands his son back the letter. "I don't want a war to rip this family apart. It's bad enough you and Qi-Li have been at it."

    "We were best friends until he decided to try and take everything Jayla and I had. That wasn't me. That was him."

    "I remember. The three musketeers. I told you I understood. He bankrupted Jayla. Married Addy. Took over Gioli. But he's Chao-Li's grandson. He's family. Just like Camila is family. This is just money. Understand me Michael? You might have to share this time."

    "It's not the sharing I mind. This isn't just money. This is Falcon Crest. This is my grandmother's life and my life. No what I mind is dealing with thrives."

    "Fight nice."

    "I'm tired of fighting nice."

    Father Christopher over sees a memorial service among other Gioberti graves. He speaks about his brother and not being able to say good buy. He speaks about the pain he suffered when he lost Lisa and when his marriage ended. He speaks about the one light left in his life, pointing out his daughter Camila. He stays the Lord's Prayer.

    The family meet outside at Falcon Crest on a warm fall day. Christopher talks with his mother and Richard and Emma.

    A beautiful back woman approaches Micheal and hugs him, commenting on a beautiful ceremony. He thanks Jayla.

    An extremely handsome teenage boy with amazing blue eyes walks up to Michael. "So, dad, that's the woman we have to get rid of? Doesn't look like much."

    A man a bit older than Micheal says, "Looks can be deceiving, Ricky."

    An older woman with an English accent says to Emma, "Mr. Bowen is on the phone Miss. Channing."

    "Thank you Mrs. Dales."

    "Of course."

    Emma excuses herself.

    Julia says, "Who's Mr. Bowen?"

    "Danny. After Michael died he got closer to his mother and changed his name to her's. Of course that didn't last long, once he figured out she was just interested in his money he wrote out a check and told her to go away."

    "Emma always seemed found of him, treated him like her own son, and he treats her like his mother."

    "This is true. He visits her at least once a month Michael says."

    "You sticking story no long?"

    "I don't know. Emma's trying to talk me into state my here."

    "Kevin her often?"

    "No. Mostly Virginia. How you holding up?"

    "It doesn't seem real."

    "No. No it doesn't."

    Camila walks up and says, "Grandma?"

    Julia hugs her granddaughter.

    Richard leaves them alone.

    Richard walks up to an Asian man about Michael's age standing with a tall, lanky blonde. "Qi-Li."

    They shake hands, "Richard. How are you holding up?"

    "I'm hanging in there. Pretty sick of funerals."

    "I just can't believe he's gone, just disappeared."

    "How are you Addy?"

    "I'm doing well. Thank you. Just got back from New York. Fashion week. Ran into Angela. It's something to be in New York and be considered a friend of Angela's. I'm leaving for London right after this."

    "You too Qi-Li?"

    "No board meetings all this week. Ironing out the details of buying a bottled water business."

    "I was reading in the Wall Street Journal about Gioli's latest acquisition."

    "There's been discussion about getting into food. I've been opposed to it, taking our focus off beverages."

    "I thought Gioli had a snack food business."

    "A wholly owned investment but we're not involved with the running of it."

    "I see. Well, you've gone a great job with the company. No complaints on my part. My mother and your grandfather could be prouder."

    Camila walks up to Michael and says, "It's been an awfully long time."

    "Yes it has. Welcome to Falcon Crest. You sure you won't stay?"

    "No I'm more a city girl. I have a beautiful suite at the Ridgemont. Oh of course you know it's beautiful. Channing Enterprises owns the Ridgemont Hotels."

    "Yes it's a very nice hotel. But this is a time to be with family. Your grandmother's staying, at least until the morning."

    "I was thinking of coming out in the morning to discuss business."

    "Yes certainly. I have a weekly meeting on Monday morning at 9 AM with two people from my father's business followed by a Falcon Crest officers meeting. You're more than welcome to attend either one. I should be clear though, from your letter I think you're confused. Grandma didn't leave part of the house to your father. She left it to me alone. Your father owned the house you grew up in, not far from here though. I can take you there if you'd like. I've been maintaining it in his absence."

    "No thank you, but you could help me with selling it."

    "Sure if that's what you want."

    "I've been going over my father's estate and he did own half of Falcon Crest."

