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Dallas 2020

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Black screen.

    “Dallas” over South Fork

    Black screen.

    Daughters of the Alamo meeting in the South Fork living room. Missy Ellie’s father’s portrait over the bar. The room filled with well healed women and silver framed pictures of Miss Ellie, Jock, Clayton, JR and his brothers, Lucy, a young John Ross and Christopher.

    Sue Ellen leads the meeting by the fireplace, talking about a fundraiser for the JR Ewing Cancer Center.

    In the corner two women whisper to each other. “If these walls could talk. I’d like to know what exactly went down with Jock stealing Miss Ellie from his best friend.”

    Video clip from Dallas: The Early Years.

    “JR and Sue Ellen, that was epic.”

    3 video clips from Dallas: 1978 of JR and Sue Ellen.

    “And his other wives. I heard the one was bigamy, Ellie’s mom.”

    Elevator doors open and a beautiful blonde woman in her mid thirties walks off into a quite executive level office suite.

    “And that hillbilly’s son, Bo, I’d love to get my hands on him.”

    A tall, hunky, blond boy in his late twenties, dismounts a stallion, in his skin tight beige breaches, brown leather riding boots and white shirt, making much of his horse.

    “No John Ross. Now that’s epic. You hear about that Arab prince, turned out to be gay? I heard John Ross sent him back home. Those two are something else.”

    Video clip of Dallas: 2012 of John Ross caring Pamela in the rain.

    “Yeah and that girl he was seeing, almost got Christopher killed, got locked up in prison, something to do with a Mexican drug cartel.”

    “Yeah, don’t get in between them no matter how hot he is. You’ll get killed, or worse.”

    A ten year old boy runs into the room followed by an eight year old and a six year old. They hug their grandma. Sue Ellen says, “Sorry. Meeting ran late. Marilee. I’m not sure you’ve ever meet my grandsons. This is Jack and Cliff and Steven.”

    “Oh the next generation of Ewing’s. Handsome boys, Sue Ellen.”

    Opening Theme Song:

    Julia Gonzalo as Pamela Barnes Ewing

    Linda Grey as Sue Ellen, Lady Maitland

    Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing, III

    Alex Landi as Andy Wendell

    Byung-hun Lee as Jeremy Wendell, II

    William Levy as Marcos DelSol Anderson

    Alexander Ludwig as Bo Ewing


    Amanda Seyfried as Ellie Ewing


    Jeffrey Wright as Geoffrey Rosemont

    Note based on the original cast:
    Pamela as the Ray character
    Sue Ellen as the Miss Ellie character
    John Ross as the Jock character
    Andy: as the Pam character
    Jeremy: as the Cliff character
    Marcos: as the Sue Ellen character
    Bo as the Bobby character
    Ellie as the JR character
    Lucy character pending

    The meeting breaks up and the women walk out the back of South Fork. The two gossipy ladies from before notice a gorgeous Hispanic man walking out of the pool, dripping wet and in nothing but a tight pair of trunks. “That’s Marcos DelSol, Ellie’s husband.”

    “Doesn’t he work?”

    “He’s suppose to be in charge of the DelSol Group’s American investments. I guess it’s not a nine to five job.”

    “He’s Punk and Mavis’s Grandson. Went to Andover, Yale and Oxford. And he’s a champion polo player.”

    “What a lucky woman.”

    Ellie holds out her hand over her desk and says, “Mr. Rosemont.” The two shake.

    “Geoffrey, please.”

    “Certainly. And please call me Ellie. Please make yourself comfortable. Welcome to Ewing Industries. How may I help you?”

    “You have an impressive company here. Your brother founded it?”

    “John Ross? In a sense. He created it yes, but the original piece, Ewing Oil, was created by our grandfather Jock Ewing.”

    “Yes. 1930. But this conglomerate, you’ve got Ewing Alternative and Wentworth Tool and Die as well.”

    “Yes. Ewing Oil is a field services company now. That’s what you inquiry was about.”

    “Yes and thank you for seeing me.”

    “Well SinoPet speaks for itself. Leases off the South China Sea?”

    “Yes. Methane to be exact. Between Ewing Alternative and Wentworth Tool and Die you are the only one who has the technology they need.”

    “Well then we have a problem. I’m not going to be able to hand over such technology at any price to a company which is a wholly owned state enterprise of the People’s Republic Of China.”

    “Your Uncle Bobby is a Congressman on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Your Aunt Donna a former Secretary of Energy. Senator Brown is on Appropriations. Certainly you have sway in Washington.”

    “That’s something I’ll have to discuss with my family.”

    “Well I’m certain the support of the company President will be helpful.”

    “What you can be certain of, the Ewing’s will do what is best for our family.”

    “Fair enough.”

    Bo works in the harsh wind and salty mist of a Gulf deep sea oil rig.

    Pamela grooms thoroughbred horses while meeting with the ranch foreman about acquiring the Henderson property.

    Ellie comes in from the back to find the family gathering in the living room for cocktails, Sue Ellen sitting on the sofa with Pamela, Marcos in a chair next to the fire place facing them, the kids at a table coloring. John Ross hands Ellie a Dubonnet Cocktail. “So, what’s this I hear about a JR Ewing Cancer Center Dinner Dance?”

    “Yes. It’ll be an annual event to keep giving to the cancer center. The Foundation will match every dollar raised.”

    “Well Sue Ellen, I find your philantrophy awe inspiring."

    “Ellie, you sound just like you’re father.”

    “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    “Probably best.”

    John Ross hands her another drink and with one already in hand she says, “What’s this? I’m not done with the first one.”

    “Bottoms up. I want you to be prepared for when Bo walks in here.”

    “Bo? Why? What’s he done?”

    “That’s for him to say.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Oh come on. What do you know?”

    Hearing foot steps, John Ross says, “That’s him. Just handle this Ellie.”

    “Handle what?”

    Bo walks in the living room with a beautiful, older, Asian man and says, “Hi everyone. You know Andy Wendell.”

    A round of “hi’s” and “welcome’s” comes from everyone buy Ellie.

    “Andy and I got married this afternoon.”

    Shock comes over everyone’s face. Sue Ellen is the first to stand and congratulate them, then Pamela and Marcos. Finally John Ross offers his hand to one and then the other. They turn and look at Ellie.

    Ellie having downed the first drink sets the second down, stands and holds out her hand, “Welcome to the family Andy.”

    They shake. “Thank you Ellie.”

    She then wipes her hand on her pants, disgusted, and picks up the second drink, carrying it out of the room with her.

    Marcos says, “That went really well, I think. So Andy, don’t you own the Diamondback Club in town?”

    “Yes. I’ve been working on getting it off the ground.”

    “Oh I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’ll bring in some of my friends over lunch sometime this week.”

    “That’d be great.”

    John Ross puts his hands in the back of both Andy and Bo and says, “Let’s head into dinner.”

    In the dinning room Sue Ellen sits in Miss Ellie’s chair, John Ross in Jock’s. On John Ross’s left sits Pamela, Marcos, Andy and Cliff. On John Ross’s right sits Jack, Ellie, Bo and Steven. The dinner is served to them.

    In the dusky hours of the morning John Ross goes over financials in his study, looks up and says, “Mornin’ Angel.”

    Drew Ramos’s twin brother says, “Morin’ J-Ro,” and sips on a huge mug of coffee.

    “Branch Water was in the news.”

    “You do find the most obscure news articles.”

    “A private mercenary and clandestine company doesn’t belong in the news of any kind.”

    “He’s a conspiracy nut. But I’m working on it.”

    “Good. Good. Geoffrey Rosemont?”

    “He’s hard to figure out. His firm provides consulting services for foreign companies looking to do business with American companies.”

    Ellie walks in next. “What the hell. Andy Wendell.”

    Angel says, “So she heard.”

    “Bo brought him to dinner last night.”

    “You knew?” Ellie asks.

    “Of course I knew. They’ve been seeing each other for sometime. It could be worse. It could be Jeremy.”

    “Oh God. Why would he even see a Wendell? They’re termites. Who sees termites.”

    “You can say that in here, but watch your mouth out there. Bo’s in love.”

    “And Andy doesn’t hate us like the rest of the Wendell family?”

    “Well, I guess he doesn’t hate all of us. Our father and Uncle Bobby get the blame for the first time putting Jeremy Wendell in prison.”

    “And you and I the second time.”

    “Where he died,” Angel interjects.

    Ellie says, “It’s just absurd. It’s like Pamela blaming us for the Barnes feud. Cliff was bat crap crazy. She should thank us for getting him into a comfortable nut house on the ocean down there.”

