Dark Shadows: The Last Year

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    Introduction: "The Curse Of Parallel Time"

    Dear Reader,
    This is an ongoing fan fiction I have been writing. Disappointed by the last year of the classic 1966-1971 soap opera, Dark Shadows, I decided to write my own version of the final year of the show and beyond. The biggest disappointments for me personally have to be the "Parallel Time 1970" and "Parallel Time 1841" storylines. It is my opinion that "Parallel Time 1970" was the catalyst that kick-started the slow, painful, year-long death of the once awesome show. And we only got to spend about two months in Real Time 1970 with the present day family! The other ten months were spent in the two Parallel Times and also the year 1840, so I decided that in my re-write I would not have ANY time-travel (at least not until we pass the original cancellation date of April 2, 1971). I wanted to return to a more traditional soap opera format and build upon the stories that were already in place before Barnabas Collins stepped into the strange (and truly terrifying) world of Parallel Time on Monday, March 30, 1970 (the first date of this fan fiction). My goal is to at least re-write the last year, then hopefully continue the story to December 31, 1971.
    Happy Reading!
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    Episode 981: The Last Night, Part 1

    Mon. Mar. 30, 1970

    A night of Tragedy on the Great Estate of Collinwood… For Jeb Hawkes has died, and Barnabas Collins has avenged his death. Barnabas, still facing his overwhelming lust for blood, turns to the sanctuary of the East Wing of Collinwood ~ unaware that he is walking into Temptation's Trap…

    "Megan Todd found refuge here," Barnabas said aloud, walking down the dusty, cobwebbed corridor of the East Wing. "I wonder if I could stay 'til morning's light, and let the rising sun be my refuge?"

    Barnabas reached the doors of the abandoned old parlor and opened them. There were old legends of this room, some said they heard voices and laughter coming from the room, others heard wailing or even music. The room sat empty now, his footsteps echoing across the emptiness as if he were the last man on Earth.

    Moonbeams fell through the window above the windowseat, and Barnabas walked over to the light and stood there with his eyes closed. The moonlight was like the sun to him now, warm and inviting. "It would be so easy," Barnabas said. "When the sun shines through this window in the morn, it will be as though I never existed."

    The sound of footsteps out in the hall upset his reverie, and a young woman's pitiful voice called out in agony. "Jeb! Jeb!"

    "Carolyn!" Barnabas hissed. "She must not find me here!" Barnabas knew what would happen if he was alone with her. He was thinking of turning into a bat, when the parlor's doors flung open.

    "Jeb, are you in here?" Carolyn Hawkes called out into the dark shadows of the room for her husband. "Jeb, please come out!"

    Barnabas decided to intervene. "Carolyn," he said softly. The young woman whipped around with a gasp as he stepped towards her.

    "Barnabas! What are you doing here? Where's Jeb?" she demanded.

    "Jeb is dead, Carolyn," Barnabas told her gently. He could hear her heart beating like a drum.

    Carolyn looked over Barnabas' shoulder. "Where is he? Where have you hidden him?" The young woman refused to acknowledge what Barnabas told her.

    "Carolyn, please," Barnabas walked closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "You know Jeb fell off Widows' Hill tonight." Barnabas could see the pulse beat in her neck. "Come with me, I'll take you to Julia. She can give you that sedative you refused earlier."

    "No!" Carolyn jerked her shoulder away and searched frantically around the room. "Jeb! Jeb! Where are you? Please come out," she said, with a pitiful crack in her voice.

    Barnabas was in front of her again, and grabbed her by both of her shoulders, forcing her to face him. "Please listen to what I tell you! Jeb is gone, Carolyn! He is never coming back!" Carolyn now had the look in her eyes of a frightened animal, one that was soon to be slaughtered. Barnabas could smell the blood coursing through her veins now. "Now come with me, and let's find Julia!"

    "No!" Carolyn screamed. She beat at Barnabas' chest. "Jeb! Jeb!" She pushed him away and started to run toward the parlor's doors. By now, between the smells of blood and fear in the young woman, Barnabas' fangs were fully extended. He was at the double doors in an instant, grabbing Carolyn in his embrace. She turned and looked at Barnabas' demonic face, screaming as he grasped her neck with one hand, tilting his head back to strike with two exposed fangs…

    Act One:

    Hearing Carolyn's screams down the East Wing corridor, Dr. Julia Hoffman rushed towards the abandoned parlor's doors. She and Elizabeth Stoddard, Carolyn's mother, had been searching for Carolyn after she disappeared from the drawing room. On a hunch, Julia went to the East Wing, having seen Barnabas head there earlier.

    Julia flung the double doors open. "Barnabas!" she shrieked raspily. "What are you doing?"

    Barnabas pulled away from Carolyn's neck, guilt covering his face, blood dripping from his mouth. "Julia!" he exclaimed, holding Carolyn in his arms to keep her from falling to the floor. "I-I couldn't help myself!"

    Julia shook her head in dismay and rushed over to help Carolyn. "Never mind, Barnabas! Let's just get her to her room before someone see her like this!"

    "Jeb," Carolyn whimpered, "Jeb!" Julia held a handkerchief to Carolyn's neck, as she and Barnabas walked with Carolyn between them back to the young woman's bedroom.

    "I'm sorry, Julia," Barnabas tried again. "I couldn't help myself. She wouldn't leave… I tried to get her to leave, but she wouldn't."

    "Never mind, Barnabas!" Julia hissed. First Sabrina Stuart, now Carolyn! Julia wondered how many more times she would have to clean up Barnabas' messes tonight.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth Stoddard and Maggie Evans walked downstairs to the Great Hall of Collinwood. "Thank you for looking with me," Elizabeth told the young governess. "I just don't understand where Carolyn could have gone! Jeb's death has been such a shock"

    "I still can't believe Jeb is gone!" Maggie exclaimed. She shuddered to herself as she remembered how the tall, blond, evil young man had locked her in a crypt. She shook her head silently at how Carolyn, who had always seemed to have her head on straight, had been taken in by Jeb Hawkes. But she knew better than to pick at the scab. "There seems to be no end to tragedy here at Collinwood!"

    "Yes," Elizabeth nodded, as she stepped off of the last step of the staircase onto the stone floor of the Great Hall. "I've been thinking lately how all of this is affecting David. We'll have to have a talk about him, soon."

    Just, then, the front doors of the Great Estate opened, and a tall, thin, dark-haired young man came striding in. "Elizabeth! Maggie! You're both still up!" He turned and shut the doors behind him.

    "Quentin! Have you seen Carolyn?" Elizabeth asked. Quentin shook his head no, and looked over at Maggie, who quickly looked away, blushing.

    Elizabeth walked towards the drawing room and stared inside. "Jeb died tonight. Sky Rumson pushed him off of Widows' Hill, and then killed himself. Carolyn is heartbroken… I'm so worried about her."

    Quentin stared at Maggie as he spoke to Elizabeth. "I heard about what happened when I was at the Blue Whale. Nicholas Blair seems to have disappeared, as well."

    Maggie finally turned to look at Quentin. "Nicholas?" She remembered how they had dated a year and half earlier, until he suddenly had to leave Collinsport without telling her he was leaving. "He left without even saying hello, this time..." She stared into Quentin's piercing blue eyes, and wondered how she could have ever been interested in Nicholas Blair.

    "His loss…" murmured Quentin, stroking his hand. A pitchfork sign began to form on it.

    Maggie blushed again and turned away, stroking her own hand. She looked down and was surprised to see the pitchfork sign appear on her own hand as well.

    Elizabeth was too distraught over Carolyn to notice the two lovers. "Quentin, will you go out and look for her? I've already sent Roger out. I'd go and look for her, but there have been so many attacks lately."

    Quentin continued to stare at Maggie. "All right, Elizabeth. I'll go look." He lightly touched Maggie's hand with his, then turned towards the front doors. "Maybe I'll start near the gazebo," he said, more to Maggie than to Elizabeth.

    "Carolyn is in her room!" Julia called down from the balcony above the staircase where she and Barnabas stood. "We found her in the East Wing!" She and Barnabas walked down the stairs together.

    "Thank God!" exclaimed Elizabeth. She rushed towards Barnabas and Julia. "How is she?"

    Julia glanced at Barnabas with a glowering look on her face. "She's resting comfortably. I gave her a sedative."

    Barnabas took the regal woman's hand. "Elizabeth, Carolyn had an accident in the East Wing. She cut her neck on an old mirror, but she's going to be all right. Julia bandaged her."

    Elizabeth looked towards the red-headed doctor. "Are you sure she's all right, Julia?" Julia nodded, and gave a little smile.

    While this was going on, Quentin nodded at Maggie and slipped quietly out the front doors. Noticing Barnabas staring at her, Maggie decided to wait a few minutes before following Quentin.

    "I'll just go up to her room and sit beside her." Elizabeth told the group. "I don't want to leave her alone tonight, even if she is sleeping."

    Act Two:

    After Elizabeth went upstairs, Maggie excused herself to Barnabas and Julia. "I'll just go into the study and get a book," she lied. "Good-night Barnabas, good-night Julia." Julia smiled at Maggie, but frowned when she saw that Barnabas was watching Maggie walk away.

    "Barnabas…" Julia looked angry. "I think we'd better have a private chat." She ushered him into the drawing room and closed the doors behind them.

    Barnabas sighed and looked dejected. "What is it, Julia?"

    Julia stared at Barnabas. "What is it? What is it?" Julia shook her head incredulously. "Barnabas! How many victims are you going to attack tonight? Sabrina is at Chris's cottage, barely alive. Carolyn is upstairs, grieving and in shock. If I hadn't walked in on the two of you when I did, Carolyn would need a blood transfusion as well!"

    Barnabas walked over to the drawing room window and looked out into the garden. "I'm sorry, Julia, I really am! I went to the East Wing to die! I decided to wait until the sun came up and just stand in its rays, and let it consume me. I would have stayed there if Carolyn hadn't come looking for Jeb."

    Julia stood there in shock. "Oh, Barnabas! I've never heard you talk this way before. You've never given up so easily." She stood behind him and placed a hand on his arm. "Let me take you to Windcliff, Barnabas! You'll be safe there, and so will Sabrina and Carolyn… and Maggie!"

    Barnabas turned and glanced at his friend. "Oh, Julia! What is the use? There are too many things that could go wrong! How would you prevent anyone from trying to see me during the day? How would you keep me from escaping at night?"

    "I'll take care of you, Barnabas!" Julia begged him. "Oh please, Barnabas! I'll keep you safe. I'll find a cure this time, I promise! But I need you in a controlled environment." Julia wrung her hands. "Please Barnabas, you've got to! Before there are any more victims…"

    Barnabas smiled grimly, then turned to look out the window again. "I'll think about it, Julia." He saw Quentin standing outside under the gazebo. Barnabas narrowed his eyes as Quentin opened his arms in invitation towards someone beyond the garden wall.

    Maggie's breath quickened when she saw Quentin Collins standing under the gazebo, beckoning, inviting her to join him. What was happening to her lately? Quentin was a handsome man, to be sure, but every time the pitchfork sign appeared on her hand, it was as if the whole world stopped, and Quentin Collins was an all-encompassing, all-consuming fire that threatened to overtake her.

    Quentin stepped down from the gazebo and embraced Maggie, who had ran into his arms. He had never felt so helpless in his entire life, as when the pitchfork sign appeared on his hand. It controlled his every move, his every desire. The pitchfork sign told him to love Maggie Evans with all his heart, and he did.

    "My love," Quentin murmured, reaching behind Maggie's head and pulling her to his lips. Electric shocks traveled up and down his body as they kissed.

    Barnabas stared jealously out the window as Julia talked to him. He was only half-listening as Julia prattled on about Windcliff. Suddenly, Julia stopped. "Barnabas!" she exclaimed sharply.

    Barnabas turned guiltily and had the decency to look a little ashamed. "Yes, Julia?"

    Julia drew in her breath in exasperation. "I asked if you would prefer asking Angelique's help rather than going to Windcliff?"

    Barnabas pulled himself away from the window and walked towards the fireplace. "Angelique? How could she help?"

    "Maybe she could use her witchcraft, Barnabas! I know she wasn't responsible for your curse, this time, but perhaps she would know of a way to end it!" Julia knew that Angelique Rumson was no longer abstaining from using her powers after creating the Shadow Monster to use on Jeb Hawkes. "She claims to be on our side now, Barnabas! Let her prove it."

    Barnabas shook his head to say no, but all he could think about was Maggie. Out in the garden, with Quentin... "All right Julia. I'll ask Angelique to help. But let me ask on my own. I've know her for far longer than you have."

    "Please do, Barnabas. If Angelique can't help, then you must go to Windcliff," Julia begged. "Tomorrow night, before it's too late!"

    Act Three:

    After bidding a hasty good-bye to Julia, Barnabas rushed out of Collinwood. But instead of heading towards the Old House, he went out to the garden and hid discreetly behind a wall and listened to Quentin and Maggie make love.

    "Come to my room tonight," Quentin said to Maggie, kissing her neck.

    "Oh Quentin, what will the Collins do if they catch me?" Maggie gasped. "I'm the children's governess! I'll be fired!"

    "Don't worry about it!" Quentin said between kisses. "No one will catch us!"

    "You don't know that!" Maggie said as she began to unbutton his shirt.

    "If they do fire you, I'll marry you!" Quentin proclaimed. He began to untuck his shirt out of his pants as he led Maggie to the bench of the gazebo.

    Barnabas stared at Quentin with evil intent. If he bit Quentin, he would bite him to kill. He would make sure of it! Barnabas' fangs glittered in the moonlight.

    Sitting on Quentin's lap, Maggie reached down and grabbed Quentin's hand on her thigh. "Quentin, please! I want to be with you, but…" She pleaded with her big brown eyes. "Not here. I'll meet you in your room, I promise."

    Quentin's eyes lit up. "Promise?" He grabbed both her hands in his, their pitchfork signs side-by-side. "Half an hour. I'll be waiting!" He kissed her passionately again, then got up and practically ran back to the house. He turned and smiled and waved. "I'll be waiting!"

    Maggie smiled and tried to get her breathing back under control, smoothing back her hair and straightening up her skirt. Behind her, Barnabas emerged from the dark shadows of the garden, his fangs ready to pierce the neck of another victim…


    Elizabeth Stoddard... JOAN BENNETT

    Barnabas Collins... JONATHAN FRID

    Maggie Evans... KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT

    Carolyn Hawkes... NANCY BARRETT

    Dr. Julia Hoffman... GRAYSON HALL

    Quentin Collins... DAVID SELBY
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    Episode 982: The Last Night, Part 2

    Tue. Mar. 31, 1970

    A Fateful Night on the Great Estate of Collinwood… For Jeb Hawkes has died, and Barnabas Collins will finally face the ultimate consequence of his deal with the Leviathans… Once again a creature of the night, Barnabas secretly watches as two lovers meet under the stars…

    "Come to my room tonight," Quentin Collins said to Maggie Evans, kissing her neck.

    "Oh Quentin, what will the Collins do if they catch me?" Maggie gasped. "I'm the children's governess! I'll be fired!"

    "Don't worry about it!" Quentin said between kisses. "No one will catch us!"

    "You don't know that!" Maggie said as she began to unbutton his shirt.

    "If they do fire you, I'll marry you!" Quentin proclaimed. He began to untuck his shirt out of his pants as he led Maggie to the bench of the gazebo.

    Barnabas stared at Quentin with evil intent. If he bit Quentin, he would bite him to kill. He would make sure of it! Barnabas' fangs glittered in the moonlight.

    Sitting on Quentin's lap, Maggie reached down and grabbed Quentin's hand on her thigh. "Quentin, please! I want to be with you, but…" She pleaded with her big brown eyes. "Not here. I'll meet you in your room, I promise."

    Quentin's eyes lit up. "Promise?" He grabbed both her hands in his, their pitchfork signs side-by-side. "Half an hour. I'll be waiting!" He kissed her passionately again, then got up and practically ran back to the house. He turned and smiled and waved. "I'll be waiting!"

    Maggie smiled and tried to get her breathing back under control, smoothing back her hair and straightening up her skirt. Behind her, Barnabas emerged from the dark shadows of the garden, his fangs ready to pierce the neck of another victim.

    "Barnabas!" A man's voice shouted out from the darkness.

    Maggie turned and gasped in the direction of the sandy-haired man who emerged from the path of the Old House. "Willie Loomis!" She turned and looked behind her to see Barnabas standing awkwardly. "Barnabas, I didn't see you there!"

    Willie glared over at Barnabas as he walked towards Maggie and put a hand on her shoulder. "Yes, Barnabas, don't you know it's dangerous to be out here all alone in the middle of the night?"

    "I was just about to go home when I saw Maggie," Barnabas tried to explain rather nervously. "I was about to check if she needed an escort back to the house."

    "I can take Maggie back to the house, Barnabas," Willie told the older man, slipping his arm across Maggie shoulders.

    Maggie pulled away, and glanced down at the pitchfork sign fading away from her hand. "I can take care of myself!" Although he had supposedly been cured from his delusions, Willie Loomis still made her nervous. She would probably never get back the three months he stole from her.

    "But, Maggie, what about the attacks?" Willie asked, glancing over at Barnabas with an accusatory look on his face. Barnabas looked down with shame.

    "I thank both of you for your concern, but I think I can make it to the front door of the house all by my helpless self!" Maggie told them firmly. "Good-night, Barnabas. Good-night Willie." As Maggie walked back to the house, she looked down and saw that the pitchfork sign was completely gone.

    Willie walked over to Barnabas with his arms crossed. "Well, Barnabas, I don't have to ask what would have happened to Maggie if I hadn't shown up when I did." Willie was not usually so forthcoming with him, but as far as Maggie Evans was concerned, Willie was not about to hold back.