    "Yes the winery. The business and the land. The house is separate. As is the old Gioberti house on the same property. I sold that to my brother Kevin, but Falcon Crest does own the Gioberti Winery and the land. As well as the Agretti winery and land. I sold the Agretti house to a friend of mine, Jayla Rosemont. She's the President of Channing Enterprises."

    "I've heard of her."

    "Falcon Crest also own the Gianinni and Rossini operations. The Gianinni house is the one your father bought. I'd be happy to buy it back. And Falcon Crest still owns the Rossini house. I use it as sort of a guest house."

    "You've done well with Falcon Crest."

    "She's the jewel of the valley."

    "And you and your brother each have twenty-five percent?"

    "No. As a senator all of his investments are in a blind trust. So, I bought his share of Falcon Crest. I also manage his investments."

    "I see. So we are partners. I'm not leaving my job with Baring. In fact they have me representing them on the board of Gioli. Your friend, Jayla, is also on the board, representing Channing Enterprises investments. And so is your friend, Qi-Li, representing Russell Keswick."

    "Well, I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition."

    "Thank you."

    "What I want to meet about tomorrow is Falcon Crest. I want to go over all the assets of the businesses. I'm taking a through inventory of my father's estate. You can imagine the complexity."

    "Yes. Yes I can."

    A dingy pulls up to the Maggie Mae off a tropical island. On the deck of the ship Richard meets with Lance. They hug. Lance asks how is everyone and Richard answers, "Devastated."

    "There wasn't anyway around this. Lisa was over her head and had to go into hiding. I promised her I would leave her and if any one knew besides you, it's just too risky, for Lisa and for them. Besides, Camila has her mother."

    "And half of Falcon Crest."

    "She'll just sell that to Micheal."

    "I don't think she has any intention of selling."

    "Really. That's surprising."

    "I think you just started a whole new fight over Falcon Crest, as if it isn't bad enough I've got to deal with the fight over Gioli."
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    Michael sits at his desk with Jayla and Ruby sitting sitting in front of him, the doors closed. Looking at Ruby he says, "I could have told you all that about her. I need something that'll send Camila packing."

    "I've got people working on it. An impressive young woman though. Did you know she has a doctorate from the London School of Economics? She helped merge Kingdom Bank into SPBC in London and then worked as a Senior Investment Officer for the bank in New York before being responsible for the acquisition of Singapore Pacific and moving its offices to Hong Kong."

    "What are you her biggest fan?"

    "I'm just sayin'. I'll keep digging."

    "And if you don't find something in her closet I can use?"

    "I'll put something there."

    "Now that's what I like to here."

    Looking at Jayla and holding up some papers Michael says, "And what's with all this piddlely retail."

    "Diversification. Channing Enterprises could use some piddlely things as your but it. All solid businesses. All well researched."

    "Alright if you say we need soft serve ice cream then that's what we'll do. Now the board of Gioli, I talked to Emma. She agrees, I should represent the foundation. The foundation's block of shares is second only to Channing Enterprises. I want Falcon Crest to buy those shares. First I've got to get rid of Camila," Michael says looking at Ruby. "That's when Falcon Crest starts buying those shares," looking back at Jayla. "Emma's held off on selling them even though she's being pressured to do so in order to diversify the foundation's endowment. So we can't keep waiting on taking all of Falcon Crest."

    Jayla says, "Once we get a hold of those shares and with a few friends on the board, we begin to unhinge Qi-Li's house cards."

    Michael finishes up a meeting in the winery when Camila comes in. He introduces them to each other. Everyone is more than polite and they sing the praises of her father and grandmother. As they walk away Camila says, "Yesterday was only the third time I ever meet my grandmother."

    "Really. Well truthful, I haven't meet her that often either. So I'd like to make you an offer to buy your share of Falcon Crest. I'll give your people full access to everything so you can appraise what we have and then I'll make you a more than fair offer."

    "Actually I'd like to make that offer to you."

    "You want to buy Falcon Crest from me?"

    "Yes. Even the house. You and Aunt Emma can stay in it. I don't really see me moving out here. But I want to make Falcon Crest whole again."

    "Falcon Crest is whole. Everything Jasper and Jospeh Gioberti built is under a single business entity again, including the Gioberti land."

