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    The Ewing’s run into the hospital emergency room. Elena tries to explain to Bobby. Bobby says, “Go away Elena.” She attempts to explain. “Go away.”

    Ann says, “Please Elena. Just leave us alone.”

    “I can’t leave Chris.”

    Sue Ellen says, “You have no choice. You’re not family. So you can go and leave us or I’ll have you removed.”

    “You know what Chris means to me.”

    Bobby yells, “You think him in this hospital doesn’t have something to do with the criminals you were dealing with to get revenge on JR! Emma’s trying to piece her life together because of your friends. Ann. How many more of us do you need to destroy until you feel better about what JR did to your father?”

    John Ross walks out the back of a beach house to find a young woman sitting, having tea, watching the ocean.

    “Ellie” Ewing

    She jumps up and hugs him as if she’s known him her whole life. “I knew you’d come. Dad called me and told me to give you time. I knew it. Did you finish what he left for you to do?”

    “Not exactly.”

    “You’re as handsome as I knew you’d be. And Christopher?”

    “He’s not with me.”

    “No? I’m confused. So you haven’t secured Ewing Oil? Are you and Christopher still fighting?”

    “My mother and Uncle Bobby have Ewing Global. And, I don’t know. Chris just left Southfork all together.”

    “Left? Well, we’ll figure that out. I promise you. We’re going to be a family. Daddy promised me.”

    “I don’t understand Ellie. Our dad had a whole other family, with you? And mom’s sister?”

    “No. Kristen, my mother, she died. I never knew her. Aunt Phyllis, raised me. I knew about my mother, and Christopher’s mother, being dead, and I knew our dad, he was here all the time. But I didn’t know about any of you until maybe a year before he died. Aunt Phyllis never said anything. Then I did some digging. Apparently my mother believed I died in childbirth and later had Christopher with some low life. Then she died in the Southfork pool. I found out I had a whole family. Then dad died.”

    “So you’ve known about us?”

    “Yes. I’ve dreamed my whole life about having a family, but the more I learned about the Ewings, the more I realized all you did was fight.”

    “And you've lived in California this whole time?”

    “No. No. I grew up in Virginia with Aunt Phyllis, and I went to school in Pennsylvania. Oh and a year in Switzerland. Then Bryn Mawr and year at the Sorbonne. I’ve moved around a lot. About three years ago I bought this house. I stay here for a few months out of the year. Depends on what’s going on.”

    “So I take it you’re well off?”

    “Well yes. Father left me a trust fund. Like he left you.”

    “He didn’t leave me a trust fund. He did leave me half of his share of Southfork’s oil but I’ve only got it for a year. After that, it’s gone.”

    “Oh. He did say he had some tasks for you. But what do you need with Southfork oil? You have a trust fund that Grandpa Jock left you.”

    “What? No I don’t.”

    “Yes you do. Carols DelSol has managed your money for years. A lot of money.”

    “No. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Are you sure?”

    “Positive. He manages my money too. So, you’re suppose to get back Ewing Oil. And Barnes Global owns the name. Which is now Ewing Global. West Star was merged into The Trident Corporation, so it owns the original assets of Ewing Oil. I know our trusts are large shareholders in Trident. Large enough to give Carlos a board seat. But the name stayed with Barnes Global. You get that back and the company is yours. That’s what dad told me. And something about Southfork being held in trust with Uncle Bobby as trustee for you. But he’d tried to sell it out from under you. Grandma had him agree to set it up that way. Essentially dad left you Ewing Oil and Southfork. Right?”

    “No. I mean, yes, I’m suppose to get control of Ewing Global and start Ewing Oil up as an oil services company subsidiary, but it didn’t work out that way. And I did get half of Southfork.”

    “Right. Half now and the other half when Uncle Bobby dies. And John Ross, the money they borrowed to buy control of Ewing Global wasn’t from Carlos. It was from your trust fund and mine. All we have to do is call in the loan.”

    Emma runs up to John Ross as he walks in the back door of Southfork. “Where have you been?”

    John Ross introduces Ellie as his sister.

    “I tried calling you,” Emma in a fit of panic ignores Ellie.

    “I figured I shouldn’t answer a call from you. Not until I can figure things out with Pamela.”

    “Chris. He’s in the hospital.”

    “What! What happened?”

    “His car exploded. Bobby’s yelling that it’s got something to do with Nicholas Trevino and Elena.”