    Barnabas sighed. "I know, Willie!" He shook his head with sadness at the shaggy-haired younger man. "I can no longer help myself! Come!" he patted Willie on the back and started out of the garden to the path to the Old House. "We must put an end to this… Tonight!"

    Act One:

    Dr. Julia Hoffman sat in Carolyn Hawkes' bedroom, reading a book while the younger woman slept. She had persuaded Elizabeth to rest for a few hours while she stayed with Carolyn. Julia was used to getting by on only a couple hours of sleep each night, and maybe a short nap in the afternoon.

    Carolyn slept with aid from the sedative, but much of it was fretful. She mumbled in her sleep incoherently, but once in a while a discernible word was uttered.

    "Dark… mumble… Water!" Carolyn tossed and turned. "Breathe… mumble… Salty…" Carolyn writhed in her sleep as she tried to kick her covers off.

    Concerned, Julia put her bookmark back in the novel and placed it on the little table. She got up and went to the blonde young woman and stroked her hair and face motherly.

    "Help… mumble… Dark!" Carolyn shook and writhed, grabbing at Julia's hands and face with her eyes shut. "Breathe… mumble… Cold!"

    Julia grabbed onto Carolyn's hands and tried to reassure her. "Carolyn, you're safe. You're in bed, in your own room. Nothing can harm you."

    Suddenly, Carolyn sat up, awake, and screamed. "Oh God, help me! I can't swim!" She grasped at Julia's arms. "I'm drowning!"

    Julia put an arm around the younger woman and rubbed her shoulders. "You're safe, Carolyn! You're safe and you're warm. You're all right."

    "Julia!" Carolyn gasped. "It was so real! I was in darkness. I couldn't breathe." She shuddered and looked around the room.

    "Just take deep breaths," Julia told her, patting her back.

    There was a light knocking on the door. "Carolyn?" Maggie's voice could be heard. "Are you all right?"

    Julia got up to answer the door. She opened it a crack. "Carolyn just had a bad dream, Maggie. I've been sitting up with her. Elizabeth doesn't feel like she should be alone tonight."

    Maggie nodded understandingly. She hadn't liked Jeb Hawkes, but she understood the grief from losing a loved one all too well. "Is there anything I can do?"

    "Not at the moment," Julia said looking back quickly towards Carolyn. Julia turned and glanced down at Maggie's neck. "Have you seen Barnabas since we were all downstairs?"

    Maggie nodded. "Yes, actually I just saw both him and Willie down in the garden. I was just outside for some air. I'm afraid I might have been too abrupt with them, but I was startled when they both appeared out of nowhere."

    "Yes, I'm sure you were," Julia said understandingly. "Maggie, I just realized I need to see Barnabas about something. Do you think you could come back in about twenty minutes and sit with Carolyn? I can give her another sedative before I go."

    "All right Julia," Maggie agreed. She pretended to be going back to her own bedroom, but as soon as Julia shut the door to Carolyn's room, Maggie opened the door to the West Wing to go to see Quentin.

    As Maggie walked down the West Wing corridor, she wondered to herself what the strange symbol that kept appearing on her hand meant. Although the pitchfork sign was gone now, she still felt something for Quentin. Although it was not as intense as when the symbol was on her hand, she realized that she was beginning to fall in love with him.

    When she reached the door to Quentin's antechamber, she drew a deep breath and knocked timidly. After a few moments, Quentin opened the door, smiling shyly as he stood in the doorway. "You decided to come, after all," Quentin said softly. He stood back and allowed Maggie to enter...

    Act Two:

    The room was lit only by candlelight. Soft music played on the antique Victrola, and white wine chilled in an ice bucket next to two glasses on the small round table. Quentin had certainly been busy. Maggie noticed that the pitchfork sign was no longer on his hand, as well.

    Maggie turned to Quentin. "Quentin, I…" Maggie was at a loss of words. Although she did not feel the lust she had before, she felt that she still wanted to be with him.

    "You don't love me?" asked Quentin. He too realized he was feeling love for Maggie, with or without the symbol.

    "No, of course I do!" Maggie exclaimed. "I just think that we've rushed into this. I love you, but I can't explain why. I barely know anything about you. I want to know more about you."

    Quentin stepped closer and put his hands on her upper arms. "And I want to know more about you, too." He kissed her softly on the lips. "Why don't we sit and talk about us. Find out who Maggie Evans and Quentin Collins are."

    Maggie reached up and stroked his pale, handsome face. "I would like that very much. But it will have to be another time. I'm sorry Quentin, but Carolyn needs me right now. Julia asked me to sit by her. She isn't taking Jeb's death well, at all."

    Quentin scowled and sighed deeply. "Damn that Jeb Hawkes. Even in death he's causing unhappiness."

    Maggie nodded. "But at least he isn't coming back. We'll help Carolyn get over him. But Quentin, there's one more thing. I have to let Barnabas know about us. I have to give him Josette's ring back. I realized how foolish I was to throw it in the fireplace, so I got it out afterwards."

    Quentin suddenly felt very possessive. "I want you to stay away from Barnabas!" It wasn't just the jealousy talking, Quentin feared what Barnabas would do to Maggie. "Send Mrs. Johnson with the ring, or Julia!"

    "Quentin!" Maggie gasped. "Barnabas deserves an explanation in person. I know he cares more than he lets on!"

    "All right Maggie," Quentin conceded, drawing her into his arms for one final kiss. "Why don't we go to the Old House tomorrow evening, to tell him the news together?"

    "Yes, together," Maggie agreed. She shuddered. For some reason she could not explain, just the mere mention of the Old House gave her a slight chill…

    Meanwhile, at the Old House, Barnabas stood with Willie out front gazing at the moon and stars, listening to the sound of the crickets chirping. "This is it, Willie. The last night I will ever see."

    Willie glanced over at the older man, who had once been his master, but was now his friend. "What do you mean, Barnabas? The last night?" He did not like the sound of it.

    Barnabas sighed, then turned and started to walk into the house. Willie followed him. "Just what I mean. Once I enter my coffin before sunrise, I want you to chain it up and never let me free again!" Barnabas hooked his wolf's-head cane on the coat rack slowly, and then began to remove his cape.

    Willie shut the door behind them, shaking his head. "No-no, Barnabas! I can't do that! What about Julia? She can still help. What about Windcliff? She was talking about taking you there today."

    Barnabas shook his head sadly and entered the drawing room. "No Willie, not this time." He stood and warmed his hands in front of the fireplace. "Julia has already tried injections. If it didn't help here, it won't help anywhere else."

    "Then what about Angelique?" Willie persisted. "She's a witch, Barnabas! If anyone can help, she can!"

    "I will not ask Angelique for help!" Barnabas said sternly. "And don't you dare ask her yourself!" He walked towards the window and looked out. "Whatever Angelique has done in the past, she did not cause this curse! The man responsible is lying in his watery grave!"

    Willie grimaced and shook his head. "Yeah, I've been thinking about that, Barnabas. If Jeb Hawkes is dead wouldn't the curse have gone with him?"

    "Apparently not, Willie," Barnabas answered mournfully. "I've already attacked Sabrina, Carolyn… and almost Maggie tonight!" He turned to Willie. "We've wasted enough time. Come! Let us get this over with ~ it's almost morning." Barnabas picked up an envelope on the table. "I've written to Maggie, explaining that I had to go. Make sure she gets this." He then walked over to the bookcase, and mustering up his resolve pulled the secret lever hidden behind a book that opened up the Secret Room.

    With a great creaking noise, the bookcase moved aside, revealing the old room where Barnabas' coffin lay in wait. Barnabas peered into the dark room, feeling hesitant now. "In the morning, I want you to chain the coffin after I've lain myself to rest in it. Then, I never want you to come back. Go and have a happy life with your Roxanne, and try to forget you ever knew me." Barnabas turned and looked at the unhappy young man, unsure of how to proceed with his good-bye.

    Willie felt sad and fearful all at once. His lip trembled, and he felt as though he wanted to cry. Yes, after all the pain and misery that had happened over the last three years, Willie Loomis was going to cry over Barnabas Collins. "I could never forget Barnabas. I hope I can have the strength to stay away." Willie reached over to grasp Barnabas' hand in a farewell handshake.

    Barnabas took Willie's hand, but now that he was close to him, he could see the pulse beat in Willie's neck. He could hear Willie's heart beating like a hammer. Barnabas let go of Willie's hand and turned quickly. "Let us go in," he said gruffly. He stepped into the Secret Room with a small lamp and set it on a shelf.

    Willie walked over to the coffin slowly. This was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. Gulping down the tears that threatened to spill out of his eyes, Willie grabbed the lid and lifted it up one last time. Barnabas drew close behind him, and tried not to think about the sound of Willie's heart beat. He could now smell the blood coursing through Willie's veins. That, mixed with the scent of Willie's sadness, sent Barnabas' fangs protruding downwards to their full extent.

    "Okay, Barnabas," Willie sighed and turned around to face him. "I guess this is it."

    Suddenly, Barnabas grabbed the slighter man in his tight embrace. With one arm around Willie's waist like a vice, his other hand grasping the back of Willie's neck, Barnabas drew back his own head, fangs ready to strike...

    Act Three:

    "Barnabas, no!" Willie screamed, feeling the sharp fangs penetrate through his neck-skin like pointy razors. "Stop it!" Willie felt himself begin to grow faint as the vampire sucked the life-blood out of him. Struggling, Willie grabbed under his shirt, fumbling at the top buttons of his flannel before it was too late.

    "Barnabas…" Willie's legs began to grow limp, but Barnabas held him up like a ragdoll. Finally, Willie managed to grab what he was wearing under his shirt, and with his last bit of strength, managed to lift it up on its chain to face Bar-nabas up close. "Look!"

    "Aauugghh!" Barnabas screamed hoarsely, opening his eyes to see a crucifix staring right at him. He threw Willie to the stone floor with a hard thud and turned to shield his eyes from the offensive religious symbol. "No!"

    Barnabas turned to run out of the Secret Room. "Barnabas!" Julia screamed at the entrance. She held up her own crucifix to stop Barnabas from running away, or attacking her as well. "It's no use Barnabas," she told him, forcing the cowering vampire back towards the coffin.

    Barnabas shielded his eyes. "Julia, how could you do this to me?" He turned away, but Willie was leaning against the coffin with one hand, his other hand holding up his crucifix in front of him. "Aauugghh!" Barnabas screamed again.

    "Get in the coffin, Barnabas," Julia commanded. She stood next to Willie, who was dabbing at his neck with a handkerchief with his free hand. Barnabas meekly obeyed, climbing into the coffin.

    "Please, Julia…" Barnabas begged. Once he was lying down, Julia set her large crucifix on Barnabas' chest, forcing him to lie motionless while she and Willie started to lower the coffin lid. Julia felt herself gasp as she looked down at Barnabas' face, but she refused to cry in front of Willie. Not now. Maybe later…

    After they were done chaining the coffin, they closed up the bookcase and sat to rest in the drawing room for awhile with a brandy. "What will you do now, Julia?" Willie asked her, stroking the gauze pad Julia had taped to his neck.

    "I think it's time that I left Collinwood for good," smiled Julia sadly, taking a sip from her brandy.

    "Do you really think you could leave Collinwood?" asked Willie. "You've been here for so long, helping everyone."

    "Yes," said Julia. "But without Barnabas, there doesn't seem much point." Julia recalled a similar conversation she and Willie had two years earlier when they thought Barnabas was dead. "I've always wanted to set up my own psychiatric practice. Maybe I will, now…"

    Willie nodded and touched his bandaged neck. "I guess I'm free to be with Roxanne now. I can't ever tell her what went on here. She'd never believe me, anyway." Willie gulped down his brandy.

    When they were done, Willie and Julia hugged good-bye. It was the first time they had ever been so intimate. Willie went upstairs to sleep for a little while in his old room, before he returned to Roxanne for good.

    Julia watched him go, and she finally let a tear trickle down her cheek. "Good-bye Willie," she said raspily. She turned and looked at the bookcase in the drawing room. "Good-bye… Barnabas!" she gasped. She snuffed out the candelabra and left the room. Glancing one last time at the bookcase, she stopped by the wolf's-head cane, she touched it lightly, then picked it up and cradled it to her chest. She went out the front door, leaving the Old House for the final time…


    Barnabas Collins… JONATHAN FRID


    Carolyn Hawkes… NANCY BARRETT

    Willie Loomis… JOHN KARLEN

    Dr. Julia Hoffman… GRAYSON HALL

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY
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    Episode 983: Happy Birthday, Amy

    Wed. Apr. 1, 1970

    A deceivingly peaceful morning at Collinwood... The birds chirp merrily, as the sun shines bright in the azure sky, blissfully unaware of the tragedy that will follow all those who reside at Collinwood in the weeks to come… For this is the last happy birthday young Amy Jennings will ever know...

    Maggie Evans walked down the staircase to the Great Hall, following David Collins and Amy Jennings as they bounded with all the energy that only those who are thirteen years old can know. Maggie smiled, thinking of the reason for the happy occasion.

    Elizabeth entered the hall from below the staircase. "Mrs. Johnson is waiting," she told them. "She made all your favorites for your birthday, Amy."

    Amy's eyes lit up. "Oh boy, french toast with crispy bacon?" she asked, delighted. David rolled his eyes.

    "Yes, french toast with powdered sugar and blueberries… and bacon." Elizabeth smiled.

    "Are Carolyn and Jeb still here?" David asked.

    Elizabeth and Maggie gave each other a look. "Jeb had to go out of town for a while," Elizabeth finally answered. "Carolyn is very tired. Dr. Hoffman is making sure no one bothers her, especially two young children."

    "Teenagers," Amy corrected her. Now that she was thirteen, she was going to make sure everyone knew she was an honest-to-goodness teenager.

    "Oh my... they certainly grow up fast," Elizabeth sighed at Maggie.

    "Yes, Mrs. Stoddard," Maggie smirked, albeit a little wryly. She herself had had no choice in growing up too fast. She helped support her father from a very young age, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood until she could work in the Collinsport Diner. "You two go see Mrs. Johnson. I'll be there in a minute."

    "All right," David answered. As he and Amy walked back towards the kitchen, he turned and whispered loudly towards Amy: "I wonder what really happened to Jeb?"

    "Come into the drawing room with me for a moment," Elizabeth told Maggie. The younger woman followed her. Elizabeth walked over to the desk and picked up an envelope that said Maggie on it. "I had a visit from Willie Loomis this morning. Apparently, Barnabas had to return to England on the spur-of-the-moment. He asked Willie to give you this."

    Maggie took the envelope from Elizabeth's hand. She hesitated for a moment, turning the envelope over between her fingers. She noted how stylish and old-fashioned her name looked in Barnabas' handwriting. "Willie was here? Did he say when Barnabas was coming back?"

    "Willie said that he had no idea if or when Barnabas was coming back," Elizabeth told her. "Would you like me to leave the room?" she asked, noticing how hesitant Maggie was to open the envelope.

    Maggie blushed a little. She suddenly felt a wave of guilt pass over her when she remembered how romantic she and Quentin had been last night. "Oh, no! It's all right Eliz… Mrs. Stoddard!" She quickly tore open the envelope and pulled the letter out, unfolding it before reading out loud. It was, of course, written out in Barnabas' perfect calligraphy…

    "My dearest Maggie,

    You don't know how difficult I find it to write these words to you. Old matters back in England have come up that I had thought were long ago settled. Unfortunately, it looks as though I shall be returning to my native soil ~ perhaps, indefinitely. Although the circumstances of the last few months have not been ideal, I have immensely enjoyed the limited time we have spent together. I realize now that perhaps I have made more of our relationship in my admittedly romantic mind. I have sensed for quite some time that your heart truly lies with another ~ not with an old romantic fool such as myself. I harbor no ill-feeling towards you, Maggie. Please know that. I want you to keep Josette's ring as a memento.

    Yours truly, Barnabas Collins

    Maggie looked up from the letter, realizing that last night, when she saw Barnabas with Willie in the garden, it might have been for the last time. "Oh, Barnabas," she murmured…

    Act One:

    "Barnabas?" Chris Jennings exclaimed. "Barnabas left?" His dirty blonde hair was disheveled and brown stubble covered his handsome, but tired face. He poured his and Quentin's coffees at the back of the cottage and brought them over to the sofa where he had spent the night, the afghan folded over sloppily.

    "Yes," Quentin answered, moving the afghan away to make room for Chris to sit beside him on the sofa. "Julia told me about it. Barnabas feels it would be best for everyone if he returned to England… after everything that's happened.

    Chris was tired, but skeptical. He narrowed his eyes before taking a sip of coffee. "I don't understand, Jeb Hawkes and Sky Rumson are dead. Why leave now?"

    Quentin sipped some coffee before answering. He stared ahead, not looking at his same-age great-grandson. "Barnabas felt like it was his fault ~ he brought the Leviathans here. And no one knows where Nicholas Blair is. He or someone else might come along and try to get revenge against him."

    "But the attacks lately," Chris pressed on. "What about Sabrina, and the other women in the village? We've got to get to the bottom of this. Barnabas said he would help find the culprit. How can he leave at a time like this?"

    "I have a feeling the attacks are over with…" Quentin tried to reassure him.

    Chris felt angry. "A feeling? Why does Sabrina keep moaning for Barnabas in the other room? Why is it that every time something bad happens, Barnabas just happens to be in the middle of it? What got him so involved with the Leviathans in the first place?" Chris got up and started to pace the room, holding his mug in his hands. "Unless…" Chris took another sip of coffee.

    Quentin sat his mug down on the table. "Look, Chris, it doesn't matter now. Barnabas has left, the Leviathans have broken up. Sabrina will recover. All we have to do know is deal with the curse."

