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Dallas - TNG

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Jan 23, 2020.

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    Dallas approx. 2024

    I’ve had so much fun with this I want to do it again:

    Premise: Dallas in 2024 reboot. 10 years after the disaster from TNT. I do not like to leave anything out so to me everything is included in some way or another, movies, TNT Dallas, etc.

    Characters and concepts:
    1. Sue Ellen née Shepard Ewing (Lockwood): in the Miss Ellie role, part Angela Channing, she runs the billion dollar Ewing Farlow Family Foundation as well as Southfork (having aquired Bobby's half from him she shared ownership with her son)
    2. John Ross Ewing III: in the Jock Roll,part King Solomon, he's returned to work the ranch and lives by the mantra "my house, my business, my family," as well as "Ewing's are unstopable becasue they never fight," he owns 42% of Ewing Industries (based on Koch Industries and with Bo the Koch brothers, through deviated from the JR's original marching orders, this was JR’s masterpiece, the DelSol family owns 16%)
    3. Pamela Rebecca née Barnes Ewing: in the JR role, part Alexis Carrington Colby, part Queen of Sheba, John Ross’s estranged wife (they have seperate bedrooms within South Fork), the mother of his three children, Chairman and CEO of Ewing Industries, John Ross's lead lutientant
    4. Boaz “Bo” Harper Ewing: in the Bobby role, part Steven Carrington, part Lord McBeth, Cally and JR’s son, President of Ewing Field Services, owns 42% of Ewing Industries
    5. Amanda “Amy” Mavis née Anderson Ewing: in the Sue Ellen role, part Crystal Carrington, part Ray Krebs, Punk and Mavis’s granddaughter, John Ross’s best friend, Bo’s x-wife living in the cottage on South Fork, with John Ross she's owns the South Fork Equestrian company, raising throughbred hourses on the ranch
    6. Jeremy “Paul” Wendell III: in the Pamela / Cliff role, part Lady McBeth, part J. Paul Getty, Jeremey Wendell's son, President and COO of the Trident Corptoation (what has become of West Star, based on Chevron)
    7. John “Jack” Ross Ewing IV: in the Lucy role, part Lance Cumson, John Ross and Pamela’s teenage son (oldest of 3, biologically Elena’s son), high school student, his father believes it is time he understands the family business

    Other lutientant's include people who run John Ross's various businesses and Juan Ramous, Elena's other brother, former Marine, his main go to man. Many are refereed to but not seen (at least not right away) like Judith Brown (Republican Senator from Texas), Ellie Ewing (John Ross's sister from NYC, socialite), Margret Krebs (Washington Lobbist for the oil industry), Lucas Krebs (Swiss banker), Charlie Krebs Durant (wife of French EU Minister), Chris Ewing (John Ross Ewing, Sr. Professor of Engineering, Stanford), Lucy Ewing (house wife from California), Betsy Ewing (Democratic Congresswoman from California), Bobby Ewing (John Ross Ewing, Sr. Professor of Engineering from Cal Tech), etc.

    Use the orginal set lay out for the South Fork mansion.


    Opening scene shows a "memorial" market for Jock and a grave for Miss Ellie and Clayton (background Miss Ellie's Southworth family) and pans to JR's grave with the date of death as 2010 (I want to change this as it shouldn't impact the events from TNT's Dallas but it will place JR's death in a year without inheritence taxes, infuring through out the show that he orchestrated such as well as set up a masterplan for when and how he died and how John Ross would inherit everything he promised him, John Ross often stating how his father sold his sole for this family's good fortune, much like Momma in A Raisen In the Sun when talking about her husband, his death and the insurance money).

    The camera pans up and across South Fork showing ranch hands fixing a fence with a truck nearby. On the door of the truck "South Fork Cattle Company, Ewing Industries Subsiderary."

    The camera pans across South Fork showing a fenched in oil rig and a sighn "Ewing Oil, Ewing Industries Subsiderary."

    The camera pans up and across the countryside on the way down the freeway and a pipe line that says "RLC, Ewing Industries Subsiderary" (RLC stands for Ryland Logistics Corporation).

    The camera races into the city down a skyscraper, the sign by the door reading "Ewing Industries."

    The scene fades to black and back to the grave site from JR's grave to Bobby's grave (no dates so as not to dispute his death from "dream" or after TNT's Dallas - the set up is a series completely about the next generation with Sue Ellen as the carry over character).

    Cut to the Dallas credits using the orginal format.


    A secretary introduces Gail Doral, a reporter for the New York Times to Sue Ellen in a big airy office with a commanding view of the Dallas skyline. "Lady Sue Ellen or Mrs. Ewing. I'm not sure what I should call you. Thank you for seeing me."

    Sue Ellen extends her hand to shake hands with the woman over her desk. "I never changed my name so legally I'm still Sue Ellen Ewing, but please just call me Sue Ellen. Please sit down. Is there anything I can you."

    "I'm good. Thank you."

    The secretary leaves the room.

    "So how can I help you? You've got an article you're doing on the Foundation."

    "Yes, the Ewing Farlow Family Foundation, and since you established it . . ."

    "Well, really it was established by Ellie and Clayton Farlow. It was there money anyway, my leg work. I am pretty proud of what we've accomplished here."

    "The Ewing family."

    "Yes," Sue Ellen says, a bit of puzzelment on her face.

    "But you and your son are the only Ewing's involved."

    "My son and I are co-chairmen yes and two of the three trustees, along with Carlos DelSol as the third trustee."

    "May I ask, whey isn't there anyone else in the family involved?"

    "From the inception, there wasn't anyone else who was interested, except for myself. Clayton trusted me. I think I've lived up to that trust."

    "And your x-husband, JR. Ewing, he left you and your son a share of the oil from South Fork, but you showed up with a document showing how Miss Ellie bequeth the mineral rights to the foundation and suddenly no one in the family had any control over those mineral rights."

    "My brother-in-law, Bobby Ewing, actually produced the document. When JR attempted to kill himself, she came home, begged him to speak to her. He wouldn't speak to anyone. She had given Bobby the cattle business. He gave it back. She offered him everything. He still wouldn't speak to her. It was a hard time for the family. One thing you could always count on was that JR Ewing was strong. But he wasn't then. So Miss Ellie came up with a plan for Bobby and my son, John Ross to share South Fork. When JR died, John Ross would get control of his half. She seperated the mineral rights, but Bobby was against drilling on the land. They made it work. Bobby sold his half of the cattle business to John Ross and his half of the house to me and moved out to California to be with Christopher while he recouperated from a horrible accident. And things have been pretty quite since."

    "You live at South Fork?"

    "Yes I do. With my son and his family. He and his wife worked a lot. John Ross is retired now, but he was. Now he works the ranch and has a throughbred horse business on the side with his x-sister-in-law, Amy. And he's got the foundation he's involved with."

    "Still the old farm family's living together."

    "Amy lives on the property. Bo moved back into the house. But thtat family stuff. That's not why you're here is it? You wanted to know about the foundation. And as you pointed out, the family and foundaiton are not the same thing."

    The above Ewing’s begin gathering before dinner in the living of the South Fork including twelve year old Steven Clayton and six year old Eleanor Mavis Ewing. John Ross hands Bo a bourbon and ranch and says, “Don’t mention that name at dinner time,” right after hearing him say something about “J. Paul Wendell.”
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  2. stevew

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    The family sits around the table. Amy helps Ellie sitting next to her. Sue Ellen takes Miss Ellie’s chair and helps Steven next to her. John Ross sits in Jock’s place with Jack in his right and Pamela on his left. Food is served from trays and the Ewing’s make pleasant conversation.

    After dinner Sue Ellen takes Steven up stairs and Amy takes Ellie to her cottage out back. The kids get bedtime stories.

    Bo brings back up Paul Wendell. John Ross says, “Again, we don’t discuss business at dinner. You wanna talk politics or religion have at it but not business. Save that for Monday morning in my study.”

    “But last time I brought up Chris’s Ewing process, she,” motioning to Pamela, “she cut me off.”

    “She,” Pamela says, “Runs the company.”

    Jack watches.

    “And I own just as much of it as your husband. Forty-two percent.”