    “Pamela knows what her father is.”

    “Well at least all the Barnes’s are gone or are now Ewing’s, well sort of Ewing’s anyway. But the Wendell’s, they’re like rabbits. And while they’re gunnin’ for us Bo goes and brings one home.”

    Another man walks in, shortish, dark wavy hair.

    Ellie says to him, “Benny. What does it take to get an annulment.”

    “You want to annul your marriage with Marco?”

    “Oh heaves no. He’s a Anderson and a DelSol. No I’m talking about Bo and Andy Wendell.”

    “Bo married Andy Wendell?”

    John Ross intervenes, “Ben can’t annul Bo’s marriage for you.”

    “Of course he can. Benjamin Levin is the greatest legal mind of our time. So how do you annul this travesty?”

    “You mean against his will?” Ben asks.

    “He’s a Ewing male. They don’t think with their brains, so of course against his will.”

    Ben and Andy wrestle naked on the bed until they roll off onto the floor. Andy tries to silence him. Ben explains that everyone is down stairs by now. They wrestle to see who is on top.

    Pamela sits by the pool going over the week’s dinner menus with Charlotte, the housekeeper.

    Marcos reads the newspaper.

    Sue Ellen comes out with the boys ready for school, helping them with the buffet.

    Pamela says, “Sue Ellen, will you be able to take the boys to soccer practice today? I’ve got a colt should deliver today and the vet’s coming out to check on heard before they’re moved. I want to get him to look in on the new mother and son. She’s had a hard pregnancy.”

    “Sure. That’d be fun. Just some foundation meetings this morning and then I’m free. How’s that sound? Grandma will be at your practice.”

    The boys cheer.

    “This Callie you’re worried about?”

    “Yes. I’m worried about her. But with the colt’s father, he’s bound to be a beautiful champion.”

    “Dallas Dancer?”


    John Ross and Ellie walk Ben and Angel out of the back of South Fork, showing them off to their cars before heading to the breakfast buffet.

    “So the newlyweds aren’t down yet?” Ellie asks.

    Sue Ellen says, “I was thinking we’d have dinner at Andy’s restaurant tonight.”

    “That’s a great idea,” Pamela says while standing, dabbing her lips with a napkin and pushing in her chair.

    “Do all you in-laws stick together?” Ellie asks.

    “Do you always have to be so obnoxious? Can’t there be one redeeming characteristic in him you find?”

    “He’s not a Barnes.”

    Pamela pushes Ellie into the pool and walks away.

    Ellie calls out, “Don’t go away mad,” while treading water.

    Sue Ellen and Marcos try to hide a smile. John Ross bursts out laughing, followed by the boys.

    Bo and Andy, having come out of the back of the house, ask what’s going on.

    Sue Ellen replies. “Ellie was telling us the good things about having Andy in the family.”

    A door labeled “Jeremy Wendell, II; Chairman and CEO Lone Star Investments, LLC.

    In his office Jeremy meets at a round table going over a South China Sea oil deal with some businessmen. It’s explained that without Ewing technology the investment’s worthless.

    Rosemont climbs up into his private plane to come face to face with John Ross sitting in a chair waiting. “Geoffrey Rosemont. Senior Partner. Walker, Daniels, Rosemont. I hope you don’t mind. I figured this would be the best place to meet. Of course you’re wondering what happened to your staff. They’re safe.”

    “John Ross Ewing, the third. Chairman of Ewing Industries. I may have under estimated you.”

    “I didn’t get to where I am because my daddy just dropped me off here.”

    “I’m well aware. Though your father did kill himself to avoid going through a long and painful fight against cancer or to avoid paying estate taxes, or so the rumors go.”

    “I haven’t underestimated you. I’m sure you know a lot more about me and my family, just as I do about you and yours.”

    “Your father left you mother a share of South Fork oil and you a share that he wanted you to use to set up a family foundation. He also left you a task, to put together Ewing Industries. Carlos DelSol helped you bankrupt your mother and uncle, to take Ewing Global from them. And Judith Brown helped you acquire Ryland Shipping as well as put Harris Ryland in prison to stay. Oh, and use his CIA contacts to create Branch Water. Your grandad, Jock Ewing, left you shares in Cyberbite and Clayton Farlow left you shares in Cattleman’s Bank, which has become DCBS. Then JR left you a third of his shares in West Star, a third to your sister and a third to your brother, all tax free. You’re not exactly a self made man. But obviously you’ve got a tick or two.”

    “I’ll do what it takes. No part of Ewing Industries is working with you, SinoPet or the Wendell’s. Try and push it and I’ll push back.”

    “I believe you just might.”

    “Mr. Rosemont, the world is littered with the bodies of people that tried to stick it to my family."
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    Portrait in John Ross’s study
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    Some of the phones in the Living Room 1st episode (blurry afterwards to avoid constantly paying to use them)
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    John Ross walks into the stables where Pamela is washing a horse. He smacks her on the ass. She sprays him with the house. He laughs, removing his drenched shirt. “What is it with this family and water?”

    “What is it with you and my butt?”

    “Darlin’ it’s every part of you.” He takes her up in his arms. “I want to talk to you about Andy. The Wendell brothers have never been very friendly to us. Grant it, that’s mostly Jeremy.”

    “It doesn’t matter. If that’s where Bo’s heart leads him you have to support him.”

    “I know and I will. But, what do you think?”

    “I don’t trust either one of them. But then, I don’t trust anyone, but you.”

    “Oh do you.”

    “Do you remember telling me about Jack bring born in prison?”


    “You cried. You begged me to take him in. You said you couldn’t turn your back on your son but you couldn’t live without me. I realized you were telling me the truth. When I said I’d adopt him, if you gave me your half of South Fork, you didn’t even think about it. You just said yes.”

    “I do love you darlin’.”

    “And maybe Bo loves Andy like that. And if he does, does it matter to Bo if Andy loves him or not?”

    “No. You can’t help who you love.”

    “So let them figure it out for themselves.”

    The middle of the afternoon Sue Ellen enters a bright and airy restaurant in downtown Dallas. Andy approaches. “You’re way early for dinner.”

    “Kind of closer to lunch. Not why I’m here though. I’m hoping tonight goes off well. You know how family get-togethers can be and we have a lot of them.”

    “You certainly do. Living together, that’s bound to happen.”

    “I’m also well aware of the issues between our two families.”

    “That my father and JR didn’t get along all that well?”

    “An understatement but yes.”

    “You divorced him, twice, so apparently JR wasn’t all that easy to get along with.”

    “No he wasn’t. And Jeremy had a series of marriages.”

    “My father said he could be good at business or he could be good at family, he could not do both at the same time.”

    “Honest I suppose.”

    “But you found happiness, your prince, or earl actually, wasn’t it?”

    “Yes when Don’s father died he became the Earl Maitland. Now his brother is. But I wasn’t interested in titles.”

    “What were you interested in?”

    “I never stopped loving JR. And I certainly love my son and grandchildren. And while Ellie is a bit much to take, she is family. At least you don’t need to guess where you stand with her. And Bo. I’m hoping your relationship with Bo is sincere. That’s why I’m here.”

    “Oh I see. Make sure my intentions are honorable.”

    “Something like that.”

    “I’m not delusional. I know who my father was. I also know who JR Ewing was. They were people willing to break the rules to succeed. Both of them paid a heavy price for that. And so did their families.”

    “And now?”

    “And now?”

    “Everyone in Dallas knows you and your brother formed Lone Star to go after deals that put you right up against Ewing Industries.”

    “My father didn’t leave us much. After his last scheme, the book cooking at Enmont, we were lucky to keep the house in Preston Hollow.”

    “Which allowed Ewing Industries to pick up one of the nation’s largest energy-trading and utility companies for pennies on the dollar.”

    “We’re well aware that your son and his sister not only exposed the set up, they timed it just right for their own personal benefit. We’re also certain they set the whole thing up in the first place, taking full advantage of my father and his partners willingness break the rules.”

    “Sort if blame the fisherman because the fish ate the bate.”

    “Something like that. So there we were. Struggling to hold onto anything.”

    “Your mother?”

    “Back home with her family in Hong Kong.”

    “And their billions in real estate not to mention her self made fortune in financial services. Plus I’d pretty sure Jeremy squirreled money away, just like JR. So the struggle wasn’t so high of a climb as you’d like people to believe.”

    “My mother is comfortable.”

