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Dallas Going Downhill Part II - Losing Its Sense Of Realism

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Kenny Coyote, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Kenny Coyote

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    I think another reason Dallas went downhill is the stories became further and further removed from reality. One could identify with or at least empathize with the characters in many of the stories told in the first few seasons. There was a certain amount of realism in them. Bobby marrying the daughter of a man who his father hated, Lucy being rebellious and not wanting to go to school, Cliff using his power at the OLM to try to run the Ewings out of business, Pam being caught in between loyalty to her husband and loyalty to her brother, JR trying to show his father he could run Ewing Oil because he idolized his father and wanted to gain his love and approval while knowing that Bobby had always been his father's favorite, these are things viewers could either identify with or at least believe could be real stories.

    Compare "Dove Hunt" to what happened to JR on his hunting trip to Haleyville in season 12. Paying a man to blow up oil fields in Saudi Arabia, becoming involved in a scheme where Jack would be used to impersonate one of the richest men in the world since they looked almost exactly alike, a whole season being called "just a dream", a man claiming to be Jock Ewing years after Jock's death and almost getting away with it or a neighbor hiring mercenaries to go to war with the Ewings so they would acquiesce and sell him Section 40...sure these types of things happen everyday.
  2. Rove

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    Excellent points. Despite the Ewing family rolling in money us commoners could still relate to their many struggles. The characters were grounded. I also loved how Southfork was utilized in the series. Those early seasons showed the characters drifting from the ranch with its BBQ's and rodeo's to the Oil Baron's Ball - it was a great mix. Personally I think Dynasty upset the balance of Dallas when it became the No.1 viewing show in America one year. Dallas producers panicked. It probably didn't help with Donna Reed's inclusion as Miss Ellie, Bobby dying and the awful addition of Angelica Nero. The Dallas Universe was unbalanced. Plot's became more outrageous as one Night Time Soap Opera tried desperately to out-do the other - who could forget Fallen being taken by an alien ship - that story was off the planet (pun intended).

    Most people review Dallas (in hindsight) as a soap opera but I tend to differ. Those first several seasons I consider adult drama however as the seasons progressed and especially when Pam (Victoria) left the series I just didn't care as much about the Ewing family and in particular the later additions, both actors and characters.

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