    Chris whipped around. "The curse! That's it! Barnabas is the one, isn't he?" Seeing the look on Quentin's face, Chris shook his head incredulously. "All this time, it's been staring me in the face. Barnabas is cursed, too!"

    Quentin got up from the couch to move towards Chris. "Come on, now, Chris." He put his hand on Chris's shoulders. "You know we're the only two werewolves in Collinsport!"

    Chris nodded, "Werewolves, yes! But Barnabas is a vampire!" Chris pulled away from Quentin and walked towards the fireplace. "It all makes so much sense! There's always been something strange about Barnabas! But these vampire attacks started soon after Jeb came to town. Barnabas must have done something to upset them, that's why Jeb turned him into a vampire!"

    Quentin looked defeated. He no longer had the strength to protect Barnabas and keep lying to Chris. "Chris, Barnabas is gone now. Julia and Willie took care of everything."

    Chris stepped back towards Quentin. "Julia! Willie! How many more people have known about this? Were you all just going to let Sabrina die to protect Barnabas?"

    Quentin turned red. "Of course not!" he admonished. "We've done everything we could to protect her. Look, Julia has assured me that she and Willie have chained him up somewhere."

    Chris walked right up to Quentin and grabbed his jacket lapels roughly. "Where is he, Quentin? Where? Barnabas should be destroyed!"

    Quentin grabbed Chris's wrists. "Then we might as well destroy ourselves as well, Chris. How much suffering have we caused, under our curse?"

    Chris released his hands from Quentin's jacket and looked away. "If Sabrina and Amy didn't need me, I would destroy Barnabas, then you, and then myself…"

    Quentin shook his head. "Chris, you can't mean that. There's always hope..." Quentin pulled his great-grandson into a tight hug. "Where there's still life, there's still hope." Quentin wondered to himself if he really meant it…

    Act Two:

    Maggie, David, and Amy returned to Collinwood after the early movie matinee in somewhat cheerful spirits. "Boy, that airplane movie sure was exciting. I thought the plane would crash during the snowstorm for sure! Thanks for suggesting it Amy!"

    "I wanted to see something you would like too, David," Amy told him.

    "Well, I certainly enjoyed it," Maggie said to them. "I'm just glad everyone is getting along for once."

    Elizabeth walked into the hall from the Drawing Room, making sure to close the doors behind her. "I'm glad you all had a good time. I miss the old black-and-white movies, myself." She smiled at Amy. "Why don't you go upstairs and let Maggie help you into the new party dress we picked out?"

    "All right, Mrs. Stoddard," Amy agreed, "I sure hope Chris and Sabrina are coming over for my party," Amy said.

    Maggie and Elizabeth shared another look, and Maggie hurried up the stairs after a bounding Amy. Elizabeth turned to David. "David, before you put on your new suit and tie…" David grimaced in disgust… "I want you to come into the drawing room. I have something to show you before the party."

    Elizabeth turned around and opened the Drawing Room doors. David followed his aunt in, and instantly felt a little jealous. His birthday was spent in a coma last year. Party streamers adorned the wood walls and colorful balloons were tied to the furniture in bunches. Mrs. Johnson had laid out the finest silver on a specially set up table with a large punch bowl filled with Hawaiian Punch and club soda.

    David was mystified as to what his aunt could possibly want to show him on Amy's birthday. "What is it, Aunt Elizabeth?" he asked. His eyes narrowed when he saw the matriarch pick up some pamphlets off of the desk.

    "These are for you," Elizabeth declared, holding the pamphlets out to her nephew. "Your father and I have had a talk while you were out, and we both think this would be a great opportunity for you." She smiled, trying to make it seem as though it were the most wonderful thing in the world.

    David gingerly took the glossy booklets from his aunt and stared at them for a moment, not fully comprehending the extent of what was going on at first. "Morningwood Prep… Prep-a-tory School… Rockspring Academy… Oakley Prep... School... What are these for, Aunt Elizabeth?"

    "These brochures are for the finest boarding schools in and around Boston. Your father has had them for quite awhile, now." Elizabeth clasped her hands. "I didn't think it was necessary before, but after everything that has happened over the past year…"

    David looked dismayed. "Boarding school? Oh, Aunt Elizabeth! I don't want to leave Collinwood! Or you, or Amy!" He tried to hand the pamphlets back to his aunt, but she wouldn't take them.

    "Let's sit down for a moment and talk about it," Elizabeth told him. She turned and sat down on the sofa. David followed her. "David, so much has happened lately, I'm worried about what effect it's had on you." She leaned over and put her old hand on his young, smooth one. "First your coma when we had to live at the Old House, then losing your friend, Michael… Now Jeb has… gone away for the foreseeable future. I just think a change of scenery would do you a world of good."

    David shook his head. "But I love it here, Aunt Elizabeth. I have my photography, and the beach, and Quentin was going to help me build a fort…"

    "But what about your schooling, David?" Elizabeth asked him. "You're going to be high school age this fall. I think you should have friends your own age, and classes, and some independence so that you will be prepared for college."

    "I don't want to go to college!" David admonished. "Why can't Maggie keep teaching me? Why can't things stay the way they are?"

    "If you want to run the cannery and fishing fleet someday, you'll have to go to college. And Maggie only has a high school diploma, David. You need more advanced classes than she can provide to help you get into a good college."

    David scowled. He mind raced quickly to figure out a way of getting out of going. Was it possible he could convince Aunt Elizabeth he was doing so well at Collinwood, that she would forget about sending him away? "Will it be okay if I just think about it for awhile, Aunt Elizabeth?" David tried to change his expression to an almost pleasant one.

    Elizabeth smiled. "Of course, David. You think about it, and your father will take you to Boston to tour each school to see them in person… Tomorrow."

    "Tomorrow!" David exclaimed, horrified…

    Act Three:

    "Tomorrow?" Quentin asked, incredulously.

    "Yes," Chris nodded. "Julia gave Sabrina a thorough examination. She thinks she'll be up and about as early as tomorrow!"

    They were standing in the foyer of Collinwood. Amy's birthday party was going on in the Drawing Room. "That's good news!" Quentin smiled, patting Chris on the back.

    "I also think it's time I popped the question to Sabrina. Things have got to go our way for once… They just gotta."

    Quentin stepped forward and hugged him warmly. "Well, you have my blessing... Who knows, maybe it'll be a double-wedding," Quentin said, thinking of a certain brown-haired young woman.

    Chris looked at him quizzically, but before he could ask, Amy spotted him and came running into the drawing room in her pretty pink party dress.

    "Chris! You made it!" she screeched, flinging herself into his arms.

    Chris looked down at the young girl in the party dress, then looked towards the Drawing Room as if noticing it for the first time. "Oh… my…"

    "I just knew you would come! Where's Sabrina?" she asked, staring up at him with her huge eyes.

    "She... she's sick, Amy. Dr. Hoffman says she'll be better tomorrow." Chris looked at Quentin like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

    "Well, make sure you bring her a piece of my birthday cake! Come on, let's go look at all of my presents!" Amy grabbed Chris by the arm and dragged him to the Drawing Room.

    Chris turned around and mouthed Help Me at Quentin. Quentin just smirked and followed the two into the other room. David and Elizabeth stood at the punch bowl, David dressed in his suit looking forlorn, while he poured his aunt a cup of punch with a sherbet scoop floating in it.

    "Did you bring me a present?" Amy asked of Chris, indicating the small pile of gifts on the piano.

    "Gift-gifts?" Chris stammered, looking over at Quentin. "I'm sorry, Amy, I…"

    "Knew I was going to forget to bring it over from the cottage," Quentin came to the rescue, "So my thoughtful friend Quentin picked it up and brought it over." Quentin reached into his jacket and pulled out a small wrapped gift. "Here you go Amy. This is the gift Chris picked out for you." Quentin handed Amy the small parcel and winked at Chris discreetly. "He wrapped it himself."

    "Oh, please Chris, can I open it now?" Amy begged excitedly.

    Chris looked over at Quentin with gratitude shining in his eyes. Or was it something else? He turned back to his little sister. "Yes, darlin'. You may go ahead and open it."

    Amy unwrapped the gift with much ferocity and uncovered a little jewelry box. She slowly lifted up the lid and peered inside. "Oh, Chris! It's beautiful!" She lifted up a crystal daisy pendant. "Thank you!"

    "You're welcome," Chris smiled. He turned to silently thank Quentin, but he had already slipped out of the room. Chris turned back to Amy. "Here, let me help you put it on."

    Amy lifted up her brown pigtails and turned around so that Chris could fasten the chain around her neck. Just then, Maggie could be heard coming from the kitchen, singing "Happy Birthday". Soon, everyone joined in, and Maggie came around the corner with a beautiful pink cake with fourteen candles on top.

    After setting it down on the table in front of Amy, the others stood in a semi-circle ~ Maggie, Elizabeth, David and Chris ~ and Amy contemplated her birthday wish…

    "Please God," Amy thought, "Let us be happy this year. Let Chris and Sabrina and me be a family." Amy blew out the candles…


    Elizabeth Stoddard… JOAN BENNETT


    David Collins… DAVID HENESY

    Chris Jennings… DON BRISCOE

    Amy Jennings… DENISE NICKERSON

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY
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    Episode 984: While The Vampire's Away...

    Thu. Apr. 2, 1970

    A somber day at Collinwood, for Julia Hoffman and Willie Loomis have chained Barnabas in his coffin, perhaps for forever… Knowing that she can no longer stay at Collinwood with all its memories, Julia decides that she must return to a normal life at Windcliff.....

    Julia stood at the table in the Great Hall of Collinwood talking on the phone. "Yes, I understand… Yes, I know their case history… I'll see for myself when I arrive tomorrow…" There was a rapping at the front door. "I have to go, there's someone at the door."

    Julia hung up the phone and walked over to the front doors, opening them. "Angelique!" she exclaimed, surprised. Although she shouldn't have been, considering how Angelique felt about Barnabas!

    Angelique smiled, with her big blue eyes sparkling. "Good afternoon, Julia!" She did not appear to be distressed or concerned about Barnabas' disappearance in any way.

    "What are you doing here?" Julia finally asked, suspicious. She stood in the doorway, not budging.

    Angelique raised her eyebrows. "What a greeting, Julia! I'm here to see Mrs. Stoddard. Won't you let me come in?"

    Angelique stepped forward a little, and Julia finally stepped aside. Angelique came through the doorway and smiled pleasantly at Julia, looking around with curiosity.

    Julia closed the double doors and turned to her. "Is it really Mrs. Stoddard you've come to see, or is it about someone else," she stressed pointedly.

    Angelique turned with mock surprise. "Why Mrs. Stoddard, of course! After she and Carolyn came to stay with me in my home, I only wanted to have a little visit with them." The blonde witch smiled with radiant airiness. "After all, we are neighbors now!"

    Julia scowled. "Neighbors? I thought you were only staying at the Old House by Barnabas' invitation?"

    "Of course," Angelique answered matter-of-factly. "Barnabas told me I could stay as long as I liked." She leaned in close to Julia. "And I do like!"

    "Even if Barnabas is not around to play host?" Julia demanded, tired of beating around the bush.

    Angelique tilted her head questioningly. "Is Barnabas not around? I know he sleeps in his coffin during the day," she whispered.

    Julia stared at the wicked beauty and nodded. "Yes, and you could change all that if you wanted to!"

    Angelique turned and looked at the grandfather clock and stared at one of the mermaids etched onto it. "Could I change it?" she asked. "It was not I, Julia, who made Barnabas the way he is this time!"

    "No," Julia agreed, walking up behind her. "But Jeb is dead, and you have the power to end the curse!"

    Angelique turned and faced Julia. Was that a twinge of sadness Julia saw behind Angelique's smile? "No Julia, only Jeb Hawkes himself would have been allowed to end the curse! The price would be too high for me to interfere!"

    "For you, or for Barnabas?" Julia demanded.

    "Perhaps for both of us!" Angelique told her. She glanced over at the drawing room doors. "I know you and Willie have stashed him away somewhere, and that suits me fine, Julia. Maybe I would prefer that Barnabas stayed safely out of my way for awhile."

    Julia narrowed her eyes. "What are you planning Angelique? Tell me!"

    Angelique opened her big, beautiful eyes as wide as she could possibly manage, and smiled. "You'll see, Julia dear! I have big plans for the future ~ and this time, Barnabas won't be around to stop me!"…

    Act One:

    Elizabeth and Quentin sat in the Drawing Room on the sofa next to the fireplace. Elizabeth sat drinking some tea, while Quentin wolfed down another piece of pink birthday cake. Because of his portrait, Quentin could eat as voraciously as he wanted, and no extraneous weight would be added to his long, lean frame.

    "I have big plans, Quentin," Elizabeth said, setting her teacup down on its saucer, "While Roger is taking David to Boston, I want to take Carolyn to Europe. After everything that's happened to her over the last few months, she needs to get away from Collinwood… From Collinsport, itself."

    Quentin nodded. "I understand, losing a father and a husband in two months has to have a devastating effect on someone." He put down his fork. "When do you plan to leave?"

    "We'll be leaving next Friday. But in the meantime, I need to know that I'm leaving the cannery in good hands. I have an excellent manager there, Quentin, but I need someone to work with him in case there are important decisions to be made. I want you to look after the cannery while we're gone, Quentin. Do you think you would be willing?"

    Quentin looked a little dazed. He had not expected to have any responsibilities while staying with his new family. Responsibilities usually made him want to run as far away as he possibly could. "Oh, I don't know, Elizabeth…"

    Elizabeth put on her best wounded puppy-dog face. "Please, Quentin. I know you haven't been around us very long, but you're family. I was hoping Barnabas would be the one, but he's gone away now. You're the only one left. I know in my heart I can trust you with all of this."

    Quentin sighed and smiled warmly. He could never resist a beautiful woman, or man. "Oh, Elizabeth! I can't believe I'm going to go along with all this!" He took her hand. "I'll look after the cannery and the house while you're gone!"

    Elizabeth smiled with relief. "Thank you, Quentin. I knew I could trust you to help me! And it will only be for a month, I promise." Elizabeth squeezed his hand and started to get up. "And who knows, maybe after the month is over, you'll continue to help run the cannery as a Vice-President!" She walked over to the desk.

    Quentin grimaced comically. "Let's not go that far! Why don't we just get through the first month!"

    Elizabeth picked up the Collinsport Star. "There was something else I wanted to discuss." She turned to Quentin, holding the newspaper with the classifieds section open. "I presume you have heard of the famous blind pianist, Laszlo Ferrari?"

    Quentin leaned forward and clasped his hands over his knees. "Why yes, of course! Why do you ask?"

    "I answered this Classifieds add this morning and Laszlo Ferrari's agent answered the phone number." She handed Quentin the paper and showed him the circled add. "Apparently, Ferrari is looking for a summer retreat to recharge, as his agent put it. He's been looking for a place to stay in Collinsport, and his agent thinks that Collinwood may be the perfect place."

    Quentin looked at the advertisement and shook his head with both incredulity and admiration. "My, my, my! You have been busy with plans, haven't you? I know Ferrari is famous, Elizabeth, but are you sure you want another stranger living here?"

    "I'm sure, Quentin. Ferrari's agent said he would be paying a substantial rent, not that that's very important ~ at least not to me ~ and that he would want a place to stay very soon ~ next week, in fact. My only regret is that Carolyn and I will be going away when he arrives. But Carolyn's mental well-being is more important, of course."

    Quentin got up and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well, Elizabeth, you just take care of Carolyn and enjoy your trip to Europe. Don't worry about things here. I'll take care of everything ~ the house, the cannery... and I'll be the most gracious host Laszlo Ferrari has ever seen… I promise you!"

    Elizabeth smiled up at the handsome young man. She knew that she was leaving things in good hands. "Thank you, Quentin!" She turned and looked thoughtful. "So much is changing, lately! After all the bad things that have happened, I pray to God that only good things are in store for us!" If she could have turned and looked at Quentin just then, she would have seen his handsome brow creased with worry and concern…

    Act Two:

    David sat on his bed in his room scowling as he stared at the boarding school brochures his Aunt Elizabeth gave to him to look over. He ripped each one into tiny little pieces and threw them away from his bed as hard as he could. Someone of them fell to the floor, but others landed on the bed. David flicked each piece off of the bed angrily. He knew only bad things were in store for him.

    Amy barged into David's bedroom without knocking. She twirled happily in front of him, showing off her pretty pink dress and holding her new Barbie in her hands. Even though she felt too old to play with dolls, Amy enjoyed getting a new one to display on her shelf. Still thinking of Amy as a little girl, David had grabbed it for her in a hurry at Brewster's Department Store without really giving it a second thought.

    "Get out, Amy!" David said loudly. "You didn't knock!" He scowled with annoyance.

    Amy ignored him. "Thank you for the new doll, David." She plopped down on the bed next to David with a hard bounce, and admired Barbie's orange mesh cover-up.

    "Go away, Amy" David shouted. He was in too bad of a mood to deal with her right now.

    "What's wrong, David?" Amy asked, stroking Barbie's hair. "What's bugging you?" she asked innocently.

    David grimaced. "Boarding school! Aunt Elizabeth said I have to go! Well, I'm not!"

    Amy looked worried. "Boarding school? Oh no, David! What will I do if you go away?"

    "Who cares?" David stated. "I've got to figure out a way to get out of it!" He looked furtively around the room.

    Maggie appeared in the doorway and looked in on the two youths. "David, your Aunt Elizabeth wants you to pack this afternoon so that you'll be ready to leave with your father bright and early tomorrow morning."

    "I can't find my suitcases," David told her.

    Maggie walked over to David's closet and opened the door. "I don't think you've looked very well," she said, walking into the closet and pulling out two suitcases.