    “Certainly JerAn Financial is more than comfortable. Your buying up shares in West Star and Jeremy getting on the board of directors, sitting across from Ellie and Benjamin Levin isn’t a happenstance.”

    “No. He plans on reclaiming what was our family’s.”

    “Ellie’s not going to step aside. And with this merger you might be forced to choose. You’ll get one change. Either you’ll be with us or against us.”

    “I’m not going to be forced to choose between Jeremy and Bo. Especially when we both know the Ewings are more apt to be in the wrong.”

    “My mother-in-law use to say, we may be wrong and we may be right, but we’re Ewing’s, we stick together and that’s what makes us unbeatable.”

    “Ewing’s have been beaten.”

    “We’ve lost battles, but never the war. Ask Digger Barnes or any of his children, including my sister-in-law, the Leland’s, any member of what was The Independent Oilman's Association, Governor Sam McConaughey, Harris Ryland, Ochoa and his drug cartel, Nicholas Trevino, the McKay family, Jeremy Wendell. It’s a long list Andy.”

    “I’m not sure if you’re here to warn me off or size me up.”

    “I never fire a warning shot. JR told me that’s only for people to afraid to fight.”

    “I see.”

    “I hope you do. For Bo’s shake.”

    Jeremy walks up to the edge of a pool right up against the sand of a tropical beech. A voluptuous young girl walks out of the water in her bikini. “Rachel Baker?”

    “Yes. Who are you?”

    “I’m Jeremy Wendell. A friend of your father’s.”

    “I don’t know my father and I don’t really care to.”

    “Oh I think you might.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “Your father is John Ross Ewing.”

    “What? What ever.”

    “I’m serious.”

    He hands her a birth certificate.

    In a hotel room, Jeremy ravishes Rachel’s tight, exotic body.
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    Rachel Baker (Ewing) - as the Lucy Character

    Caroline Baker (Rachel’s mother)
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    Trident Corporation logo (acquiring West Star)

    an American multinational energy corporation. One of the successor companies of Standard Oil, it is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries. Trident is engaged in every aspect of the oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy industries, including hydrocarbon exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation. Trident is one of the world's largest oil companies; as of 2017, it ranked nineteenth in the Fortune 500 list of the top US closely held and public corporations and sixteenth on the Fortune Global 500 list of the top 500 corporations worldwide. It was also one of the Seven Sisters that dominated the global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. It’s long had business dealings with West Star and were often referred to as the "terrible twins" for their cutthroat business practices.

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    Vicktor Sechin
    President of Grazneft (Russian Energy Co.)

    Roger Harriman
    President of DCBS (banking corporation)
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    Angel Ramos, Ewing family goto man

    Benjamin Levin, Ewing family lawyer

    Joel Pattenson, freelance reporter

    Unnamed girls with shopping bags

    Allen Walker, Chairman and CEO of the Trident Corporation
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    A television news reporter says, “In on going talks between West Star and Trident, it was announced the combined company would be head quartered in Houston. Often referred to as the "terrible twins" for their cutthroat business practices, the two have a long history together, engaged in every aspect of the oil, natural gas and geothermal, including hydrocarbon exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales and power. The five largest stockholders will be Ewing Industries, Lone Star Investments, DCBS, the Allegiance Group and George Pratt, Chairman and CEO of Trident, slated for the same role with the combined Comanche. The company will be ranked number fifteen on the Forbes 500 list and trade on the New York Stock Exchange as TDX.”

    Angle meets with Rachel out by the gate. “Ms. Baker. I’m Angel Ramos. I help out with security for the Ewing’s. So what is this, your father is John Ross Ewing?”

    She hands him her birth certificate. “My mother’s Caroline Baker.”

    “As in the daughter of Robert Baker, from New York.”

    “That was my grandfather, yes. You knew him.”

    “Of him, as the founder of Allegiance Equity Partners.”

    “That was him.”

    “I’m sorry, but what do you want with Mr. Ewing?”

    “To meet my father.”

    “No disrespect to your mother, Caroline Baker took a modest company and built the Allegiance Group, so it’s not money you’re after, but how do you know Mr. Ewing is really your father, just because the name’s written here?”

    “Actually that’s all I know. My mother hasn’t said anything. I haven’t confronted her. She told me my father was a college friend who died in a car accident. Ryan Mcallister.”

    “I don’t recognize the name. But hadn’t you better start with your mother for an explication? Mr. Ewing is a married man with three young children.”

    “I know. But if he’s my dad. . .”

    “If he’s your dad he was seventeen when you were born. And your mother was twenty-eight. There’s a good chance he has no idea about you.” Angel hands her the birth certificate back.

    “Like you said, I’m not here for money. I just want to meet him.”

    In his study Angel says to John Ross, “She’s not going to go away, so better confront her here. And she is your daughter.”

    “I know that. Caroline never wanted anything to do with me. Why’d she put my name on her birth certificate?”

    “She didn’t. She put Ryan Mcallister. I wasn’t mistaken when I looked into it years ago. Someone changed the birth certificate and got it to her. Someone digging deep enough into your life to know it’s also true.”

    John Ross walks out into the pool deck. “Ms. Baker?”

    She smiles. “Please call me Rachel.”

    “Rachel. It’s nice to finally meet you. I want you to know this wasn’t my idea. Your mother thought it was best. I wasn’t old enough to raise a kid and she wanted to in her own. But I did think it was best.”

    “I understand. Really I do. I’m just glad to meet you.”

    “I am too. I’ve always wondered about you. My wife, Pamela, she knows about you, but no one else.”

    “She does?”

    “Pamela and I had sort of a rocky start. And at one point we came clean to each other about everything. Would you like to meet her and your brothers?”


    Inside the arena Pamela teaches the boys to ride. John Ross approaches with Rachel and introduces them. Completely unsurprised Pamela says, “Welcome Rachel. I hope you’ll be staying for a while. These are my boys, Jack, Cliff, and Steven. Boys. This is your sister.”

    The boys are surprised.

    Ellie meets with two older executives in her office. “Roger. Come in. Get you a drink?”

    “No I’m fine. Thank you. Ellie. This is Vicktor Sechin, President of Grazneft the Russian energy company. This is Ellie Ewing, President of Ewing Energies.”

    “Roger tells me you’re interested in exploring some partnership opportunities and DCBS will provide the financing.”

    “Yes. I contacted DCBS and a banking company in which Ewing Industries has a major investment, Mr. Harriman thought it best we talk.”

    “Well I’m the banking business few are as knowledgeable about the energy industry as Roger. Please sit down. Can I get you anything?”

    A receptionist holds a tray of crackers and caviar in front of him. “Oh. Why yes. Thank you.”


    Vicktor spreads it in his hand, eats and then drinks vodka. The receptionist leaves the tray in front of him on Ellie’s desk.

    “Thank you Miss Ewing.”

    “Of course. So how can I help you?”

    John Ross watches Rachel and Pamela talk over lunch by the pool, standing in his study. He says to Angel. “Find out who she got that birth certificate from and we’ll find out why.”

    “Already working on it.”

    “I don’t like the idea of someone finding my secrets.”

    “Roger Harriman’s meeting with Vicktor Sechin and Ellie right now.”

    “And I don’t like that either. Last time the government enlisted our help with a foreign county my grandfather ended up dead in Venezuela.”

    “Your father dealt with Russian oil before.”

    “On his terms. Where do we stand in regards to the methane fracking?”

    “Ewing Alternative has the clear ownership of the patent. Christopher is about to loose his last resort appeal in the Supreme Court.”

    “Good. Then we proceed.”

    “Remember the lesson of Rebecca Wentworth. Wentworth Tool and Die went to put into play early on fracking technology and she ended up dead.”

    “That’s why I’ve got you and better security than the President of the United States. And I’m not my grandfather nor Rebecca Wentworth.”

    “True. Your father orchestrated a coup against a Communist regime in Southeast Asia that threatened his oil interests. You’ve toppled Middle Eastern regimes to replace with far friendly ones for your oil deals.”

    “And my father took control of West Star and we’re about to use it to implement a technology which will catapult our fortune.”

    “That leaves a lot of people gunning for the Ewing’s.”

    A handsome young man enters his less than modest apartment in Dallas and is startled when Ellie says, “Joel Patterson.”

    “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “Waiting to talk to you. You’ve been investigating my family.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    Ellie grins like an amused cat playing with a mouse. “You’re very good at digging and one day you’ll make an excellent reporter. Handsome face. Comforting voice. You might ever sit behind a news desk for some tv network. I’ve read some of your other stuff; you can even turn a colorful phase.”