    “Is he OK?”

    “No. Non stopped surgeries. He’s critical. They don’t even know what brain damage could have been done.”

    John Ross begins to make a call.

    Emma asks, “Who are you calling?”

    “You know those associates of your dads, that helped me in Mexico?”

    “You’re calling them?”

    “I put together a company with them. Like a paramilitary business. And your dads files. And my family’s files.” He looks at Ellie, “That’s my real inheritance, those files.” He then looks back at Emma, “They’ve both got all sorts of information on Trevino. I’ll handle him.”

    Ellie says, “And Elena?”

    John Ross says unto his phone, “Yes. We need to meet . . . Yes about Christopher . . . You did. OK . . . OK. I’m on the way to the hospital. I’ll meet you there.”

    Emma asks, “They’re already on it?”

    “No. Earlier, I asked them to take care of someone else. Nasser. Pamela had an affair with him. They sent him home.”

    “Really. That’s good.”

    “He’s gay. In his county the penalty for being gay is death.”

    “Oh John Ross.”

    “I didn’t know he was gay. So then they, they didn’t. Oh my God. And Pamela. Is she here?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “OK. I’ve got to get to the hospital. Do me a favor. Get a hold of your grandmother for me. I’ve got some news for her.”

    John Ross with Ellie following run out of the house.

    John Ross meets up with Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen and Pamela at the hospital. He asks about Christoper. They ask about Ellie.

    Elena comes into the hospital next and as Bobby approaches her she hands him a paper saying “This is why you can’t get rid of me.”

    Bobby looks at it. “Chris married you?”

    Opening Theme and Credits:

    Dallas starring:

    Jordana Brewster as Elena Ewing
    Rose Byrne as Ellie Ewing
    James Dornan as J. Dorian Wendell
    Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
    Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Ewing
    Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
    Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing
    Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing
    Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing
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    Harris Ryland finds John Ross sitting at his desk in his office, the skyline of Dallas behind him. “Actually I have something to share with you. While your mother’s involved in politics her and Emma’s trust funds have been turned over to me as executor. That’s includes a controlling interest in this company as well as your house.”

    He laughs. “You’re over your head boy.”

    “Did you ever wonder why the CIA let you out of jail? Took care of everything for you. That’s because they own you. You’re a valuable asset. And now, you’re a valuable asset to me. You run Ryland trucking as I see fit. Or you’ll find yourself right back where you belong. Don’t believe me? Try calling your friends.”

    Elena walks into the offices of Ewing Global. She says to Bobby, “I’m here

    to let you know, I represent Christopher’s share in Ewing Global.”

    “Sue Ellen and I have a controlling interest. You can remove me from my son’s hospital room, but you can’t do anything here.”

    “I have enough of an interest to be kept well informed of what’s going on. And from what I’m told you and Sue Ellen have some hefty payments to make. I need to make sure my husband and our child’s interests are protected. You’ll forgive me if I don’t trust any of you.”

    “You’re pregnant? Is it Chris’s baby?”

    “How dare you.”

    “How dare I? You were in a relationship with Nickolas Trevino. We know how you got the information about Cliff Barnes from John Ross. Anyone else I should know about?”

    “If you want me and this child back on Southfork I want the cottage back.”

    “You’ll have to discuss that with John Ross.”

    “I’ll leave that to you as well as keeping me informed about this company.” Elena walks out.

    Ellie watches her as she approaches Bobby. “She’s a piece of work.”

    “You have no idea.”

    “Oh Uncle Bobby, I’m sure I have more of an idea than you do. Do you know the police linked her brother’s death to that same drug cartel she was dealing with?”

    “No. And how do you know that?”

    “Well, if I’m going to live here it’s my business to know what goes on in my town. In fact I’m told the news made it to Carman in Mexico. Your former house keeper. She’s apparently inconsolable. Her sister, Teresa, has her on suicide watch. She also gave away to an orphanage all that blood money, as she calls it.”

    “You know an awful lot about things.”

    “I also know that Ewing Global owns the name Ewing Oil. I want it.”

    “It’s not for sale.”

    “Of course it is.” She hands him a piece of paper. “That’s Cliff Barnes’s share of Ewing Global.”

    “How the hell did you get this?”

    “Everything’s for sale. So now my brothers and I each own ten percent of Ewing Global. And you and Sue Ellen sit on a heavily financed thirty-five perfect each. Let’s just make sure we know the score.”