    "Oh, Maggie, please don't let them take David away!" Amy cried. Suddenly, she felt less like a grown-up thirteen-year-old and more like a small, anxious child.

    "This is a good opportunity for David!" Maggie told them. "He can learn so much more in a Boston school than I could ever hope to teach him. I wish I could have had the same opportunities," Maggie sighed, thinking of her impoverished youth.

    David got up from his bed and stood before Maggie. "But I don't want things to change. I hate having to start all over again. I don't know anyone there! I'll be all alone!"

    Maggie pursed her lips. "David, do you remember when I first came here to be your governess, you resented me because I wasn't Vicky?" David nodded. "Well, after a while you got to know me better, and we became friends. But we never would have become friends if you hadn't given me a chance. Now, in Boston, you can give more people a chance to be your friend."

    David looked pained. "But there will be so many people I have to get to know all over again. I remember when I had to go to school back in Augusta. They used to make fun of me there."

    Maggie took his hand. "Don't underestimate yourself, David. I know you'll do just fine... Now, I'm going with you and Roger in the morning, so I also have to pack. I can't wait to go see the schools with you and your father." Maggie turned to Amy. "Amy, do you think you could help David out? I'll be leaving this checklist of things to bring on the trip." She set the list on David's desk. She smiled at the two younger teens and left the room.

    "David, I don't want you to go away!" Amy looked fearful. Too many people had left her life in her past.

    "Don't worry Amy," David looked thoughtful. "I'll make sure I ruin any chances of going to boarding school on this trip. I just have to make sure not one place wants me as a student!"…

    Act Three:

    "I would love to have you as a student!" Angelique exclaimed to Quentin. She sat next to Quentin on the sofa, with Julia on the chair beside them.

    "I'm afraid I have a brown thumb, not a green one," Quentin shook his head with mock sadness.

    "Oh, but I can just use my magic," Angelique replied, lightly touching Quentin's hand with her fingers. "You'll never have to pick up a three-pronged cultivator again."

    Julia rolled her eyes and made a small clearing throat noise.

    Quentin glanced over at Julia. "I wouldn't know a cultivator from a trowel."

    "Oh," said Angelique, "It's just a small pitchfork." She stopped caressing Quentin's hand and leaned back, looking pleased with herself.

    Just then, Elizabeth came into the drawing room, carrying the tea tray. "I brewed the new teabags you brought me, Angelique" Elizabeth said.

    "Oh good, Elizabeth, I'm so pleased," Angelique smiled up at her.

    "I think I better pass," Quentin said. "I just had some not too long ago with some birthday cake."

    Angelique batted her big baby blues at him. "Oh, Quentin. I'm insulted. You've got to try my special tea! I made the tea and put them in bags myself… with my magic hands!" She caressed his hand again.

    Quentin sighed. "Oh, all right! If you insist!" Elizabeth poured him a cup and handed it to him.

    Julia looked suspiciously at Angelique. Just then, the phone rang. Elizabeth stopped her tea pouring, but Julia got up and waved a hand at her. "Don't worry, I'll get it," she told her friend. Julia went out to the Great Hall and answered the phone.

    Quentin, Angelique and Elizabeth sat across from each other and sipped at the aromatic rose-scented herbal tea that Angelique brought. "You must let me bring up some tea to Carolyn," Angelique told Elizabeth. "It has a very therapeutic effect. I know what losing a husband is like, all too well…"

    "Yes," Elizabeth nodded. "I can't believe that all three of us have lost husbands in such a short time. That's why it's so important I take Carolyn away for awhile."

    "I hope your trip brings you and Carolyn much happiness," Angelique told her, seemingly genuine, this time.

    "Yes," Quentin agreed, clinking his teacup to Angelique's. "We all deserve happiness."

    Julia could be heard hanging up the phone in the foyer. She walked back into the drawing room, looking thoughtful. "That was Windcliff," she told the trio. "It seems they have a new case for me on my first day back ~ a mysterious young amnesiac was brought in today. A John Doe… He was found up the coast on the beach this morning."

    "How interesting!" Angelique exclaimed. Elizabeth and Quentin both nodded in agreement.

    "A John Doe?" Elizabeth asked. "Was there no identification on the man?"

    Julia shook her head. "According to the doctor on duty, no one has any idea who he is."

    "You said on your first day back… Are you leaving us, Dr. Hoffman?" Angelique asked innocently.

    Julia arched an eyebrow, realizing that Angelique probably wanted her out of the way for her own selfish reasons. "For the time being. Now that Barnabas has gone away, I thought it best that I concentrate fully on my work…"

    "Yes," Angelique agreed. "I think it's time that we both went back to what we do best…" she smiled her wicked smiled, glancing over towards the tall, dark, handsome man who sat beside her, sipping her special tea…


    Elizabeth Stoddard… JOAN BENNETT


    David Collins… DAVID HENESY

    Dr. Julia Hoffman… GRAYSON HALL

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Amy Jennings… DENISE NICKERSON

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY
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    Rhode Island
    Episode 985: Return To Windcliff

    Fri. Apr. 3, 1970

    A day of new beginnings here at Collinwood… For Julia Hoffman is leaving for Windcliff, knowing there is no future here without Barnabas Collins... And also Maggie Evans must say good-bye to the man she has loved for the past few weeks, not knowing that love will end as fleetingly as it began…

    Maggie paced back and forth from the drawing room to the foyer, holding her cup of tea in her hands. Three different-sized plastic suitcases stood at the front entrance of Collinwood. From time to time, Maggie glanced at the grandfather clock, then to the upstairs door, where someone special would be sure to be coming through at any moment. Maggie sighed and took another worried glance over to the clock and went back into the drawing room.

    Maggie sat on the sofa and sat her teacup down on the table. She had sent Roger and David away earlier ~ she promised she would meet them at the train station once her last good-byes were said. Roger was taking David to eat at the Collinsport Inn for a special breakfast that morning.

    "Oh, Quentin… Where are you?" Maggie asked out loud. She grimaced and poured herself some more tea and cream. It was not calming at all…

    Just then, Maggie heard the front doors open and close creakily. With a start, she stood and dropped her teaspoon to the silver tray with a loud CLATTER!

    "Hello?" a woman's voice called out into the Great Hall of Collinwood. Maggie was disappointed, but went out to greet her, anyway.

    "Good morning, Angelique!" Maggie did not know the blonde woman well, but she was a friend of Barnabas.

    "I tried knocking, but I don't think anyone heard me," Angelique explained graciously. She smiled at Maggie and noticed the disappointment in the young brunette's eyes.

    "Oh," said Maggie. She felt sure she would have heard the door-knocking. "I guess I was preoccupied." She glanced again in the general area of upstairs. "What brings you here, this morning?" Maggie asked.

    "I came to see Julia," Angelique answered. "I wanted to talk to her about some things at the Old House." Angelique smiled sweetly. "You see, Barnabas said I could stay there for as long as I wanted while he was out of town…"

    "Oh, that's nice," Maggie said distractedly. Where was Quentin? She turned to Angelique again. "Would you like some tea, Angelique?" She turned to walk back into the drawing room.

    "Actually, Maggie, I prefer my natural herbal tea," Angelique said as she followed her to the sofa. "I have some in my purse."

    Maggie sat back down on the sofa. "That sounds nice," said Maggie, as she poured some hot water into a teacup for her.

    Angelique sat down beside her. "I never drink alone. Please, have some of my special tea with me." She smiled and touched Maggie's hand lightly.

    "All right," Maggie nodded. She poured some hot water into a fresh cup. Angelique removed two tea bags from her purse and plunked them down into the teacups.

    "Let these steep for a moment," Angelique told her. "Where is Julia?" she asked. "Has she already gone out this morning?"

    "Actually, she has," Maggie nodded. "She said something about driving back to Windcliff…"

    Angelique's eyes lit up with delight. "Good! It's about time everything returned to normal for once! I know that she misses Barnabas, as I do, and returning to work could be just what she needs!"

    Maggie nodded in agreement, but she glanced at her wristwatch worriedly, wondering if she could possibly leave Collinwood… and Quentin…

    Act One:

    "I know you miss Barnabas, and going back to work could be exactly what you need!" Chris told Julia in the sitting area of his cottage. "I just wish you would stick around, for my own selfish reasons…"

    Julia nodded understandingly. "I'm sorry, Chris, I know it would be easier for you if I were nearby, but with Barnabas gone… I just don't see how I could continue to live at Collinwood…"

    "Yes," Chris nodded, anger simmering below the surface. "With Barnabas gone…" He got up from his sofa and turned away, clenching his fists.

    Julia looked quizzically at Chris's back and set her coffee cup down. "Is there something wrong, Chris?"

    Chris looked up and smiled incredulously at the dark shadows of the room. He wanted to scream that he knew, that Julia and Willie had hid Barnabas and his sins from the world. But he still needed Julia's help, and he wasn't sure how far he should take his anger out on her.

    Julia stood up and stood behind the tall young man with the light brown hair. She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you still worried about Sabrina?"

    "Sabrina?" Chris asked, turning back to her and raising an eyebrow. Worried that Barnabas would attack her again?

    Julia smiled reassuringly. "Trust me Chris, she's on her way. Her wounds are almost healed. She should be able to get out of bed by tomorrow morning! And return to her job at the library in a couple of days!"

    Chris smiled back, but it was with insincerity. "Life goes on, for everyone…" He turned and paced. "And during the next full moon… Where will you be when I need you?"

    "I'll always be there for you Chris!" Julia exclaimed.

    Chris scowled as he paced. "Really? Like Barnabas… going back to England?" How Chris wanted to shout out that he knew the truth!

    "My going back to Windcliff won't change our relationship, Chris! In fact, I've been thinking about a new way to help you, but I had decided not to tell you until I was sure!"

    Chris stopped pacing and stared at Julia. "A new way to help me? What do you mean? A silver bullet between the eyes?"

    "Of course not," she exclaimed, indignant. "I took the remains of the moon poppy that Sabrina tried to use during your last transformation. I was meaning to analyze it, but I've been too busy help-" Julia paused to stop herself from mentioning Barnabas. "I mean, with everything going on I just haven't had the time, but once I get back to Windcliff I'll have the time and equipment I need to make a thorough inspection of the poppy's properties!"

    Chris shook his head with disbelief. "I didn't know, Julia! When Sabrina told me that the moon poppy was destroyed, I had lost hope. The only thing that's been keeping me alive lately is the knowledge that Sabrina needs me right now." Chris was starting to realize that maybe Barnabas' attacks on Sabrina was somehow a double-edged blade, as far as his continued existence was concerned.

    "There's always hope, Chris!" Julia squeezed Chris's hand and smiled reassuringly, kindness in her big striking brown eyes.

    "Hope," Chris whispered. Then, he said aloud: "That's almost exactly what someone said to me before, verbatim." He thought suddenly of Quentin, a strange unknown stirring fluttered in his chest.

    "Hold on to it, Chris!" Julia told him. "I know that you and Sabrina and Amy will be a family! Just hold out for a little longer! If you need me at all before the next full moon, I'll leave you my direct number at Windcliff."

    Chris realized he couldn't confront Julia about Barnabas. Not now, maybe never. She was a friend, and he did need her. "Let me know what you find out about the moon poppy. Good or bad~ I just have to know, either way!" The moon poppy that Sabrina had given him… But a little voice inside his head asked Chris if he was really in love with her, or was he just grateful…

    Act Two:

    Angelique and Maggie were still sitting in the drawing room, drinking her special rose tea. "You will miss Quentin very much," Angelique told her, light touching her hand with her own.

    "Yes," said Maggie. "More than I've ever missed anyone in my whole life!" She took another sip of tea.

    "You will dream about him every night, long for him every night!" Angelique moaned.

    "Yes," said Maggie, taking another sip of tea. "Long for him, every… single… night!"

    "But you will not be able to go to him," Angelique continued. "No matter how much you want Quentin Collins, you have to stay with Roger and David until your trip is finished!"

    "Yes!" Maggie agreed. "Until our trip is finished!" Angelique was right. She did have her duty to the Collins family to consider before her relationship with Quentin, no matter how much it pained her to be away from him.

    Angelique smiled triumphantly. "Yes, and when your trip is finished, you will run back to the arms of the man you love! Happy in the knowledge that the two of you will never be parted again!" Angelique sounded almost orgasmic by this point.

    "No!" Maggie exclaimed. "Never again!"

    "Your love is so great, that only Death can part you!" Angelique concluded, gasping one final time.

    "Yes, yes! Only Death!" Maggie cried.

    Angelique smiled and patted the younger brunette's hand. "And now, dearest Maggie, I do believe you have a train to catch. I hear Quentin coming down the stairs now."

    Sure enough, the long, lean legs of Quentin carried him bounding down the stairs and into the drawing room. "Good morning, ladies!" He greeted, looking appreciatively at Angelique, barely noticing Maggie sitting there.

    "Quentin!" Maggie exclaimed. She stood and quickly ran into Quentin, almost knocking him over, flinging her arms up around his neck. "Oh Quentin, I'm going to miss you so much!"

    Quentin felt confused. He patted Maggie on the back, no longer feeling the lust he had felt for her over the past few weeks. In fact, he felt nothing. He was not quite sure how or if he should tell Maggie. "Well, yes, I'm going to miss you too…" He tried to give her his most brilliant toothpaste smile.

    "I promise I'll write every day! I'll send pictures! I'll call in the evenings!" Maggie felt head-over-heels for Quentin. Somehow, her lust for him had grown over the past few weeks. She quickly checked her hand out of habit, but did not see the pitchfork symbol this time.

    "Yes, yes, you do that!" Quentin told her and smiled. He looked over at Angelique, embarrassed. Angelique smiled sympathetically, and Quentin started to feel the pitter-patter of his heart once again.

    "Maybe you could drive me to the train station?" Maggie asked. "I'm sorry I waited 'til the last minute, but I didn't want to leave without seeing you again!"

    "Um… all right Maggie. I guess I can drive you." He looked over at Angelique. "I'm sorry I can't stay and entertain you…"

    Angelique smiled and got up from the sofa. She walked over to Quentin and touched him lightly on his hand. "It's all right, Quentin. You drive Maggie to the train station, now. Since Julia isn't here, I'll just visit with Elizabeth and Carolyn. I've grown so fond of them since they stayed with me on Little Windward Island!"

    Maggie felt a little jealous. "Come on, Quentin, we've got to hurry! The train will be here in fifteen minutes." She tugged on his arm like a little girl. Quentin helped Maggie by picking her largest plastic suitcase and holding a door open for her. He stared at Angelique one more time before he turned and headed out the door.

    "Oh, Quentin," Angelique said out loud. "You will have plenty of opportunity to entertain me!"…

    Act Three:

    When Julia first arrived back at Windcliff, she got the feeling that her return surprised quite a number of people. Julia had spent the last three years working mostly as a consultant. That is to say, while she had her own office, she only came in to meet with and give advice about, special patients with problems that were considered out of the ordinary. After checking with the chief-of-staff, Dr. Bill Winters, she learned that the special patient this time was a young man, mid-twenties, found on the beach a few miles north of Collinsport, naked, and no memory or recognition of anything. She stopped at her desk after meeting with Dr. Winters and studied the John Doe's case file before going in to check on him. Julia also had brought along the damaged moon poppy with her. She opened the small cooler filled with dry ice and the crushed flower in a plastic bag and stared at it a moment, before closing the cooler back up and putting it away. She would worry about Chris later. Now, she was curious about this John Doe who had been brought in.

    Julia walked down the corridors of Windcliff, stopping to exchange hellos with random doctors, nurses, or long-time patients she recognized. Pausing in front of Room 674, her hands trembled a little bit, as though there were some subconscious fear about what awaited her on the other side of the door. She narrowed her eyes, confused about the sudden fear that shivered up her spine. Julia was not easily frightened. She had faced a slimy tentacled monster, vampires, werewolves, man-made monsters of spare human parts, witches, warlocks and ghosts… So why did she feel such trepidation outside of this patient's room?

    Julia shook her head, feeling a little silly. There was no reason to be frightened. None. Why, it was insane that she felt anything at all! She took a deep breath and gave the door a few sharp knocks. Not hearing an answer, she turned the doorknob and stepped into Room 674, closing the door behind her.

    Julia turned and looked towards the bed, where a young man with curly blond hair sat up, staring forward, with cuts and bruises all over his face. "Good afternoon," she called out, a little raspily, as though something were stuck in her throat.

    The young man turned towards her, not really acknowledging her, his cut-up face staring at her blankly. As Julia stepped towards him, she clutched his case file in her hand and let out an audible gasp, holding a hand backwards towards her mouth in a characteristic gesture. "Jeb…" she murmured. She stepped closer to the bed and peered at his face, not believing that she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing.

    The blond young man continued to stare at her, blinking once or twice. "What did you say?" he asked, hoarsely, as if it were very hard for him to talk.

    Julia stood beside him. "My name is Doctor Julia Hoffman. Do you know who you are?" she asked.

    The young man shook his head. He tried to think of a name to tell her, but there was only blackness in his mind. "No, I have no idea."

    "Does the name Jebez Hawkes mean anything to you?" she asked.

    John Doe scrunched up his face. "Jebez Hawkes? What kind of name is that? It sounds like a hillbilly, or something?"

    "Jeb Hawkes doesn't sound familiar?" Julia pressed. Despite the young man's cuts and bruises, he looked exactly like him.

    John Doe shook his head. "No, it doesn't." He turned and looked around the room as if seeing it for the first time. "What is this place, anyway?"

    "This is a hospital," Julia answered. "Windcliff. It's a psychiatric hospital. You were brought here for observation."