    John Ross asks, “What the hell does Paul Wendell have to do with anything?”

    “He says big oil is chomping at the big to get their hands on this tech.”

    “What the hell are you doing talking to Paul Wendell?”

    “I’m the President of Ewing Field Services. Trident approached us about the joint development of an off shore lease.”

    “Jesus Christ!” Pamela throws her hands up. Looking at John Ross, “I told you he’s a roughneck. You don’t just put a roughneck in charge of a billion dollar business and think it’s gonna work. We’ve been down this path before with Wendell. He runs Trident . . .”

    John Ross interjects, “The latest in carnation of his father’s West Star Corporation, which our father and Uncle Bobby had to deal with.”

    “I can handle Wendell.”

    Pamela scoffs. “He can handle Wendell. You’re still wet behind the ears.”

    Bo approaches her and John Ross steps in. “Watch yourself.” He turns to Pamela, “And watch you mouth.”

    “I’m sick of being laughed off.” Bo Bach’s away.

    “No ones laughing you off,” John Ross says. “I tabled the Ewing Process for a reason. I expect you respect that. We’re Ewing’s. We don’t fight each other. Especially for some crap out in our head by a god damn Wendell.”

    Sue Ellen walks on the room, “Why are we talking about Wendell?”

    Pamela says, “This roughneck thinks he can do a business deal with Paul Wendell.”

    “I’ve had it with the roughneck shit.”

    “Pamela, I told you to watch your mouth. And you, watch your temper. We can bring this up Monday morning in my study.”

    “I want Joel from Wentworth Tool and Die there.”

    “Why?” Pamela snaps.

    “Because the Wentworth process is owned by his company. He understands it. I’ve talked to him about it. We’re in agreement.”

    “You dumb ass! Talking to my people behind my back! Who the hell do you ...”

    “Your people! Wentworth belongs to Ewing Industries! Forty-two percent of Wentworth is mine!”

    “You stupid ...”

    “Stop!” John Ross yells. “Stop with the name calling.” Turning to Pamela, “How many times do I have to say stop? You’re only making this worse. I asked you to show Bo how to run this company.”

    “He’s not going to. One day when I step down, Jack’s gonna run Ewing Industries. I’m done with this crap.”

    “My son’s not running this company. Roughnecks ain’t the only ones in the company with dirty hands. Jack’s gonna figure out what he enjoys in life and do that. I sure the hell hope it ain’t business.”

    Pamela holds Jack. “Jack wants this. You’re not cutting out my son so you hand things off to your brother.”

    “I’m not cutting off anyone. My grandfather, my father, you, me, your daddy. We’ve all sold our souls for this business. I don’t want that for Jack. That’s why he’s been working the ranch with me.”

    “The business owns the cattle, the foundation owns the land. All part of the business. And you got him working the low end of it.” She fixes his hair. “I’m not working this hard to watch you leave everything in his hands. This’ll be Jack’s one day.”

    Bo yells, “Bull shit!”

    “And What about Steven. What do you have planned for Steven. You want Jack and Steven at each other’s throats like my daddy and Uncle Bobby?”

    “Of course not. Jack will take care of his baby brother. And Ellie. He understands the burden of being the oldest.”

    Amy walks in. “What’s going on?”

    “Your roughneck x-husband is trying to get us tied up with Paul Wendell. He’s just like his father!”

    Bo slams his hands down in the mantle. “I am not like my father.”

    “Enough!!!” John Ross yells. He gets in Pamela’s face, “If you can’t respect me enough to stop fighting with Bo then get it of my house. “You to Bo. Grab your shit and leave. Right now!”

    Jack says, “You’re not throwing my mother out.”

    “Now you too.” Looking at his mother John Ross says, “I’m so sick of this shit. My whole life fighting over business. Some god dam pissing contest. Now my own son turns on me. I’ve tried to be fair. I’ve tried to do what’s right. She don’t give a shit about me. Never has. He don’t care. What am I doing this for! I’ll burn this god damn place to the ground!!!”

    Amy hands him a box of matches.

    Pamela shouts, “When have you ever tried to do the right thing. Everything you do is for yourself!”

    “For myself! For myself! Really! Are you freaking kidding me!” He turns to Bo. “Let’s get this straight. I gave you shares. Not power.” He turns to Pamela. “And if you think for one second JR Ewing didn’t make sure his business was protected from anyone who married into this family, you’re out of your ever loving mind. I handed you everything you ever wanted. You wanted South Fork. Done. You wanted the business. Done. The planet is litter with bodies that got in my way of giving you what you want. What more do you want?” Looking back at Bo. “The Ewing Process says dormant until I say so. If you want to discuss it, man up and talk to me in private. Not at a family dinner. Cause next time you do, I’ll kick your ass right over the county line! I’m done with this.” John Ross walks out.

    Pamela follows him.

    Sue Ellen says to Jack, “Let them handle this alone.”

    “Why so he can hurt her?”

    “You think she doesn’t hurt him? They’ve been hurting each other since before you were born.”

    “Why can’t they just stop?”

    “I wish I had the answer. Really I do.” She then looks at Bo. “All this for Paul Wendell.”

    “What are you talking about?” Bo asks her.

    “You know what I’m talking about. You’re in Dallas. You think anything happens here I don’t know about. You want me to come right out and say it?”


    “No. I’ve been there for you. Why didn’t you bring this to me?”

    “This is business.”

    “You think I don’t understand business? Don’t underestimate people Bo. You’ll fail every time.”

    Pamela follows John Ross out behind South Fork. “Where are you going?”

    “Where I always go.”

    “You can’t possible think you can threaten me and tell me to shut up and I’m going to be ok with it.”

    “You’re right. I’m sorry. The house is yours. The boys are yours. So’s the company.” He opens the door to a pickup truck.”

    “You know as well as I do why the Ewing Process is kept under wraps.”

    “I’m not arguing that. My problem is calling my brother names, goading him into fighting.”

    “I’m not going to have anyone go behind my back in running the company.”

    “No of course not. No matter who you have to hurt. Look it, I can’t protect our children from you. I learned that a long time ago. The more I try, the worst it is for them. So you do what you have to do, and I’ll do what I have to do.”

    “And that’s it?”

    “I told you went I retired, I’m done with this shit.”

    Sue Ellen sits with Steven and Jack in Steven’s room. Steven says, “I’m glad your hear grandma,” and hugs her.

    “I am too. In a way it’s kind of my fault they fight. Your grandpa and I didn’t teach your dad anything else but to fight. But he’s trying. That’s why he retired, to stay home and be with you boys. He’s not going to hurt your mom. And we all know he’s not going to throw her out. If he was going to do that, he’d have done it a long time ago. No one ever leaves here. Right.”

    “That’s true. Aunt Amy still lives here and she and Uncle Bo are divorced. You don’t think mom and dad will get divorced, do you?”

    “They might be better off. But, no I don’t think they’re going to. Your father loves your mother. She doesn’t believe he does, but he does. And after all these years I can tell you, your mother loves your father, he doesn’t believe it either, but he does.”

    “Why don’t they believe it?”

    “Because sometimes it’s hard to believe. When I was young, I meet the most handsome and fun man I’d ever imagined. I thought he was a prince. And I married him. He was also the son of a rich family. And maybe I married him because he was rich too. So he didn’t think I really loved him. He assumed I married him for the same reason everyone else had anything to do with him, money. Maybe I did. But I loved him. Really I did. He was such a hurt little boy, a lot like your daddy. I don’t know why I loved him, but I did. I was crazy mad in love with him and I still am.”

    Jack says, “And when he saw you, that first dance, he told you, ‘I think I’m gonna marry you.’ And you said, ‘If only I had a nickel for every man who said that to me, I’d be a rich woman.’ “

    Sue Ellen laughs, “I was a bit full of myself, at least my looks. And so I thought that’s what your grandpa wanted. I thought he married me to own another beautiful thing. I couldn’t figure out why he loved me. What was to love? My father was well off, but nothing like his. My parents came from old families, Texans from the days of the Republic and Virginians before that. But so did his momma’s family. I went to college and had a degree in art, but he was top of his class in business. What was there to love about me? There are lots of beautiful women in the world. Lots of women with pedigrees.”