    “This why John Ross brought you here? As an ally?”

    “I’d like Ewing Global to form a fully owned subsidiary, Ewing Oil. With a friend of mine in charge of it. He’ll turn it into a fully functioning field services company. I’d also like to introduce you to a few other friends of mine, consultants, I think you’ll find them very valuable. As for the money you raised to help develop Christopher’s Ewing Process, I know some other people for you to talk to as well. No I’m not looking for a position with the company. Just to be of help. I also heard John Ross has resigned. Kinda of leaving this burden all to you, at the worst possible time.”

    “I’m not going to let anything happen to Christopher’s life work.”

    “No of course not. Neither am I. He’s my brother too, remember Uncle Bobby?” Ellie goes off and explores the offices.

    From the balcony off the back of Southfork Ann and Emma watch a moving truck, followed by Elena, arrive at the cottage. “I can’t believe he married her.”

    Ann says, “Neither can I.”

    “What’d Pamela say about moving into the house?” Emma asks.

    “Just that she wants a separate room from John Ross.”

    “I try and avoid her as much as I can.“

    “Thank you for moving back to your father’s.”

    “Of course. Thank you for not holding what happened against me.”

    “Bobby explained it was a business marriage, between Pamela and John Ross. I’m not sure what she’d expect, agreeing to something like that.”

    “She owns ten percent of Ewing Global. I feel bad for John Ross. Because in the end he has nothing.”

    “He owns a share of Southfork’s oil.”

    “No. He told me a year after his father dies that his share of Southfork’s oil goes to set up a charitable foundation. When Sue Ellen dies, her share goes to the same foundation. John Ross only has a year to work on some plan of JR’s. If he doesn’t pull it off, he gets nothing.”

    “Oh my god. I wonder if Bobby knows that.”

    “I don’t know.”

    “I don’t understand. What’s he got to do and what’s he get if he does it?”

    “Take control of Ewing Global I guess.”

    “JR left him a company he doesn’t even own? What the hell was wrong with that man? Bobby said the whole reason JR gave him back Southfork was he knew what Miss Ellie set in place, John Ross getting half of Southfork at his father’s death and the other half at Bobby’s. I don’t get the foundation though. Or keeping this daughter from everyone. Bobby told me she bought out Cliff Barnes and now no one can find him.”

    “He’s not in jail in Mexico?”

    “No one knows where he’s at.”

    Pamela sits in a lawyers office. “I don’t understand, if my Aunt Katherine is dead how can she have sold her share of what’s now Ewing Global to anyone?”

    “The claim is she sold her share before she died. From what I’ve seen everything looks in order.”

    “So where’s the money.”

    “According to this your father took the money out of the trust. What he turned over to you is about two million dollars.”

    “We’re fighting this.”

    “We can, but we’ll loose.”

    “Find out who owns Lone Star Investments. I want to know who’s behind this. And we’ll keep this held up in court for years to come.”

    “We’re trying. But it’s owned by a Cayman Islands company.“

    “Just figure it out. And keep this in court as long as possible.”

    6 months later . . .

    Bobby and Sue Ellen sit down in the offices of Ewing Global facing a man behind a desk. “As near as I can figure out you have a few options to move forward, but you’ve got to pay down your debt. My best advise would be to sell shares back to Ewing Global itself. The company has the cash on hand.”

    Sue Ellen says, “But what you’re proposing is giving up control. I’m not doubting you. I realize Ellie recommended you, and then took off for Morocco, but you’ve done a fine job with the company. We’re solvent. I’m just not sure giving up control is a good idea.”

    “Christopher’s part of the business has been put on hold,” Bobby says. “And he’s coming home today. We’ll need that money.”

    “I understand how much this means to you. And how important your son is. But we need to proceed with the Ewing Process with caution. I’ve spoken to Wentworth Tool and Die about special manufacturing of drilling equipment and we can move forward. We’ve got the cold oil rigs. Still we do need to proceed with caution, not throwing money at it.”

    Sue Ellen says, “I still can’t believe that Wentworth is a Ewing subsidiary. Or that the two of you agreed to set up Ewing Oil as a filed services business. Or that someone we don’t even know owns ten per cent of this company.”

    Bobby says, “Do we know anything about who owns Katherine Wentworth’s shares?”

    “No. And Pamela’s out of legal options faster than she though.”