    John Doe scowled, staring at Julia with his little blue eyes. "Psychiatric hospital? I'm not a loony!"

    "I'm sure you're not," Julia told him. "But when you were unresponsive to questioning you were brought to the nearest hospital, and then here for observation last night."

    John Doe pulled the covers off his legs and started to get up. "Well, I'm sure as Hell not staying here! I'm not a crazy person and I feel fine!"

    Julia put a hand on his shoulder. "Wait a moment, John!"

    He stopped and looked at her. "John? Why did you call me that?"

    "Since you did not have any identification on you, and since you say you don't remember who you are… do you remember who you are? Is there anything you can tell me about your life?"

    John Doe thought a moment, but his mind was a complete blank. He could not remember anything before waking up in this room. "Nothing. But I tell you I'm not crazy. I don't belong here!"

    "I can help you remember!" Julia tried to be as reassuring as possible. "It looks like you were in some sort of accident. You were found on the beach north of Collinsport, unconscious and naked."

    "Collinsport?" John Doe murmured. What did Collinsport mean to him?

    "Yes, Collinsport…" Julia stressed, hoping it would jog his memory. "It's a town about fifty miles south of here."

    John Doe felt as though he needed to get there as soon as possible. He was not sure why, but it was a strong feeling… "Do I have to stay here? I mean, if I want to leave, can I?"

    "Well… no, legally we can't keep you here after you've been observed for twenty-four hours," Julia was forced to admit, "But I strongly urge you to stay until you get your memory back."

    John Doe turned and placed his feet down onto the floor. He was surprised at how sore he was, all over his body. "No Doctor Hoffman. I'm leaving here as soon as possible. I don't know what's waiting for me in Collinsport, but I've got to go and find out!" Julia looked at him, dismayed…



    Dr. Julia Hoffman… GRAYSON HALL

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Chris Jennings… DON BRISCOE

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY

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    Episode 986: At The Blue Whale

    Mon. Apr. 6, 1970

    The town of Collinsport is a bustle of activity now that Spring has burst forth… Spring holds the promise of a fresh beginning ~ for those here in the busy village, and those who live up on the hill at Collinwood… But one man sits at the local tavern, wondering if his is a fresh beginning… or a dead-end with no answers…

    The jukebox played loudly in the corner of the Blue Whale, a rustic, sea-flavored popular local spot for drinks and seafood. John Doe sat by himself at one side of the room at his own table, two empty beer bottles before him, drinking from an almost empty bottle in his hand.

    John had left Windcliff that morning, despite Dr. Hoffman's objections, wearing an old sweatshirt, jeans, and moccasins a former orderly had left in a locker, and twenty dollars in his pocket. Julia had insisted that if he was going to leave the hospital, that he not be completely destitute, taking twenty dollars out of her own purse so that he could get a bus ticket.

    So here he was, after a two-hour bus trip down to Collinsport, all on a hunch after just hearing the name Collinsport that that was where he belonged. But why was that? He had no memory before yesterday. What was he hoping to find here?

    After riding down in the Greyhound bus, suffering the stares of other passengers who all must have been wondering just what kind of battle he had been in to have cuts and bruises all over him, he found himself standing alone at the bus-stop, wondering where he would go next. An impression of a bar formed in his mind, so after asking a passerby where the nearest popular watering hole was, he was given directions that took him here.

    Here was the Blue Whale, a place he hoped that might offer something familiar, something that could help jog his memory, maybe even meet someone who knew he was…

    Jebez Hawkes…

    The name rung in his mind from earlier. Once again, Dr. Hoffman had asked if the name meant anything to him. But, of course it did not! John shook his head after downing the last of his beer. He was not Jebez Hawkes! The name meant nothing to him. He was himself, that much he was sure of…

    Putting down the bottle to join the rest, John looked around the room, but it was still too early for the lunch crowd. The bartender, who did not seem to recognize him, or be recognizable, had slipped out to the kitchen area to attend to something. Suddenly, the front door opened, and a short, skinny young man with jet-black hair entered the bar.

    John watched intently as the black-haired man made his way to the bar, a white cane tapping the floor in front of him. The young man was well, if not extravagantly, dressed in an expensive dark blue pin-striped suit that probably cost more than most men's weekly wages. He wore an equally pair of expensive dark-tinged glasses on his face.

    Although he was obviously blind, the skinny young man walked with certain elegance towards the bar. The bartender returned, and he ordered something. With white cane in hand, he made his way across the room. John stared at the man, hoping for something recognizable, not speaking for fear of startling him.

    The dark-haired man stopped by John's table, tapping it with the cane. Unfortunately, he came around the side John was sitting at and stumbled against John's long legs. "Wait!" John called out, too late.

    The smaller man fell forward, but John reached out and grasped his forearms to hold him steady, the white cane clattering to the floor. "I'm… I'm terribly sorry about that! I didn't realize you were sitting there," he stammered at John.

    John got up, still holding on to the black-haired man's arms, and helped him over to the other chair at the table. "It's not your fault." He then grabbed the white cane off of the floor and handed it back to him. "I should have said something earlier…" he apologized.

    "My name is Laszlo Ferrari," the elegant young man offered his hand across the table, "and who might you be?"

    John stared at the slender hand for a moment, contemplating the question. Who was he?

    Act One:

    Amy Jennings felt glum. David, Maggie and Roger had left the day before. Julia was gone as well. Chris and Sabrina did not seem to have time for her. Elizabeth did not either, and Carolyn had been sick in bed for days. Even Mrs. Johnson had seemed strange lately.

    When Angelique had stopped by to visit Quentin that morning, Quentin had already left with Elizabeth to tour the cannery and go over his new job. Although seeming slightly disappointed, Angelique had asked Amy if she would like to spend the morning shopping with her. Not really feeling up to it, Amy begrudgingly said yes—she figured anything was better than moping around the house.

    After shopping at Brewster's, Amy and Angelique brought their new clothes out to Angelique's car. Angelique had insisted upon buying Amy some new clothes—a hot pink and blue outfit, with matching stocking and shoes and even underwear with Amy's very first training bra! Angelique was a stranger to Amy, she was not sure how she felt about her yet, but she was slowly warming up to the vivacious blonde. But the young girl still felt sad that she was spending the day with a complete stranger because there was no one else around.

    Angelique offered to buy them malteds at the Collinsport Diner. "Sure," Amy answered. They walked from Angelique's car to the diner, which was relatively empty, just beating the lunch crowd. "Thanks, Mrs. Rumson."

    Angelique, who was following Amy into the diner, grimaced with disdain, her previously cheerful disposition ruined by images of Skye. "Please, Amy!" she put her hand on the young girl's shoulder, "Call me Angelique!"

    Amy plopped down on a barstool and spun around. She was starting to feel better with her new clothes and promise of a malted. "Okay, Ann… juh… leek!" She stopped turning the stool and stared at the blonde woman. "Can I call you Angie instead? Ann… juh… leek sounds too formal!"

    Angelique had a bemused smile. "Angie?" she asked quizzically. She had never been called Angie a day in her life, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to be!

    "Yes, Angie! If we're to be friends, I would love it if we could be Amy and Angie!" pleaded Amy, hope shining in her eyes.

    Angelique turned her head slightly away so that she could roll her eyes. She quickly turned back to Amy and flashed her brilliant smile. "Of course! Amy and Angie, what fun!" She stood at a table and placed her pocketbook upon it. Taking out her change purse, she removed two dimes and then handed it out to Amy. "Here, Amy, you order our malts while I try to get Quentin at the cannery. Maybe he can come meet us here in town."

    "Okay!" Amy said. All traces of glumness had drifted away. She grabbed the coin purse from Angie and went back to the counter to order.

    Angelique smiled and shook her head. She walked over to the phone booth in the corner of the diner and sat down inside after pulling the folding door shut. She put her dime in the slot and dialed the four numbers. "Quentin Collins, please," she spoke into the phone. "Tell him it's Angelique…"

    Quentin, who was sitting in Roger's office at the cannery, stared at the papers on his desk as if they were artifacts from ancient China. He could make head nor tail of what any of it meant. Elizabeth had left him alone for a little while, and he was already feeling a panic attack coming on. "I need to go have a drink…" he spoke out loud. Just then, the phone rang. Quentin looked around nervously, waiting for someone else to come into the office. When no savior did, he picked up the phone tentatively. "Quentin Collins!"

    "Quentin, I'm so glad I caught you!" Angelique's melodic voice rang clearly through the earpiece.

    "Still here," Quentin said, suddenly feeling shy towards the woman he had known for seventy-three years. "What's up?"

    "I'm here at the Collinsport Diner with Amy. We'd like to know if you'd like to have lunch with us," said Angelique.

    Quentin looked at the mountain of paperwork that Roger had left him on the desk. "Make it the Blue Whale, and it's a deal!"

    Act Two:

    John took Laszlo's outstretched hand and grasped it firmly. Laszlo felt electric tingles travel up his arm and to his heart as he felt how warm and strong the other man's hand was. "And who might you be?" he repeated, nervously, as John grasped his hand tighter.

    Flashes of a huge mansion flickered through John's mind. What did it mean? He let go of his hand and withdrew. "John…" he answered, looking down at the table. He didn't want to just say John Doe, for that was not his real name, and frankly, it sounded like a stupid name.

    Laszlo smiled, he liked John's deep, but pleasant voice, but he seemed hesitant. Did he have a jealous wife back at home? "Okay, John. John What?" Laszlo leaned forward, "John Doe?"

    "No…" John scowled. His eyes darted around the room, then fell to look at one of the beer bottle labels in front of him. Jaeger's Brau… It was better than nothing. "Jaeger… John Jaeger!" He grinned, with relief, knowing his drinking partner could not see his expression.

    "Ah, John Yay…Gur…" Laszlo nodded his head. He felt in front of him to carefully pick up his newly-arrived mixed drink to bring the skinny little straw up to his lips. "German, no?"

    "Uh, yeah!" John agreed quickly, reading the label on the fresh bottle of beer that had just appeared in front of him. Just like Laszlo's cocktail had appeared by his side, as if by magic. "Way back, though! I'm one hundred percent American… I think!"

    Laszlo gulped and put his glass down on the table. "I'm first-generation American. My parents came over from Italy right before the war…"

    "Italy? Wow!" John exclaimed. "You don't have an accent!" Instantly, John felt stupid. He was starting to realize he did not know this man.

    "You really don't know who I am, do you?" Laszlo asked him. So far, he liked the sound of John's voice and the feel of his hands—he just wished he could feel what he looked like.

    John grinned. "Of course, you just told me your name—Laszlo Ferrari!" He took another swig of beer.

    Laszlo shook his head. "I guess I'm not as famous a pianist as I'd hoped," he said, with mock dismay. "Although I suppose you wouldn't be the type of guy to listen to piano music, anyway."

    "I'm not sure what kind of guy I am," John said. He sighed. "I was hoping to find some answers here."

    "You could say the same about me," Laszlo admitted. "Peace of mind was my first thought, but leaving New York to figure out where I was going with my life has become my goal at the moment."

    "Oh, you're not from Collinsport?" John asked. Of course, he couldn't be expected to run into someone he knew right away.

    "No," answered Laszlo. "What about you?" Are you married? he wanted to ask…

    John shook his head, even though he knew it couldn't be seen. "I'm not sure."

    Knew it! There must be a jealous wife! "Mystery man, huh?" Laszlo reached for his drink and brought it up to his lips.

    "Something like that," said John, "A mystery to myself!" He looked around the room and saw that more people were coming in.

    Laszlo was intrigued. "How is that possible... A mystery to yourself?"

    "I don't remember anything about my whole life," John told him. "I wish someone would remember me."

    Angelique walked into the Blue Whale, with Amy beside her, and stopped and stared across the room at the two young men seated at the table. It was the tall one with the curly blond hair and cut up face that caught her eye.

    Amy turned and looked over to where Angelique was staring…

    Act Three:

    Angelique stared over at John. "Angie?" Amy tugged at Angelique's sleeve. "Is that Jeb over there?"

    Angelique shook her head and looked down at Amy. "Of course it isn't Jeb. Remember Elizabeth told you he had to leave Carolyn?"

    "But he looks just like him. Maybe he decided to come back?" Amy looked over, but quickly averted her eyes when she noticed the blond man staring back at her.

    "Let's go have some sodas while we wait for Quentin," Angelique said firmly. She put a hand on Amy's shoulder and turned her back to the bar where they pulled out the barstools and sat down.

    Laszlo noticed the lull in the conversation, and wondered what John was thinking. "How did you end up in Collinsport, if you don't mind me asking?" he prodded.

    John turned back to the dark-haired young man, wondering what it was about the blonde lady with the little girl. "I woke up in a hospital up north, yesterday. A doctor there mentioned Collinsport, and something just clicked for me. I don't remember coming here before, though. How about you? What made you leave New York?"

    Laszlo stirred his drink with the little straw. "Well," he began, "let's just say I had a relationship end awhile back… I ended up so depressed I stopped writing music. I just can't find any inspiration anymore."

    John was positive by Laszlo's general demeanor that it must have been a relationship with a man, but he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. It didn't really matter to him, anyway. "I wish I could remember a relationship… any relationship." He looked over to the bar where the blonde woman sat, and caught her staring at him. She quickly looked away.

    Amy saw Angelique turn around and looked back at John. "Are you sure he isn't Jeb?"

    "I'm sure, Amy," Angelique answered. "Let's drink our Shirley Temples!"

    Just then, Quentin came through the front door of the Blue Whale, and smiled when he saw Angelique and Amy sitting at the bar. He looked around the room as he made his way to the bar, but stopped and glared over at John and Laszlo. Angelique saw him and called over to him. "Quentin!"

    He strode up to the bar. "Angelique, did you know he was here?" he demanded.

    Angelique glanced over at John. "Oh, no, Quentin! That's just some random stranger! He just looks like Jeb Hawkes!"

    "I told you he looked like Jeb!" Amy piped up.

    Quentin glanced over at her, clenching his fists. "Amy, I want you to go wait out in the car." Amy started to protest, but Quentin was firm. "Angelique, take Amy back to your car and wait for me."

    Angelique got up and nodded at Amy, taking her by the hand to walk outside. They both glanced over at Quentin, but he stood stonily by the bar, impatiently waiting for them to leave before he made a move.

    As soon as they were gone, Quentin strode over to where John sat. John saw him coming—he had seen the strange interaction with the woman and girl—and tensed up, waiting for him. This is it… Maybe now I'll find some answers…

    "What're you doing here?" Quentin demanded. "I thought you were supposed to be dead!"

    John shook his head incredulously. "Dead? I appear to be alive," he said, thumbs pointing at his own chest. "Just who am I supposed to be who's dead?"

    Quentin shook his head with disgust. "Don't play games with me, Jeb Hawkes! Look at you, it's obvious you fell from Widows' Hill!"

    "There's that name again, Jeb Hawkes!" John said indignantly. "I am not this Jeb Hawkes!"

    Laszlo leaned forward. "John, who is this person?"

    Quentin looked over at the blind man. "I'm Quentin Collins, and believe me, this John as you call him, is the most evil man to walk the face of the Earth! Jebez Hawkes!"

    John stood up quickly, his chair falling back with his forcefulness. "Look buddy, I don't know you, I don't know Jebez Hawkes, and if you don't leave me and my friend alone, I'll throw you out on your tail!"

    Quentin faced him almost nose-to-nose. "I'd like to see you try! After everything you've done to my family, you're the one who's going to be out on his tail!"

    Fed-up, John grabbed Quentin by the lapels of his jacket and shoved him away from him. Regaining his balance, Quentin lunged forward and wrapped his hands around John's throat to choke the life out of him, while John grabbed Quentin in a bearhug.

    While they were struggling, Laszlo tried to get out of the way, standing up from his chair and backing away from the table. John drew his head back and banged it against Quentin's skull as hard as he could. Quentin saw stars as he fell back from John's grasp and tumbled backwards against Laszlo, who fell to the floor, his white cane clattering beside him. The music from the jukebox seemingly came to an abrupt end, as the world faded away…


    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Amy Jennings… DENISE NICKERSON

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY

    Laszlo Ferrari… MICHAEL STROKA

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    Episode 987: At The Old House

    Tue. Apr. 7, 1970

    Many things have changed in the few days since Barnabas Collins has been chained inside his coffin at the Old House. A young man has appeared in Collinsport, one who's familiar face shocks those who reside on the Great Estate of Collinwood… Quentin Collins, believing this man to be Jeb Hawkes, confronts him at the Blue Whale...

    "What're you doing here?" Quentin demanded. "I thought you were supposed to be dead!"

    John shook his head incredulously. "Dead? I appear to be alive," he said, thumbs pointing at his own chest. "Just who am I supposed to be who's dead?"

    Quentin shook his head with disgust. "Don't play games with me, Jeb Hawkes! Look at you, it's obvious you fell from Widows' Hill."

    "There's that name again, Jeb Hawkes!" John said indignantly. "I am not this Jeb Hawkes!"

    Laszlo leaned forward. "John, who is this person?"

    Quentin looked over at the blind man. "I'm Quentin Collins, and believe me, this John as you call him, is the most evil man to walk the face of the Earth! Jeb Hawkes!"

    John stood up quickly, his chair falling back with his forcefulness. "Look buddy, I don't know you, I don't know Jebez Hawkes, and if you don't leave me and my friend alone, I'll throw you out on your tail!"

    Quentin faced him almost nose-to-nose. "I'd like to see you try! After everything you've done to my family, you're the one who's going to be out on his tail!"

    Fed-up, John grabbed Quentin by the lapels of his jacket and shoved him away from him. Regaining his balance, Quentin lunged forward and wrapped his hands around John's throat to choke the life out of him, while John grabbed Quentin in a bearhug.