    Steven hugs her again. “I love you grandma.”

    “But why?”

    “I don’t know, I just do. I love you because you’re the best.”

    “Thank you. You’re the best too. See that’s the think you boys have to learn. There’s no reasoning to love. You just love. And that person you get close to, that person you give your heart to, they own you and there isn’t anything you can do about it. And so they can hurt you. And that’s scary. But if you have that one person, that one that know you and you know them, completely, then you are truly blessed.” She holds out her arm and Jack joins them in their hug.

    John Ross sits up at the bar in a hole-in-the-wall bar. “Bourbon and branch.”

    Before he even finishes the order the bartender sits the drink in front of him. “Rough night?”

    “How’d ya know?”

    “I only see you on two occasions, celebrations and rough nights. Your face to look to be celebrating.”

    “Family fighting.”

    “For rich folk you do an awful lot of fighitn’.” He starts to make a drink in a shaker.

    “Right? Ain’t rich folk’s is suppose to be happy?”

    “You’d think so.” He pours a martini in the spot next to John Ross. “But all the years I’ve known you, I’ve come to the conclusion, I’d rather know rich folks then be one.”

    John Ross laughs. “True. Very true.”

    Amy sits down in front of the martini. “We should be celebrating. We own the sire of a Triple Crown winner.” She holds up her martini glass.

    John Ross clinks his glass to hers.

    “You want me to talk to Bo?”

    “No. The problem is explaining why we shelved the methane extraction in the first place.”

    “Why did you?”

    “Barnes Global, through its oil assets came with some huge, untapped natural gas assets. We don’t really want the Ewing Process on board to drive down the price of natural gas. Plus if it does what Chris promised it would do, kill the oil industry. It doesn’t make any sense. We’ve got enough to contend with the possibility of electric cars really becoming a thing.”

    “I see. Well, I think if you’d explain that to Bo, he’d understand. I assume you’ve taken moves to complete in an electric car world.”

    John Ross chuckles. “We bought Rio Grande for one reason.”

    “What’s Rio Grande?”

    “Australian mining company. Global player in aluminum, copper, diamonds, uranium, iron ore.”

    “How’s that make you competitive?”

    “Rare earth. They’re aggressively accumulating rare earth. Cobalt, lithium, nickel, all are needed for batteries. Problems is we go from dealing with the Saudi’s holding the oil industry by the nuts, to the Chinese holding rare earth. I’d rather deal with the Saudi’s.”

    “Wasn’t there a country over there you’ve got a contract with for oil?”

    “Exclusive, yes. My father set it up. There was a man who knew how to hold a country by the balls. Pamela led me to believe she was having an affair with the Emir’s heir. Turns out he was gay. Set him home where they kills a man for such a thing. Lead to a coupe and a very thankful brother to the outgoing Emir. Thankful enough we’ve been pumping up oil like crazy ever since. Won’t be long the country will be dry. So switching to dealing with the Chinese, not my idea of a trade up. But we’ve got another tick up our sleeve. SeaTrac. They’re working on a lithium-sulphur battery. So when you go down to Argentina to talk polo ponies, I’ll be in South America talking about lithium. Pamela’s also bought a solar panel manufacture. So we’re on top of things.”

    “Sounds like it. So you’re brining the boys to Argentina to interest them in polo, sell some horses and on the side you’ll talk lithium mining.”

    “With some people from Chile and the US government. We want Chile added as a major non-NATO ally.”

    Amy finishes her martini. “I still can’t help thinking of you as that kid at Hotchkiss everyone talked about. Kind of a legion.”

    “Certainly not because I was any good at school.”

    “My brother would tell me stories about you. When I got there people would say, you know John Ross Ewing. Instant popularity.”

    “I sure miss him. Marvin was probably my best friend in the world.” They hold up their new drinks and toast, “To Marvin. Greatest son of a bitch to ever walk on God’s green Earth.”
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    Bo walks out of a hotel bathroom in nothing but tight, gray, boxer briefs. An older, distinguished man sits up in bed. “Well Bo, I guess you just got to talk to the DelSol family. See what they have to say. Their sixteen percent could make the difference.”

    Sliding into bed, “But Paul, other than board meetings, I don’t know Mateo DelSol.”

    “Well you don’t even know if he’s the one who controls the family’s sixteen percent. I’ll do some digging and get back with you.”

    “I do know that he’s friends with John Ross.”

    Paul leans over the kisses Bo. “Just let me look into it. I’ll get back with you. You know I support you right? If this is what you want, I’ll help you. This was JR Ewing’s company, and he cut out you and all his other children. I get you’re trying to prove yourself.”

    “Yes, but John Ross set things straight, at least with me. And JR did leave money to James. I don’t know what he did for my sister.”

    “And he left a billion dollar company to John Ross and not one penny to you. Jock Ewing leaves Cyberbyte shares to John Ross. Still nothing to you. I understand how you feel. When the Ewing’s were done with my family there was nothing left. So believe me I get it.”

    “Yes but everything I have now, John Ross gave me. I just feel like he’s the last person I should be going after.”

    “You said it yourself. The only reason he’s causing a problem is because of Pamela. They don’t even share the same bedroom anymore. He married her for business, like you married Amy.”

    “I didn’t marry her for business. Somewhere in JR’s long drawn out masterpiece John Ross was supposed to marry Amy. I don’t know why he didn’t. They’re best friends. They own that horse breeding company together and she’s helped him out with cattle breeding. The two are together all the time.”

    “So where’s Pamela come into things? She runs his business? Is she even any good at it? She’s got a law degree from Austin and an MBA from Chicago. And you’ve got an MBA from Wharton. You’re not a roughneck Bo. You know that, right?” Paul leans in and kisses him again, this time rubbing his hand up and down Bo’s crotch.

    In the earliest stages of the dawn’s twilight John Ross walks into his study at South Fork, the same study that once belonged to his grandfather, filled with memories of his grandfather and father before him. I side a man who looks a lot like Drew closes out his phone conversation. John Ross says, “All set?”

    “Will be by the time you’re on the plane to South America.”

    Looking out the window with a solemn face, John Ross says, “Juan, you remember when we started Branch Water?”

    “Of course. I showed up here and asked what the hell was going on. Only to find out my sister was deep into it with Nicolas Treviño who was really that piece of shit Joaquin we knew as kids. Aunt Teresa use to bring us up here to get away from that garbage.”

    “I asked for your help.”

    “They killed my brother. Of course I was gonna help. She drugged my momma into some crazy scheme to blackmail the Ewings and left her down in Mexico crying, trying to kill herself over blood money. Thank God the rest of the family was there for her. Chris is laying up in the hospital. Elena’s on the run.”

    “With my baby. I asked you what must have been the hardest thing to ask anyone. Help me protect my child.”

    “Bro that was no big ask.”

    “She was your family.”

    “So’s Jack. No. She stopped being family the day she got back with Joaquin. I don’t hold a grudge against you. You did what you had to do. If she’d had drugged deeper she’d have realized it was all too put together to be true anyway. Barnes led her by the nose. No you put that lunatic away. Good thing JR got him in Mexico where his money wasn’t going to protect him.”

    “Thanks to DelSol’s help.”

    “And my sister. People are dead because of what she did. Our brother is dead. Prison’s where she belongs. No I was only too glad to help you man. Just like I was with Steven. They’re better off with you and Pamela.”

    “I don’t know about that. Pamela and I don’t last long without going at each other’s throats.”

    “Well you were right about retiring. Can’t you get her to retire?”

    “That’s what I want your help with.”

    “Oh. I see. You know when you first asked me about working with those CIA friends you made to create a company, I thought cool. I can do this. Then when the first job for to slaughter all those guys in prison, I said sure. People like that can’t be allowed to buy off the legal system. That girl, Emma, they’re animals. You did the right thing. We did the right thing. I ain’t ever questioned you. I ain’t about to start.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Who you got in mind to take her place?”

    “Oh, I’m working on that. I’ll keep you posted.”

    “Of course you will. You’ll come to me to vet the son of a bitch.”

    “That I will.”

    With that two of men enter the study, followed by Pamela. John Ross says something about getting a hold of his cousin Margret Krebs, their lobbyist in D.C. She’ll be coming along on the South American trip.”

