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    Richard Channing

    seventies, widowed (multiple times), Chairman Emeritus of the LLC (Long, Lochinger, Channing) Group, manager/owner (part) Falcon Crest Winery and Vineyards, Director the Tuscany Land Company, Gioberti-Channing Family Foundation, Tuscany Downs, etc.

    Emma Channing

    seventies, Richard’s charming and fragile sister who always sees to traditions and family stories

    Michael Channing

    late twenties, Richard’s son, President of Louis-Gérard Chemical, a subsidiary of LLC. Richard’s heir apparent to LLC and Falcon Crest, a dashing playboy

    Kevin Channing

    mid twenties, Richard’s son, troubled artist and trust fund heir, paints landscapes of Falcon Crest and Tuscany Valley, bisexual

    Angela Channing

    early twenties, Emma’s daughter, power hungry, intern with LLC’s Stavros Shipping, ruthless, unlike Michael she doesn’t play but is devoted to her family

    Dia Long

    late forties, Chao-Li Long’s nephew, like a son to Richard, President and CEO of LLC, he runs the company his late father helped create

    Philippa “Phil” nee Erikson Long

    mid twenties, Philip Erickson’s granddaughter, Dia Long’s wife, worldly model, the sweetheart and moral center of the family, taken by Michael’s charms and overwhelmed by Dia’s power

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