EastEnders Are there any EastEnders fans/soap fans on YouTube?

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    Are there any EastEnders fans/soap fans on YouTube?

    I ask this because there are EastEnders clips past and present on YouTube.

    Also, I found this Phil Mitchell vs Everyone clip that was uploaded in 2013 by a YouTube user:-

    I think with Phil Mitchell there was certain altercations with Grant missed out which were the 1993 confrontation after Grant hit Sharon and because the clip hasn't been updated to 2016, therefore it doesn't include the Phil and Grant confrontation during 2016 where Phil hurts himself trying to punch Grant.

    If there are any EastEnders fans on YouTube, I would be grateful if they could upload a Grant Mitchell vs Everyone clip which involved the following fights:-

    Eddie Royle (1991), Sharon (1993), Michelle (1993), Nadia (1993 or 1994), David (1993 or 1994), Phil (1994), Nigel (1994), David (1996), Phil (1996), Tiffany (1997), Peggy (1998), Tiffany (1998), Beppe (1999), Social Worker (1999), Gianni (1999), Billy (1999), Labourer outside pub (1999), Steve Owen (1999), Phil (1999), Dennis (2005), Johnny (2005), Johnny (2005), Ruby and Stacey (2005), Jane (2006), Danny Moon (2006), Peggy (2006), Ray (2006), Carla (2006) and Ian Beale (2016).
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