    Pamela says, “That reminds me, Lucas won’t be at the board meeting this week.”

    “We’ve talked. He’s joining us in South America though. Representing Allied Swiss Bank should get the Chilean government’s attention.”

    Juan says, “Speaking of the Kreb’s. Charlie’s husband won last night. He’ll be representing France in the European Parliament.”

    John Ross sits at his desk. “Good to have friends and family in high places.” He looks over some papers on his desk and says to one of the men who came in with Pamela, “What’s this loss in Ecuador?”

    “We’ve been keeping it off the books but when we acquired Jackson Petroleum it came with some environmental issues in Ecuador.”

    “I got that. And you said they could be handled. This doesn’t look handled.”

    Pamela speaks up, “I told him to make note of it. We need to pay to make this go away. The PR cost is mounting. Especially after the EPA hit at our Louisiana refinery and the fall out over the Bedrock Pipeline.”
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    A rental car drives through an estate gate. The sign on the side says, ‘Filoli, the Alexis Carrington Colby Estate.’

    The news reporter who interviewed Sue Ellen earlier steps out of the car parked in front of the familiar mansion. Alexis stands directing the acceptance of art work leaving the journalist to wait. When she’s ready she says, “Welcome. Sorry I’ve been busy with things here.”

    “Not a problem. I’m just glad you could meet with me. Lovely house.”

    “Thank you. We’ll be open to the public in less than a week. I think it’s important to save a piece of history, don’t you? This house was a project of mine, years ago when I was married to Blake Carrington.”

    “It’s part of your work with the foundation you set up, the Alexis Carrington Colby Foundation.”

    “Yes it is. I want my legacy to my grandchildren to be philanthropy. Making this world a better and,” gesturing to show the house, “more beautiful place.”

    “Well with the money you’ve poured into your foundation, that should certainly be possible. I was just in Texas talking to Sue Ellen Ewing, the mother of John Ross Ewing, who bought ColbyCo from you, after he acquired Denver Carrington.”

    “He’s a charming young man, John Ross. I felt it was time to move on. My children and grandchildren had other interests.”

    “Mrs. Ewing worked for you for a bit.”

    “She interned in our London office and I brought her to Denver. Undergrad at Yale, MBA from Chicago. I was impressed.”

    “She’s called your her mentor, one of the first women in an executive role in the oil industry.”

    “You also couldn’t help but notice the Wentworth jewelry. Few women ever amass a collection as impressive and Pamela Barnes knew how and when to wear each piece. She understood effect and how to stand out. She also understood how to use to her advantage when others underestimated her, especially men. So I take it this really isn’t about American family foundations.”

    “It is. It’s just I find them fascinating. The Ewing Brothers put together the third largest private business in the country from the inheritance of pieces left to them by their father and grandfather, pushing aside everyone else in the Ewing Family.”

    “I wouldn’t know about that.”

    “I’ve heard Pamela Ewing considers you a close friend.”

    “I don’t discuss my friends.”

    “Between their family office, Lone Star, and their charities, they’re managing over a hundred billion in assets. The political network they set up financing candidates and libertarian think tanks, funding university professorships, and lobbying for policy positions, all aimed at furthering an agenda.”

    “I don’t like being lied to. And I don’t engage in idle gossip. Good day.” Alexis walks into the house, pushing the door shut behind her.

    A gathering of teens among loud music around a pool table centers on Jack. The room is a conversion of the top of one of the barns, cavernous with a long bar, card tables, a pool table, foosball and other such entertainments. Jack’s clothes are tight fitting, a grey tracksuit, his red underwear revealed. A girl leaning over him as he attends a shot on the pool table, rubbing his butt. “Come on babe, give me some space.” Jack makes the shot.
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    John Ross sits in the back of a limousine facing Bo. “I didn’t want to have to tell you this but you’re not leaving me any choice. Some time ago of group of people, heavily invest in oil and natural gas came to me with a deal. Some very lucrative leases, and I shelves the Ewing Process, until further notice.”

    “So you’re saying you made a killing off of just shelving it? How long do we have to keep it under wraps?”

    “Until further notice.”

    “Who’s going to notify you?”

    “Some friends of mine.”


    “People who collectively care a lot of power. People who could also direct me to the man who tried to killed Christoper.”

    “Nickolas Trevino?”

    “No. The explosion had nothing to do with drug trafficking. A man named Vicktor Sechin from Russia. He’s the head of gas giant Grazneft. Of which the Russian government owns 50%. There’s no getting at Vicktor Sechin, though I’m very patient.”

    “You’re telling me someone tried to kill Chris over his process?”

    “I’m telling you, someone to big to touch. At least right now. You can’t just do what ever you want and not think there are repercussions. Some powerful friends agreed to help me, if I agreed to shelve it until it was needed, if it was needed.”

    “I guess I understand.”

    “Pamela also understand the danger what your suggesting puts the whole family in, including our children. It took Chris years to get his life back.”

    “You should also know Trident owns nearly twenty percent of Grazneft. I do t know how they pulled it off, or what’s behind the deal, but they do. And, DLV, the Venezuelan conglomerate, owns about fifteen percent.”

    “Jeremy Wendell’s company is involved?”

    “Enough to know better than to bring the whole thing up again. Unless the intention is to somehow partner with us and get a piece of the patent.”

    “He did mention a partnership.”

    “I’m sure he did. You are aware Trident is a combination of West Star, Iramco and DLV’s Vego Petroleum Company? He has some very interesting partners.”

    “I don’t know about any of that.”

    “I don’t really want to be the one to tell you all this. I remember . . . I use to think I could put maneuver my enemy in business, like it was a big game. Then . . . Then I heard the gun shots that ended our father’s life. It was a wake up call. The enemy is a hundred steps ahead of you before you were even born. And he’s willing to do anything he had to to keep it that way. So you’ve got a choice. Keep to yourself, play your role as unobtrusively as possible, and go along in ignorant bliss. Or get your hands dirty. Once you choose, there ain’t no going back.”

    Sue Ellen sits out by the pool playing chess with Jack as Steven and Ellie play in the pool.

    A limousine pulls up to the archway of Southfork, just off the road. A harmless looking security guard walks up to the passenger door. In the background, not well seen, heavily armed guards make it look like a military check point. After speaking to the passenger, the guard waves on the car.

    Sue Ellen asks her grandson, “What’s my next move?” When he explains she’s says, “That’s good. That’s a possible move. But you know it’s not my next move. Come on. You know me by now. What’s my next move?” They then turn to see the limousine.

    Jack asks, “Who’s that?”

    “That is a friend of your Uncle Bo’s.”

    Paul Wendell gets out of the back seat of the car and makes his way toward Sue Ellen.

    Sue Ellen pardons herself from the game and walks toward Paul.

    “Ok Sue Ellen. You got me over here. What is it you want?”

    “For you to look around. Tell me what you see?”

    “A modest Texas cattle ranch.”

    “That’s good.” She turns to Jack. “This is why I told you. Know your enemy.” She turns back to Paul. “South Fork is secured. You’re not going to touch my family. Do you understand me?”

    Paul looks around. Snipers on the roof lay low.

    “Can you say the same. How about your friends? The truth is these people don’t keep us safe. Retaliation does.”

    “If you’re threatening me . . .”

    “I don’t threaten. While you’re standing here, your board of directors is removing you. That’s a done deal. I find a man who threatens, does so because he really doesn’t want to do what he threatens. I’m just informing you.”

    “Trident’s board is made up of people I put there.”

    “Well when you get back, if that’s the case, and you’re still running the company, feel free to call me and say you told me so.”

    “I don’t think what you want is to fight me Sue Ellen.”

    “I already did.”

    Paul looks at his phone. Surprise crosses his face.

    “I’ll let you handle that.” She returns to her grandson and their chess game.

    Paul returns to his car.

    Television news report, “The Trident Corporation announces J. Paul Wendell would be stepping down as Chairman and CEO, effective immediately due to health concerns. The son of West Star CEO Jeremy Wendell, he had orchestrated the triple merger of West Star, Iramco and Vego into a multinational, integrated energy giant. Wendell’s retirement is effective immediately.”