    Sue Ellen says, “This smells like JR. Ellie showing up with the money to buy out Cliff. Some dummy company holding shares taken from Pamela. And what the hell is this foundation? When was JR so charitable?”

    “I don’t know. What are our other options?” Bobby asks.

    “Work something out with your creditors.”

    The family welcome home Christoper. Everyone full of smiles. Christoper obviously very sore and stiff. Elena obviously very pregnant. Pamela coming into the room, also very obviously pregnant.

    Chris says, “So Ellie I have to know. How did you get Roger Cook to come work for Ewing Alternative?”

    “Well. You’re an engineer. He’s an engineer. I’m sure you can figure it out. What are you engineers always looking for? People with money. I know a lot of people with a lot of money.”

    “He sounds like he’s made a lot of progress. We’re ready to take off running.”

    Ann says, “Well you’re not. So take it easy. There’s a lot of people working on this. Let them do their jobs and you keep taking it easy.”

    “No. I’m ready to get back to work. Elena tells me she’s running Ewing Oil now. I can’t believe you set up the company in business again. And you couldn’t have hired a better geologist to head it up. I’m glad to see everything’s working out.” He offers his hand to John Ross. “Brother.”

    John Ross shakes his hand.

    “I know it was you who donated part of your kidney for me. Thank you.”

    “Of course.”

    “I hear you gave up on business. Just been working the ranch with my dad.”

    “Something like that.”

    “I’ve had a lot of time to think. Well and Ellie here in my ear everyday. I swear half of what she said was subliminal. And I’m sorry for what went down between us with the business and with Elena.” Christopher hugs John Ross.

    In the early morning Ellie sits and have breakfast by the pool when Christopher walks out. “You’re up early?”

    “I haven’t gone to bed yet. I just got home. You know when you were gone I had a run way installed on Southfork. Makes life so much easier. So why are you up?”

    “I don’t sleep well.”

    “No I can imagine.”

    “I’ve been trying with Pamela here. This isn’t going to be easy.”

    “You still have feelings for her?”

    “God no. I can’t stand looking at her. And John Ross deserves better.”

    “I’m not disagreeing. And do do you by the way. Give me the word and she’s gone. But I guess we don’t get to pick the person our sibling marries.”

    “No I guess not.”

    “You said Pamela’s working for Barnes Entertainment?”

    “Yes, a subsidiary of Ewing Global. Bobby gave her the job.”

    “Do you know anything about this person who owns ten percent of the company?”

    “No. Nothing. And that’s unusual for me.”

    Bobby and John Ross work with the cattle in the barn. “I’m glad you agree with my plan, what to do with Southfork.”

    John Ross says, “I’ve given up on business. Selling it to Ewing Global makes sense. I’m surprised you’re giving the oil to the foundation.”

    “I’m more surprised your father set it up. Giving the land to the foundation is a good idea too. Leasing it the Southfork Cattle Company will protect it in perpetuity. You think we’ll be able to share the house?”

    “I think so.”

    “No more grand additions.”

    John Ross laughs. “No. I’ve given up living my father’s dream.”

    “I’m glad the house is full again. Though I’m not sure how to take your sister. I’m pretty happy about having Sue Ellen here.”

    “Well she needs a place with family.”

    “Listen. I’m just gonna ask this once more and let it go. Are you sure you know nothing about who owns Katherine’s shares.”

    “No idea. I gave up on JR’s masterpiece. I was suppose to put down Barnes and Ryland. I don’t know where Barnes is, though I’m sure Ellie does. And Ryland out free. And was suppose to take control of Ewing Energies, Ryland Transport and Barnes Global, as well as start up Ewing Oil. This was inheritance and it wasn’t worth the cost. I’ve got half of Southfork and that’s enough.”

    “And you and Pamela.”

    “I’m sure you won’t believe me, but I do love her. Sad thing is, I finally believe she loves me. I never thought she would. But her stunt proved one thing to me. That she loves me. But what’s it matter. The whole thing only proved to her that I don’t love her. But the truth is, I do.”

    “Your mother and I worked out a way to deal with our debt over Ewing Global. We’re going to sell shares to the company. It’ll mean we all own twenty percent. Your mother’s putting her shares in a trust for you. And I’m going to put my shares in a trust for Lucas.”

    “Lucas Krebs?”

