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Peyton Place Characters who die in my remake

Discussion in 'Sundry Prime Time Soaps' started by Ked, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Ked

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    I still have ideas for a Peyton Place remake, but figured it'd be a good idea to devote different threads to different aspects/scenarios/details/whatever. In the hopes that more people will be willing to join in on brainstorming, haha.

    But anyway, I re-watched some old youtube clips of "Desperate Housewives", and one of them was about how many deaths there were on that show. Its like, "Before GAME OF THRONES, Death reigned supreme on Wisteria Lane..."

    And that got me thinking, could that be applied to the new Peyton Place? Could several characters meet their own untimely demise each season? ....Well, the short answer is "Yes." :lol:

    I realized this when I was going over Season 1, and realized there are a potential 15 death scenes that could take place. 3 of them would happen in the pilot:

    The very first character that we see die would be Elizabeth Carson, murdered at the hands of her husband, Elliot. However, this would be seen as a flashback, since I decided the audience should be informed right away of Constance MacKenzie's "Deep Dark Secret." Its like what Hitchcock said, it's better for the audience to know right away that there's a bomb underneath the table that the characters are having dinner at, rather than reveal it when said bomb goes off. That way, you get more suspense and investment from your audience.

    Of course, in the case of Constance, the audience being privy to her secret (that she got pregnant by a married man, who then murdered his own wife to be with Constance, but then was arrested and convicted) would help them understand, and maybe even sympathize with, why Connie acts so cold with her own daughter.

    But anyway, that's off-topic.

    The next character we see die would be Elizabeth Standish, the widowed mother of Constance. Once again, this is a flashback scene, and I imagine it happening where an overly paranoid Mrs. Standish is out walking by the white gazebo, imagining that she's hearing the residents of Peyton Place talking about her family:

    "There goes Elizabeth Standish. Her daughter got into trouble with some feller down to New York."
    "It's all in the way you bring up a child, what they do when they're grown."
    "They say the feller murdered his wife, all because of Constance."
    "Constance had a little girl and caused a married woman's death."
    "Poor little bastard."
    "That murdering whore Constance Standish, and her dirty little bastard."

    As these words begin repeating over and over in Mrs. Standish's head, she begins to sway before she collapses on the ground. It never stated in the book how she died, so I'm having it so that the stress of people finding out their secret was what caused Elizabeth Standish to die young. Allison was only three years old when this happened.

    The third death that takes place in the pilot is a present-day death, and of course, Catherine Peyton Harrington is the victim. She dies in much the same way how her 1960s counterpart did, although we do get to see her corpse: after Leslie Harrington is told on the phone that his wife is now dead, we fade to an overhead shot of Catherine's face staring blankly into the camera, which zooms out to show her pale little body laying in a white hospital bed, before all goes to black.

    Next up on the chopping block is Dr. Bradford, followed by Dr. Morton. Because they're the ones responsible for Catherine's death by preventing Dr. Rossi from operating on her, I decided to have Martin Peyton seek revenge on the two by having them assassinated - but also making it look like they've committed suicide. Further on into the season. Dr. Claire Morton would turn up, and confide in Dr. Michael Rossi her suspicions that her father didn't really commit suicide, but Martin Peyton gets to show just what a Magnificent Bastard he truly is by getting Claire to leave town without ever discovering the truth.

    I think this would serve to show just what lengths Martin Peyton will go in order to achieve what he wants, but it won't make him "too evil", since he was (at least in his eyes) avenging his daughter's death, at least.

    After that, we get the death of Principal Abner Firth. At first I was just going to have him be a quick throwaway character who dies suddenly of a heart attack in his driveway, but now I'm thinking about giving him a slightly bigger role before he kicks the bucket. On the first day of school, Principal Firth tries to get on Rodney's case about being a better student, but after letting "the smart-mouthed Harrington boy" get under his skin and having a freak-out, Abner Firth has a heart attack and dies - possibly right in front of Rodney, too. Perhaps Rodney even gets the "credit" for snuffing out Principal Firth's life... which does come into play later on during the Chernak debacle. But more on that later.