    Pamela shakes hands with several men around a round table to the side of her very large office. “Thank you gentleman. The Bedrock Company is all yours. Lee, this’ll be remembered as the day you out maneuvered your brother and took the Wendell Lee’s back into the independent oil business.”

    “Well, I know you weren’t able to make it work, I just hope you won’t be too upset when me and partners pull it off.”

    “No of course not.” She walks him to the door, “Ewing’s just carry to much baggage to pull off something like this. I’m fact this’ll actually help solve some of our issues with the cash to settle in Ecuador.”

    “Pleasure to be of help. We’re all better off when we work together.”

    “That’s very true.” Pamela sees them all out and shuts the door. Walking back to her desk she says, “There really is one born every minute.”
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    Jack and his friends play by and in the pool, scantly clad teenagers. As he cashed a girl around, grabbing her slinging back into the water, his grandmother approaches. Before he can jump in after the now topless beauty, her hands clasped in front her her, laughing at what he’s done, Sue Ellen says, “Jack. I need to see you in the house.”

    “What? Why? Now?”

    “Yes now.”

    Jack walks into the study from the outside, a towel rapped around him. Sue Ellen says, “I asked you to read up on Chile.”

    “I did.”

    “I realize you’re a fast reader.”

    “I am.”

    “But I also asked for you to write a paper explaining course for Ewing energies to get at their lithium reserves.”

    “Grandmother. I’ve got enough reports for school. Why do I have to write one for you too?”

    “You asked for an allowance. Your father said no. Your mother said no. Your father doesn’t even want you along on his side trip to Chile. But I do. I want you to understand Ewing Industries. I want you to enjoy the privileges of being a Ewing. But some irresponsible playboy whooping up while you’ve got work to do. Maybe your dad’s right. The business isn’t for everyone.”

    “That’s not true. I can handle the business.”

    “No you can’t. You’re not even close to handling Ewing Industries. Honestly, your father doesn’t want that life for you and your brother.”

    “I’m well aware. He’s leaving most everything to the foundation.”

    “That’s right. Unless you can convince him otherwise.”

    “How’s a report going to convince him?”

    “It won’t. It’ll convince me I’m right about backing you. You need to be twenty moves ahead of your competition. They should even see you coming. Now if that’s what you want, out there, so be it. Your daddy ain’t gonna pressure you to do anything, be part of the business, marry, have kids. Nothing like your granddaddy’s dad did with him. You can enjoy yourself. But you came to me. Work comes first.”

    “Yes grandma.”

    “And them pills your friends are popping . . .”

    “I didn’t have anything to do with that.”

    “You really need to pick your friends better.”

    “What, like my dad’s friends?”

    “Not a bad example. People like your father.”

    “They like me.”

    “They like the money I give you. What do they give you? Don’t answer that. Those aren’t friends. Just as long as we’re clear about that. You don’t buy friends.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “You tell me when I’m being unreasonable and I’ll leave you alone. My mother never gave me or my sister that option. My sister called a lot of people like that her friends. I told you what happened to her.”

    “Yes you did.”

    “You just let me know.”

    Pamela steps into an elevator with just her and a man in a black suit. She hands him a packet. “Get that to the press. It’ll burry that pipeline once and for all.”

    “Will do,” he says taking it.

    “Did you find out what I asked?”

    “As far as I can tell nothing links your husband to the coupe at Trident. Channing Sumner upped its investments and appears to have lead the change. Most of the company’s in the hands of institutional investors lead by Right-Guard, Main Street and White Rock. Wendell is the second largest individual investor.”

    “Who’s the largest?”

    “Andrew Metcalfe.”

    “An old school friend of John Ross’s.”

    “He’s on the board of Trident.”

    “Of course he is. Any verification they’re gonna split the company in two?”

    “Not yet.”

    A very handsome ranch hand approaches Amy in the stables, letting her know he’s done and he’s taking off. Her hands rub his chest and invited him into her office. He says he shouldn’t, his wife’s getting suspicious and he’s got a family he has to consider, his kids. “How about I give you a raise. That should make her happy. I mean after all you do have extra you do around here.” He pulls open his shirt.

    Congress votes and the bill supporting the Bedrock pipeline fails.

    Peter opens the front door to his mansion himself. He’s confronted with SEC and FBI agents.

    Bo is approached by a woman at a bar. He bushes her off. As she walks away the bartender says, “Women don’t take rejection lightly.”

    “I’ve been with that one. She bounces back.”

    “Her daddy’s one of the biggest bankers in town.”

    “He’s just some hired hand running the bank for the people really in charge.”

    “I don’t about all of that.”

    “Well I do. He’ll do what ever they say to so they keep paying him.”

    “Well speaking as a working stiff, ain’t much I won’t do for a buck.”

    “Careful what you say. Someone might take you up on that.”

    “I sure hope so.” The man hands his napkin with a phone number on it.

    On the bare skin rug covered floor of the rec room at South Fork, covered in a white silk sheet, Jack plays with two girls, declaring his homework done and it’s play time.

    An oil refinery in the dark of night explodes.
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    I’m sorry the above should read:

    “Paul opens the front door to his mansion himself. He’s confronted with SEC and FBI agents.”

    The edit function was no longer available.
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    In the dark of night Pamela runs out the back of South Fork with Bo, a helicopter waiting for them, sitting up the peace of the night.

    Sue Ellen and the boys stands on the back porch watching them, the wind blowing through their hair.

    In the study, John Ross watches the television news report about the refinery explosion.

    An older man washes Amy’s back in the shower and she tells him she always looks forward to closing a deal with him. He says he does as well.

    A helicopter lands on a mega yacht somewhere in the vast ocean.

    Paul walks down a flight of stairs on the stern of the incredible ship. Greg Sumner says, “Paul. You remember Vicktor”.

    “Of course.” The two shake hands and sit down at a large round table.

    Greg says, “We we’re just discussing your brother Lee’s deal with Pamela Ewing. If he can’t get Washington’s help to get that pipeline through, he really over paid.”

    Vicktor says, “But there’s some help we can get him in the White House. Those leases in the Bakkens won’t be worth as much without it. And we can help.”

    “I’d appreciate it. We’re partners in that venture. I look forward to the Ewing’s finding out that bit of information.”

    “Not a problem. The real problem, as I see it, is getting back control of Trident. Mr. Sumner has some ideas for us.”

    Greg says, “We’ve also got the wheels rolling to take care of the SEC and the justice department for you.”

    “I appreciate it.”

    Vicktor says, “You’ve been a very good friend.”

    Bo speaks to reports outside of a hospital emergency room. “Please understand our first priority is the well being of our families. Those employees and their loved ones impacted by this travesty are part of the Ewing Family. Taking care of them is all we’re worried about right now. We”ll get to a cause, rest assured, but right now that’s not why my sister-in-law and I are here.”
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    Note change in character:

    1) John “Jack” Ross Ewing IV, age 19: in college at the University of Texas in Austin, back and forth while working the ranch and eventually interning at Ewing Industries. He was born before Dallas TNT and adopted by Pamela after John Ross found out about his existence:

    2) Steven Clayton Ewing, age 14: in an exclusive high school, Elena Ramos’s son, adopted by Pamela

    3) Eleanor “Ellie” Mavis Ewing: age: 12, Bo and Amy’s daughter in the same school as Steven
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    News reporter showing a massive protest in the Dakotas and talking about the President signing an executive order which will allow Wendell Energy to finish the Bedrock Pipeline.

    John Ross and Jack tend to a sick cow with the vet when Amy comes in offering her help. John Ross says, “It’s just wait and see now.”

    Richard Channing walks in next. “John Ross.” The two shakes as old friends.

    John Ross introduces Jack and Amy.

    Richard says, “Thought I’d stop in and say hi, since I was in town for the Trident board meeting.”

    “Everything go well?”

    “Meaning, did we approve selling Ewing Industries the assets you wanted? Yes. Everything’s all set.“

    “And the contracts?”

    “David told me they’re on Bo’s desk. They’ll keep him busy for years to come, developing Trident plays. What’s this I hear he’s going behind your back with Carlos’s family?”

    “He’s just stretching his wings. Seeing how far it’ll take him. I didn’t mention Bo and Amy are separated.”