    While they were struggling, Laszlo tried to get out of the way, standing up from his chair and backing away from the table. John drew his head back and banged it against Quentin's skull as hard as he could. Quentin saw stars as he fell back from John's grasp and tumbled backwards against Laszlo, who fell to the floor, his white cane clattering beside him.

    "Quentin!" Angelique screamed. She had just sent Amy to wait in the car while she went back inside. She stooped down next to Laszlo and helped him sit up.

    Quentin held his dazed head and looked confusedly over to where Laszlo was sprawled on the ground. John ignored his own re-opened head wound and knelt on Laszlo's other side. "Are you all right, buddy?" John asked him.

    Laszlo heard John's voice and clung to his arm, feeling safe with him next to him. He also smelled Angelique perfume on his other side. "I'm all right." He felt the back of his head. "Ouch. I think that's going to be a bump."

    "You'll be all right," Angelique told him kindly. "Help me get him to his feet." Angelique and John grasped under Laszlo's shoulders and pulled the skinny young man up to a chair.

    Quentin saw Laszlo's cane lying on the floor where it had clattered and picked it up. Angelique turned away from Laszlo and flashed Quentin an angry look. "Look what you've done, Quentin!" She snatched the cane out of Quentin's hand and placed Laszlo's hand on it.

    "What I've done?" Quentin was incredulous. "I try to protect everyone from Jeb Hawkes, and this is the thanks I get?"

    "This isn't Jeb, Quentin!" Angelique admonished. "Jeb Hawkes is dead! This man has obviously been in some sort of accident, and you picked a fight with him."

    John watched Angelique, and was both stunned that she stood up for him, and glad that he didn't have to reiterate that he wasn't Hawkes.

    Quentin stared at Angelique, then at John, and back to Angelique again. "Angelique, how can you be sure? No body was found, and he looks JUST LIKE HIM."

    Angelique took Quentin by the arm and pulled him a few steps away from John and Laszlo. "Quentin, I of all people would be able to tell if this man was really Jeb," she said quietly. She glanced back over at Jeb. "Believe me when I say this… This man is not Jeb Hawkes!"

    Quentin shook his head with bewilderment. He turned and stared at John. "Not… Jeb… Hawkes?"

    John stood up from beside Laszlo. "Thank you, ma'am. I'm glad you believe me." He looked at Quentin stonily. "I'm telling the truth. My name is John Jaeger, and I've never seen you before."

    Angelique started to pull Quentin away and called back to Jeb. "We're very sorry… " They headed out the front door, and Angelique turned and looked at John one more time.

    "Wow," Laszlo said. "I wonder what this Jeb Hawkes did to those people?"

    John touched his bandaged head where the wound was starting to bleed again after being reopened. "I don't know… and I'm sure I don't want to know…"

    Act One:

    Sabrina Stuart walked through the evening woods to the Old House. She had let Chris finally take her home to her apartment earlier that day, but after sunset, she found herself being drawn back to the Old House… Back to Barnabas. It was a compulsion for her. She could hear the drumbeat of Barnabas' heart calling to her. She had taken a taxi down to the from gates of Collinwood, pretending to go visit Carolyn if she was caught by anyone. No one saw her, so she made her way down the oft-used path to the Old House, following Barnabas' heartbeat.

    She did not expect to find anyone there. Chris had told her—lied to her—that Barnabas had gone back to England, but she knew better. She also knew that Julia Hoffman had gone back to Windcliff. With this in mind, she was surprised to see candles flickering in some of the windows. Was Willie Loomis still there? She slowly crept up the old steps from the walkway and peered from behind a pillar into the drawing room window.

    There was no one in the drawing room of the Old House, so Sabrina slunk across the porch and very carefully tried the front door. Finding it unlocked, she slowly turned the handle and peered inside. Seeing no one there, she tiptoed inside and shut the door behind her. Once indoors, she could hear the heartbeat more clearly. "Barnabas?" she called out timidly. No response… "Barnabas?" she called out again, a little louder this time.

    Sabrina stepped into the drawing room and looked around. The candelabrum was fully lit and a fire burned in the fireplace, so obviously someone was living here. Where was Barnabas, and why was he summoning her? The heartbeat was deafening in her ears by this point, and she felt herself drawn to the bookcase next to the fireplace. She felt compelled to touch one of the books on the shelf, and reached out with one slender hand…

    "Sabrina!" Angelique exclaimed from behind her. "What are you doing here?"

    Sabrina pulled her hand away from the book and gasped. The heartbeat stopped. She turned and looked at Angelique. "Who are you?" she asked, shocked. "How do you know my name?"

    "I'm Angelique, and you were the girl who was visiting Barnabas a couple of weeks ago." Angelique stared at the brown-haired girl, then looked suspiciously at the bookcase behind her.

    "You… you knew about that?" Sabrina stammered. She looked back at the bookcase, but the heartbeat did not return.

    "I've been staying here for the last few weeks," Angelique told her. "Barnabas left me in charge while he went to England."

    Sabrina folded her arms across her chest. "Did he go to England?" she asked, now suspicious of the blonde woman.

    Angelique smiled. "Of course he did!" She reached over and patted Sabrina on the cheek condescendingly. "But you and I know the real truth, don't we?"

    Sabrina touched her cheek where Angelique had patted it. "The real truth?" She turned and walked over to the fireplace.

    Angelique nodded. "Yes, the real truth!" She walked up behind Sabrina and placed a hand on the young woman's shoulder. "See the fire, Sabrina?"

    "Yes," Sabrina nodded, as if in a trance.

    "Think of Barnabas as the fire and you as the moth, Sabrina. You will be drawn to Barnabas, like a moth to a fire, but he will KILL you!"

    "No!" Sabrina said, without moving her head. "Barnabas wouldn't kill me!"

    "Yes!" Angelique said excitedly. "You will be drawn to Barnabas, and Barnabas will destroy you! Unless…"

    "Unless…" Sabrina whispered fearfully.

    "You must stay away Sabrina! Stay away from the Old House and you will be safe!" Angelique hissed in her ear. "Come back to the Old House, and Barnabas will return! He will return and he will DESTROY you!" Angelique sounded gleeful.

    A tear fell down Sabrina's cheek. "No! No, Barnabas will not destroy me…"

    "Yes! Now turn back to the bookcase and touch the same book you were about to touch before," Angelique commanded. "Open the secret panel Sabrina, and let Barnabas kill you once and for all!"

    Sabrina reached for the book again, but the fear was too great. "No!" She turned to Angelique with a wild look in her eyes. "No! I won't do it!" she screamed. She turned and ran out the front door.

    Angelique smiled as she watched her go. She shut the front door and went back to the bookcase. She opened the secret panel and stepped inside the dark room where Barnabas' coffin lay, with chains around it.

    Angelique placed a hand on the coffin. "It was an admirable effort, Barnabas!" she scolded. "But you will never leave this coffin until I say you do!" Angelique looked up with a gleeful expression on her face…

    Act Two:

    The next morning, John and Laszlo walked up the path from the front gate of Collinwood, Laszlo carrying a small bag while holding his white cane in his other hand in front of him while he tapped the ground in front of him. John carried the two larger suitcases for him. At Laszlo's insistence, John had spent the night at the Collinsport Inn on Laszlo's couch after Laszlo heard that John had no where to go. The couch was not very comfortable, to say the least, and John had a stiff neck and back from sleeping on it.

    But, as they made their way up the path, the huge mansion loomed before John like a great monster ready to devour him. He felt his heart start to throb in his chest, and an overwhelming sense of dread overcame him. He guided Laszlo to the front doors, but he could no longer contain his fear. Laszlo sensed this and spoke to him. "What's wrong, John?"

    John set Laszlo's suitcases down at the front doors and started to back away. He looked back and forth in apprehension. "I'm… I'm sorry! I can't go in with you!"

    "Can't go in? What's the matter with you?" Laszlo asked confusedly. He turned to face Jeb and wished that he could see his face just this once.

    "I've got to go!" Jeb exclaimed. "I'll catch up with you later!" he called over his shoulder as he started to run off into the woods. He found a well-worn path and began to follow it, running as far away from the monstrous house as he could possibly manage…

    At the Old House, Angelique sat on the sofa in the drawing room. She was making sketches on a sketch pad, when she suddenly felt a presence. Looking quickly at the bookcase, she realized it was not coming from the secret room. She put the sketchpad and pencils down on the sofa and stood up. The presence was outside. She turned and stepped towards the window…

    John ran down the path, the birds and creatures of the forest unaware and uncaring of his mortal plight. The sweat was pouring down him, more from the anxiety he felt than from the running. He slowed down when he saw the Old House, but this time he was more curious than apprehensive…

    Angelique went to the front door and opened it. She had seen a man coming down the path, but she was not sure who it was at first. As he walked closer, she could see that it was John. "Hello there!" she called down to him. He saw her standing in the doorway and started up the steps.

    "You, again!" John called up to her as he made his way up the steps in quick bounds with his long legs. "The lady from the Blue Whale!" He really hadn't had time to notice the blonde woman before, but now he could see how lovely she looked with her soft pink dress and tan-and-pink scarf around her neck. "Do you live in this place?"

    "I do!" she smiled pleasantly. She noticed how sweaty and out-of-breath he seemed. "You look like you could use a cold drink. Why don't you come in and have some lemonade?" Angelique held the door open and he accepted her invitation.

    Once inside, John looked around the foyer and up the stairs. "Wow, this place looks really old." He turned and faced her as she closed the front door. "Are you sure you live in this place?" He swore he saw cobwebs.

    "I inherited it," Angelique told him. "From a dear friend…" She motioned to the drawing room. "Please, make yourself at home while I go and get the lemonade." The pretty witch walked back to the kitchen.

    John stepped into the drawing room, saw Angelique's sketch pad, and sat down next to it, being very careful not to lean back and get sweat on her antique sofa. He picked up the sketch pad and flipped through it. Suddenly, he looked up from the sketch pad, and around the room. He could swear he felt another presence in the room. Where it was, he could not be sure.

    Angelique came back carrying a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. There was also a small plate with some powdered cookies on the tray. "I thought maybe you'd like a snack as well," she told him, as she set the tray down on a small table.

    John got up and glanced over at the bookcase with a quizzical look on his face. "Do you live alone?" he asked.

    Angelique turned to look at him with surprise on her face. She filled up a glass from the pitcher and handed it to him. "Yes, of course I live alone. Why do you ask?"

    John took the glass and sat back down after taking a big sip. "I could have sworn I heard someone else… Well, maybe it was just a feeling."

    Angelique handed him the small plate of cookies and took her own seat next to the fireplace. "Do you get those kinds of feeling often, Mister…?"

    "I have no idea. And the name's Jaeger, John Jaeger." He took a bite out of a cookie.

    "And my name is Angelique… Rumson," Angelique tried to smile at the sound of her last time. She was going to have to go by a different last name soon.

    "Nice to meet you, Angelique Rumson," John smiled. He wondered to himself who this strange, pretty lady was and why was she so welcoming? But, those questions could wait, he supposed…

    Act Three:

    Sabrina stepped through the front door of the Collinsport University Library, ready to return to work and try to forget the events of the last few weeks. Mr. Horace Gladstone, the head librarian, looked up from going through book cards. He was a balding middle-aged man with a bow tie. "You're late," he told her dourly. "Wasn't two weeks enough time off?"

    "I, I'm sorry, Mr. Gladstone" Sabrina stammered. "I thought I left with plenty of time to spare."

    "You were supposed to be here at eight, not nine," he snapped. "I wanted you to go through these book returns."

    "I can get started on that right away," Sabrina said quickly. "Just let me put away my coat."

    "Never mind, I'm almost done!" Mr. Gladstone snapped. "When you get done hanging up your coat, take these books and re-shelf them!" he motioned towards the book cart with a dismissive hand.

    "Yes, sir," Sabrina sighed. So much for returning to work with a clean slate. She quickly took off her coat and gloves and hung her purse up. She took the return books cart and started on her way. Horace Gladstone stared at her as she pushed the cart away, a strange expression on his face, as though he was unsure about something.

    Sabrina had almost finished putting the books away—and finding quite a number that were in the wrong place, when suddenly she felt two large hands appear in front of her eyes. "Guess who?" a low, masculine voice said from behind her. She almost jumped.

    Sabrina smiled. "Chris!" she exclaimed. She quickly turned, but frowned when she saw Quentin's handsome face instead. "Oh…"

    Quentin grimaced. "Oh! Oh? Well that certainly strikes a blow to my fragile ego!" he said with mock sternness. He put his hands into the pockets of his brown suit jacket.

    "Sorry, Quentin, it's just been one of those weeks," Sabrina sighed. She picked up another book to shelve.

    "How are you feeling now, Sabrina," Quentin asked her.

    "Why do you care?" Sabrina asked, not looking at him, pretending to give the book her full concentration.

    "Are you angry at me for some reason, Sabrina?" Quentin asked, stepping to stand more beside her.

    "Of course not!" Sabrina almost snapped. She found the book's proper home and reached for another one. "Did Chris send you here to check up on me?"

    Quentin shook his head. "Of course not. Chris doesn't even know I'm here. I just thought I'd take a break from the cannery and check out a book."

    "A book?" Sabrina asked, glancing at him while she scanned the shelves for the book's place.

    "Yes, I was hoping maybe the library had a business section." Quentin hoped that she believed him.

    Sabrina paused before grabbing the last book on the cart. "That's why you came here? You really weren't checking up on me?"

    "I promise," Quentin smiled. "I'm helping run the Collins Cannery right now, and I just needed some extra help."

    Just then, Mr. Gladstone poked his head around the corner. "Miss Stuart!" he exclaimed, "We do not pay you to stand around and flirt!"

    "Mr. Collins was just looking for the business section, Mr. Gladstone!" Sabrina exclaimed back. She and Quentin share a smile, but as he stared at them thoughtfully, the look on Horace Gladstone's face was strange indeed…


    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Sabrina Stuart… LISA RICHARDS

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY


    Laszlo Ferrari… MICHAEL STROKA

    Horace Gladstone… JOHN HARKINS
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    Episode 988: The New Handyman

    Wed. Apr. 8, 1970

    Chained inside his coffin at the Old House, Barnabas Collins is unaware of the intrigue that swirls around him… Angelique has taken over in his absence, and amnesiac John Jaeger is now caught in her web… Meanwhile, at the Collinsport University Library, Sabrina Stuart and Quentin Collins are being watched by the strange librarian Horace Gladstone...

    Sabrina had almost finished putting the books away—and finding quite a number that were in the wrong place, when suddenly she felt two large hands appear in front of her eyes. "Guess who?" a low, masculine voice said from behind her. She almost jumped.

    Sabrina smiled. "Chris!" she exclaimed. She quickly turned, but frowned when she saw Quentin's handsome face instead. "Oh…"

    Quentin grimaced. "Oh! Oh? Well that certainly strikes a blow to my fragile ego!" he said with mock sternness. He put his hands into the pockets of his blue suit jacket.

    "Sorry, Quentin, it's just been one of those weeks," Sabrina sighed. She picked up another book to shelve.

    "How are you feeling now, Sabrina," Quentin asked her.

    "Why do you care?" Sabrina asked, not looking at him, pretending to give the book her fullest concentration.

    "Are you angry at me for some reason, Sabrina?" Quentin asked, stepping to stand more beside her.

    "Of course not!" Sabrina almost snapped. She found the book's proper home and reached for another one. "Did Chris send you here to check up on me?"

    Quentin shook his head. "Of course not. Chris doesn't even know I'm here. I just thought I'd take a break from the cannery and check out a book."

    "A book?" Sabrina asked, glancing at him while she scanned the shelves for the book's place.

    "Yes, I was hoping maybe the library had a business section." Quentin hoped that she believed him.

    Sabrina paused before grabbing the last book on the cart. "That's why you came here? You really weren't checking up on me?"

    "I promise," Quentin smiled. "I'm helping run the Collins Cannery right now, and I just needed some extra help."

    Just then, Mr. Gladstone poked his head around the corner. "Miss Stuart!" he exclaimed, "We do not pay you to stand around and flirt!"

    "Mr. Collins was just looking for the business section, Mr. Gladstone!" Sabrina exclaimed back. She and Quentin share a smile, but as he stared at them thoughtfully, the look on Horace Gladstone's face was strange indeed.

    Sabrina brought Quentin to the business section. As he looked through the books, he glanced at Sabrina. "How are things going between you and Chris?" he asked.

    "Chris has been very attentive," Sabrina told him. "I feel as though we are finally getting back to the way we were five years ago."

    "I'm glad for you," Quentin smiled at her. They selected a couple of books for Quentin and brought them to the front desk.

    Mr. Gladstone watched from his desk as the two said good-bye to each other. He brought up an old book from the stack in front of him. Opening the volume, Local Portraits of Collinsport, he leafed through the book for a few seconds until he reached a certain page. He looked up at the seemingly young man who was bidding good-bye to Sabrina, then stared at the portrait on the page in the book. It was The Portrait of Quentin Collins, by Charles Delaware Tate…

    Act One:

    Angelique came back carrying a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. There was also a small plate with some powdered cookies on the tray. "I thought maybe you'd like a snack as well," she told him, as she set the tray down on a small table.

    John got up and glanced over at the bookcase with a quizzical look on his face. "Do you live alone?" he asked.

    Angelique turned to look at him with surprise on her face. She filled up a glass from the pitcher and handed it to him. "Yes, of course I live alone. Why do you ask?"

    John took the glass and sat back down after taking a big sip. "I could have sworn I heard someone else… Well, maybe it was just a feeling."

    Angelique handed him the small plate of cookies and took her own seat next to the fireplace. "Do you get those kinds of feeling often, Mister…?"