    The next character who dies is the unborn baby of Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson. I know, that probably doesn't really count, being an unborn (and therefore unseen) baby, but still, its a life that ends. And I'm counting it for this list. Besides, this also gets brought up later on during Rodney's trial.

    We then have another "flashback death" when Nellie Cross gives the grisly tale of how her first husband, Curtis Chamberlain, died when Selena was only six weeks old: he was crushed by logs that fell off a truck. We actually get two more death scenes in this flashback when Nellie also recounts how the first wife of Lucas Cross died giving birth to Paul, and that Nellie herself also had a miscarriage after marrying Lucas. Yes, I'm counting that one too.

    Yet another "flashback death" is that of Oakleigh Page, the father of Norman Page. It was never stated just how he died; the closest explanation was that he was seemingly "talked" to death by the fierce tongues of his vicious daughters, Charlotte and Carolyn, and his crazy wife, Evelyn. Norman recounts to Allison how they got the news of his father's death: the Page sisters arrived at Evelyn's door, and told her, "Oakleigh Page is dead," to which Evelyn replied, "God rest his morally and spiritually weak soul," before shutting the door in their faces.

    We go back to having present-day deaths when Selena Cross has her infamous abortion, thanks to being impregnated by her own stepfather.

    Afterwards, we have Joe Chernak's accidental death, thanks to his fight with Rodney Harrington. The whole town begins to notice a pattern with Rodney over the past year, how he seems to cause a lot of people's deaths (one of them being his own unborn child). Rodney, who in this version starts off spoiled, self-centered and cossetted, begins to seriously re-think his life as he too notices the pattern; not to mention becomes terrified that he won't able to get off this time - and for a crime he didn't technically do.

    Not long after, we get the death of Gus Chernak, who uses his last few breaths to get Stella to promise she'll see Rodney Harrington be put in jail. In this version, Gus is lives long enough to be brought to the hospital... where Nurse's Aide Betty Anderson confronts him for manipulating her manic-depressive father so that he landed in the nuthouse. Betty then tampers with Gus' medication/machine in order to cause his death.

    The final death of the season is that of Nellie Cross, who hangs herself in Allison's bedroom closet. Beforehand, she hallucinated that an angel-form of Lucas beckoned her to come join him.

    So there. Fifteen death scenes in 30 episodes, though because some of them take place in the same episode, that means only about 10 episodes have death in them.
  2. Ked

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    So far, Season 2 has only three planned deaths: Hester Goodale, Principal Tomas Kyros, and Elliot Carson. Well, there are actually four planned deaths, if you want to include Mrs. Goodale's cat. :lol:

    Hester Goodale is a 70-something old lay who's kind've like the village loon. She lives alone, stays in her house all day - except for when she goes into town for whatever at 1:00pm everyday, on the dot - wears clothes that were fashionable back in the 1910's, and has only a black tomcat for company, which she keeps on an improvised leash. Mrs. Goodale lives in the house across from Norman Page, and the poor boy has grown up terrified of her. He's been told all his life that she's a loon, and the fact that, whenever she happens to look over at him, her eyes seem to peer right into his soul, doesn't help matters.

    How does the old lady die? Much like how she did in the book: she died while sitting on her back porch, spying through a gap in the hedge-wall that separated her back yard from that of Mr. & Mrs. Card, who were expecting their first child. The husband was giving his heavily pregnant wife oral sex, and Mrs. Goodale watched the whole thing, her upper lip covered in sweat.

    Norman Page was watching the whole time too: earlier, while visiting with Mrs. Card, he realized Mrs. Goodale could see something through her hedge-fence, and suddenly became overwhelmed with a sense of curiosity. So he gave into that curiosity, and said goodbye to Mrs. Card before sneaking his way into Mrs. Goodale's yard. Only to wind up trapped under the porch when the old lady herself came home and sat herself down, just in time for Mr. Card to come home and start pleasuring his wife.

