Cristal dying ruined the show

Discussion in 'CW Dynasty' started by nostalgicstudent, May 10, 2019.

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    In my view she is the "Achilles heel" of nu Dynasty. Most love her but there also an opinion out there she is not well liked, both character and actress. There was a scene (cannot remember) in the last season where suddenly Liz changes her voice which was more appealing to the ear. It was rather mellow and I remember thinking at the time, "Where has this been?"

    However, most of the time I'm unable to digest her shrill voice. Together with her constant witty put-downs it becomes rather tiresome. With the mass exodus of actors and two of the most iconic characters; Krystal (as it should be) and Alexis this reboot tells me those behind the scenes are listening to those dreaded focus groups who care more for Fallon and not Cristal or Alexis. But then this is The CW.
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    Recast Fallon and keep Liz as the soft-spoken Alexis. Problem fixed.
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