    "I have no idea. And the name's Jaeger, John Jaeger." He took a bite out of a cookie.

    "And my name is Angelique… Rumson," Angelique tried to smile at the speech of her last time. She was going to have to go by a different last name soon.

    "Nice to meet you, Angelique Rumson," John smiled. He wondered to himself who this strange, pretty lady was and why was she so welcoming? But, those questions could wait, he supposed.

    "What brings you to Collinwood, Mr. Jaeger?" Angelique asked.

    "I came here with a friend, Laszlo Ferrari. He's a houseguest at the big house. You remember, he was at the Blue Whale yesterday," John told her.

    "Oh yes, I remember," Angelique murmured. "I heard he was going to be staying there. I'll have to go visit him at some point." Angelique looked thoughtfully at him with her big blue eyes. "Have you known Mr. Ferrari long?"

    John shook his head. "We just met at the Blue Whale yesterday. I stayed in his room at the Collinsport Inn last night. He offered to let me stay there while he lives at Collinwood, but I don't feel comfortable doing that."

    Angelique raised her eyebrows. "Oh, do you not have a home in Collinsport?"

    "I don't know where or if I have a home. You see, I have amnesia, Mrs. Rumson," John explained.

    "Please, call me Angelique," she grimaced. She thought for a moment. "Amnesia you say?" She got up from her seat and looked at the fireplace. She glanced at the bookcase, then turned and stared at him. "Do you think you'll find answers here?"

    "I hope so," John told her. "But until then, I don't know what I'll do with myself. I can't keep sleeping on a couch in the Collinsport Inn.

    Angelique ran her hand across the front of the bookshelf that held the secret lever. "I've been thinking of renovating this place. It needs electricity wired throughout the house, plumbing, a fresh coat of paint… Too many things to take care of all by myself." She turned and walked over to where John was sitting. She put a hand on his shoulder. "I need a handyman. Someone who can bring this house up to my standards."

    John looked up at her and grinned. "A handyman? Electricity, plumbing, painting… I don't think I can do all those things by myself. I don't even know if I have any experience…"

    "Oh, I didn't mean for you to do all those things all by yourself," Angelique smiled brightly. "I was thinking you could work with a contractor and directly oversee things while… I attend to other duties during the day."

    John pursed his lips and smiled. "I don't know, Mrs… Angelique, it seems like a lot of work, and I don't know if I'm any good."

    "I'll pay you fifty dollars a week, plus free room and board." She touched his shoulder again, and he felt an electric tingle moving down his torso. "Please, John, I really do need your help."

    John felt himself melt under her gaze. "All right, I guess I have no where else to go at the moment." He stuck out his hand and she grasped it with her small white one. "It's a deal…"

    "Good," she smiled. She looked over at the bookcase that hid Barnabas' prison. "I can't wait to get started…"

    Act Two:

    Laszlo Ferrari sat in front of the fireplace in the drawing room at Collinwood, feeling the heat from the flames on his body. He had met with Elizabeth Stoddard and her daughter Carolyn and found them charming, although the younger woman had seemed sad to him. The fire reflected on his dark glasses as he now thought of John, and where he might have gone when he ran off earlier.

    Just then, the sound of the front doors opening and closing startled him from his reverie, and he listened to the footsteps of a man echo from the foyer. He turned towards the drawing room doorway and heard a voice: "Hello there!" The voice sounded pleasant enough.

    "Hello," Laszlo answered, facing the direction of the other man. He heard the footsteps come closer, and he sensed that he had stopped before him. "You must be Roger Collins," Laszlo said.

    The man chuckled, "No, not Roger… I'm the younger cousin, Quentin Collins!"

    "Quentin," Laszlo murmured, "Quentin…" Elizabeth had mentioned Quentin, of course, telling him that Quentin would be in charge while she was gone with Carolyn, but Laszlo suddenly thought of the altercation the day before… "I remember now!" He turned his head up towards the presence. "You attacked my friend yesterday! You're not going to hit me, are you?"

    Quentin Collins chuckled again. "I never hit a guy with glasses." Laszlo could hear Quentin step away towards the other side of the room. "If I were you, I'd find better friends!" Quentin's voice said from across the room.

    Laszlo could hear the stopper of a decanter removed and glasses moving around. "What do you have against John?"

    "Nothing," Quentin answered. "He just reminded me of a man I hate… hated." Laszlo could hear pouring noises. "Do you want some brandy."

    "Sure," Laszlo answered. "As long as you promise not to splash it on me, or maybe knock me over again."

    Laszlo heard Quentin give a little awkward laugh again and then the sounds of his footsteps coming towards him. "The glass is right in front of you," Quentin said, but not unkindly.

    Laszlo reached out to feel for the glass. His fingers briefly touched Quentin's, and he briefly felt a little guilty, moving his fingers away quickly as he grasped the glass of brandy. "Thank you," he said politely.

    "No problem," Quentin answered. Laszlo could hear the soft sounds of cushions being moved on a soft surface, then he felt the sofa shift beside him. "Did you see… I mean, meet Carolyn or Elizabeth yet?"

    Laszlo took a sip of brandy and nodded as it coated his throat. "Yes, they seemed very nice. It's a shame they'll be gone during my stay."

    "Do you intend to stay long?" Quentin asked. "I mean, I've been to New York. I can't imagine Collinsport would hold much excitement for a guy like you."

    "That's exactly why I decided to stay here," Laszlo explained. "I needed to get away from the city for awhile. Clear my head… You don't realize who your real friends are until it's too late."

    "Yes, I have had some experience in that department," Quentin's voice sounded wistful. This surprised Laszlo, considering the way Mr. Quentin Collins had behaved the day before.

    "I haven't felt much like performing lately," Laszlo went on. "Playing the piano, night after night, to packed concert halls… All the enjoyment has gone out of it lately. All those fans—and no one loves you just for yourself, just the picture they see on the album cover…"

    "It sounds like a broken heart to me," Quentin told him. "Don't worry, everything will work out in the end." Laszlo felt a strong hand on his shoulder, and slightly flinched, beside himself. He felt foolishly like he was somehow being disloyal to John...

    Act Three:

    Angelique drove John back to the Collinsport Inn to check out. While going to an appointment with Madame du Noir, the interior decorator, she sent John to the Collinsport University Library to pick up some books she had put on hold.

    As John stepped up the steps of the library, he wondered how Laszlo was getting on at the big house. His short life so far was shaping up to be an interesting one.

    Sabrina looked up from her desk as she saw John come into the library. "Good afternoon!" she called over to him, as she closed the hardcover book and set her pen down on her notepad. She walked over to the counter. "Can I help you?"

    "I'm here to pick up some books for Mrs. Angelique Rumson?" John said, as he walked up to the counter. He looked around at the library. He saw a middle-aged man putting away books on the other side of the room.

    "Angelique Rumson?" Sabrina said, surprised.

    "Yes, I work for her," John said. How strange to say that, he thought. He wondered where he had worked before his amnesia.

    "I see," Sabrina replied. "Do you have any identification, mister…"

    "John Jaeger… No, I'm sorry, but I don't," John told her. He looked past her and noticed the hardcover book she had closed when he had walked in, Legends of the Werewolf in Europe.

    "No I.D.?" she asked. "I can't just hand over books without a library card…"

    "Oh! I have a note of permission from Mrs. Rumson," John replied, fishing around in his pocket. He handed the note to her and Sabrina took it.

    As she went to go get Angelique's books, John thought he heard a wolf or some kind of dog growling. He turned and looked with surprise. Across the room, Horace Gladstone stared at John with narrowed eyes, watching him with interest.

    Sabrina walked over with a stack of books and set them in front of John. "I just need you to sign that you received these…"

    As John signed the slip, he heard the growling again, closer, this time. It was most definitely a wolf! He was sure of it. He glanced around nervously, then turned back to signing.

    "Is something the matter, Mr. Jaeger?" Sabrina asked him.

    "Did you hear that?" he asked incredulously. "I swear it sounds like there's a wolf in here!"

    Sabrina turned pale. "A wolf?! No-no, I don't think so." She reached over to take the slip and pen from John's hand.

    As she did so, John's hand touched hers. Just then, he heard the growling again, but a woman's scream occurred at the same time. John gasped. "I heard it again! A wolf growled and a woman screamed! Didn't you heart that?"

    Sabrina trembled. "No, I did not! Mr. Jaeger, you're making me uncomfortable!" Her voice was shaky.

    Just then, Mr. Gladstone walked over. "Is everything all right here, Miss Stuart?" he hissed. He raised his eyebrow and turned to John with a questioning look.

    "Everything is fine, here, Mr. Gladstone," Sabrina answered, looking down at the counter.

    "She right, nothing's the matter. I was just leaving," John told him. He picked up the books and started towards the door. He must have just been hearing things. Maybe his head was more messed up than he thought. Maybe he should have stayed at Windcliff…

    John turned and looked back. Both Sabrina and Horace were staring at him. He gave a nervous little smile, and walked out the door…


    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Sabrina Stuart… LISA RICHARDS

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY


    Laszlo Ferrari… MICHAEL STROKA

    Horace Gladstone… JOHN HARKINS
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    Rhode Island
    Episode 989: Bon Voyage

    Thu. Apr. 9, 1970

    A fateful day at Collinwood, for Elizabeth Stoddard and her daughter, Carolyn, are leaving the Great House… Elizabeth hopes that a trip to Europe will in some small way help her daughter to get over her husband Jeb's recent death… Little do Carolyn and Elizabeth know that a stranger, now living at the Old House, is the spitting image of Carolyn's late husband…

    Carolyn Hawkes stepped down the stairs into the foyer of Collinwood, carrying two suitcases that Mrs. Johnson had helped her pack for her trip. Carolyn stared forward like a somnambulist, having faced both her father's death two months ago, and now, Jeb's. As she set her suitcases down under the table in the foyer, Carolyn heard the doorbell ring at the front door. "I'll get it!" she called, hearing her mother on the phone in the Drawing Room.

    Carolyn opened the front doors and found Willie Loomis standing there, with a smile on his face. "Carolyn!" he greeted. "It sure is nice to see you!"

    Carolyn's face remained expressionless. "Good morning, Willie, please come in." She turned and walked away from the entryway.

    Willie shut the front doors behind him and turned back to the young blonde. "Aren't you going to ask me why I'm here?" he prompted.

    "Why are you here, Willie?" she asked flatly. She stared at the Drawing Room doors and listened for her mother.

    "Julia wanted me to get the rest of her things up in her room," Willie answered. "She didn't have time to come get them herself. I told her I didn't mind. Anything to help out an old friend…"

    "That's nice," Carolyn said. It was as if she didn't hear a word Willie said. Willie looked uncomfortable.

    The Drawing Room doors opened. Elizabeth glanced at Carolyn, noticed the suitcases, then looked over at Willie standing there looking sheepish, with his hands in his jeans pockets. "Good morning, Willie, what brings you here?"

    "Julia asked me to come get the rest of her things," he replied. He looked worriedly at Carolyn, who stood emotionless beside him.

    "I see," Elizabeth nodded. "All ready for our trip, dear?" she asked her daughter.

    "Yes, Mother," Carolyn answered. "Shall we go?"

    "Not just yet. The taxi will be here in half an hour," Elizabeth explained. "Why don't you come into the Drawing Room and have some tea while we wait?"

    "All right, Mother," Carolyn answered flatly. She slowly walked into the Drawing Room and sat on the sofa.

    Elizabeth shook her head with concern as she watched her daughter. She turned to Willie, who had put one hand on the staircase handrail to go upstairs to Julia's room. "Wait a minute, Willie. I just want to talk a little bit before you go up."

    "Sure, Mrs. Stoddard," Willie answered nervously. He wondered what it was she had to say to him.

    "I just wanted to ask you if you spoke to Barnabas before he left. Did he express any unhappiness to you?" Elizabeth raised her eyebrows.

    "Unhappiness?" Willie asked. He raised a hand to his scarf-covered neck, remembering Barnabas' attack before he and Julia had forced him back into his coffin.

    "Yes," Elizabeth nodded. "It's so strange to me that he would leave so suddenly, without any indication to anyone what his plans were. I've read his note a dozen times, and it just doesn't sound like Barnabas. I know there must be more to it!"

    Willie glanced over at Barnabas' portrait on the wall, unsure of what to say…

    Act One:

    Angelique Rumson came down the staircase at the Old House. "What are your thoughts, Mr. Paxton?" she asked behind her. "Do you want the job?" She was followed by a thin, dark-haired, middle-aged man.

    Frank Paxton looked around the Old House foyer and whistled. "Wow, it looks like a museum in here!" He stepped off of the staircase.

    Angelique smiled at him as she crossed over to the drawing room. "Yes, I know. As I told you over the phone, I recently inherited this place. The former owner was opposed to updating it, but fortunately for you, I have no such qualms."

    "There's never been any electricity installed, ever?" Mr. Paxton asked, incredulously. He followed Angelique into the drawing room.

    "Never," Angelique answered. "Everything has been kept the same for hundreds of years."

    Frank Paxton stood before her, his arms crossed as he shook his head in amazement. "Well, I could certainly use the work, Mrs. Rumson, but I have to tell you, wiring this entire house is going to cost you!"

    "I don't care about that," Angelique told him. "Money is of no importance to me. I want this house updated as quickly and efficiently as possible." She saw John come in, sandwich in hand. She saw that he was wearing some hand-me-downs from Willie. Everything was a size too small. "John," she greeted. "This is Frank Paxton, the electrician. Frank, this is John Jaeger."

    "How do you do?" John grinned. He shook Frank's hand.

    "John will be overseeing the day-to-day work being done," Angelique told Frank. "If you have any questions, he's the one to ask." She looked sideways at the secret room. "I will be far too busy with other matters while the work on the house is being done. I only want to know when it's finished."

    "Of course, Mrs. Rumson," Frank nodded. He raised his eyebrows a little at Angelique and John's living arrangement, but he made a mental note to ask John about it later.

    John looked at Angelique. "I'm really not sure how much I know about this kind of thing," he told her.

    "Don't worry about it, John," she smiled up at him. "I'm sure you know far more than I do about handiwork, and besides, I only want you to supervise and help the workmen if needed."

    "If you say so, Angelique," John sighed.

    "Well," Frank said, "I need to go back to the office and make some estimates." He patted the Old House blueprints against the palm of his hand. "How will I reach you when I've finished?" he asked Angelique.

    "I'll be at Collinwood today," Angelique told him. "You can reach me there through dinner." Angelique thought of Quentin, and how they would have the house almost entirely to themselves now that Elizabeth and Carolyn were leaving. Maybe she could get Mrs. Johnson to take Amy somewhere!

    Frank smirked and turned towards the foyer. "Well, it was nice meeting both of you," he told them.

    Angelique looked over at John, and a thought came to her mind. "Oh, wait Mr. Paxton! Maybe you could drive John into town, I have an errand for him to do!"

    John turned quizzically toward Angelique. "What is it?" he asked. Angelique motioned him to come to her while Frank waited in the foyer.

    Angelique took her wallet out of her purse and turned conspiratorially towards John. "Actually," she said quietly, "I thought maybe I would pay you early so that you could buy yourself some clothes." She took out some money and handed it to John.

    John glanced over at Frank waiting impatiently, then looked at the two bills in his hand. It was a hundred dollars. "Are you sure?" he said lowly, surprised.

    Angelique squeezed his hand and smiled her dazzling smile up at him. "Of course! You're worth it," she told him…

    Act Two:

    Willie gulped nervously, then looked at Elizabeth, who stared at him impatiently. "Well, you see, Mrs. Stoddard, it's like this…"

    "Yes, Willie?" Elizabeth asked, arching an eyebrow.

    "Barnabas really cared about Miss Maggie, you see, and when she didn't feel the same way, he was too embarrassed to stick around!" That sounded about right, Willie thought.

    "I gathered that much, Willie!" Elizabeth admonished. "But leaving town and going back to England!" she shook her head. "Barnabas is far too mature to behave like that. There must be another reason…"

    Just then, there was a knock at the front doors, and Willie practically sprinted to answer the door. "Sabrina!" he yelled, greeting the brown-haired young woman.

    "I came to see Carolyn before you left," Sabrina explained, looking from Elizabeth to Willie, sensing she was interrupting something.

    "She's in the Drawing Room," Elizabeth told Sabrina.

    "I—I've got to go get Julia's things!" Willie stammered. He practically made smoke come up as he rushed up the stairs.

    Elizabeth shook her head again as she watched Willie depart into the upstairs hallway. "Come into the Drawing Room, Sabrina," she told the young woman. "We haven't much time. The taxi will be here any minute."

    Carolyn was sitting on the sofa, her tea untouched in front of her. She looked up at Sabrina come in with her mother, and managed a small, sad smile. "Hello, Sabrina, what brings you here?"

    "I came to wish you, bon voyage, of course!" Sabrina tried to be cheerful. She sat down beside Carolyn and gave her a little hug.

    There was another knock on the front doors, and Elizabeth turned towards the sound. "Goodness! It's like Grand Central Station here!" She turned to go answer the knocks. "It must be the taxi driver."

    But, it was not the taxi driver. "Elizabeth!" Angelique smiled brilliantly. "I'm so glad I caught you in time!"

    "Angelique, I didn't expect you today! Carolyn and I are just about ready to go!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

    "I had a busy meeting this morning," Angelique explained. She felt it wouldn't do to get into the details now that Elizabeth was leaving the country. "I thought maybe Amy would like some company."

    Elizabeth stepped aside to let her in. "Yes, I'm sure she would like that. Quentin is at the cannery, and I told her not to disturb our new houseguest."

    "You have a houseguest?" Angelique asked curiously, as Elizabeth turned away to close the doors.

    "Yes, you probably know of him. The famous pianist—Laszlo Ferrari!" Elizabeth told her.