    “Oh I see. Yes I think I knew that.” He winks at John Ross. “So Jack, your dad tells me you’re headed to South America with him. ¿Es esto cierto?”

    “Si. Voy a comprar un caballo y aprender sobre un acuerdo de litio en Chile.”

    “I’m afraid I lost you at si.”

    John Ross says, “My friend Juan has been speaking Spanish to Jack since the day he was born.”

    “You’ll make a very good impression.” Richard pats the young man’s arm. “We’ll have to get you to intern at ChanningSumner when you’re done with school. Your father here, through his Lone Star company, is a major investor.”

    John Ross says, “Before I leave I want to meet with you and Greg.”

    “Of course. Martin and Abe will be here too, before you leave.”

    “Abe is leaving his New York sanctuary?”

    “He’ll be here when you return. The results of your trip are important. Martin was telling me about a mission your grandfather undertook in Venezuela, underscored American policy there ever since.”

    “I wasn’t aware Martin had anything to do with that?”

    “His uncle, Senator Peter Ryder. Get him and Abe to talk about the past between the Ryder’s and Rosemont’s and you’ll be surprised any of us are able to get anything done.”

    Jack says to his dad, “You have a lot of friends, don’t you?”

    Ricardo says, “Muhammad Ali said, ‘if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything’.”

    Jack says, “He also said, ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’, right dad?”

    They laugh and agree.

    In a hotel suite Bo says to Pamela, “You heard the Wendell brothers did it. Wendell Energy is up and running. The president gave them their pipeline. You sold them what they needed because you couldn’t make it happen, thinking you’d get one up on them, instead they got one up on you!”

    “They lost control of Trident so the net effect is they’ve been weakened. That’s what we’re after.”

    “They signed a deal with Trident to refine all the tar sands oil they get their hands on.”

    “They signed with Trident’s Galveston refinery, which is now our refinery. And the third phase of the Bedrock Pipeline, which they need to get to Galveston, is still ours. What we did was use them to clear obstacles we couldn’t. Pay attention.”

    “You’re just trying to justify your screw up. Because of you were still dealing with the Wendell’s.”

    “You don’t know a thing you’re talking about. Anyway we’re here to deal with this mess. Juan said it was intentional and is working with the authorities to prove it. That’ll get us off the hook all around, but open up a can of worms. People are gonna want to know who. And we don’t have an answer.”

    “Do we have a guess?”

    “I’d guess Wendell, but would he really do something like this? This seems more like a message to me.”

    “What the hell are you talking about, a message?”

    “This is a billion dollar hit, and in the meantime while the refinery is off line for us and the Wendell’s, and people are dead. Juan’ll have no problem proving arson. That says to me a message from some one.”

    “OK. So when do we know, who said what?”

    “My guess is some people got wind you and Wendell were talking about the Ewing Process. That’s why John Ross was concerned about you talking to him.”

    “Paul wouldn’t have told anyone. He’s just hoping that we’ll work with him on some very cheap leases he picked up for Wendell Energy. So it doesn’t do him any good to go around talking.”

    “You were going to help the Wendell’s make money?”

    “In order to pilot the process.”

    “It’s been piloted.” Pamela’s temper flares again.

    “I know the issues Chris had before. Having a partner makes sense. We’ve got a lot of issues to work out. So we need to spread the risk.”

    “I could, if we were going to do it, find you an endless supply of partners. Why Wendell?”

    “We were talking about it.”

    “Why even talk to him?”

    “He knows the oil business and financing. His family’s as much from New York City as Dallas. He could make this happen.”

    “We could make this happen. Did he approach you?”

    “Yes, a while ago on other projects. This didn’t come up until recently.”

    Pamela thinks. “And he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere with it, so her riled you. You worked on tar sands projects up north from him I assume.”

    “Wentworth had the drill bit he needed.”

    Pamela thinks. “Then he wanted Bedrock. Which he pushed the pipeline through once he got it, the company’s biggest and key asset.”

    “Which no one could make work. That’s why you picked the company up for so cheap.”

    “I still turned a profit.”

    “And the Wendell’s will make even more off a company I’m sure you were hoping to stick them with.”

    “Because of you and who ever got the pipeline through the White House.”

    Paul pulls up his pants in his new office. A young man does the same asking, “Do I get the job?”

    “Of course. You might be the best admin I’ve ever had.”

    “I promise you won’t regret it.”

    “Neither will you. You’ll be giving up a lot coming from Trident, but I promise you, we’ll more that match their benefits package.”

    “You already have.”

    “And your contacts back at Trident, will come in very handy. So just tell me what you need to keep them up.”

    “Of course. Anything else?”

    “That girlfriend of yours, maybe next time she’d joins us.”

    “I can ask.”

    John Ross turns off the TV in his study as the news reporter concluded no leads have come forth in the arson of Ewing refinery. Pamela steps in and says, “I’ve read the proposal. That’s a lot of money you’re committing to lithium. You’re repositioning the company.”

    “Of course I am. There’s a reason we’re picking up trident assets on the chest. Things are changing Pamela.”

    “I get that. I also get change terrifies some people.”

    “And excite others.”

    She considers her husband for a moment. “There’s a rumor going around, David Lathrop should replace me.”

    “We acquired his battery company and him for a reason.”

    “So you support this idea?”

    “I support the idea of moving toward other energy investments. That’s what he represents.”

    “You’re involved in the dismantling of Trident?”

    “Of course I am.”

    “When we’re you going to let me in on what you’re up to?”

    “You don’t get let in. When you’re sitting at a meeting and you can’t figure out who’s getting screwed. It’s you. So best to figure out the play real quick.”

    “How’d Wendell get the pipeline through.”

    “You know as well as I do, this President’s on the take.”

    “You had nothing to do with it?”

    “Beyond watching it all play out? No.”

    “Why don’t I believe you? Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to push me out of the company?”

    “Why? Because I’d like to see you retire?”

    “Because your mother says Ewing women don’t work.”

    “Ewing’s don’t work. You don’t see me going into an office everyday.”

    “So just let Bo run things. You know he’s not ready for that.”

    “I’m well aware of that.”

    “Are you also aware there’s a journalist out there trying to write a book about this family and a federal investigation into our political network brewing? You spend too much time on the details you’re missing the big picture.”

    Paul smiles and says, “Thank you Mateo,” while taking a signed document from him.

    Mateo says, picking up a check, “How the hell did you get your hands on this kind of money?”

    “Don’t worry yourself about that. Just know your secret within the DelSol family is safe with me.”

    “I’m not so sure about that. I also think you underestimate what John Ross will do when he finds out your own sixteen percent of his company.”

    “You let me worry about that.”

    On a private jet Lee sits across from a beautiful young girl, one of the girls who’s been with Jack. “You’ve done a fine job. But we bed you to go one further with Jack.”

    “What ever you want. As long as you’re paying.”

    “Funny what a pretty thing like you will do when you find out your daddy’s broke.”

    “Funny what a pathetic man like you will pay for.”

    “Take your shirt off.”

    She does.

    “Your jeans.”

    She wiggles out of them. Sitting across the isle from Lee in just her bra and panties.

    “One would think you’re a sweet little thing.”

    “One would think you couldn’t get laid in a prison with a fist full of pardons.”

    “That’s suppose to be a woman’s prison.”

    “I’m sure you’d take what ever you can get.”

    “You’re a mouthy little bitch for someone selling her services.” Lee begins to undo his belt buckle and fly.

    Sue Ellen reads a letter in the living room, sitting down in shock. Pamela walks in. “You wanted to see me?” Sue Ellen hands her the letter and she looks over it. “What are you reading my mail?”

    “It got set with mine. I didn’t read the name. Just opened it. But why are you keeping this a secret?”

    “It’s no ones business but my own.”

    “What your son’s”

    “They’re not biologically mine. This won’t have any impact on their lives.”

    “Just the fact they care about you.”

    “No one cares about me.”

    “That’s not true. Pamela. Look what this did to your father. He died in that place, alone. At least you know why he did what he did.”

    “He killed my babies.”

    “He was Iill. So were your aunts.“

    “And my grandmother. And there isn’t anything which can be done.”