    The whole thing is traumatizing for Norman, who eventually just jumps up and runs out there, imagining Mrs. Goodale chasing after him... except she never moved. She never knew that he was there.

    And later that same day, when Norman went out to get milk for his mother, he overheard the screams of Mrs. Goodale's tomcat. Investigating the noise, Norman discovered that the old woman was dead... and still staring through the gap where the Cards were. Norman freaked out, and began telling the tomcat to stop its screaming, and began strangling it into silence. Afterwards, Mr. Card followed after his own cat (who also happened to be pregnant) into Mrs. Goodale's yard, and that was how he also discovered she was dead. He also found her dead cat, and the verdict was that the crazy old lady strangled the feline before passing away herself... except how did she do it without getting a single scratch?

    Norman ran home, vomited, and was given a "cleansing" enema by his mother. And ever since that day, he'd be plagued by nightmares of that event, only with himself and Allison MacKenzie in the roles of Mr. & Mrs. Card, while Norman's mother, Evelyn, sat in Mrs. Goodale's chair, watching them... until a horde of slimy blue maggots would burst forth from Allison's stomach and attack Norman, who'd run for his mother. Sometimes he wouldn't make it, but other times he would, and awaken to the feeling that his mother had saved him from a terrible fate.

    Fun fact: I would have Mia Farrow play Hester Goodale. Cuz why not? :D

    Principal Tomas Kyros would be murdered by Elliot Carson in Episode 15 at the Senior Christmas Dance. Elliot's motive is pure psychotic jealousy, for in an earlier episode, he witnessed Principal Kyros having the audacity to speak to Constance... and then KISS HER! I'm not sure exactly how Elliot kills Tomas, but the point is to show that how dangerous Elliot really is, especially since he's killed off a main character. It's also what Connie needs to affirm her fear and suspicion that Elliot needs to be kept as far away from Allison as possible... except she still can't say why: how can she tell her daughter, who's grown up with a glowing fantasy of who her father was, that he's really a murdering psychopath?

    Of course, eventually that's exactly what Connie must do, and does. Yet Allison refuses to believe her mother. It's bad enough that she's illegitimate, why must her princely father also be a criminal? Surely her mother must be lying, or at least mistaken? Except Allison can't be shielded from the truth anymore when she witnesses what goes on at Dr. Rossi's beach house:

    Much like with Principal Kyros, Elliot notices that Dr. Michael Rossi seems a little too friendly with Constance, and must be dealt with. By this time, however, Connie is aware of what her ex-lover is capable of, and gives as many veiled warnings to Mike as possible to not be alone with Elliot. Sadly, these don't seem to do the trick, so Connie must go to the doctor's beach house, where she's just in time to stop Elliot from committing a third murder.

    However, Elliot becomes violent with Constance... right in front of Allison, who, acting purely on instinct, grabs a butcher knife-

    -and impales her father right in the stomach.

    [And yes, this was inspired by Lana Turner's daughter stabbing her mother's abusive lover.]

    Elliot Carson stumbles out of the beach house, towards the bluffs... and falls off the cliff to his death.
  3. Ked

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    I realized I forgot another death that I would have occur in Season 1: Richard Jensen, the ex-lover of Stella Chernak who blackmails her into stealing morphine from the Peyton Place Hospital. I'm not sure how I'd have Richard die... but I'd have him die. Cuz I hated him. :D

    So that's 16 deaths in Season 1.

    And while I would like to have a few more deaths take place in Season 2, there be only ONE death take place in Season 3: Lucas Cross, who returns in the Christmas episode and tries to rape Selena again... only she grabs a pair of fire tongs, and beats him over the head with it so much, that his head literally becomes nothing but blood and shambles of scull.

    I think having there being just Lucas dying this year would make the event that much more significant, especially considering how important his death was in the book/movie.