    Angelique's eyes lit up. "Laszlo Ferrari! Oh, I am such a fan of his! We briefly met at a party when I was modeling in New York. I wonder if he'll remember me."

    Elizabeth smiled. "I don't think anyone could forget you, Angelique. Even if he can't physically see you, he'll definitely remember your voice!" The two women walked into the Drawing Room. "Carolyn! Sabrina! Angelique is here to see us off!"

    "Hello, Angelique," Carolyn said quietly. Sabrina stood and stared at Angelique, turning pale.

    "Good morning Carolyn. I hope you and Elizabeth enjoy Italy. I know I did." Angelique turned to Sabrina. "Sabrina, just before Barnabas left town, he told me to give you his regards."

    Sabrina turned even paler. "Bar—Barnabas?" she stammered, her eyes filled with fear.

    Angelique smiled wickedly…

    Act Three:

    John said good-bye to Frank Paxton and walked over to the Brewster's Department Store from Paxton's office in the village. He could tell the salespeople did not want him there, the way they stared at him and didn't approach him. He picked out a paisley shirt, some bell-bottom pants, new jeans and work-shirt, underwear and socks, as well as a new pair of boots, as his borrowed sneakers felt too tight. He noticed the sales staff were a little more friendly when he pulled two fifties out of his pocket. John decided to wear his new clothes out of Brewster's, and carried Willie's hand-me-downs in a shopping bag out into the salty air of Collinsport harbor.

    As he breathed in the ocean air, John wondered if he had really been in Collinsport before. He still had no memory of the past, and he wondered how long it would be before he remembered anything, if ever… Could he stay in Collinsport indefinitely?

    John's eye caught a loose newspaper page blowing in the wind. He saw a taxi cab drive by and the paper was scattered into the sky like a leaf in the wind. One of the passengers in the back seat of the taxi cab caught his eye—she kind of reminded him of Angelique, with her mass of pale blonde hair behind her head.

    He felt compelled to follow the taxi. Her resemblance to Angelique was probably superficial, but he wanted to see for himself. He quickened his step as it drove around the corner.

    From down the street, he could see the taxi pull up in front of the Collinsport Train Station. The driver got out and pulled some suitcases out of the trunk. John could see that one of the women had dark hair cut short in a bob.

    But it was the blonde that he could not help staring at. As he walked closer, he could see that she was the younger of the two women, but she was not like Angelique after all. She was too petite, pale and thin. She wore a navy blue dress under a light coat, and a paisley scarf around her neck. John touched his own paisley shirt that he just bought, and realized he had picked out a similar color combination.

    The taxi driver set the suitcases in front of the bench, and got back in his cab after the dark-haired older woman paid him. John felt that they were probably mother and daughter. They sat on a bench and waited.

    John felt his heart beating like a drum as he walked closer to the two women. And with great trepidation, he felt as though he couldn't face them. With surprise, he saw the loose newspaper page had followed him. He managed to pick it up before the wind swept it back up again, and held it in front of his face. He paused in front some trees and pretended to read, his shopping bag hooked over one arm while he watched the women from afar.

    The older woman with the dark hair stroked the younger woman's long blonde hair and looked concerned. He could not hear what they were saying, as the wind blew the words in the opposite direction. The blonde said something in reply, and as John slowly walked ever closer, he could tell that she was very sad.

    Suddenly, John felt an immense feeling of sadness overcome him. He felt such pity for the fragile-looking young blonde, that he wanted to comfort her. He stopped again, feeling immense dread, as well as sadness, as he got closer to the train station.

    The twelve-thirty train could be heard a great distance away. Elizabeth heard the approach and started to get up. "Come, Carolyn," she told her daughter. "It's the first day of the rest of our lives..."

    Carolyn got up from the bench and forced a smile. But, as the train pulled into the station, blowing gusts as it slowed down, she felt more than just the train's exhaust, as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end…

    Carolyn turned and finally noticed the tall blond man standing beside a tree with a newspaper sheet in one hand, and a Brewster's shopping bag on his arm. "Jeb…" she whispered, but she shook her head in disbelief. No, she was just seeing things. She turned to her mother with resolution, "Yes, I feel like going on a trip…"

    As he watched the two women board the train with their suitcases, John felt a tear slide down his cheek, and he reached up to touched it with much surprise. "Why do I feel like this?" he asked himself. He watched the train leave the station, and waited a few more minutes, watching as the train grew smaller and smaller in the distance…


    Elizabeth Stoddard… JOAN BENNETT

    Carolyn Hawkes… NANCY BARRETT

    Willie Loomis… JOHN KARLEN

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Sabrina Stuart… LISA RICHARDS


    Frank Paxton… STANLEY GROVER
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    Rhode Island
    Episode 990: Premonition

    Fri. Apr. 10, 1970

    A melancholy day in the seaside town of Collinsport, for John Jaeger who has watched Elizabeth and Carolyn leave by train… The two women are strangers to him, so he does not know why he feels sadness at their departure, as well as a strange feeling of foreboding that fills his very soul, as he makes his way back to the Old House on the Collins' estate…

    John returned to the Old House by foot. He felt as though the weight of the world was on his shoulders. Not even the salty air of the sea, the new fragrance of the spring flowers as the bees buzzed happily nearby, or the sound of birds chirping merrily could bring him up out of the doldrums of his existence.

    He entered the Old House quietly, shutting the door behind him and starting up the stairs with his shopping bag from Brewster's in one hand. Angelique, who was waiting in the drawing room for him, saw him come in and called to him.

    John turned and faced Angelique as she came out of the drawing room. She was wearing a dark blue dress with a blue-white-red flower-print scarf around her neck. "John, what's wrong?" she asked.

    John sighed. "Nothing, I just walked from Collinsport. I'm just tired, I guess."

    Angelique shook her head. She knew there was something more. "No, it isn't nothing. Here, come into the drawing room and sit with me a moment."

    John put the shopping bag on the little table in the foyer and followed her. They sat on the small sofa in the drawing room. She looked at him, and he just sat, staring ahead. "Well?" Angelique demanded.

    "I don't know," John started. He turned and looked at Angelique. "I don't know what it is. After I went shopping, there was this girl. She had long blonde hair, like yours. She was with an older woman, with dark hair. I just felt compelled to follow them."

    Angelique sat, listening. Carolyn and Elizabeth instantly sprang to her mind. "Did you talk to them?" she asked quietly.

    John shook his head. "No, I didn't. I didn't even go near them. I watched them wait for the train. I don't know why..."

    "Maybe you were just attracted to this girl," Angelique suggested. "You wanted to get to know her, but were too shy?"

    John shook his head. "No, it wasn't that. I just felt sorry for her, somehow. She looked so sad, sitting there. The other woman spoke to her, and I could tell she was worried. I just felt so worried and sad myself, and I don't understand why." John looked at Angelique with sad eyes. "Do you think it's possible I knew them… before?"

    "Anything's possible." Angelique put a hand on his and squeezed it softly. "Do you want to remember, really remember?"

    John turned away and stared ahead again. "What do you mean, Angelique?"

    "I might be able to help you," she told him. "I'm somewhat versed in hypnotism. I could help you remember if you know those people you saw today." She leaned in closer. "I could help you remember everything."

    John gulped. He felt anxious, his heart started to beat madly. Could Angelique help him? She had done so much for him already. Was he ready to remember the past? He wanted to say yes, but something felt threatening to him, ready to consume and overtake him…

    John pulled his hand away from hers and stood up from the sofa quickly. "No!" he turned back to Angelique and forced a small smile. "I… I need to remember at my own pace…" He began to back away from the sofa to the doorway. "It's not that I don't appreciate your help, Angelique… I'm not ready… I'm just not ready!" He quickly turned and grabbed his shopping bag from the foyer table and hurried up the stairs.

    Angelique got up from the sofa and watched him go, but for once, she did not seem very pleased…

    Act One:

    Quentin stood in the Great Hall of Collinwood, talking on the phone to Elizabeth. "Yes, he seems to settling in nicely," he told her, glancing into the Drawing Room at Laszlo who was reading a Braille book by the fireplace.

    "Good, I'm glad," Elizabeth said from a payphone, inside a busy Boston airport. "I really wish we could have stayed to get to know him better." Elizabeth paused. "And Amy, I hope she is not in anyone's way."

    "Well," Quentin thought for a moment. "I've been in the office all morning, but Mrs. Johnson complained that she was trying to help her around the house." Quentin chuckled.

    "Did you ask Sabrina about helping her with her studies?" Elizabeth asked, glancing out of the phone booth.

    "Yes, I forgot to tell you I talked to her at the library. She's coming over in the evening for a couple of hours to check on Amy's work," Quentin explained.

    Elizabeth heard an announcement over the airport intercom. "There's our flight, Quentin. I've got to go."

    "All right, Liz. Enjoy your trip…" as Quentin hung up the phone there was a knock on the door.

    "Angelique!" Quentin exclaimed after he opened the door and found the blonde witch standing there.

    "Hello, Quentin," Angelique smiled. She kissed him on the cheek and walked into the foyer. After hanging up her coat, she looked towards the Drawing Room. "I thought maybe I'd come over and meet your guest."

    "Well, we actually met the other day," Quentin said, embarrassed, "At the Blue Whale…"

    "I thought that was him! I knew the face, but I couldn't place it," Angelique explained. She hooked her arm around Quentin's as they made their way to the Drawing Room.

    "Laszlo!" Quentin called from the doorway. "I have someone I'd like you to meet!"

    Laszlo turned his head towards Quentin's voice and closed his book, setting it beside him. He straightened up his maroon jacket as he stood up. With his white cane in front of him, he stepped away from the sofa.

    "Actually," Angelique said, "We've already met. Besides the other day at the Blue Whale..." She took Laszlo's outstretched hand and grasped it warmly. "I'm Angelique Rumson. I'm sorry I couldn't properly introduce myself the other day during all that ruckus."

    Laszlo smiled, twin Angeliques reflecting in the dark lenses of his glasses. "Oh yes! I recognize the voice from the other day! But you said we had already met?"

    "Yes," Angelique told him. "About six months ago, we met at a party in New York. I was so shy… My husband, Sky Rumson, introduced us. We had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon…" Angelique thought bitterly of how happy she had been then, never suspecting what the future held!

    Quentin raised an eyebrow and smirked at Angelique. "Well, well, well… Aren't we full of surprises!"

    "Why, of course!" Laszlo exclaimed. "I remember you, now! I'm usually good at remembering voices, but I guess I was kind of out of it the other day! How have you been? How is your husband?"

    Angelique looked dismayed. "Sky is dead," she told him. "He committed suicide two weeks ago." She turned and looked at Quentin with a knowing look.

    "I--I'm so sorry!" stammered Laszlo. "Oh, what a shock… I just don't believe it."

    "It's all right," Angelique reassured him. "I'm moving on with my life." She turned and smiled sweetly at Quentin, who was glad that Laszlo could not see the flush on his face. Quentin excused himself to the study so that the two old acquaintances catch up with each other.

    "Tell me everything that's been going on in New York," Angelique told Laszlo as she led him back to the sofa…

    Act Two:

    Sabrina stood in the middle of a foggy Eagle Hill Cemetery. She wore a dark blue coat buttoned up to the neck. She turned and looked frightened as she heard a dog howl in the distance. "Chris… Chris!" she called out pitifully. She looked down and noticed that she was standing before Tom Jennings' grave. "Chris! Where are you?"

    John stood in the shadows, watching her. He was not sure what had brought him here, but he was certain that the young woman was in trouble. Who was this Chris that she called for?

    Sabrina clutched at her coat, pulling it tight to her body as she shivered in the damp graveyard. She continued on her search, walking towards the Collins mausoleum. "Chris! Chris are you in here?" She reached the mausoleum gate and pushed at it, the rusty hinges groaning in complaint at being opened.

    John watched as she stepped into the old mausoleum, interested to find out who this Chris was, and why she was looking for him in this dead place.

    As Sabrina's eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, she was suddenly aware that she was not alone. "Chris? Chris, is that you?" she stammered. A growl emanated from the corner. An unmistakable growl, one that she had heard before. "No!" she shouted as she reached for the gate and hurried out of the mausoleum.

    John watched as she closed the gate door behind her and ran across the graveyard. As she paused in front of Tom Jennings' grave, she let out a blood-curdling scream, then hurried on her way. John chased after her, only pausing to see that the grave said "Chris Jennings ~ 1940 – 1970 ~ Rest In Peace".

    As Sabrina ran through the woods, John found himself chasing her. He could not stop himself. Something was forcing him to take part in this. As they ran, he could hear the growling and panting of some sort of dog or wolf following them. John remembered hearing the growling in the library.

    Sabrina reached Chris's caretaker cottage and pounded on the door. Letting herself in, she closed the door behind her. John stopped and hid behind some trees. There was the sound of crashing glass, and screams, and the wild attack of some animal.

    And then there was silence. John stepped out from behind the trees and stepped tentatively towards the cottage. He noticed that once of the windows had shattered inwards, glass lying all over the cottage floor, but he could not see anyone inside. Stepping towards the front door, he grasped the doorknob and turned it slowly, at the ready in case he heard the growling again.

    "Miss Stuart?" he called out into the dark cottage. He stepped inside and looked for a light source. He picked up an overturned lamp and turned it on after he set it down on a side table. He turned and looked around the room. "Oh my God!" he gasped out loud.

    There, lying in a crumpled heap, was the blood-covered body of a mutilated Sabrina. John glanced around but did not see the creature. He quickly knelt down beside her, and felt for a pulse, but she was already dead. "No… No!" he grimaced, shaking his head in despair.

    "No… No!" John sat up in bed, sweat covering every inch of his body, Willie Loomis's too-small old t-shirt soaked right through.

    "I've got to go warn her!" John gasped. He quickly got up from the bed. It was still afternoon. He had only meant to lie down on the bed for a short nap.

    He changed his shirt and put on his boots, and bounded down the stairs of the Old House. Just then, Angelique opened the front door, happy after seeing Laszlo. She stopped as she saw John coming down. "John! What is it?" Angelique exclaimed. She saw his still sweaty brow and the worried expression on his face.

    John came down to the first floor with a thud and grabbed Angelique's arm. "That girl! The one who works at the library! Miss Stuart! I've got to see her!"

    Angelique shook her head with confusion. "What! Why? What is going on?"

    "I don't have time to explain!" John said hurriedly. "Angelique, please let me borrow your car! I've got to go warn her, right now!"

    Act Three:

    Sabrina hummed to herself as she pushed the book cart down an aisle, listening to the soft classical music playing on her small radio on the front desk. Mr. Gladstone had gone home early, "To water the plants", and she had brought out the radio after he left.

    She thought of Chris, and how glad she was that there was still eleven days till the next full moon. She thought of the last full moon, when the horrible Bruno Hess had been attacked by the werewolf. She had not been sorry to hear of his death…

    Suddenly, she heard the tinkle of the little bell as the front door opened, and she stepped away from the book cart to see if the newcomer needed assistance. Glancing around the corner, she groaned when she saw who the patron was.

    "Miss Stuart?" John shout-whispered across the library. "Miss Stuart? Sabrina, are you here?" He felt his heart thumping hard in his chest, wondering if he was going to hear the growls again…

    "Yes, what is it?" she demanded, walking towards him from behind the bookshelves. She noticed that he had a panic-stricken look about his face.

    John let out an audible sound of relief. "Oh, thank God! Thank God you're all right."

    Sabrina was both annoyed and puzzled. "Yes, I'm all right Mister…"

    "Jaeger, John Jaeger," John reminded her. "When I woke up from that dream, I was sure you were dead."

    "Dream?" Sabrina asked, starting to feel a little panicky. Was this man insane? She glanced nervously over at the library phone in case she needed to call the police.

    "I had a dream about you," John explained. "There was you, and a graveyard, and you were calling for someone named Chris…"

    Sabrina gulped. She did not like where this was going. "You came here in a panic because of a dream?" she started to walk away. "I think you need help, Mr. Jaeger."

    John grabbed her arm. "Please, Miss Stuart, you've got to listen to me."

    Sabrina snatched her arm away from him and backed away, her fear now intermingling with anger. "Don't touch me!" she snapped.

    John put his hands up and did not move. "All right, all right. Please, just listen to what I have to say, and then I'll go, I promise you!"

    Sabrina steeled herself and nodded. Maybe she should listen and find out how much he knew about Chris. "Go ahead," she told him.

    "I don't understand this myself," he began, "but after I left here yesterday, I worried all night. I thought that I was all right today, but then I had a dream while I was taking a nap this afternoon. You kept calling for someone named Chris, and then there was some sort of growling creature, a beast…" John gulped from the memory, and then he continued, "I never saw it, whatever it was, but I followed you to a cottage on the Collinwood estate…" he paused, shaking from the memory.

    "Go on, Mr. Jaeger," Sabrina said coolly, even though she was not feeling very cool on the inside.

    "I heard the screams, and the breaking glass," John continued, "But I never saw what was happening. I was always on the outside, listening in. Then there was silence, and I thought it was finally safe to go in…"

    Sabrina was white and shaken by this point. "What did you find?" she whispered.

    "At first I couldn't see anything, but the room was in shambles. I turned on a lamp that had been knocked to the floor, but unbroken… And then I saw you—you were lying on the floor, bloody." He stopped there unsure if he could really tell this young woman about her death.

    Finally, he worked up the courage and blurted it out. "You were dead, Miss Stuart!" he exclaimed. "The creature had killed you!" He stared at Sabrina with wide, fearful eyes…


    Elizabeth Stoddard… JOAN BENNETT

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY

    Sabrina Stuart… LISA RICHARDS


    Laszlo Ferrari… MICHAEL STROKA

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