    “There’s medicine that letter talks about.”

    “And spend the rest of my life not feeling anything.”

    “Pamela, please. You’ve got to talk to John Ross.”

    “Do you know why he married me?”

    John Ross stands in the archway you the Entry, “Because he loves you. He’s always loved you.”

    “Bill shit.”

    “I told Chris who you were the second he introduced us. He’s the one who didn’t remember, not me. I asked you out, over and over again and you always turned me down.”

    “You married me for my share of Barnes Global.”

    “Yes you’re right. Because it’s the only way you’d give me the time if day, to fight Christopher. But I’ve always loved you. You want to talk about not being loved. Since when did you give a damn about me? I was a tool to get back at my dad with for my mom and I was just some heir to my father, that was until he had another son. My grandmother forgot about me. Clayton walked away. Uncle Bobby let Chris get away with anything he wanted to do to me. Even my boys care more about you than me. So don’t stand there are tell me no one cares about you. I’ve given you everything you ever wanted. The business. The house. You’ve got your grandmothers jewelry and ten times more! Now you care so little about me, somethings wrong and you don’t intend to tell me.”

    “Are you done?”

    “I wish I were.”

    “How about Emma. You had an affair with Emma. Was that love?”

    “That’s not fair. You know why I did that. And it’s certainly not because I thought it would bother you in the least.”

    “No bother me!”

    “I’m done apologizing for this. I’m done waiting for you to give a shit about me. Do what ever you’ve got to do.” John Ross walks out.

    Pamela says to Sue Ellen, “Thanks a lot.”

    “Do you love my son?”


    “I always thought you did. I mean what you did. You didn’t drug yourself to hurt him. You did it to be with him and nearly killed yourself. So I always thought you cared about him. You were just as messed up as me and JR were.”

    “Why don’t you ask your son if he loves me?”

    “I don’t have to. I know he does. JR told me. Long time ago. He didn’t like it, but he knew it was true. So do I. You keep hurting him. But since that whole thing with Emma, he’s been faithful to you. And how long has it been since you touch him? You won’t even pat him on the arm. Now this,” holding up the letter. “Why don’t you ask your mother why your father died alone.” Sue Ellen hands her the letter on the way out of the room.
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    A helicopter lands out back of South Fork. Everyone but Bo is out on the patio watching. A beautiful young brunette comes walking up from it in a tiny sun dress and heels.

    Amy asks, “Who is it?”

    Jack answers, “Thats my Aunt Ellie.”

    Pamela says, “Oh my dear God.”

    Sue Ellen adds, “You’ve got that right.”

    John Ross takes off running toward her. “Ellie.”

    Walking up into the pool patio Ellie is saying to John Ross, “When are you going to put in a runway. Really. This is ridiculous.”

    As they talk a car pulls up behind the garage. John Ross says, “Where has Bo been?”

    Ellie answers as they watch him walk toward them with Paul by his side, “Before or afternoon Paul forced the DelSol’s to sell their share of Ewing Industries to him.”

    “What the hell!” Pamela exclaims.

    John Ross says, “It’s only temporary. But I meant after,” as if the news came as no big deal to him.

    “Bo married Paul.”

    “Dear God,” John Ross exclaims as Bo says,”Guess what?” Followed by, “Oh Ellie. I didn’t expect you.”

    “I’m sure you didn’t. But when I heard the news.”

    “You heard we got married.”

    “Well yes of course but that’s your problem. No the news this termite forced the DelSol family to sell him their share of Ewing Industries.”

    “Is that true?” Bo asks.

    “Of course it is,” Ellie says. “But what he doesn’t know . . .”

    John Ross cuts her off, “Not a thing. He’s just fine. Welcome to the family Paul. I assume you’re taking the Ewing name.”

    Everyone looks surprised.
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    Eleanor “Ellie” Rebecca Ewing
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    Mid season finale.
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    Note: another change, with the introduction of John Ross’s sister Ellie, Bo’s daughter should be Mavis Amanda. So the main cast as follows:

    1. John Ross - father (Jock)
    2. Pamela - mother (Ellie)
    3. Jack - oldest son (Lucy)
    4. Steven - youngest son (John Ross)
    5. Bo - brother (Bobby)
    6. Amy - brother’s x-wife (Pam/Ray/Donna)
    7. Paul - brother’s husband (Cliff)
    8. Mavis - brother’s daughter (Christopher)
    9. Ellie - sister (JR)

    with Sue Ellen and Juan Ramos showing up from time to time as well as a great many enemies and allies on and off over time.

    While I focus on the business and political stories, a show like Dallas would require a lot of personal and family stories, but this is the general idea I think would work for a continuation at this point.
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    The Monday morning meeting breaks up in John Ross’s study, absent Pamela. Everyone goes their way. Once everyone is gone but Ellie and Bo, Bo asks her, “So are you angling for a job with the company?”

    “Oh God no. I don’t work.”

    “You know women do work now a days.”

    “I do. But Ewing’s don’t, regardless of gender.”

    “I do. Pamela does. So does Amy.”

    “A Barnes. An Anderson and I don’t know what your problem is, but seriously, this obsession with the daily grind has got to change.”

    John Ross speaks up, “Pamela’s decided to retire. She’ll be going with me and Amy and Jack to South America.”

    Bo says, “I want Paul in on these weekly meetings.”

    Ellie scuffs, “He’s got his own company. A rival company. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

    “He also owns sixteen percent of Ewing Industries.”

    John Ross states, “Which he stole from friends of ours.”

    “That’s not true. The DelSol’s sold it to him.”

    “After he blackmailed them.”

    “Really? Over what?”

    “That’s their family secret. I’m certainly not going to speak of it.”

    “Whatever. Paul is a major shareholder. He should be here.”

    John Ross says , “These aren’t Ewing Industries meetings, they’re family meetings. He wants to be family, change his name and sell us his business. Then we’ll talk.”

    “That’s not going to happen. Listen I’ve got work to do, while you two enjoy your day. But this isn’t finished. Paul’s part of this family and our business, like it or not.” Bo walks out of the house.

    John Ross says to Ellie, “You’ve got this?”

    “Of course.”

    “You arrange to buy Paul’s shares and get him out of my hair.”

    “I’ve got it.”

    John Ross walks out to the pool to have breakfast with Pamela, the boys, Amy and Mavis.

    In the evening the Ewing’s show up for a school concert where Steven plays the cello. Even Paul is in attendance. Jack is the loudest to applaud.

    Arriving at home from the back into the entry, everyone congratulates Steven on a job well done. Ellie says she’s headed out but will return soon. They all head up stairs.

    In her room Pamela comes out of the bathroom ready for bed. John Ross knocks on the doors do peeks inside. “How ya doing?”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Just checking.”

    “Would you like to spend the night?”

    “Why yes. Yes I’d like that.” He comes in and shuts the door. “You know you’re going to be OK, right?”

    “I’m going to stay back from the South American trip for the surgery.”

    “You’re not putting it off?”

    “No. But you go.”

    “Of course I’m not going. I’ll send Ellie.”

    “No I’ll be fine. I’d rather do this on my own.”

    “OK do it on your own. But I’m not going to be far away.”

    “Listen John Ross.”

    “No you listen. You can have it your own way, but I’m not leaving. That’s all there is to it, darlin’.”

    They crawl into bed and spoon.

    Pamela whispers, “They’ll reconstruct them.”

    “What’s that?”

    “My breasts. They’ll reconstruct them.”

    “That’s fine. I’m not worried.”

    “No I’m sure you’re not. No real woman would turn you down.”

    “I only know one really woman and she turns me down all the time.”

    “After the surgery, I won’t be a real woman.”

    “Now you’re talking nonsense.”

    “You know it’s true.”

    “I know I love you. I can’t ever seem to convenience you of that.”

    “Thank you.”

    “For what?”

    “Never leaving me alone.”

    “I couldn’t if I tried.”

    “I’m going to see the psychologist too. About medication for . . . Well you know.”

    “You don’t have to suffer like your father did. Or your aunts. And you certainly won’t suffer alone.”

    “I was thinking. My Aunt Pam worked so hard to pretend she was dead. I don’t want to waste all that time. I’m glad Bobby is taking care of her.”