    “He’s my son. I was with Jenna before, well before I left her and she ended up with Ray.”

    “Oh I see.”

    “Your father sent a letter to Lucas explaining everything. I’ve tried to speak to Lucas but he’s not interest. The least I can do is give him an equal share to Christoper, you and Ellie.”

    “And who ever this third person is.”

    Sue Ellen and Anne join Ellie and Chris for breakfast talking about days tasks. Pamela and Elena join them last. Pamela says Emma’s moves Virginia and that Judith’s bought a horse ranch there, having been appointed a U. S. Senator.

    Ellie rolls around in a hotel bed with a handsome young man, unabated and masterful, neither one seeding control, rolling into the floor.

    Bobby sits with his phone in his hand. Ann walks into the kitchen. “Are you OK.”

    “I just got a call from Lucas.”

    “He’s coming to Dallas?”

    “No. He sold the shares I gave him in Ewing Global.”

    “How can he? You put them in trust.”

    “Which I turned over to him. He sold them to Jeremy Wendell.”

    “No. Oh Bobby I’m so sorry.”

    “What have I done?”

    Pamela stops John Ross in the upstairs hall. “So Sue Ellen turned over her share of Ewing Global to you. Nice to be able to rely on your mother.”

    “Better than not being able to count on your father.”

    “You plan on doing anything with it, or you still in this self imposed exile from business.”

    “What would you like me to do? The people Uncle Bobby and my mother brought in are doing a fine job. They even hired you to run one of the divisions.”

    “Does it bother you your father left you nothing? He left Ellie a trust fund, big enough to buy out my father. I heard he even left to your brother James and his kids. But nothing for you, except some hair brained scheme you failed at.”

    Ellie says, “Why do you talk about things you simply know nothing about?”

    John Ross says, “Stay out of this, Ellie.”

    “Why? So she can put you down, be little you? For your information he did exactly what our father wanted. He took control of Ryland Logistics. He created Ewing Oil. The only thing he didn’t do was take it from Uncle Bobby and Sue Ellen, and he could have at any time.”

    “Oh yeah right? John Ross is hopeless at business.”

    “Carlos DelSol used our trust funds to loan them the money. That’s right my father left me a trust fund as well and our grandfather set up one for John Ross, which he inherited upon our father’s death. John Ross could have called in the loans, but he didn’t want to do that. He wanted us to all get along.”

    “What trust fund?”

    John Ross says, “Thats enough Ellie.”

    “He also turned over control of the foundation to his mother. He didn’t have to that either. He did it because he thought it was best. But you stand her talking like he’s a failure. He created Branch Water, a mercenary company and . . .”

    “What’s Branch Water?”

    “Stop Ellie.”

    Ellie says, “You need to stand up to her. You’re not a failure.”

    “Thank you Ellie.”

    Ellie looks at Pamela with disgust and leaves.

    “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

    “You don’t speak to me. How was I suppose to tell you anything that’s going on in my life? We had a business arrangement, so I thought.”

    “We did.”

    “Fine. But then you lost your share of Ewing Global.”

    “You cheated on me, with Emma.”

    “We had an arrangement. You wouldn’t even go out to dinner with me. So how was I suppose to take this seriously as a real marriage?”

    “I told you I fell in love with you?”

    “Yeah I’ve heard that from a lot of people. People who want something from me. And you also said it long after we were married. Said it. But never acted like it.”

    “I married you in front of everybody.”

    “I don’t give a damn about I’m front of everybody. Listen I’m sick of this Pamela. Sick that everything is all my fault. I’ve loved you since the moment I meet you. Meet you, not Rebecca, you. When you took control in that board room of Barnes Global. How you managed to take from Christopher a share of his company. I fell for you. I tried to get you interested in me. You never were. Now you’re standing here having my baby and can’t even stand to look at me. Let alone talk to me.”

    “Do you have my share of Ewing Global?”

    “That’s all you’ve got to say to me? No. I have in a trust fund my mother’s share. I don’t know who has your share. But now I’ve got to deal with Uncle Bobby giving away his share and Lucas selling it, to a Wendell. So that’s forty percent in the hands of someone other than a Ewing. I didn’t do that, but I’m a failure!”

    Ray approaches Bobby in the Barn. “Bob, I’m sorry. I heard what Lucas did.”

    “It’s not his fault. I was stupid enough to believe JR.”

    “Believe JR?”

