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Dallas Season 10 (Revised History)

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by DallasWriter, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Looking at the downward trajectory of the show following VP departure I have decided to make a revised history. Keep in mind that this history does not include VP as their was no chance she was going to come back.

    Dallas Season 10
    The 10th season would begin in a 1 year time jump from the previous season. I know this was unheard of in the 80’s but looking back it was exactly what this show needed. Things ended with a bang following season 9 cliffhanger. What a way to start things off showing clips of JR losing Ewing Oil and then Pam hitting the tanker...... following which the screen fades to black and a graphic appears stating three years later.

    Dallas Season 10
    Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie
    Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
    Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
    Larry Hagman as JR Ewing
    Susan Howard as Donna Dowling
    Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs
    Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow
    Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes
    Prescilla Presley as Jenna Krebbs
    William Smithers as Jeremy Wendell

    Also Starring
    Steve Forrest as Wes Parmelee
    Audrey Landers as Afton Cooper
    Gregory Harrison as Clyde Winthrop
    Pamela Sue Martin as Sophie Baker
    Jim McCullen as Senator Dowling
    Omri Katz as John Ross Ewing
    Joshua Harris as Christopher Ewing
    Amy Stock as Lisa Alden

    The season would begin with JR Ewing as a local bar room telling stories of how he was robbed from Jeremy Wendell. It would be fitting if it were the bar in the original Dallas pilot that David Wayne was drinking in. JR Ewing has become a shell of himself, a heavy drinker and no longer the confident Texas oil man that we had grown to both love and hate. The next scene would transition to Bobby Ewing at the grave of Pamela Ewing who died in the car crash. Pam is buried outside of South Fork out of respect to her brother Cliff but Bobby still makes the trip daily to be by her grave. Bobby works the ranch at Southfork although his relationship with Ray Krebbs is strained since Ray’s marriage to Jenne Wade. Lucas is now 1 years old and lives at Ray’s residence with his mother. Charlie is away at boarding school to start the season.

    Other characters would be Developed as follows. Sue Ellen Ewing now owns a film company called Showflix. She is the powerbroaker in her relationship with JR since he lost Ewing Oil. Cliff Barnes is still depressed over the death of his sister while Ms. Ellie is dealing with a recent heart attack of Clayton Farlow. Donna Krebbs is married to Senator Dowling and they live in Washington with Margaret. Jeremy Wendell is now in the opening credits and plays a vital role in the season.

    New characters that will be introduced include Clyde Winthrop who is looking to invest in Sue Ellen’s movie studio and Sophie Baker who plays Christopher’s History teacher. Lisa Alden would be a character we would keep.

    Main storylines throughout the season would be as follows

    *Clayton recovering from a severe heart attack. Clayton loses much of his strength and begins to question his manhood.

    *Ms. Ellie constantly looking after Clayton, begins to be followed by an unknown person.

    *Sue Ellen’s company is financed by Clyde Winthrop who she develops feelings for. Despite this Sue Ellen stays loyal to JR who at this point is hurt almost beyond repare.

    *Jenna and Ray’s relationship is tested when Senator Dowling is diagnosed with a deadly disease. During his illness, Ray supports Donna and begins to again have feelings for her.

    * Cliff still owns Barnes Wentworth although he decides to find Afton Cooper who is now a popular singer and wants nothing to do with Cliff until he finds a scam to secretly finance her signing a new record deal. Cliff sells his soul to Jeremy’s Wendell to get this done.

    *JR who has become an alcoholic is brought on by The Cartel to help them from keeping Westsrat from purchasing all of the independents.

    *Christopher suffers in school because of his mothers passing and is befriended by his teacher Sophie Baker who develops a relationship with Bobby. Sophie though is a women of many secrets.

    These storylines would serve as the base of the season. More to come in next edition!
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    I like it. I also thing the jump at this point was much needed - almost like a cool down of so much happening year after year to say the last 3 were kinda quite. Seems as if it also gives JR’s character a chance to grow, be the man that heads up the family. I can see Miss Ellie being worried about him. I could even see her offering the oil under Southfork if he’ll just come out of his misery. And when he does and takes on Wendell the fight should be epic, with JR in the end finally stepping up to the role of his father and Sue Ellen as matriarch with Southfork and Ewing Oil (and West Star) all theirs.
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