    “You didn’t break into my apartment to compliment me.”

    “Nothings broken.”

    “What ever. Why are you here?”

    “Because I want to help you, help me.”

    “Like how?”

    “Well people are going to tell stories about my family. A lot of it won’t come off so nice. But nice often depends on how it’s phrased. America loves its dark hero’s.”

    “I don’t think I’d call the Ewing’s dark hero’s. Your families a lot more than dark and certainly not one of you’s a hero.”

    “See that’s why I’m here. I’m willing to give you access to information which will expose a very interesting story. Details and corroboration you won’t be able to get on your own. You’ll end up with hearsay. Something no one will take serious.”

    “If you want your story told your way Ewing Industries owns a few credible and not so credible outlets.”

    “Well and the fact we own them makes them bias. I want something to come off without bias. Something hard hitting and explosive.”

    “And bias in your favor.”

    “But not come off as such.”

    “Exactly. And there’s also a need for someone with your talent to be turned on my enemies.”

    “You’re suggesting a partnership.”

    “Exactly. And I think we can be very loyal to one and other.”

    “Trust takes a long time to build.”

    “No. Just a recognition of mutually assured distraction. I’ll give you something to use against me. And I’ll use this against you.” Ellie tosses a thick envelope at him.

    Joel grabs it. His face goes white looking at pictures.

    “Embarrassing for your family at least. Isn’t it?”

    “How’d you get these?”

    Ellie walks towards him. “I’ll introduce you to some friends of mine. Their not the news anchor type, but they dig better than anyone else you’ll ever meet.” She walks around, checking him out, skinny black jeans, leather jacket. Behind him she grabs his ass. He stands stiff. Moving in front, she grabs his crotch. She smiles. She then helps him take off his jacket.

    “I don’t want to do this, if that matters to you.”

    “It doesn’t,” she says pulling off his t-shirt and rubbing his chest.

    Pamela watches as vet helps in a breach birth of a colt. Rachel turns into John Ross to avoid seeing the pain.

    Bo signs contracts and shakes hands in a board room in Detroit.

    Marcos signs contracts and shakes hands in a board room in New York.

    A limousine rolls away from the Wendell mansion with Jeremy in the back seat on the phone.

    Another limousine pulls into the ally of a high rise in Dallas. The drive let’s Marcos out of the back and into the service door of the building.

    In front two pretty girls, carrying shopping bags, walk through the lobby to the public elevators, laughing and enjoying their afternoon.

    The girls walk down the hall to their apartment food, let themselves in and put down their bags.

    Marcos comes out of the bedroom in a towel. “Where have you been?”

    “Out shopping. We didn’t know you were coming over today.” They make their way over to him.

    “Spur of the moment thing.”

    Both girls rubbing on his chest and kissing him. Then kissing each other. “We missed you.”

    “It’s been a busy week.”

    In his restaurant Andy says to Jeremy, “No talk of business.”

    “I’m just curious. Marcos headed up a deal to expand his family’s telecom business and bring its American head quarters to Dallas. That’s good for this community.”

    “No business.”

    “Then What do I talk about?”

    “Talk about the weather.”

    “Bo was up in Detroit to buy Cobalt for Ewing Industries. It’s a battery business. You know it wants the patents to remove a competitor to gasoline.”

    “Drop it Jeremy.”

    The Ewing’s all walk in together, minus John Ross and Pamela. Andy reintroduces his bother. All but Ellie greet him warmly.

    John Ross and Pamela come in next with Rachel and introduce her. After a bit of shock, they warmly welcome her to the family.

    In a private room of a New York City restaurant, Roger introduces Caroline Baker as the daughter of an old friend to Geoffrey. “Caroline has agreed with us, and of course we can count on the Wendell Brothers and Sechin, that instead of putting the Ewing’s man, Benjamin Levin, in charge of the new Trident Corporation, we’ll put Allen Walker.”
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    I’m wondering if this would feel like old Dallas with a next generation twist? Any comments on specific characters would be helpful. Do the pictures help?
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    In a Houston boardroom, Jeremy gathers with Roger and Geoffrey. Ellie walks with in with Ben and several others for a fifteen member board of directors. Jeremy introduces Allen Walker to several people and while everyone is still standing he says, “Before we start I’d like to nominate Allen here as the Chairman of this board.” Some surprised grumbling occurs at the unexpected announcement.

    “As chair of the nomination committee, I second that,” Geoffrey says followed by more unexpected grumbling.

    Ellie looks perturbed. “The nominating committee has already voted and placed a candidate in the minutes.”

    Jeremy says, “With a quorum any member of the board may make a nomination to be voted on as long as there’s a second. We have a second. Now we need a vote. All those in favor.”

    Ellie watches the hands go up, including Roger’s and last a beautiful woman in her fifties.

    Jeremey shakes Allen’s hand. “As you’re Chairman now, this meeting is all yours. Let’s sit down and get started. Maybe start with putting you in as CEO.”

    On her private hey home with Ben sitting across from her Ellie says, “His hand just went up . . . Yes. Caroline Baker . . . Yes . . . No. Jeremy never asked for a vote opposed so neither Ben or I said anything . . . Yes . . . Yes . . . Yes. They abstained as well, still it carried . . . Alright. We’ll be there soon.”

    John Ross starts passing out drinks in the living room. “So Rachel, any plans for this art history degree. Your grandmother has some contacts at the museum downtown.”

    Sue Ellen says, “That’s a great idea. I had a chat with the Director the other day about something with the Ewing name on it, and I told him I’d think about it. Maybe it’s a project you could sink your teeth into.”

    “Oh I don’t know. I travel a lot. Sounds like it’d get in the way.”

    John Ross says, “Nothing wrong with traveling but we’d all like it if you stayed around here some.”

    “I appreciate it. Really I do. But I get antsy after a while.”

    “Well think about it. So Bo, where’s Andy?”

    “Work. I told you he won’t be able to be home for most dinners with the restaurant.”

    “And I told you we eat as a family. Six sharp. Am I suppose to consider him part of this family or not?” John Ross asks.

    Ellie interjects, “Oh come on he’s a Wendell. He doesn’t eat at a table. He eats with his back to the wall, standing up.”

    “Ellie,” Sue Ellen interjects.

    “I don’t know what to tell everyone. Yes, he’s a Wendell. No, he’s never going to be a Ewing. He moved in here for me. But we don’t have to live here. I certainly won’t be the first Ewing who’s been forced to leave.”

    “You’re not leaving,” Ellie commands.

    “Oh no Bo, there’s no reason to leave,” Sue Ellen pleads.

    “Do what you’ve got to do, Bo.” John Ross hands him his drink.

    Marcos says, “I’m confused. Are the Wendell’s really that hard up he has to work for money?”

    “No, of course not.”

    “Then why’s it difficult to be here at six. He can always go back afterwards. We all have things we do. And sometimes we’re out of town, but if we’re here, in Dallas, we show up for dinner. It’s better than seeing each other at just funerals and weddings.”

    “I tried to talk him into it. He’s not all that sold on living here. And really, Uncle Bobby and Chris are out in Virginia, Uncle Gary and his family are in California. Hard to make the case that the Ewing’s live on South Fork.”

    John Ross states, “Ewing’s live on South Fork.”

    The family goes into the dinning room, sitting all around the table. Pamela says to Bo as they do, “I get what you’re saying. Would it help if I talked to Andy?”

    “I don’t know. It might.”

    Out on the back porch John Ross sits on a chair in a lambskin coat with a thick wool collar, staring out into the night sky. Pamela comes out and sits into his lap, rubbing his neck. "You remember when we talked about Bo moving in here?"


    "I never had a problem living with your mother. And l like Bo. But if Ellie's mouth is gonna drive everyone away."

    "I know.”

    “I’m going to go up and read to the kids and then take a bath.”

    “I’ll be up.”

    Pamela grins, kisses him and walks in the house. He watches her butt as she walks.

    Moments later Ellie walks out into the crisp night air. “Thinking about being betrayed in the Trident deal? Harriman. Caroline Baker.”

    “No. They’re just digs from Wendell.”

    “Like Andy.”

    “I’m certain, but your comments are just what he wants, to get under our skin.”

    “Well he’s succeeded.”

    “With you. Not me. Though he’s trying. Angel traced a very large deposit in an account Rachel’s been drawing on.”

    “To Jeremy Wendell?”


    “That bastard.”

    “He’s got revenge stuck in his head. But I’ve got biggest things to look after.”