    Of course, once Season 4 rolls around, we're back to having multiple deaths:

    Lucy Chandler, who gets murdered by her husband
    Paul Hanley, who gets outed by a spiteful Lee Webber, and then gets killed in a hate crime
    Evelyn Page, who calmly tells Norman, who secretly had been in love with Paul, that Mr. Hanley "deserved" to die - resulting in Norman snapping, and killing his mother
    Jack Chandler, who gets killed in a police shootout
    Carolyn Page, who gets killed by her own sister when she, Carolyn, decides not to go through with their plan to have Norman put away so they can get his money
    Charlotte Page, who originally was just going to get arrested, but I decided she dies too
    Sharon Purcell, the New York fashion model who rooms with Stephanie Wallace and Betty Anderson before dying of an accidental overdose

    Of course there's also Ann Colby, who's body is found by Allison near the bluffs... except I plan on revealing in Season 7 that it was all a set-up: Ann was merely drugged and unconscious, and laid out on the rocks so that someone on the beach would find her. Later Ann would be carted off to an asylum and kept imprisoned there for the next three years, until a letter by the now-deceased Martin Peyton reveals the whole story, and where to find Ann.

    And there are those who die in the Season Cliffhanger's Harrington Carnival Accident:

    Nurse Choate, the grumpy head nurse at Peyton Place Hospital; she gets replaced by Nurse Mary Kelley
    Kenny Stearns, the local handyman who had a drunken hallucination back in Season 1 that actually predicted this event
    Ginny Stearns, the adulterous wife of Kenny
    Nurse Lucy Ellsworth, the wife of John and mother of Kathy; she had been planning on leaving John as soon as Kathy was old enough to understand why
    Clayton Fraizer, one of the old codgers who hang around Town Hall and watch as people go by; Clayton would die rescuing Kim Schuster
    David Schuster, in order to provide new drama for his wife, Doris, and daughter, Kim, to go through
    Chris Webber, because I hated his character in the original show, though the Chris in this version gets a more tragic exit: in the Season 5 opener, he dies telling Allison, while they're trapped under all the debris, that he can see her.

    Season 5 has an additional three deaths:

    Lee Webber, who, under Leslie Harrington's orders, breaks into the Peyton Castle and tries to assassinate Martin Peyton, only to be stopped and killed by Steven
    Leslie Harrington, who is mysteriously murdered in the Christmas episode
    Sandy Webber, who is revealed to be Leslie's murderer - but was unwittingly so, as she had been manipulated by Martin to poison Leslie; Sandy ends up poisoning herself out of shame, as well as the belief that she'll never be able to prove her innocence against the conniving Martin Peyton.

    Season 6, so far, has only three deaths overall:

    Tim Randlett, a former child star actor now working on his big comeback, who met and began wooing Selena Cross in late Season 5; he found out about Selena's past with Lucas, and began taking on the role of a psychiatrist, seeing himself in a new acting role in an attempt to "save" Selena. This results in him wildly misinterpreting her full confession on what happened between her and Lucas: Tim jumped to the conclusion that all this time... Selena *wanted* to be raped, and then tried to do just that. However, Selena's brother, Joey, had been listening in, and rushed in to save his sister - killing Tim in the process. Fortunately, Allison MacKenzie and Matthew Swain were also present, and are able to act as witnesses so that Joey won't be charged. Although Selena still goes on a bit of a downward spiral for a while...

