Coronation Street Are Jim and Steve now enemies?

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    Since Jim's last return in 2014 where Jim and Steve had the fall-out in prison when Steve blabbed to the prison officers about Jim using a mobile phone to contact Liz and trying to resume his family relationship overall with his ex-wife and son, it has caused a possible fall-out between the two with Jim retaliating and being restrained by 2 prison officers.

    Is it now correct to think the that father/son relationship between Jim and Steve has been broken since the above happened?

    I honestly think that in recent years, Jim's character has been ruined since 2000+ (Charles Lawson said so himself in an interview), but he was never ever truly bad like Phil Mitchell and a bully. I'd have stuck with Coronation street over EastEnders IF Jim McDonald has remained as a regular, I mean it could have gone either way if Phil/Steve McFadden had left EastEnders in 1999 along with Grant/Ross Kemp, that would have signalled an end to the Mitchell era altogether.

    I like the way Jim/Charles Lawson and Phil/Steve McFadden clashed with Ian Reddington in both soaps during 1994 and 2007, where Ian Reddington played both Richard "Tricky Dicky" Cole and Vernon Tomlin.

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