    “How can you say that. He’s taken control of Trident out from under us, got his brother living her, trying to drive a wedge between us and Bo, tried to shake up your marriage with Rachel.”

    “I’m more concerned with Rosemont, Sechin and Harriman and their playing a long game.”

    “He bought from Chris the pattens to the Ewing Process. I’ve got our lawyers on it.”

    “That little snake. After all I did for him he sells to Wendell. Well, it’s not his go sell. I’ve got that tied up. Wendell is only bent on tying us up in court as long as possible. Just pisses me off. I made sure he had the best doctors and that Elena, Trevino and there drug friends all went to prison.”

    “Now who’s skin is he under?”

    “No for long. This is why our daddy always said, ‘keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves.’”

    “Was Chris ever a friend?”

    “I thought at times he was. But he’s always proven me wrong. That another thing our father use to say, something i always forget with Chris, ‘Don’t forgive and never forget.’”

    “You alright?”

    “I will be.”

    “What about, ‘Do unto others before they do unto you?’”

    John Ross stands, “Oh I never forget about that one. Don’t you worry about that. That’s in the works. Appear weak when you are strong.” He winks at Ellie.

    Ellie smiles.

    In the boys room he passes Pamela on her way out. He kisses them goodnight. They tell him they love him. He tells them he loves them, says tomorrow they’ll go on a quest. They’re excited about horse back riding and exploring.

    In their bathroom Pamela slides in the tub as John Ross walks in naked. She smiles and he slides in next to her. “Hello darlin’.”

    The Wendell Mansion is alive with several hundred guests when the Ewing’s arrive. They make their way into the front door in time to see Jeremy making a toast from the landing in the middle of the curried staircase, Andy on one side Bo on the other. “I’d like to welcome Bo to the Wendell family.” Placing his free hand firmly on Bo’s shoulder, the other holding up a campaign flute. “My brother, Andy, has traversed the world, an artist, an actor, really a wild and untamed boy looking for love in all the wrong places. It took you, a brilliant, kinda nerdy scientist, to bring him home, settle him down. I thank you for that. And I want you to know, there’s always a place within the Wendell family for you. To Andy and Bo!”

    The crowd repeats, “To Andy and Bo.”

    “Nerd,” Ellie mutters with disgust.

    Pamela says, “Well he is the only one of you who understand Chris’s research.”

    “Ewing’s aren’t nerds.” Ellie stomps off.

    John Ross says, “Chris is a bit of a nerd.”

    “More than a bit,” Pamela adds.

    Sue Ellen approaches the three descending the stairs. She hugs Andy. “Don’t you look nice.” Then age hugs Bo. “And so do you.” Then she hugs Jeremy. “I guess this makes you family, well add on.”

    “Add on ha, what’s that mean?”

    “Asks Cliff Barnes.” Sue Ellen smiles, pats his cheek and walks away pulling the arms of both Andy and Bo away from him. “Show show me the house Andy. JR and I never attended an event her when your father owned it.”

    John Ross stands on the terrace alone, looking at the gardens lit up in the night sky. “Caroline,” he says.

    Come up from behind him the beautiful woman in her fifties from the Trident board meeting asks, “And how did you know it was me?”

    Without looking at her he answers, “A boy never forgets the smell of a woman who made him a man.”

    “Should I take that as a complement?”

    “Yes you should. And thank you. For Trident.”

    “You’re welcome. Ellie seemed surprised.”

    “She would be. Only Angel knows I asked you to.”

    “Oh. Well you certainly put Jeremy on top of the world. He was talking about how he’d topped his father with the Trident take over, owned all the independents of the Cartel days, even Ewing Oil. I guess your mother and uncle had sold out to West Star when he retired and you were just using the name for field services.”

    “My father had bought the name from West Star. I built it up as a field services company. So he’s right, Trident does own the plays of the old Cartel businesses. And a whole lot more.”

    “He was also talking about not renewing any of the contracts the company has with Ewing Oil.”

    “He’ll be long gone by the time they are up for renewal. We’ve also got contracts that’ll outlast him between Trident and Ryland Trade and Transport and Trident, with Branch Water for security, Cyberbite and software development, First Security for insurance, a couple of dozen more companies. He’s got a massive web to untangle.”

    “Should be interesting to watch.”

    “You just enjoy the show. I’m gonna handle that biddle stiff.”

    “You gone let me in on your whole plan?”

    “Oh no. A story is best told as it naturally unfolds.”

    Marcos appreciates the art in the living room with Sue Ellen. “But I agree with you, it’s best to make a copy of the work for your house and donate the original to a museum.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Which reminds me, am I getting you to New York with me next month?”

    “Well I did look at the auction catalog. And the ones you circled.”


    “I’m sure we can make arrangements. Not really pieces for South Fork tough.”

    “No not at all. I was thinking the New York apartment and Idaho lodge.”

    “The size of the Russell would be perfect in Idaho on that one wall.”

    “Oh yes. That’s the idea.”

    “And, I found a couple for Cabo.”

    “Perfect. That’s particularly important to make copies and get the original to a museum. The salt air.”

    Jeremy stands behind them. “My mother bought that to begin the Wendell collection.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Have you considered donating it to the art museum?”

    “I’m not sure Dallas would be a big enough stage. Only about a third of the collection is in this house.”

    “I’m sure we’d do it justice.”

    “I’m not sure any of us would part with any of it.”

    Rachel walks out of an up stairs bedroom and runs into Roger Harriman. “Snooping?”

    “Yep. You?”

    “Just saw you walk up stairs. Thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Roger Harriman. An associate of your mother and father’s.”

    “Nice go meet you.”

    “I hear you just learned that John Ross is your father.”

    “Oh you listen to that tabloid gossip.”

    “No. Just people talking.”

    “Gossip, like I said.” She pats his chest. “Common, gutter gossip. Some people were just raised to covert. Don’t worry. I won’t hold it against you.”

    “You’re a snippy little tart, aren’t you?”

    “I am what ever I want want to be.”

    “Well I should let you get back to casing the joint.”

    “Actually I was trying to size up the Wendell’s. You can tell a lot about people by the way they live.”

    “And what does this tell you about Jeremy Wendell?”

    “Well since both he and his father lived her primarily alone, I’d say they were over compensating for some feeling of inferiority.”

    “The Wendell’s? No. His father cane from one of the old New England families. Well established.”

    “And like the Harriman’s, perpetually someone’s lackey, well paid, but certainly nothing more than executive office suite material.”

    “And the Bakers?”

    “Same thing. That associate of yours, Rosemont, now he’s a different creature all together. A mystery of you ask me.”

    “You know about Geoffrey Rosemont?”

    “Not enough. I’d like to know more about him and his friends. Rensselaer. Don’t you find him fascinating?”

    “Be very careful, you know what curiosity did to the cat.”

    “So worth it.” Patting his chest she then walks down the hall away from him.
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    Joel Patterson walks in a Dallas park coming to sit on a bench blocked by trees. Sitting on the bench directly behind him Ellie says, “How’s it going?”

    “I’ve found some talk on Allen Walker from when he was running Walker Daniels Saginaw. Apparently he managed a particularly rosy picture in the books anyway. His family became very concerned and quietly shoved him out. He became a hot commodity for his ability to bring out stockholder value.”

    “Why shove him out for that? That’s a good thing.”

    “Not if he’s cooking the books.”

    “Oh. And this is someone Harriman and Wendell brought in?”

    “It’s pretty much just a family secret right now, the book cooking. Walker is the darlin’ of every business school in America right now.”

    “I see.”

    “This is going to make my career. I bust this wide open, assuming he’s doing the same thing there, Trident will be on the scrap heap and I’ll be on par with Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.”

    “Well keep digging, but I don’t want anything leaked until my family’s ready. We’ve got a lot of money invested in Trident.”

    “And your family’s story?”

    “I’m still going over your notes. My brother’s a bit more willing to let you run with what you have on our father than I am.”

    “I haven’t heard anything regarding your Uncle Bobby.”

    “You can pretty much run what you want on him.”

    “The political fall out won’t be pretty, you understand that?”

    “I understand he’s not a vote we can count on, so if you end any chance for his re-election, makes no mind to us.”

    “Oh, I see.”

    “I’m thinking we can spin this investigation into Walker as part of your probe on my family. Sort of an opportunity to show how the Ewing’s as victims like the rest of America, hard working people, the victims of greedy managers.”

    “That’s a stretch, might be true in this case but more like karma.”

    “Karma ain’t nearly the bitch I can be if you scorn me.”

    Joh Ross walks out of his study to find his Sue Ellen coming up from her car. "Productive day?" she asks.