    "What about Gioli? A thriving fortune five hundred company made from all the investments of Angela Channing and not a Channing on the board."

    "Jayla Rosemont represents Channing Enterprises and I've agreed to represent the Channing Foundation. Believe me, Channing's are well in control of Gioli as well."

    "Well good. Baring has asked me to join Gioli to represent their investment. And with Qi-Li that's four of us and five independent board members. We shouldn't have any trouble reigning in control of the company."

    "What do you mean reigning it in?"

    "Taking the company private. Channing Enterprises and Russell Keswick should never have taken the company public."

    "I see. Well my share of Falcon Crest is not for sale at any price. Honestly I find it funny this new found interest of yours. Your father has been gone for seven years. And in all that time and all the time before that, you never showed the slightest interest. Why now."

    "Things change."

    "Yes. I see. Well let me show you around."

    In an apartment bedroom an older woman rides on top of Ricky. Ricky's hand reach up massage her breasts as his face contorts in ecstasy.

    Ricky turns and sits on the edge of the bed. The woman says, "Will you do me a favor Ricky?" As she nibbles on his earlobe. "Will you introduce me to Camila Cumson?"

    A devilish grin covers the boy's face. "So you're finally showing your cards."

    "What do you mean sweetie?"

    "I always figured sooner or later you'd get around to asking for something."

    She sucks on his neck while reaching around and rubbing his chest. "Sweetie. You know our relationship is all about just enjoying ourselves."

    "Oh for me it is. For you it's been about getting close to my family.

    "That's not true." She reached between his legs.

    He moans. "It's very much true. That's alright. I enjoy myself. And I'm going to continue to enjoy myself." He stand up, turns and looks over her. "Right?" She then watches him walk into the bathroom.

    Qi-Li watches a gathering around a board table discuss plans for acquiring a new water brand and then several new wine businesses, the possibility of acquiring half of Falcon Crest from Camila Cumson is brought. He just watches without comment. He then stands and points to one person and says, "Continue what you're doing," then to another, "Make Cumson an offer she can't resist," then to another, "You come with me."

    In his office the young man follows him. "Close the door." The young man does. Qi-Li says, "I'll just be blunt. You added a lot to the discussion today."

    "Thank you sir."

    "But I hired you because you're nice to look at. You'll go far here and these contacts will serve you well. I'd like to keep you on. But I need to see more."



    The very handsome young man begins to undress.

    Jayla walks out of an office building in San Francisco and into the back of a limousine, sitting next to Ruby. Ruby says, "What up with Qi-Li?"

    "What now?"

    "My inside man tells me he's going to make an offer for Camila Cumson's half of Falcon Crest."

    "Well we knew that was coming."

    "You never said what went down between the two of you."

    "My grandfather left me a sizable trust fund. When I came of age to control it he had all these investment ideas. I managed to save some of it. Basically he used it to secure loans and make himself rich as my investments collapsed. His father gave me some money back and an apology."

    "Why'd he do it?"

    "Angela and Chao-Li put his father to m charge of Gioli and he did a good job at running it. When he died Richard put Qi-Li in charge, saying he'd proven himself capable of making money, what ever it took. Qi-Li took it public and expanded it by leaps and bounds, proving Richard right. It was never personal. It was business."

    "Marrying Addy was personal."

    "For Michael yes. Not Qi-Li. Qi-Li has always loved Michael and hated him at the same time. It's weird. But when Addy's father died and she came into a large share of Gioli, it was business."

    "You do know Qi-Li's bisexual?"

    "Of course I do. When I say he loves Michael, I do mean love. And I mean hate. I suppose he saw taking Addy away as a bonus."

    "I've never brought it up to Michael, I didn't want to go there, but if he needed to know."

    "He knows. I'm sure Addy knows. She didn't marry him for love."

    "She could have been with Michael for love, from what it seems."

    "Michael doesn't come off as the settling down type. But, I believe for her he'd have been faithful."

    "So it wasn't money."

    "No but business. It gets complicated."

    "So Qi-Li sees this as an opportunity to strike at getting Falcon Crest. He has to know Michael will fight back."

    "Of course he does. And with those two the fight will be hard. But make no mistake, if it gets out of hand Richard will have an ace up his sleeve."

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