Could Terry have been used in Season 06??

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Could Terry have been used in Season 06??

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    Or was it wise that she was killed off in the earthquake?? I think she and Chase could have had and affair and teamed up against Maggie and Richard.
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    As entertaining a character as Terri was she probably wouldn’t have lasted beyond finishing season 6. In the past others have suggested that Melissa should have got the chop in the earthquake instead of Terri. While I was a Terri fan I was more of a Melissa supporter. As a matter of fact she was my favourite character. For this reason I wouldn’t liked to have seen this scenario unfold.

    Terri was an absolute flirt and a man eater as you good as you could get, probably better screwed together than Melissa and I agree she would likely have sunk her claws into Chase, as Maggie intensified with Richard. In the end though it would have been the blonde sister with the nicest way who would’ve had the most loving good meaningful times, with both men.

    Richard arrives at the hospital to see Maggie. She explains to him that Chase is out of surgery and then enquires about Terri, (a scene from season 6, 1986 – ’87):

    Richard hugs a distraught Maggie.

    Richard: “I’d like you to help with the funeral. Terri would want that.”

    Maggie: “She loved you very much …….. she did love you. She told me yesterday, even then I just played her along. Even then I didn’t take her seriously.”

    Richard: “What did she say?”

    Fighting back the tears Maggie replies: “That she knew it would take time but that she hoped you would grow to love her too.”

    Richard comforts Maggie again.
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