    "Every second of every day is productive momma. You?"

    "Lots of meetings."

    "Giving away money."

    "Not as easy as it sounds if you intend for the give away to be productive. And now I've got a Daughters of the Alamo meeting. Pamela up from the barns?"

    "Not that I know. Beautiful day isn't it?"

    "It is," Sue Ellen responds.

    John Ross says, "I'm thinking about taking the boys fishing when they get home from school."

    "Good idea. I'm glad to see you enjoy life. Your father always went into the office. Was constantly working. From what your grandma use to tell me, so did Jock."

    "Well momma. Times have changed. Grandpa had to work for money, and daddy, I guess he though he did too. I take a different approach. Money works for me. I don't work. I'm happy being here. Pamela has here horses. I putt around. We spend our time being a family. That's what it should be."

    Sue Ellen hugs here son, "I'm proud of you."

    The women of the DOA gather in the South Fork living room. Those gossipy women say hello to Sue Ellen and Pamela. Sue Ellen introduces her granddaughter Rachel. The one woman comments that she has JR’s eyes.

    The two women sit back in there corner. “Not surprised John Ross has a love child.”

    “Baker? She didn’t say who here mother was. I don’t know a Baker family in Dallas.”

    “And John Ross must have been a teenager.”

    “Like father like son. Hey you’d here about JR’s death?”

    “No what’d you hear?”

    “I heard it wasn’t Cliff Barnes. He killed himself. He had recurrent stage four cancer.”

    “Serious? Wow.”

    “That’s not all. You know he died in 2010. Coming up on ten years ago.”


    “That was the year without a federal estate tax. I heard people are saying JR was behind the lobbying of that, right up to the White House.”


    “Does it surprise you?”

    “No not really. I guess not.”

    John Ross checks on the cattle out back, talking with the ranch hands. Ellie approach. “We’ve got to talk.”

    “Yeah. What’s up.”

    “I’ve got some information about Allen Walker and what we can expect of him running Trident.”

    “Go on.”

    “He gets the results he gets by cooking the books and then getting out while the getting good.”


    “Ok? That’s all you got to say. The man sets up a house of cards and all you’ve got to say is OK.”

    “Listen Ellie, like daddy always says, ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer.’”

    “What’s that got to do with Allen Walker. We’ve got a lot of money invested in Trident.”

    “We do. And when the time comes I’ll send Harriman your way with a deal to buy it s out. Hopefully Wendell will be in on it and way over his head. So when Walker does what he’s gonna do, Wendell will get caught up in the ruin. I’ll then give you a list of pieces of Trident to pick up on the cheap.”

    “No. I just ain’t stopping it. Where’d you get your information? That free lance journalist of yours.”

    “How’d you know about him?”

    “I said keep your friends close. He’s pretty good. You keep him quite on this. We don’t want to have this out before it’s done been cooked properly.”

    “I can do that. I wish you’d let me in on what’s up before hand.”

    “Either you trust me or you don’t. This is a much bigger play then Wendell. I think of him as a bonus. He keeps sticking his ugly head into this family with that shit eaters grin. This’ll take him down sufficiently.”

    “What is the play then?”

    “Russian oil and gas, friends, enemies and stooges right up to the White House. Give a man enough rope and he’ll inevitably hang himself. I don’t care who he is.”

    Rachel gets out of bed with Jeremy and starts to dress. “I don’t think my presence has had nearly the effect you’d hoped for. Pamela knew about me. Grandma’s got me going to old lady meetings. Some Alamo group.”

    “What about your mother?”

    “She’s not happy but she gonna do? Beat up John Ross?”

    “Well she’s voting with us against him on the Trident board. But you’ve got to turn up the heat. Give your mom a reason to go after John Ross. Let’s start by changing your last name.”


    “Let’s see if that sets her off. And I want you to bring some friends over to South Fork. Some girls that will seduce John Ross. You put some little slut in his bed and that’ll upset things.”

    At night Ellie and Marcos sit out on the balcony of South Fork talking quietly to each other. He smokes a cigarette. “I don’t get it. How’s it a long game?”

    “John Ross hopes to be out of Trident long before it collapses.”

    “But what if it doesn’t?”

    “Leopards don’t change their spots. Allen Walker will do what he does best, except his wealthy family won’t be their to bail him and the company out before the media gets word. Once that happens panic will spread like wild fire.”

    “So why not let you in on it from the start?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “But you trust him?”

    “What choice do I have. You imagine that war if I don’t?”

    “Your reporter friend is full of information.”

    “Yes even John Ross was impressed. He wants Angel and Ben to meet with him.”

    “You gonna arrange that?”

    “I don’t see I have much choice. Either I do and look cooperative or they approach him on their own.”

    “You’ll figure something out. You always do.”

    Rachel walks into John Ross’s study. “What are you doing?”

    “I’m going over reports. Business. It’s god awful. What are you up to?”

    “Me? Oh nothing. Bored.”

    “Yes I suppose it’s a bit boring here for you. You don’t have friends in Texas to occupy your time.”

    “Oh I do. I just. I didn’t think I could have them over.”

    “Well of course you can. Being a Ewing in Texas is a bit difficult. Everyone knows too much of your family business.”

    “Like those papers?”

    “Oh god no. I work hard to reign things in. Don't tell. Don't show. And don't spend.”


    “Wealth. Don’t tell anyone what you have. They go weird. As a Ewing they guess. Let them guess low. Certainly don’t show it. Like the Wendell’s. They’re show offs. My family’s lived right here for generations. In this very house for four generations now.”

    “But you spend money, a lot of money I bet,” Rachel smiles.

    “A small percentage. Never touch the principal. I’m sure you’re use to grander living out east.”

    “Well. Sure I know a lot of people with some pretty grand life styles. But from what one hears, none as rich as the Ewing’s.”

    “Ah. Forbes likes to spread rumors.”

    “I did want to ask you something?”


    “What do you think about changing my last name to Ewing?”

    “Well, I’d be honored, but what about your momma?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “And out east I’m sure the name Baker carries a lot more weight.”

    She sits on the edge of his desk, “I’m not sure I want to go back.”

    Andy and some young distributor talk in his office in the restaurant. Mostly business until they kiss, passionately ripping off each other’s clothes.

    Bo works in a lab with various chemicals and a busy team of scientists.

    Outside the lab the building explodes.
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    Andy’s hook up
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    what's up with this Rachel girl and her mom, going to try to mess up some John Ross but won't happen. Love this story plz continue
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    Will do this week end.
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    The Ewing family, all but Andy, rush into the hospital emergency room.

    Sue Ellen runs to the desk frantically asking the nurse questions about Bo and the other employees.

    John Ross sees Angel meeting with security and runs up to him. “First, where’s Andy?”

    Ellie walks back outside and directs news reporters away from the door. “I’m Eleanor Ewing. President of Ewing Industries. Ewing Alternative Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ewing Industries. My brother Bo is the President of Ewing Alternative. He’s in there right now with other Ewing Employees fighting for their lives.”

    The reporters shout asking questions.

    “No we do not know what has happened. We have a team on it, another on security, another on toxic containment. But my focus are the families inside. Our family members, employees included, are getting the best care possible. We’ll look after their families.”

    The reporters return to shouting.

    “Please. One question at a time. Just raise your hand. I’ll call on you.” They all raise their hands. Ellie points to one. “Yes.”

    “Do you suspect negligence or worse?”

    “I suspect an accident. We do everything we can to prevent such but accidents happen. We’ll figure it out and address what needs to be addressed.”

    More hands up. She calls on another.

    Inside a private waiting rooms families gather. Sue Ellen says, “These people behind me will help you with anything. You need a blanket. You need more information. You need someone called. A bill paid. Food. Your job contacted and family medical leave paperwork filled out. What ever you want they’ll take care of. You have nothing but your family to worry about, just as my family is here worrying about Bo. And please, they might nag you to make sure you’re eating and taking care of yourself. They’re not here to make things worse. They’re all capable of handling being snapped at. They know the stress you’re under. We’re all under. They’ll also get you up to date information from the hospital.”

    A woman holds Sue Ellen and cries.

    John Ross walks into the restaurant followed by two guards. They walk through the kitchen and he attempts to open a locked door. He then kicks in the door and walks into the office where Andy and the younger man are dressing. “Get out!” John Ross orders the young man.