    “He left me a letter saying I needed to mend things with Lucas.”

    “Yeah he sent Lucas a letter telling him you’re his son. He’s not spoken to Jenna since.”

    “He blames her?”

    “Of course he does. He’s angry that Charlie knew I adopted her but wouldn’t tell him I wasn’t his real father, but we worked it out.”

    “I spoke to Gary. JR bought the Westfork Ranch and offered it as a trade for donating his Southfork mineral rights to the foundation.”

    “You’re kidding. JR is dead, isn’t he?”

    “Yes. I saw his body. It was him. But I suppose he had plenty of time to arrange everything.”

    “He’s all over the news as this great humanitarian who left the world billions in Southfork oil.”

    Bobby laughs, “Yeah they don’t mention the leases for that oil are enriching Ewing Energy.”

    “I heard you started up Ewing Oil again too.”

    “John Ross and Ellie’s idea but I think it came from JR. It’s a field services company now. John Ross is working with it on that big find out in West Texas.”

    “What are you going to do about Wendell’s son? Doesn’t he run Trident? Is he making a play for acquiring Ewing Global?”

    “Yes he does and I’m sure he is. But I’m washing my hands of everything to do with business.”

    An office door reads, ‘Jeremy Dorian Wendell, III. Chairman and CEO The Trident Corporation.’ Elena walks through the door. “Good afternoon Dorian.”

    J. Dorian Wendell

    “Elena. So good to see you.”

    “It doesn’t seem like you had any trouble getting Lucas’s shares.”

    “Not a bit. Thank you for the tip.”

    “And the money. Don’t forget the money.”

    “I really should be thanking Nick Trevino for the financing, shouldn’t I?”

    “We as he’s in hiding, I’ll just have to do instead.”

    “Or did you kill him off and take his money?”

    “That’s not funny.”

    “I wonder what the Ewing’s will say, if they find out you not only tipped me off, you provided the financing?”

    “They won’t think any less of me. Except now I control forty percent of Ewing Global.”

    “I was kind of suspecting you were behind buying Katherine Wentworh’s shares. That would give you control of sixty percent. Speaking of such. How is your husband doing?”

    “Resting. He’s hoping to go back to work sometime soon. But I keep pushing it off.”

    Dorian caresses her shoulder.

    Elena smirks.

    A truck drives up to John Ross working on a fence in a secluded part of the ranch. Bum gets out and approaches him. “Not sure your dad would approve but I’d say an honest days work is a good idea.”

    “Hey bum. How are ya doing? Ya I’m finishing up. Headed out to west Texas to help with an oil find. Ewing Energy has some options they want my in put on.”

    “Well at least you’re keeping one foot in the oil business. Gotta say, not what your father expected.”

    “I did what he wanted. I control Ryland Logistics. Just sold Judith and Emma’s shares to Ewing Global earlier this week. Judith was holding her consent until she locked down the Senate seat.“

    “I heard through the grape vine. Ole Ryland can’t be happy. I hear they’re forcing a take over.”

    “Yes they are. He’ll be bought out by the end of the day. And just like JR wanted, I’ve locked Ryland down. Ellie and I should be able to get Ryland in as President of the company. Except for a missing twenty percent share would be helpful. Oh and Ewing Oil is back up in business again.”

    “But you’re not running that division.”

    “And I have no intention to.”

    “I see. Well you don’t have to worry about the missing ten percent. JR arranged it to be turned over to your brother Bo. Cally’s boy.”

    “You’re kidding me.”

    “You were also suppose to act upon his buying Pamela’s shares.”

    “Yeah well I’m not going to. Those belong to Chris.”

    “Your father bought those for you.”

    “Where is Pam?”

    “I’m sorry John Ross. I promised your daddy I’d help her stay hidden. I’m not gonna break my word.”

    “Well, I’m not taking Chris’s shares then. So we’re done. I did everything he asked of me, everything I’m willing to do. My brother, sister and I control Ewing Global. That’ll have to be enough.”

    “I suppose it will have to do.” No hands him an envelope. “You’ve got JR’s red files and Ryland’s black box. And you control Ryland and have his company as well as that of Cliff Barnes. So we’re done. I’d say you completed JR’s masterpiece. This is what your father promised you. Your inheritance.”

    John Ross holds the thick packet. “I’m not sure if this was worth it.”
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    Just an idea for how CC could have opened season 4.

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