    Roberta Carter, the overly possessive mother of Ted Carter (who is the former lover of Selena, but abandoned her during her S3 trial), who quickly grows jealous and suspicious of Ted's new wife, Jennifer. Roberta shamelessly eavesdrops on Ted and Jennifer while they're in bed together... listening the whole time as the young couple make love. Roberta quickly discovers that Jennifer is a sadomasochist... but she doesn't realize that Jennifer is fully aware of her mother-in-law's spying, and that's why she goads Ted into doing all sorts of nasty things. The final straw for Roberta is when Jennifer teases Ted with the idea of her having an affair with a teenaged boy or two. Roberta decides she must kill Jennifer, and devotes months to figuring out the perfect way of doing it without being detected. Unfortunately for her, Jennifer loves to go through other people's personal things, and discovers her mother-in-law's plan in a notebook. So when the two are alone in the house, Jennifer reveals what she's known all along, laughingly accusing Roberta of wanting to be in bed with Ted, and hurries up the stairs with the notebook. Roberta gives chase, but Jennifer manages to push her mother-in-law down the stairs. Roberta's neck breaks, and Jennifer casually walks over her dead body to the phone, holds her breath for a moment, before putting on a hysterical act as she calls her husband. Even though it was widely accepted as an accident, Ted would forever suspect what really happened... for the rest of his life...

    Matthew Swain, who is the most tragic death of the season. He dies in the midseason finale, right after the wedding of Constance MacKenzie and Dr. Michael Rossi. He had returned home after the reception, only to discover that somebody was in his house, robbing him. A fight broke out, resulting in Matthew getting struck over the head... which ended his life. His killer, Paul Cross, who was desperately looking for money to pay off a debt to some dangerous people, didn't even realize that Mr. Swain was dead. He grabbed what he could and ran out, relieved and happy to finally be able to pay off his debt... only to find out what happened afterwards.

    And finally, in Season 7, we have five deaths:

    Martin Peyton - at first I was going to have him die of natural causes, but now I'm considering having a "Who Shot Martin Peyton?" mystery, and having practically every single townsperson be a suspect.

    Marion Partridge - she dies crashing her car into the white gazebo, swerving to avoid a collision with another car, who just so happened be driven by the very same model for the photograph that served the role as "Mr. MacKenzie" for the first 17 years of Allison's life (thank @Willie Oleson for that idea :D).

    Lewis Jackman - Allison's new publisher who also became her lover, despite already being married to a neurotic woman. He dies when he and Allison are driving up in the hills overlooking the town, and end up crashing at Road's End. Allison survives by being thrown from the vehicle, and is found by Rodney Harrington as she tries to open the smashed up car door to rescue Lewis.

    Joe Rossi - the no-good younger brother of Dr. Rossi, who came to town claiming that he needed money to pay off debts to some dangerous people... when in reality, he was only looking to gain some quick cash from his more financially stable brother. And what's more, Joe's too-young-for-him girlfriend, Jill Smith, was also sweet-talking Allison into giving her some money by claiming to be on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend, whose baby she is supposedly carrying. While both end up getting the money they're after, Joe ends up molesting pregnant Constance, for whom he had developed a very perverted lust for (not that his relationship with Jill wasn't perverted enough). The next we see of him, Joe is found dead in his car... with his own brother, Michael, as the prime suspect.

    Hannah Cord - she dies in the very last episode, in one of the very last scenes. Her death would be modeled after Adrienne's, where she takes a swing at Betty before falling down the stairs. However, I decided to switch things up a bit and have it so that its Ann Colby who's in this scene with Hannah. Ann is in the process of contesting Martin Peyton's will, which has left everything to Betty's two sons (the one she had with Steven, and the other she had with Rodney), with Betty being in charge of the money until each son reaches the age of 21 - and even then, Betty will still be left with a tidy sum to take care of her for the rest of her days. The will also has barred Steven and Rodney from inheriting a single penny (Martin still had control over the Harrington Mills, thus he could pass management onto who- or whomever he pleased; it was no longer Rodney's to inherit). However, it never said anything about Ann, who was still Martin Peyton's blood-granddaughter. So now Ann is battling Betty in court... and she plans on taking all the money for herself, leaving Steven high and dry, which enrages Hannah. But when the older woman tries to strike the younger one (which she actually succeeds in doing) she trips and goes cascading down the stairs, landing in a heap. The consequences of this scene is left unknown, as the series is drawing to a close.

    So that's it, for now. That's all the death that occurs in my remake. What do you all think?

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