    The guards shut the door after him and stand in front of it to keep it closed. John Ross slams Andy against the wall, pinning him. “Let’s get this straight. I don’t give a shit about this little scene as long as my brother doesn’t. I find out he does, and there ain’t a termite hole on this planet you can hide from me.” He then let’s go. “But right now Bo’s in the hospital. There was an explosion at the lab.”

    “What? Is he alright?”

    “Not when I left but since I had to deal with this crap, I’m not certain at the moment.”

    “Oh my god. I gotta get to him. Let’s go.”

    “Zip up your pants first.”

    Andy rushes over to Sue Ellen in the hospital waiting room. “Can I see him?”

    “He’s in the OR. They’re trying to find and stop internal bleeding.”

    Andy sir down as if shellshocked.

    Angel walks into the study to find John Ross watching the news on three deaths at Ewing alternatives, the names being withheld until the families agree to release them. Tears roll down his face. Angel hands him a folder and leaves.

    In the living room Ellie asks Angel, “He any better?”

    “He’s holding on.”

    “I don’t get it. Bo’s going to be fine. He’s acting like our brother died.”

    “While you sit in your office he makes the rounds. He knows everybody in the company, very personally. Ask around. They’ll tell you John Ross is their friend. Well three of his friends are dead. And you better believe he’s gonna send a message.”

    Bo sleeps in a hospital bed with Andy in a chair next to him, slumped over him, laying his head on the bed next to his husband.

    The Black Sea seen from way up in space, zooming in on it. A 600 foot private yacht anchored in the middle. Vicktor Sechin walks out onto the stern. He looks up to see a military jet fly over, low enough and loud enough to rattle the air around him, the glass in his hand shatters. He swears in Russian and walks into the solan where he says to what appears to be a butler, “Call . . .” Unable to finish the sentence as a bullet is placed in his skull.

    The two other, younger, men in the room go to stand and are both shot dead in the head.

    Roger Harriman meets with Ben in a New York office. “Tell him the last time was his grandfather being sent to Venezuela by our government to get in their way and he didn’t return.”

    “Well you can tell Sechin’s friends he’s not his grandfather. Three Ewing employees are dead, six of their guys are dead. He better call it quits.”

    Russia from high above, zoom into a rural road near Moscow. A limousine rolling across the county side is hit by a rocket and explodes.

    Roger continues, “What they perceive as a weakness is them being pulled in to set themselves up.” He raises his glass. Ben and Roger clink glasses. “Here’s to the long game.”

    John Ross pulls a large, black, metal box on wheels out from a closet off his study. His thumb print opens the lock. He says to Ellie, “Inside is everything we’ve collected. Granddad, dad, me. It’s information and an accounting of stashed assets around the global.” Pushing a few keys on a screen he then adds, “Put your finger here.”

    Joel Patterson is handed a flash drive in a park in Dallas. A man says to him, “It not proof but it’s enough to get you digging to tell the truth of what the Ewing’s are really like . . . workers at Ewing Labs were ignored by Trident when they suggested evacuation from the sealed compound over concerns of increasing smoke billowing from a drilling bore process they were working on with Ewing Alternative and Wentworth Tool and Die. A senior worker said the blowout was triggered by a massive build-up of pressure.”

    “Why not report it to Ewing Industries?”

    “Dig and I suppose you’ll figure it out.” Nodding toward the flash drive, “Look into Harriman’s connection to all this. That man’s in everybody’s ear. But you better be prepared, these people catch wind you’re sniffing around.”

    “That why you’re handing this to me?”

    “That and you’ve got an inside to the Ewing Family I don’t have.”

    John Ross sits on the floor of his study with his kids setting up an entire town of people with little figures. A nock comes from the door and in walks Bobby. John Ross stands and greets him. He hands him a flash drive. “You certainly shouldn’t have this from the Intelligence Committee but as your name came up.”

    John Ross takes it. “I appreciate it.”

    “This family’s torn itself apart for too many years. My daddy’s will. When they wrote me off as dead and it was years before any of us heard from Gary. When Ray moved away. You and I fighting. When they wrote Christopher off as dead. Right or wrong we’ve got to stick together. You’ve fostered a strong relationship with Margret, setting her up in her own lobbying firm. Handed Gary West Fork. Took good care of South Fork.”

    John Ross hands him an envelope off the desk. “And this is Chris’s quarter of Ewing Alternative.”

    The two shake hands.

    Bobby smiles.

    “I didn’t just give it to him. He sold me his tide water research. And Margret is a lobbying power house in D.C., you know that, especially with her mother as a former Secretary if Energy.”

    “Working together we’re unstoppable.”

    “That’s the idea.”

    Bobby hugs John Ross.

    In her office Ellie watches a TV news anchor, “Trident is under investigation for book cooking, fraudulent financial records which accelerated the company’s share price rise to be among the darlings of corporate America. Written up in business school text books across America. I reached out to Allen Walker, Chairman and CEO of Trident for comment and haven’t received a response. I then reached out to Lone Star Investments and Jeremy Wendell, the single largest share holders in Trident and were told they were investigating the matter. I further reached out to Ewing Industries, which less than a year ago reached an agreement to divest their holdings in Trident.”

    Ellie Ewing walks out of the Ewing Tower in Dallas and seems happy to greet the news reporter as he asks her about Trident. “Yes. Some time ago we became concerned. When we had questions and weren’t getting answers, at least answers we could live with. We made it clear we wanted out and we turned our suspensions over to the SEC. We were very public about it. You’ll notice for about a week the share price took a hit, but then our concerns were ignored.”

    “How long do you expect this has been going on?”

    “Since they brought in Walker. Look at the corporate minutes. You’ll see I voted against him. Jeremy Wendell nominated him. I’m sorry, but you don’t properly vet someone, you end up paying the price. It’s not the first time the Wendell’s have been hit with shady practices. Their father spent two stints in prison for illegal schemes.”

    “Andrew Wendell is married to your brother.”

    “He is. I’m hoping he’s not culpable, but that’s not for me to say.”

    “So you think the Wendell Brothers were knowledgeable of what went on?”

    “Oh I don’t have any idea. If they were or if just one was, well that’s certainly culpability. If they weren’t that inexcusable ignorance. I’m not sure what’s worse for investors. Being lead by criminals or idiots. Do you?”

    “Well I suppose we’ll have to see how things shake out.”

    “Yes we will.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Anytime.” Ellie gets in the front passenger seat of a Chevy SUV. A man closed the door and walks around to her driver’s side.

    The news reporters continued following the clip, “There you have it from the mouth of Ewing Industries CEO, the Wendell Brothers are criminals or idiots. Which is it? They’re certainly living pretty good, at this point.”

    Another news clip shows the reporter, among many news hungry reporters at the gate to the Wendell Mansion as a long black limousine rolls through.

    Jeremy turns off his TV and throws the remote control at it.

    As the Ewing family gathers for dinner Andy stomps in and yells right at Ellie, “What the hell was that, criminals or idiots? You know damn well I had nothing to do with Trident! And my brother might have messed up but that doesn’t make him an idiot.”

    John Ross says, “Calm down son. Let’s go in my study with Ellie and talk this out.”

    “I’m not your son and I don’t intend to be calm. You all let this bitch say what ever she wants.”

    “Watch your mouth in this house! Ellie get in the study. Andy.”

    The family watch them walk into the adjoining room.

    John Ross says, “First off Ellie, there was no need to include Andy in your comments.” Andy goes to speak, to defend his brother. “I don’t need your help,” John Ross tells him. “We stick together. Andy’s a Ewing. You either follow that rule or you’re the outsider, not him. What you should have said is you’re certain Andy wasn’t involved in any of this. It was his brother Jeremy who f’ed up. One certainly can’t be responsible for their siblings choices.”

    Andy says, “Jeremy’s certain y’all are involved in it.”

    “I voted against Walker. Your dumb ass brother pushed him on us.”

    “Watch what you say about my brother.”

    John Ross says, “Come on now. I don’t believe for one second you had anything to do with Walker. But Jeremy dived head first into the shallow end of the pool. Kinda makes him an idiot. And of course he wants to blame us. We’re always his go to when he’s looking for someone to blame. And I said us, because your us boy. You’re a Ewing. Right?”

    “I’m a Wendell. That’s never going to change.”

    “Then I guess we’re done here. I’m not gonna stand by and watch this family sucked into your family’s idiocracy.”

    “What are you throwing me off South Fork.”

    “No. You’re married to my brother. You just remember Ellie’s the nice one in the family. My mother, Pamela, myself, not so much.”

    Ellie smirks.