    “Me too.”

    “I seriously thought I’d be better off letting the cancer kill me.”

    “And now?”

    “I don’t want to die John Ross,” Pamela cries.

    “You won’t.”

    “I don’t want to loose my mind either.”

    “You’re not going to.” He holds her tight.

    Paul walks into a trailer on a oil site to find Ellie looking over charts. “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “Browsing. You’ve put together an oil company pretty fast.”

    “Get out. This is private property.”

    “You get a presidential pardon and all the financing any man could ask for. What gives? Who are you blackmailing to be treated so well?”

    “I make people money. I don’t need dirty truck or to sleep around to garner favors, unlike some.”

    Ellie laughs, “Oh I get it. I’m a woman, so I must have to sleep around to get favors. But you’re so capable of making people money they throw it at you. Oh yes. Very funny.”

    “Are you going to get to your point for being here?”

    “I want to arrange a buyer for your share of Ewing Industries.”

    “Not going to happen.”

    “It is. I’d like to make it painless. For some reason my brother has fallen for you.”

    “My husband and I are just fine with our controlling share of Ewing Industries.”

    “John Ross has a few shares which are Class B shares. They have several more votes than just one per share. In fact when he votes he represents sixty some present of the vote. So you don’t actually control anything, you little termite.”

    “You’re not serious. Since when?”

    “Since he set up the company. Our father intended for John Ross to own the company on his own. John Ross choose to share it with Bo and Carlos DelSol. He also has the first option to buy them out. Which he’ll be exercising in your case.”

    “We’ll see about that.”

    “You’re such a little weasel. What the hell does my brother see in you?”

    “Maybe you’d like to find out.”

    She looks up and down him. “My daddy taught me to fear only one sort of man. A man who has no one that cares about him, nothing he cares about. That sort of man you just need to put down. Are you that sort of man?”

    “Are you threatening me.”

    “I don’t threaten people. I do what I have to do. You’re way out of line.”

    “Get out.”

    “Make me. Let’s see you put your hands on me and shove me out the door. Your a big bad man. Try it.”

    “Maybe I just need to call the police.”

    “Do it. Want to use my phone?”

    “You’re a bitch.”

    Ellie laughs. “You have no idea. But I will size you up. And when I do, mark my words, it won’t be revenge, it’ll be a reckoning.” She gives him a smirk and walks out.

    Paul is noticeably shaken.

    Amy goes over the horses with John Ross talking about how the breading stock from Argentina will really change things. John Ross wants to talk about Bo and Paul Wendell, though they’re divorced he and Amy are still close. She says, “I don’t know. I don’t get it.”

    “Maybe you can talk to him. He’s being led astray by someone who clearly just has an ax to grind with this family. Problem is, he’s sloppy, like his dad. He’s gonna get himself and Bo in a lot of trouble.”

    “I know Bo has this feeling like he’s got to live up to your dad.”

    “My dad could be sloppy too.”

    “He feels like he has to prove himself, prove that he’s a Ewing. He never really knew JR.”

    “Yeah well, I stayed away most of my life. He wanted to be a good dad. He really did. He thought with Bo, staying away was the best way to be a good dad. James was in and out of our lives quick enough. And me, I was angry most of my life.”

    “How do you explain Ellie?”

    “He spent a lot of time with Ellie.”

    Ellie shows a man about her age around the house, coming to the kitchen last, finding Pamela cooking with the South Fork housekeeper and Sue Ellen watching. “This is the kitchen. And no this isn’t all staff. My brother’s mother, Lady Maitland, and his wife, Mrs. Ewing.” Then with a look of puzzlement age asks Pamela, “What are you doing?”

    Pamela says, “Making pot roast. It’s John Ross’s favorite.”

    “Pot roast. Dear lord. This is Henri Laurent. He’ll be doing my cooking. And taking care of my clothes. That kind of thing.”

    Sue Ellen says to her, “You’re moving in?”

    “For now.”

    Pamela says to Henri, “This is MaryBeth. She takes care of Southfork. Anything you need she can help with. She’ll introduce you to everyone who comes and goes, but she’s always here. There’s a building out back with studio apartments for anyone who works and lives on the ranch. I’m sure we can find you something.”

    “Thank you Madame. Miss Ellie has a very specific diet. I’ve got some food arriving. I’ll just need some space for cooking.”

    “No problem. We’ll be out of here soon.”

    Ellie asks, “Why are you all hanging out in the kitchen? Never mind I don’t want to know.” Walking out, she mumbles, “From CEO to scullery-maid. What does my brother see in her? I don’t get it.”

    Sue Ellen says to Henri, “So you work for Ellie. That must be interesting.”

    “You could say that. She reminds me a great deal of my Grand-mère.”

    “Short?” Pamela laughs.

    “Pretentious. Which brings up. I’ll need rooms for Robert Hanson and Andy Chen.”

    “Friends of yours?”

    “No. Miss Ellie likes odd numbers. So where ever she goes we go. Robert is her personal secretary, he’s really a Harvard educated lawyer and accountant, but she calls him her secretary. And Andy is her personal driver, he flys her plan and is more a body guard, he’s a U. S. Navy trained killer and Buddhist Monk, go figure that, but she prefers the term driver. She thinks is sounds less pretentious, secretary and driver.”

    “Less pretentious,” Sue Ellen reiterates. “And your job?”


    Pamela asks, “And your background? Thus should be good.”

    “I studied fine art and medicine in Paris, and I’ve learned to cook all over the world. Miss Ellie found me in Marseilles cooking in a little restaurant. Mostly enjoying the sea. We started a conversation and I was hooked. Do not worry. She does not sit still for long.”

    “She’s come and gone before,” Sue Ellen says, “But never settled in. Why now?”

    “Truthfully. She finds issue with her brother’s choice of spouses. She thinks that things have got out of hand and she’s needed to . . . well, fix things.”

    “What nerve. She’d better stay out of my marriage to her brother.”

    “Oh she’s harmless really. Kind of like lioness.”

    Sue Ellen says, “A lioness is harmless?”

    “As long as you don’t give her a reason and you’re not a source of food, she just purrs really.”

    “Well I’m not afraid of her. If she thinks she can get rid of me . . .”

    “Oh no. I wouldn’t have said anything if that was her intention. No. You’re family. What she finds ridiculous is while health issue.”

    “My health issue. What did John Ross say to her?”


    Pamela looks inquisitively at Sue Ellen.

    Sue Ellen says, “I didn’t say anything.”

    “Miss Ellie doesn’t need people to inform her. Age has her own little web of spies. She does want me to go over your diet with MaryBeth. And she has some natural healers that’ll be arriving soon to go over everything. No matter how intrusive her actions, you’d be wise to make use of them. She’ll save your life.”

    A television talk show host sits and talks to Gail Doral about her explosive book on three generations of Ewing’s about to come out. She starts talking about how Jock Ewing forced Aaron Southworth to sell him his daughter in order to save South Fork and then later made sure her brother Garrison never returned from war. The interview says, “With recent events, including the President stating they’re at the head of a shadow government trying to stop his agenda, your book brings to light important details of who these people are. The President has called the Ewing Political network a cancer on American society and has declared that his Justice Department will put an end to them. Interesting considering up until this administration, they’ve been large Republican donors.”

    “I don’t know anything about a shadow government. Nothing came up. But would it surprise me? No. I hear stories about John Ross Ewing the third’s involvement with the CIA and the Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel. All the top members of the cartel were arrested and murdered while held on jail. Billions went missing. And John Ross Ewing the third ended up creating a company called Branch Water, made up of former intelligence and military operatives. It’s a clandestine and paramilitary private company providing security all over the world. His cousin Christopher nearly died in what turned out to be a hit from the Mendez-Ochoa cartel. Serving life sentences for their involvement with the cartel are Elena Ramos and Nicolas Trevino, former business partners of the Ewing’s. I could never figure out exactly what happened, but a lot of speculation.”

    “Like what?”

    Nicholas Trevino was adopted by a banking family in Buenos Aires, said to have been the bankers to the Mendez-Ochoa cartel. Speculation is their wealth goes back to plundered Nazi treasure. The Ewing’s and the Trevino’s have several business dealings together.”

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