    “And Bo’s money. Most of its tied up in a trust fund. You’ll walk out of this marriage with the clothes on your back. And the Wendell’s will finally be broken. Wiped out. That restaurant will be your income, not your hobby.”

    “You’ve counted us out before and look where that got you.”

    “Watching you stare down the barrel of one of the nation’s largest corporate collapses. I’m sorry it came down to this. But it’s your brother’s play. I get loyalty to him, he’s family, but you sure he’s loyal to you. What’s gonna be left of your money? When he’s scraping the pieces together, he gonna be fighting to help you out, or this every man for himself?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “See now Ellie here, I know if this was her. She’d be looking out for us first. Not a doubt. If you’re not sure, you gotta bigger problem then Ellie’s mouth. But if you’re a Ewing, well then that mouth of her’s better keep shut about you. We don’t air dirty laundry in public.” He looks at Ellie, “If he’s a Ewing you go out there and apologize or you better hold on because it ain’t gonna be too pretty for you either.” Looking back at Andy, “And if you’re a Ewing, I can put Ben on it. See what he can salvage. But you might not like how he manhandles your brother. Up to you . . . Let’s go Ellie. Give him some time to think.”

    The Ewing’s make their way to the dinning room.

    In their bedroom Bo undresses for bed, stiff and slow. Andy helps steady him.

    Bo asks, “What did Ellie say?”

    “Nothing really. It was mostly John Ross talking. He asked if I was a Ewing or not.”

    “What’d you say?”

    “I didn’t have an answer. But pretty much if I am Ellie will need to apologize and they’ll help me salvage what I can. And if I’m not, well, I guess that’s not a good thing.”

    “My brother and sister take that kind of thing very serious.”

    “I’m not a Ewing Bo. I’m a Wendell.”


    “Jeremy’s drowning. His wife’s filled for divorce. Our primary investment is really worthless. We’ve got debt payments we can’t meet. And some how the Ewing’s are again sitting on top watching.”

    “We walked away from Trident when you and your brother doubled down.”

    “Funny that. You turned a profit off of what’s bankrupted us.”

    “Are you suggesting we orchestrated this. Walker and his team were your pick.”

    “And the explosion. We get some lame explanation. And you’re still struggling to get your life back.”

    “What’s the explosion have to do with anything?”

    “You said you didn’t believe the answer. So what’s the answer? What’s the truth Bo? This family’s full of secrets and they always seem to wind up on top. The Cartel’s gone, West Star’s gone, Ryland Shipping. It all ends up in your family’s hands.”

    “The Cartel companies and West Star all ended up with the Wendell’s if you recall. How suddenly are we getting them?”

    “I’m sure your family will pick up the pieces. Just like they got Christopher’s Ewing Alternative and Wentworth Tool and Die. You don’t find a whole lot of questions about your family’s good fortune?”

    “You want to talk secrets. OK. Let’s talk secrets.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I’m not a fool Andy. I know about the guys you screw around with.” Andy attempts to seem shocked. “Give it up. I fell in love with you. I thought you loved me too, so I just ignored it. It’s just sex right? I thought about doing the same thing. But since the explosion . . . Well and I figure then you just needed something I haven’t been able to give you. But the better I get, doesn’t slow you down one bit.”

    “I’m sorry I didn’t know it bothered you.”

    “And everyone knows how Jeremy gets around. What’s he say, he can be good at business or family but not both. Of course now it appears not either.”

    “Bo . . .”

    “My father had three wives, a secret family, I’m sure illegitimate children we’ll never know about. Johns Ross’s affair with that maids daughter was all anyone talked about in Dallas forever. And Ellie and Marcos. But I thought we were different. We’re not. So how’s that for truth Andy?”

    “I’m sorry Bo. I do love you.”

    “But my family are some sinister psychopaths who’ve robbed your innocent family blind. Good night Andy.” Bo gets into bed. Andy leaves the room. Bo silently cries into his pillow.

    Sue Ellen knocks on Bo’s bedroom door and enters the room. She sits on the edge of his bed. “I saw Andy down stairs.” Bo holds her and cries.

    John Ross sits behind South Fork and watches as Andy walks out. “Kinda late to go out isn’t it?”

    Startled Andy turns around. “I just needed some fresh air.”

    “You and Bo have a fight?”

    “This house bugged?”

    “Walls not as thick as you think. You give some thought about what I said?”

    “About being a Ewing?”



    “Well enjoy your walk.”

    Early in the morning Bo saddles up his horse when a young, handsome ranch hand says, “Morning Mr. Ewing.”

    “Oh morning, ummm.”


    “Yes that’s right. And call me Bo. I’m not old enough to be Mr. anybody.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Not sir either. Please. Um, Keller, are you, I mean would you like to hang out sometime?”

    “I’m sorry like friends or something, sir?”

    “No I’m sorry. I meant like um, like ah date.”

    “Oh. No I ah, I’m not gay.”

    “Oh I see. I’m sorry then.”

    “No it’s fine. Flattering. Sorry Mr. Bo.”

    Bo hops up on his horse and says, “No. Don’t give it a second thought,” as he rides off.

    A moment later Ellie peeks out from around the corner. “You really are a dumb cowboy.”

    “What? Oh Miss. Ellie.”

    “A man in your position should have jumped at the chance. Divorced, three young kids, barely old enough to drink and a hundred thousand in debt. Gambling, right?”

    “How’d you . . .”

    “I know everything around here. Listen my brother’s got a crappy marriage, to a man as I’m sure you know. How about I make this easy for you. Take Bo up on his offer and every time you get him in bed I’ll give you ten thousand dollars. It’ll be no time you get out of your gambling debt. And no time my brother gets over his worthless husband.”

    Keller looks at her stunned and amazed and silent.

    Roger Harriman meets with John Ross in his study at South Fork. “The Russians aren’t very happy about Sechin. Fingers are being pointed.”

    “None at me I assume.” John Ross hands him a drink.

    “No. You’re not on anyone’s radar.”

    “Good. We’re still on to visit and work out a deal?”

    “I’ve arranged for a diplomat to tag along with you.”

    “Good. My wife’s looking forward to Switzerland.”

    Roger hands him a flash drive and says “The dossier on the Russians you’ll be meeting with.”

    “If I have any questions.”

    “Don’t hesitate to reach out.”

    Late at night a somewhat drunk Jeremy Wendell stumbles into a high rise apartment. Turning on the light he’s startled to see Ellie Ewing sitting there. “Took you long enough.”

    “What are you doing here?”

    “Well I heard your wife has filed for divorce and is trying to protect the Connecticut house. I also heard the bank seized your house here in Dallas. Not many places you have left to go.”

    “Here to gloat?”

    “No. Not worth my time. I also here from Ben Levin, who’s leading Andy’s legal team, the mess is worst then anyone thought.”

    “Pouring through my company records?”

    “Something like that. Lone Star is done. You need to agree to what ever settlement Ben proposes and then settle up with your wife.”

    “That won’t leave me anything.”

    “This is true. I want to go over Lone Star and Trident’s assets before they go up for auction. I want the Trident name and the refining and marketing operations. We’ll do an IPO and return it, all be diminished, as a public company, when the time is right. A public company Ewing Industries will control with a special class of stock.”

    “You’ve got this all figured out.”

    “And I want to see what Ryland can pick up of the transportation pieces, especially as we already share pipelines. And CalCo.”

    “I heard Ewing Industries weaseled it’s way into CalCo.”

    “It’ll pick up Trident’s exploration and production pieces. CalCo-Trident. We’ll do the same public offering with a special class of stock to control it.”

    “You want everything don’t you?”

    “Pretty much. With your help.”

    “Fat chance.”

    “Only way you have to salvage anything. I also want you running Trident.”


    “Look it Jeremy, there’s a bottle of pills on the bar I left for you. Take them with a good strong drink, then go take a long hot bath. You won’t wake up in the morning. Problems solved. Or you sober up and in the morning I explain how you can be of use to me.”

    “Of use?”

    “Allen Walker and his team takes the heat for Trident. You come in and clean up the mess. I also want you using your mother’s contacts in Southeast Asia. You forget about striking out on your own and join the Ewing team and you get your head above water.”

    “And live my life under your thumb.”

    “That’s why I provided the pills. Give you an option. You know the oil and gas business, especially marketing. Once you figured out Walker’s play, I’m aware you tried to fix things. But that was beyond anyone to do.”

    “His own family had to take his last company private.”

    “I know. Trident’s too big for you or anyone to do that. Hence the IPO’s and special stock class. So here we are. Call me in the morning. Or don’t. I’ll figure it out.”

    Ellie walks out.

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